Thursday, 2011-12-08

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araujoSage, ok, will send a combine request next time, though I guess for this case, we can't update package with that unresolvable state?, only option I see is waiting for support to exclude armv6l ....01:39
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* dcthang wake up02:31
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* araujo wonders when is the next nemo release05:58
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Sagearaujo: was supposed to be today. Not sure yet if that happens though.07:02
Stskeepsi have a potentially breaking release so nemo release first, i guess07:03
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w00toh dear07:05
Stskeepswell, new systemd07:05
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3416 Rejected promotion request08:16
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3417 waiting for review at
SageStskeeps: well previous nemo was based on the currently latest mer. Also we don't have much changes to last release so I'm pondering if to do release at all.08:19
Stskeepsso you'd prefer to have new mer core and do regression testing?08:19
xruxaSage: why not, maybe we will still get the new good looking keyboard in today ;)08:19
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xruxa^ or not, mikhas quit :-P08:20
Sagexruxa: that is not in yet thus I'm saying we really don't have much changes08:20
SageStskeeps: new systemd shouldn't break anything ;)08:23
Stskeepsyeah, erm08:23
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3417 Accepted promotion request08:29
StskeepsSage: brewing 0.20111208.108:50
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Sagew00t: any news from the mkcal thing?09:05
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w00thm.. what was I doing there? (sorry!)09:06
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Sagew00t: qt-mobility organizer09:22
w00tyes, but what about mkcal specifically09:22
veskuhSage: I have patch for Nemo#14 but maliit does not compile for armv609:28
Stskeepscan we drop armv6 for now as we have to move nemo forward?09:28
w00twhat is wrong with armv6? (no complaints from me, though, provided it's temporary)09:30
Stskeepswell, we don't currently have any armv6 targets capable of running nem09:30
w00tStskeeps: and if we keep armv6 switched off, we'll never get any, either09:32
Stskeepswell, for now, we are waiting for a toolchain upgrade in mer09:32
veskuhwhy was armv6 enabled?09:32
mikhasis there anything we need to fix in Maliit? (referring to NM#9)09:33
Stskeepsif it's the __sync_ stuff, no09:33
mikhasit is09:33
mikhasis the root cause for that known?09:34
mikhasI find a lot of hits in google, but no good answers.09:34
Stskeepsi suspect a combination of toolchain and glibc2.1309:35
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cxl000There are a few armv6 packages being used in n8x0. I can copy those as needed.10:33
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Sageveskuh: that compile problem shouldn't block anyone10:39
Sageveskuh: boss should accept it as such still if it fails on the target already.10:39
Sageveskuh: if it doesn' then it is a bug in boss10:39
veskuhSage: Ok, I'll push it then10:40
Sageveskuh: also I'm waiting for maliit update to 0.81.110:40
Sageveskuh: so I rather would like to see that 0.81.1 and after that your fix10:40
veskuhSage: Ok, no problem. My fix is just two lines anyway :)10:41
phaeronSage: which one?10:44
Sagephaeron: same thing we talked yesterday with araujo just said it to veskuh10:44
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phaeronwhich the issue does exist in the built at source check, araujo's problem was a bit more complicated10:45
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araujoSage, maliit update turned to be a bit more complicated .....10:55
araujoSage, even though we could get maliit-framework (if it is possible bypassing the 'failed' stated), maliit-plugins won't build because there are no framework packages available for armv6l10:56
araujodependencies are not satisfied, and hence 'unresolvable' .....10:57
veskuhmikhas: created
veskuhxruxa: did you fix the terminal icon yesterday?11:04
mikhasveskuh, thanks11:06
Sagearaujo: ah11:08
Sagearaujo: lets do it like this. I'll disable the maliit builds for armv6l then boss doesn't check those and you resubmit11:10
Sagearaujo: try the combined request now11:11
araujoSage, sounds good to me11:11
araujook, hold :P11:11
Sagephaeron: ^ fyi11:11
* Sage takes deep breath11:11
phaeronyeah following11:11
phaeronas I said exclusion support is already in master just need to deploy it11:11
phaeronand configure it11:12
Sagephaeron: btw, was the arch and version pattern thing already merged to our obs?11:12
phaeronSage: lbt_away is not around to do the upgrade :(11:13
Sageah :/11:13
phaeroneverything else is in place11:13
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araujoSage, any plan to add gtk+ support for Mer ? .... :P11:26
Stskeepsit's easy to add on top but it really really bloats the stack11:27
w00twell ... someone else could always try it, somewhere, on top of mer11:27
Sagearaujo: ***l no :)11:28
araujook, just bit confusing here, Maliit is in CE:MW:Shared , this is not _exactly_ Mer Core right?, .... nevertheless, Gtk+ is not available for that repo and hence no Gtk+ IC support for Maliit :(11:28
matrixxI heard Cordia already runs on top of Mer11:28
matrixxso I guess it's done already in that image11:28
araujoStskeeps, Sage ^^ my concern11:29
Sagearaujo: concern?11:29
Sagearaujo: if there is need for gtk support then it should be separete plugin, right?11:29
araujoSage, but it needs to build there in the same repository11:30
Sagearaujo: what does?11:30
araujoit needs gtk+11:30
araujoas a build dependency11:30
araujothat is it11:30
Sageit was separete package in mtf imframework or something why it is not such now?11:31
araujoSage, yes, meegotouch-imbridged , that was merged upstream with maliit-framework11:31
SageI really don't want to have the gtk stuff in CE:MW:Shared or below that it brings so much pain in so many different levels.11:31
Sagemy suggestion separete it again ;)11:32
veskuhor can't cordia and other gtk users just build the package themselves?11:32
araujoSage, we are maintaining now upstream ...11:32
araujomikhas, ^^11:32
Sagearaujo: I know, that should be separete plugin in my opinion.11:33
* Sage wants to avoid non needed dependencies on the lower level.11:33
mikhasaraujo, our package guidelines say that GTK+ IM and Qt IM are two different packages11:33
* Sage wins11:33
mikhasif that's not the case in Nemo, it needs to be fixed.11:33
araujomikhas, but they are building from the same source11:34
mikhaswell then we need a swithc to disable compilation11:34
araujomikhas, we would need to release a different source package then11:34
mikhaswe probably use pkg-config already to detect features11:34
araujoright now, we just build a subpackage for it (RPM)11:34
mikhasaraujo, ah, I see11:34
mikhasseparate source package then11:34
mikhasif that's the consequence11:35
araujowe would need that11:35
mikhasshouldnt be hard to do11:35
* araujo understands the concern of Sage and agrees 11:35
araujomikhas, so, should we go that way?11:35
mikhaswell, if Nemo really does not want GTK+ support, then yes11:35
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araujomikhas, well, Nemo wants, is Mer ... heheh ... which makes me wonder, Sage ... where Maliit fits there? , hehehe11:36
Sagearaujo: nemo wants gtk2 support?11:36
araujoMaliit can't be said to be in Nemo ..... but can't be said to be in Mer either ... just somewhere in the Middle ... this is harder to describe than Nirvana :P11:36
mikhasaraujo, maliit base in Mer, maliit GTK+ IM for Mer11:36
mikhasthere you go11:36
mikhasI am fine with Maliit being completely in Nemo, not Mer11:37
araujoSage, I mean we could get gtk+2 support there in Nemo?11:37
Sagearaujo: maliit is part of Nemo Middleware atm.11:37
mikhasSage, araujo, make it optional so that the dependency could pull in the GTK support?11:38
Sagearaujo: and I can bend so much that we could create CE:MW:GTK that would contains gtk and maliit gtk im11:38
araujo"Nemo Middleware" ..... ok11:38
Sagehowever maliit itself will be in CE:MW:Shared which doesn't have gtk11:38
* Sage really should start drawing graphs about this 11:38
* Sage add to his TODO list11:39
veskuhSage: That would be good, there are plenty of people that are confused about these things. Also, updating the Nemo OBS map on wiki is important to keep people on same page.11:39
araujomikhas, yes, well, it would be a totally different source package ...11:39
Sageveskuh: :nod:11:40
araujolike meegotouch-inputmethodbridges11:40
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araujoSage, then when we would throw that package in by the way? (the gtk+2 support) :)11:40
mikhasour package guidelines dont say anything about how to split source packages, right?11:40
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araujomikhas, exactly , nothing about it11:40
mikhasyeah then11:40
mikhasgo ahead with whatever fits ;-)11:41
araujomikhas, I will write the guidelines , no problem11:41
xruxaveskuh: Fixed icons for everything I could find broken, term, TwimGo, QatBowling, Kaasvopus ... and also some non-broken ones got update, like MAD and Package manager.11:41
Sagearaujo: well, I would say in next week or two maybe. We don't have gtk build atm. ... and well I really want to strip it to minimum at first and add features when people need them not straight away.11:42
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veskuhxruxa: Ok, nice I'll mark the bug about terminal icon fixed then.11:42
araujoSage, then 'disabling' gtk for now .......11:42
araujomikhas, ^^11:42
Sagearaujo: yes, and when it would come it would need to be separate package. like meegotouch-imputmethodbridges11:42
* araujo gets some tea and pills for headache11:42
araujoSage, yup11:42
* Sage adds very very very small gtk print to his todo post-it notes11:43
mikhasGTK+ hater =p11:43
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Stskeepsisn't there like a --disable-gtk in the source package?11:43
mikhaswe dont have that yet11:44
mikhasI was suggesting to add such11:44
Sagemikhas: well it is not as much gtk but mainly the dependencies. :)11:44
Stskeepssounds like a feature request, yeah11:44
mikhasit's easy to do11:44
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mikhasbut we can even do that behind the curtains, via pkg-config11:44
Stskeepsmer's a qt stack and will stay that way, though others have with success added gtk on top if they really wanted it11:44
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xruxaveskuh: was that term icon bug for CE theme or Darko? I fixed Darko only.11:46
veskuhxruxa: I think the issue is in both, so I'll leave it open then.11:47
araujoStskeeps, it is fine, if it doesn't find the devel headers , it won't build gtk+, so we can update maliit now without it , right mikhas ?11:47
Stskeepssounds sane11:47
Stskeepsat least how other packages do it11:48
mikhasaraujo, sure, if that works already, all the better11:48
araujomikhas, yup, works fine now11:49
SageStskeeps: I'm preparing the pattern-builder package atm.11:50
Sageit needs update to OBS before we can use it though11:51
Sagephaeron: you have the obs pattern fix github link near?11:51
SageStskeeps: well we don't want to hack the patterns same way meego did but do it well better :)11:52
SageStskeeps: currently the patterns are different depending on the architecture so it is not really noarch package11:52
phaeronit's in master
SageStskeeps: there is way in patterns say that this patterns is for i586 only and this for armv7l only but OBS just didn't accept those yet.11:53
phaeronanytime :)11:55
Sagephaeron: thx :)11:56
SageStskeeps: what kind of patterns/groups you need for Mer repos?11:58
SageStskeeps: hmmp... you probably can't use the same thing there11:59
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randompasserbyGot a quick question for anyone who reads this.13:27
randompasserbyAnyone here knows if Nemo will be coming to Nokia N9?13:27
veskuhWell, there is already hacks to run it, but no official support.13:28
veskuhit is at the moment not clear if we can have proper support for it.13:30
randompasserbyOka :/13:30
randompasserbyGuess I'll just  take a gamble and buy the N9 then :D If official support never comes I'll just have to cry myself to sleep every night.13:30
mikhasrandompasserby, how costly will your N9 be?13:31
veskuhEven with the support it is still hacker os.13:31
* mikhas wants to have the white N9 later13:31
mikhasveskuh, which doesn't mean it's bad13:32
veskuhmikhas: yep, of course not.13:32
randompasserbymikhas, I'm going to buy it for 4100 DKK (737 $)13:32
mikhasrandompasserby, so probably Harmattan for your new N9 for all of 2012 and then Nemo should be decent enough to replace it ;-)13:32
mikhasdecent enough meaning it will do some things worse, some things better13:33
mikhasbut cover the basic needs + being maintained, or so13:33
mikhasrandompasserby, that's quite expensive deal then13:33
mikhasrandompasserby, check
mikhas=> 550€13:34
randompasserbymikhas: I am pretty used to use a hacker OS :D I am a tinfoil hat dude so I love Hacker OS over offical any time.13:35
randompasserbymikhas: Thanks for the link13:35
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Venemo_N950hey guys :)15:41
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Stskeepsevening marquiz_18:29
marquiz_i'm soon ready to push the first version of the modified moslo ot pub obs18:29
marquiz_it has now fb2text and automatic re-partitioning support18:29
Stskeepssomeone claimed to me there's actually a moslo partition on N918:29
marquiz_seen jukka around lately?18:30
Stskeepsi have no idea if nolo supports it though, but i'd be positively surprised18:30
Stskeepshe's mostly on twitter and looking for work, i think18:30
marquiz_we'd need a ginny pig18:30
Stskeepsjukka at jukka dot com18:31
marquiz_mm, maybe i'll email him18:32
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marquiz_Stskeeps: fyi, moslo is now in home:marquiz:n95019:34
marquiz_no instructions in wiki (or anywhere else), yet, though19:34
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