Sunday, 2011-12-04

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Venemo_N950good news: new version of IRC Chatter is in the works :) it'll contain some well deserved bug fixes and some new features01:05
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w00tVenemo_N950: sounds good - what do we get to look forward to :)01:13
befordmer is not available for n9 yet, right?01:17
w00tsome people have hacked stuff on there, i don't have links handy01:21
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Venemo_N950w00t, the irc lib is embedded, no need to package it anymore. it's also updated to a newer version. up/down arrows work properly. ability to send raw commands to server (this was a popular feature request),01:28
Venemo_N950w00t, planned is the ability to connect to multiple servers and some very little gui changes.01:29
Venemo_N950w00t, the new version of the lib is pretty much source-incompatible with the old one, so some serious porting was required in the model. so I'd definitely need some testing before I will make a new release.01:33
w00tI can package git snapshots in a repo somewhere out of the way so you can get some nemo people testing, if you like01:35
w00tsome of them will be more than happy :)01:35
Venemo_N950sure, if this will make them happy, that will make me happy too :)01:36
Venemo_N950there are also a couple of things I will need to talk about with jpnurmi (author of the lib) - his stuff is good but it has some inconsistencies here and there...01:37
Venemo_N950all in all, I was lucky that I chose to use C++ models. this means that the qml didn't need to be changed at all.01:38
w00ti'm (mostly) a fan of C++ models01:40
Venemo_N950also most of the models' code was largely unaffected. only one needed to be seriously altered01:41
w00tI have a blogpost to write on another Qt 4 performance trap though01:41
Venemo_N950this is a very good design pattern.01:41
Venemo_N950w00t, what trap is that?01:41
w00tQHash<QUuid can be a noticable performance problem01:42
Venemo_N950and QHash<QString ?01:42
w00tthere's no qHash specialisation for QUuid, so that involves conversion to string, and using the (inefficient for this case, given uuids all look rather similar) QString qHash - double penalty01:42
w00tI had a model that did some lookups/inserts on such a hash, and by ripping the code out of Qt 5 to do this properly, I cut the time down for a testcase from ~11k ms to ~7k ms, so, it can be pretty noticable01:43
Venemo_N950sounds nice :)01:44
Venemo_N950this reminds me!01:44
Venemo_N950w00t, can you help me with eliminating qregexp from irc-chatter?01:44
Venemo_N950it uses QRegExp for finding URLs01:46
Venemo_N950a VERY sophisticated regex copypasted from Konvi01:46
w00tthere's *probably* no need to go on a rampage01:47
w00tI deliberately chose a bit of an inflammatory title01:47
w00tthe real point is to be careful where you use it (for now), i.e. using it in code called really often might not be a good idea01:47
Venemo_N950it's called for every single received message01:47
Venemo_N950so pretty often, yes01:47
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Venemo_N950w00t, - line 40 is the regex and line 134 is where I use it.01:51
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w00thaha, yeah, stuff like that is hard01:58
w00t(to do in other ways)01:58
Venemo_N950w00t, so do you have another idea or I should just leave it be?01:59
w00tI'd leave it as is02:00
w00tchanging that would be hard02:00
Venemo_N950but it feels bad! now that I know that the CPU screams for mercy every time I get a message....02:01
w00tgive it test data02:04
w00tfind out *how* slow it is for something considerable, and see if it's worth it02:04
w00tif it is, jot it down on a TODO, and revisit it when you have time02:05
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Venemo_N950sorry, wrong swipe02:10
Venemo_N950I'm gonna sleep now :) bye02:11
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Kris_CZHi, is somewhere step-by-step instruction how to install nemo on N900?09:30
kengu2just get the nemo image and not the CE09:31
vakkovget the last image from here09:33
vakkov01.12.2011 *09:33
Kris_CZok thanks, and what with kernel?09:34
lbtKris_CZ: it's all on that wiki page09:35
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Kris_CZthanks I'll read it. and new versions of the same process, or just run zypper in nemo?09:40
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lbtKris_CZ: a bit of both :)09:41
Kris_CZinstall new verzion and then run zypper :-)09:42
lbtthe idea is that zypper should work (although we don't really have a definition of when yet) ... but it's all quite alpha still so you'll definitely need reflashes regularly09:43
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