Saturday, 2011-12-03

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merlin1991wich one is the current image? I'd like to give it a try again01:09
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arceanand bbl :)01:12
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merlin1991anyone around who could help me recompile uboot in a way that it boots stock kernel by default as opposed to sd kernel now?01:21
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merlin1991hm camera crashed on taking a pic :D01:59
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Stskeepsdo we have any good reasons why darko isn't our default theme, btw?07:08
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bgdwiewell, that sucks... just knocked my n900 off the desk, landed on the charger plug(plugged in), tearing off the pads... testpoint soldeirng here we come...08:23
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SageStskeeps: I don't think so.08:53
Stskeepsmorn marquiz_08:57
marquiz_know any other way to resize fat32 than parted?09:12
marquiz_i dont09:12
Sageprobably the easiest say I guess09:15
Sagewhen you do the resize with parted you can see from the logs what commands it used so maybe you could use those straight :)09:15
marquiz_parted 3.0 doesn't support resize, anymore09:17
marquiz_have to package 2.x09:17
Stskeepsmarquiz_: why bother using parted then? :P09:18
Stskeepsonly good feature in it :P09:18
marquiz_yeah :D09:18
Sageyeah, just read.09:20
Sagemaybe they added those to fdisk or soething? :D09:20
marquiz_i guess not :/09:21
marquiz_fdisk understands even less about filesystems ;)09:21
Sage hehe :D09:23
Sagefor ntfs but still maybe similar thing can be used for ext09:23
Sageresize with ntfsresize the partition and with fdisk alter the partition table to match the new size09:24
SageThere is the resize* command or something09:25
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marquiz_Sage: ext for sure, but for fat32 there is no resize tool/command09:29
marquiz_(less the old parted)09:29
bgdwiedepending on what you wish to do with it, there are tools to convert fat32->ntfs, resize ntfs then convert ntfs -> fat3209:34
marquiz_bgdwie: too complicated for my use :D09:37
marquiz_i stick with parted 2.409:37
Sagemarquiz_: ah, you need fat32 as well09:38
bgdwieindeed, most likely safer and quicker too (filesystem conversion from ntfs->fat32 take a while, where as fat32->ntfs is usually quite quick)09:38
marquiz_Sage: yeah, that was my initial question :D09:41
marquiz_ext is piece of cake ;)09:41
marquiz_with resize2fs09:42
Sageah, I missed the fat32 part ;)09:43
marquiz_packaged parted 2.4...09:55
dm8tbrfat32 is reasonably easy10:04
dm8tbrall you need to do is ensure there is no data in the part you want to cut out10:05
dm8tbrand then a fsck run and you should be all fine10:05
bgdwiethough, a lot of automated methods will move your data back into the area which will be the new partition10:07
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vakkovHello! I just saw that video - and i wonder how does he do it ... I mean where did he got n9's binaries from? copied them fromte firmware?15:27
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Venemowell, since they're binary compatible, I can imagine doing that15:29
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rlinfatimarquiz, i love you.... i get "open mode" in harmattan with you dualbooter :)19:32
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lbtmmm ? marquiz has got dual-boot working - neat!19:59
kengu2I might need to get the latest image as my installasion is a bit unstable and dialer on my n900 is refusing to call or receive.20:05
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