Wednesday, 2011-12-07

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dcthanghow to change idle time for the screen by command? it now annoys u after some mins with blank screen04:55
dcthangwould be nice if know which package affects that or which configuration for that04:56
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vgrademorning Sage07:04
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dcthangi'm checking this conf /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/%gconf-tree.xml07:06
Stskeepsand gconftool-2 to set them07:07
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dcthangyes, definitely07:14
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dcthangwell cannot change it. might be wrong somewhere07:40
Stskeepswhat error ?07:40
Stskeepsand whta command line07:41
dcthangI did this gconftool-2 --set "/schemas/system/osso/dsm/display/inhibit_blank_mode" --type int 407:42
dcthangno error07:42
Stskeepswithout /schemas/07:42
Stskeepsand check in gconftool-2 -R /system/osso/dsm   the right value was set07:43
dcthangto take it affected immediately, Shoul I reboot?07:44
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Stskeepsnot sure if that is needed07:45
dcthangit's a bit funny that I check the xml file, it still keeps the old value07:46
Stskeepsyes, that's normal07:46
Stskeepsdoes mce run as root or as user?07:47
dcthangpls wait a bit, just reboot07:48
dcthangroot user07:49
Stskeepsi -think- it should be ok to do gconftool-2 as user, but if it doesn't work, do it as root07:50
dcthangwell, it does not change the value in the xml file07:50
Stskeeps.defaults is just what it is, defaults07:50
Stskeepsthe actual overlaid database is elsewhere07:50
dcthangyes, I did set as root user so now I need to change to normal user?07:52
dcthangto check with gconf, the value set is correct07:52
dcthangbut in the xml file nothing changed07:52
Stskeepsignore the xml file07:53
Stskeepsi'm not sure which one mce picks it up from07:53
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Stskeepsmorn veskuh08:15
veskuhMorning Stskeeps08:16
dcthanglooks like I can't disable blanking screen08:25
Stskeepsdcthang: tried as user too?08:26
dcthangeven the values look correct. . This is  for root user08:27
Stskeepstry as user08:28
dcthangyes, waiting  a bit to reboot08:30
dcthang, ok the same as root user08:32
dcthangmight be this param "inhibit_blank_mode" does not work08:33
Stskeepsmight be, can't you just killall -9 mce and see if that helps?08:36
dcthangwell well ...08:39
dcthangit's not blanking anymore08:40
Stskeepsin demos, it's perfectly okay to hack08:40
dcthangif you do that (killall -9 mce) it will turn off blanking but after that it will be blanking again08:41
Stskeepsgot 'xset' installed ?08:41
dcthangwhat u mean "xset"?08:42
Stskeepsthe command xset08:42
xruxaSage: I want to fix app icons for terminal, QatBowlong, TwimGo, QmlReddit and Kasvopus08:43
Sagexruxa: and?08:43
xruxaSage: is it okay to just grab the packaging and mod it ?08:43
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Sagexruxa: I can give you access to the git tree of that -ce theme if you want?08:44
xruxaSage: in CE theme I'd be only removing things, can be done later. I want those apps to install their icons to the proper place08:44
Sagexruxa: or if you want patching the existing tarball is fine as well.08:44
xruxaSage: yup, would like to patch the apps in question08:45
Sagethat is fine. As long as no modifications to tarball are done I'm fine.08:45
xruxaSage: agreed, will start.08:45
xruxaBTW, if anyone is interested commenting the app icons proposal
veskuhfor some of those upgrade to later version might be good also. kasvopus for example did not connect to fb.08:46
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xruxaSage: when modding meego-terminal - from where? CE:Apps:MTF or CE:UX:MTF or Project:DE:Trunk or other?08:53
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Sagexruxa: just branch from CE:Apps:MTF08:54
dcthangStskeeps: so I should set screensaver blank or what I should do?08:58
Stskeepsdcthang: yes, as a start08:58
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3397 Rejected promotion request09:20
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3398 Rejected promotion request09:21
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3399 Rejected promotion request09:21
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xruxalbt: Seems OBS refuses to publish built packages for armv8el (e.g.
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Stskeepslooks like a stuck job09:26
xruxaStskeeps: I resubmitted/rebuild already 3 times, the same target gets stuck every time09:26
Stskeepslbt's in china right now :P09:27
xruxathat is okay, it is just late afternoon there ;)09:28
xruxaStskeeps: now it went through!09:30
phaeroncan't see anything wrong in the logs ..09:30
lbtI've not tried ssh'ing to meego from here09:30
xruxalbt: seems to work now, just slow for armv8el09:31
lbtOK. good09:31
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dcthangStskeeps: looks like it doesn't help either09:32
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3401 waiting for review at
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xruxaSage: ^ could you please check this and lemme know if such changes are okay? I'd do them to the remaining four non-themable apps09:38
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3400 Rejected promotion request09:43
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dcthangthe-boss: who are u?09:47
the-bossdcthang: Error: "who" is not a valid command.09:47
xruxa^ epic :)09:48
xruxadcthang: for details09:49
javierthe-boss rules :)09:55
the-bossjavier: Error: "rules" is not a valid command.09:55
xruxait just never ends ... :)09:55
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Sagexruxa:  %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor/*/apps/TwimGo.png10:03
Sagexruxa: ^ Different icons?10:03
xruxaSage: yes, the app installs one but does not use it. For Nemo we need icon in another place.10:04
Sagexruxa: Well I was mainly asking if that one in meegotouch could be just a link instead of another .png file?10:05
Sagelink to one of the hicolor icons10:05
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xruxapossibly yes. I see it so that the package should own the icon in the base theme. Not sure how that would work with symlink10:06
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faenilmorning people10:08
Sagexruxa: could you test as I would not like to add duplicated files to the packaging. ln -sf %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor/SOMETHING/apps/TwimGo.png %{_datadir}/themes/base/meegotouch/icons/TwimGo.png10:08
xruxaSage: this one? ln -sf %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/TwimGo.png %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/themes/base/meegotouch/icons/TwimGo.png10:10
Sagesure if that is the proper one.10:11
Sagelbt: did we have kernel config optiosn wiki page already?10:14
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xruxaSage: seems the themedaemon does not work with symlinks (?)10:22
xruxaSage: yep, it will not load named icon if that is represented by symlink10:23
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Sagexruxa: uh. well copy the file from that dir to new one wihthout adding new file then.10:24
Sagealso might want to file a bug about that symlink thing against nemomobile10:25
Sageshould work IMO10:25
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3401 Rejected promotion request10:30
dcthangI would say that the-boss should stop doing some funny thing10:37
Stskeepsit's for our development's sfake10:37
Stskeepser, sake10:37
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3402 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3403 Rejected promotion request10:39
dcthangok, btw for blanking screen, we should use dbus for that10:42
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faenilis there any meeting today?11:10
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Sagefaenil: I don't think so or if there is it comes as a surprice to me :)11:35
dcthangDo we have qmsystem2 package for Nemo?11:36
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veskuhdcthang: we have qmsystem11:36
veskuhit's not the same?11:37
dcthangokay, Could you pls point out where I can get it?11:37
faenilSage: ok :) when was the last meeting? 29?11:37
Sagefaenil: yes11:37
faenilSage: isn't there a meeting every week? :D11:38
veskuhfaenil: every tuesday, we skipped this week due to national holiday. Again next tuesday11:39
Sagefaenil: yes, but it was Finnish national holiday yesterday.11:39
dcthangthanks veskuh11:40
faenilSage: oh I see :)11:41
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faenilnotebook discharged...11:42
faenilcya later11:42
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3404 waiting for review at
Sagexruxa: I'm not trying to make your life hard, but you should patch the existing .desktop file and not add new file as a new source.11:54
xruxaSage: makes not sense to me11:55
Sagexruxa: Well, if it is patch it is a) easy to push to upstream b) when source changes it fails if it doesn't apply. If you just override the old one maintainer doesn't nessessarily notice that and his changes to .desktopfile are overwritten.11:56
SageLets say binary name changes from /usr/bin/a to /usr/bin/b and now with the current method packaging goes ok but the application doesn't start.11:58
Sageif it would have been patch the packaging would have failed and maintainer noticed that problem11:58
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xruxaSage: I though the upstream desktop file is not Nemo/Maemo suitable and is normal Desktop file (despite of having some weird OSSO bits). Author obviously didn't test it on the device. For Nemo we have one that suitble, it is not patch , it is replacement.11:58
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mikhasxruxa, dont wanna be annoying, but … got time for ?12:00
Sagexruxa: still, please patch so we actually know what is the difference there without getting tarball and doing diff manually (c ;)).12:00
xruxamikhas: was trying this morning, with poor git skills this is mission impossible12:01
mikhasxruxa, oh, what's wrong?12:01
mikhascant update the merge request?12:01
xruxamikhas: no idea, tried to follow instruction on gitorious, got
mikhas"git push origin +HEAD:refs/merge-requests/16"12:02
mikhasprovided that origin points to maliit-plugins12:02
mikhasxruxa, ^12:02
xruxamikhas: get
mikhasstarts to make sense now12:03
mikhashang on12:03
xruxaat least to someone :)12:03
mikhasok, what we now do is totally nasty and probably illegal in some countries12:04
mikhaswe'll fix up your .git/config12:04
mikhasif you look in .git/config there is a section [origin]12:05
xruxahas only remote origin12:05
mikhasthe "url = …" needs to be replaced with "url ="12:05
mikhasremote "origin", right12:05
mikhasthat forces git to use git over ssh12:06
mikhasnot plain git12:06
mikhasgitorious does not like plain git12:06
xruxadone, retry?12:06
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3404 Rejected promotion request12:07
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3402 Rejected promotion request12:07
mikhasxruxa, cool, it worked12:08
xruxamikhas: ping me if you need something else12:08
xruxaSage: what was wrong with SR#3402 ? I copy the existing icon, not add new one.12:10
Sagexruxa: err... sry. Didn't notice you overridded that one :/12:10
xruxaI can re-submit that one - getting lost in that myself by now ;)12:11
Sagethx, and sry :)12:11
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3405 waiting for review at
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dcthangdo we have senor package?12:19
veskuhzypper packages shows the available packages12:19
Sagedcthang: sensorfw12:20
dcthangI want to download it since no way for my device to connect net atm12:20
Sagehowever if you use some specific hardware you might need drivers for it.12:20
Sagedcthang: it is installed on nemoimages by default atm. but you can find it from
dcthangyes, thanks Sage12:24
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damnshockhey guys12:31
damnshockis there any email client for nemo yet?12:31
*** teve has joined #nemomobile12:32
xruxadamnshock: Not that I know of12:33
lbtSage: did someone mention the darko themes being the default.... what's the license on them. I recall one of the themes having license issues12:36
xruxalbt: Darko is CC variant licensed12:36
xruxanon commercial, attribution IIRC12:36
xruxalbt: need to fix those remaining 5 apps before considering to make it default, you do not want those five red rectangles on stock image12:37
Sagelbt: well it has CC-NC license but I think it is ok as we are not doing commercial images.12:37
veskuhSage: yep12:37
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lbtSage: OK - np.... I just had a "mmm, I'll ask Sage" thought during the flight12:39
xruxasomehow submitrequests do not come thorough anymore ... been waiting for 20 minutes now to see them pop here12:44
Stskeepsxruxa: btw, have you considered a wireframe like theme of darko, that people can base upon?12:45
Stskeepsor just everything converted to greyscale, as a reference theme for anyone12:46
Stskeeps(regarding the CC-NC discussion)12:46
xruxaStskeeps: I didn't give it much though, just trying to make things look good and not replicate things that exist but are not being used in the SW12:46
xruxaStskeeps: now that I think about it, I would like to consider going back to the 2 years old base theme way of doing things - several SVG files (one for buttons, one for sliders, etc.) instead of army of PNGs with bits and pieces.12:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3407 waiting for review at
xruxahow can we prod SR#3406 ? bossbot got stuck me thinks12:52
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3406 waiting for review at
xruxaphaeron: thanks12:54
phaeronobs freaks out sometimes and returns weird responses12:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3405 Accepted promotion request12:58
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veskuhxruxa: blanco css files have now been merged to base theme in gitorious:
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile13:25
* xruxa wondering what that means13:25
veskuhhopefully doens't break a lot.13:25
xruxaveskuh: likely breaks a lot, it changes way base theme looks like ... lets see13:26
Stskeepsso blanco goes OSS?13:26
xruxalikely :)13:26
veskuhStskeeps: graphics still missing :(13:26
veskuhStskeeps: but I think the desire was the create new free ones. Let's see if that happens.13:28
xruxaLovely, updated Darko, fixed few apps and it starts looking "polished"13:29
mikhasStskeeps, only blanco CSS open for now13:33
mikhaswhich is … useless13:33
mikhasbut we can keep pushing, of course, I'd be more interested in getting some Harmattan core apps opened up13:35
mikhassuch as the mail client :-(13:35
veskuhmikhas: any more ideas about maliit+vkb issue? ( I checked the contextkit and it seems to be working and maliit is compiled against it.13:37
mikhasveskuh, we have an internal bug that looks very similar to that one13:38
mikhasnow that we ruled out the missing contextkit problem13:38
veskuhmaliit bugzilla or pmo?13:39
mikhasI think we might just lose synchronization somehwere in between13:39
mikhaswhen switching plugins or such13:39
*** Sazpaimon has joined #nemomobile13:39
mikhase.g, when HW caps are provided by different plugin, or no HW capable plugin at all13:40
mikhasveskuh, interested in the NB# id?13:40
veskuhmikhas: yep13:40
mikhasthough it's mostly the later comments, the bug changed a bit over time13:41
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile13:43
veskuhYep, sounds similiar.13:43
mikhasthe issues have been known for some time now, but no one really looked into it :-/13:43
Stskeepsdo we notice the contextkit attribute of hw keyboard change?13:43
veskuhStskeeps: yep,13:43
veskuhVKB closes just fine if open HWKB13:44
veskuhit is just the initial synch that is missing13:44
mikhasI actually looked at the relevant code yesterday but then decided to quickly close it again.13:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3409 waiting for review at
Sagexruxa: the MTF isn't able to handle com.x.y.png filenames?13:51
xruxathe theme daemon will not find those13:51
xruxaif they are icons (which those are). Somehow it manages to find them in other directories13:51
xruxabug or perf optimization, can't tell13:52
Sagexruxa: would be nice if you could file that bug to nemo bz so we could get it tracked.13:52
Sageif it is optimization we should get it verified at least13:53
* xruxa is so lazy with bugzilla nowadays 13:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3409 Accepted promotion request13:55
Sagexruxa: <- patch has some extra stuff13:56
xruxaSage: seems so - kill it, will send new. Puzzled.13:57
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3410 waiting for review at
xruxaSage: to release new Darko, CE:UX:MTF or Project:MTF:UX ?14:08
*** lbt has quit IRC14:10
mikhasveskuh, will you investigate the HWKB issue further?14:13
veskuhmikhas: yes, I'll take a look. I'm not sure how much that helps though :)14:14
mikhasjust try your best, as always ;-)14:15
* xruxa has bugzilla alibi - forgot his password14:17
Sagexruxa: Project:MTF:UX14:20
mikhaswhat's current Maliit version in nemo? is there a overview link somewhere?14:30
mikhasany chance maliit-framework packages get upgraded to 0.81?14:32
xruxawasn't there discussion about ABI/API breaks with 0.81?14:36
mikhasoh, does it?14:36
mikhasI hope not!14:36
xruxai.e. will 0.80.9 plugins work on top of 0.81? Then it should be simple enough to update maliit-framework as first step14:37
mikhasbreakage planned for 0.9x series, but not before14:37
mikhasyes they should14:37
mikhasin fact, 0.2x plugins must still work with 0.8114:38
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3407 Rejected promotion request14:41
xruxaphaeron: is that stuck or is that just me impatient?14:43
phaeronxruxa: kicked it. was a misconfiguration14:44
xruxaphaeron: thanks14:44
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3406 Accepted promotion request14:46
xruxamikhas: will you manage with the maliit-framework release?14:49
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile14:50
mikhasI dont know how to manage releases in nemo.14:50
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile14:51
xruxamikhas: I could try to release update (unless araujo can do it) to the framework, at least14:52
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3410 Accepted promotion request14:53
xruxaSage: hold one - I have one more coming your way :)14:54
Sagexruxa: I'm going to disappear only for couple of hours or so at times ;)14:55
araujoxruxa, waiting for bug #9 to be fixed14:57
araujoSage, ^^14:57
araujo(mer bug by the way)14:57
xruxaaraujo: the Maliit bug #9?14:58
Sagearaujo: probably won't happen soon.14:58
Sagearaujo: you can just send update and don't care about that armv6l failure atm.14:58
araujoSage, I asked earlier, ... can I submit request with that platform failing then?14:58
mikhaswe have no bug 9 in maliit14:58
mikhasaraujo, link?14:58
Sagearaujo: sry ,missed that question14:58
araujoSage, knowing bossbot .... won't it reject it?? :P14:58
araujomikhas, mer armv6l related , but take a look14:59
Sagearaujo: it will but after it rejects it once I'll help you get it in ;)14:59
phaeronfailing at source or dest. ?15:00
Sagephaeron: both15:00
araujoSage, hahah, ok, .... submitting ....15:00
phaeronhmm lets see15:00
Sagephaeron: we probably should do a boss feature that when fails on dest the source can fail as well.15:00
phaeronI think I already did that15:01
Sageoh, nice15:01
*** niqt has quit IRC15:01
Sagearaujo: then it should be ok ^ :)15:01
phaeronbut we'll see15:01
Sagearaujo: ping phaeron if you have problems ;)15:01
mikhasaraujo, what'S the actual error there?15:02
mikhasthe QString stuff is "just" warnings15:02
SageI need to go now. Will be at IRC at some point this evening accepting stuff.15:02
mikhasperhaps "/usr/bin/ld: maliit-server: hidden symbol `__sync_synchronize' in /usr/lib/gcc/armv6l-meego-linux-gnueabi/4.6.1/libgcc.a(linux-atomic.o) is referenced by DSO"?15:02
araujoSage, ok, I will15:02
araujo/usr/bin/ld: maliit-server: hidden symbol `__sync_synchronize' in /usr/lib/gcc/armv6l-meego-linux-gnueabi/4.6.1/libgcc.a(linux-atomic.o) is referenced by DSO15:03
araujo/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Bad value15:03
araujomikhas, yeah, that one15:03
mikhasaraujo, and that only happened recently?15:04
araujomikhas, yes, for the armv6l target added (like 1-2 weeks ago I think)15:05
araujomikhas, Sage found other packages with similar problem I think too15:06
xruxaphaeron: am I out of luck today with boss?
phaeronxruxa: that request is to Project:15:11
phaeronyou should send to CE:15:11
xruxaHmmm ... ok, will ping Sage later in the evening15:11
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*** npm has joined #nemomobile15:15
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3412 Rejected promotion request15:26
phaeronhmm unresolvable is a different thing to failed15:27
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3413 Rejected promotion request15:27
araujophaeron, ^^15:28
araujophaeron, I think it is because the package has _always_ failed for armv6l in the original CE:MW:Shared ?15:29
phaeronbut it was _failed_ now it is unresolvable15:30
araujophaeron, because I updated the package probably??? , and that hits the original "failed" status in CMS ?15:32
araujoit still fails for CMS repo15:32
araujo(at least here, it went from "failed" to "unresolvable" after I committed update)15:34
phaeronI am not sure how to handle this. the mode of failure is changed. besides the package depends on itself ..15:34
araujomm... there are some dependencies between some "sub-packages" , yes15:35
araujobut I guess this shouldn't be a problem?, seems working fine for other platforms15:36
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile15:37
phaeronyeah it's just a bit weird. how does it build the first time15:38
araujophaeron, well, it should use previous versions packages .... but I see the problem .... no previous versions here.... mmmm...15:40
araujoI could do something .... can we get the package in if we get to the "failed" status??15:41
phaeronI'll check but at least that is allowable15:41
phaeronor _should_ be allowable15:41
*** niqt has quit IRC15:42
araujophaeron, we could try some kind of "bootstrapping" step ... :P15:45
* araujo tests15:46
*** lardman|home has quit IRC15:51
phaeronaraujo: maybe Stskeeps can help when he comes back15:56
Stskeepsi'm here but i got some new allergy meds today after being without them for 14 days, so i'm erm, a bit .. high?15:57
Stskeepsor slow, depending on perspective15:57
veskuhor creative?15:57
Stskeepsif i can finally regain my normal oxygen flow, i'm sure my brain efficiency improve15:58
araujophaeron, I got it to "fail" :P , .... we could do two submissions , but I notice the plugins package is totally unresolvable , that might be a problem15:59
araujoStskeeps, argh :( , get well soon15:59
phaeronStskeeps: high is good :)15:59
*** faenil has quit IRC15:59
araujophaeron, up for a test/try?16:03
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3414 Rejected promotion request16:08
araujoit doesn't solve much :(16:11
phaeronfor now you can add a boss.conf to convert that failed to a warning16:11
araujophaeron, I guess that if I remove the armv6l repo, it will just complain about it too?16:13
phaeronyes , support for exclusion is coming some time this week16:14
araujoarghm this is quite of a problem .... because then we hit the "unresolvable" state of maliit-plugins, and we are in a dead end there.....16:14
araujophaeron, that'd be great16:15
* phaeron tries to work a bit faster16:17
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vgrade, maliit + Plasma IRC meeting in #maliit in 20 mins18:40
*** iekku has quit IRC18:43
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Sagexruxa: I though you had access to Project:MTF:UX :D18:55
Sagexruxa: to the darko package there18:56
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Sagearaujo: you should do combined request for those: osc creq -a submit prj pkg prj -a submit prj pkg prj ...19:42
xruxaSage:  anything I need to do?19:52
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile19:58
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Sagexruxa: you can accept it and forward from Project:MTF:UX to the CE:UX:MTF20:04
Sagexruxa: you can devel taht package in the Project:MTF:UX if you want20:04
xruxaSage: accept it ... how?20:05
Sagexruxa: go to
Sagexruxa: there you can see the request and actions where you can accept it20:06
xruxalooks empty for me :(20:06
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Sagexruxa: hmmp.20:31
SageI'm getting different errors from cobs20:32
SageErrorcode: unknown20:33
SageMessage: HTTP session not yet started20:33
xruxaalmost like Monday20:33
StskeepsSage: Message: HTTP happened on a monday20:34
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