Thursday, 2011-12-22

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Sageanyone here with Nemo running on N9?08:12
veskuhSage: I've got proto on shelf waiting for install, so I'll have one soon hopefully :)08:14
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* Sage ponders how to downgrade packages with zypper08:24
veskuhinstall packge=version08:24
marquizSage: i spent some time with mce yesterday08:26
marquizSage: not ready to submit upgrade, yet, as the screen blanking is causing issues (again)08:26
marquizseems it's some driver (kernel/x) problem, but i guess i have to hack around it in mce08:27
marquizStskeeps: are you planning to upgrade to the very latest sgx-drivers for n900/n950?08:28
Sagemarquiz: Stskeeps is already on vacation coming back on 28th.08:31
Sagemarquiz: with the sgx the things is that it needs also Xorg patches if I understood correctly and those are not in upstream yet08:32
veskuhI got Heliurm ported to use Qt Quick Components. Anyone interested to try can download heliumreborn from
veskuhHeliumReborn does not replace Helium at the moment. It installs as new app to app grid08:38
marquizSage: ok, merry christmas Stskeeps ;)08:41
marquizSage: yeah, that'd need xserver upgrade, and possibly those patches are never merged upstream08:42
marquiz(they're available from the mailing lists, though)08:42
marquizhow about "forking" xserver to be part of the n9xx adaptation? ;)08:43
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SageI'm not very fond of forking xserver as that would soon mean that we fork also other things.08:47
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Sagebut well if that is what it needs then yes, but I hope we would have options for that.08:47
Sagexruxa: some missing graphics in darko btw. Want a list?08:47
xruxacoming from meegotouch of from components>08:48
Sagehmmp... actually no errors08:49
Sageanyway battery thing is missing from upper left corner for me08:49
xruxaI went on spree and added tons of graphics for Components08:50
xruxaSage: I get this sometimes, that is goes big and green, but then it is fine after reboot08:50
Sagealso new terminal is missing some graphics that are a supposed to be transparent on the upper right corner08:51
Sageone is copypaste I guess and another options menu08:51
xruxaI'm stuck in reboot loop after some updates yesterday evening :(08:52
Sagealso we are missing nemo image from ce-mtf-configs it seems that is supposed to be shown in settings->about my device->about product08:53
Sagew00t: virtual bool MSwipeExtension::x11Event(XEvent*) Releasing grab08:55
Sagedid you patch that out already somewhere? :)08:56
w00tno, I will today08:57
* w00t has scrum at work atm, so not just now though08:58
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Sagew00t: cool thx. NEMO#2109:02
Sagexruxa: you were right the battery icon works on second boot ok09:03
xruxaSage: but it is annoying, as it comes randomly for me. Plus the updated meegotouch stuff has issue when one rotated application, some bits go green for no reason.09:04
veskuhxruxa: yep, seen the same issue randomly on random places09:05
mikhasusually means graphics did not load fast enough09:05
mikhasthis behaviour was used for debugging and can be disabled somehwere, I think09:06
* Sage is bit concerned about the fact that our memory consumption has gone up09:06
xruxamikhas: we need to know more. What I saw was wrong graphics being used in certain orientation (e.g. portrait toolbar in landscape)09:07
mikhasxruxa, ok, try to make a video from it?09:07
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SageBiggest memory consumers are: meegotouchhome, dialer, sysuid, Xorg and maliit-server09:07
mikhasSage, maliit-server caches used graphics, but should not use more than 30MB09:08
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Sagequestion does something in our image use tracker-miner-fs atm?09:14
Sageor depend on it09:14
veskuhI'm guessing but photos probably will not work without it09:15
veskuhas it will not find any photos09:15
veskuhxruxa: You could perhaps add a simple local-file gallery functionality to flickr app and we could get rid of photos app?09:16
Sagewow, systemuid crashed09:16
Sagemarquiz: btw, there is a lot of messages from mce to dmesg atm.
Sagemarquiz: not sure if those are lack of kernel patches or lack of kernel configs or just something else09:18
marquizmce is just not able to get some configuration information09:19
marquizthose come to dmesg through systemd09:20
Sageyes, we don't have /var/log/messages but systemd uses dmesg09:20
Sageis mce trying to connect to session dbus?09:21
marquizSage: i think so (not entirely sure, though)09:22
marquizbut seems that the architecture is somewhat twisted09:22
marquizafaiu, mce connects to system dbus and then tries to connect to session dbus, too09:23
Sagew00t, xruxa, veskuh, marquiz, et al.: I'm going to build release today around 15:00 so if you have patches coming in and want to get them in to todays image that is the deadline.09:25
w00tSage: do you use f16?09:26
Sagef15 haven't had time to update to f1609:27
marquizSage: i only have SR#376209:27
w00tSage: do you use osc from fedora's repos?09:30
Sagew00t: I think I have one from opensuse09:31
Sagemarquiz: BuildRequires:  libcreds2-devel ?09:31
* w00t just tries that one :)09:31
SageVersion     : 0.132.409:32
SageRelease     : 1.fc1509:32
SageI have that one09:32
Sageapparently from fedora then :)09:32
SageBuild Host  : x86-04.phx2.fedoraproject.org09:32
w00thttp 40109:33
w00ta successful start to the osc day09:33
w00tok, i think the problem is that it tries to get my password from the keyring, but it's no longer there09:37
w00tanyone had tha tproblem before?09:37
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* xruxa is gone for roadtrip. Enjoy the holidays guys.10:19
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veskuhxruxa: you too!10:22
* w00t is still trying to work out what a holiday is10:24
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Stskeepsw00t: edit .oscrc10:28
w00tStskeeps: i don't want to put my password in it10:29
dcthangDconf is being used in Nemo?10:32
dcthangor it is used already?10:32
Sageveskuh: can you test if anything breaks after you install to your N95010:41
* Sage is testing N900 atm.10:41
veskuhSage: Sure, should I test that first or the N9 fix you had (just got N9 with Nemo to boot).10:42
Sageveskuh: if you have N9 then definitely that :)10:42
Stskeepsw00t: remove the section10:43
Sagemarquiz: what is that /etc/init.conf ?10:45
marquizSage: don't know ;) might be related to security10:47
marquizdoesn't stop dsme running/working, though10:47
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Sagejust wondering if we should touch /etc/init.conf :)10:47
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Sagewow, it is a huge file on N910:51
w00tStskeeps: I removed my whole .oscrc, it's still broken10:51
Sagementioning lot of different conf files and binaries10:51
Sagemarquiz: seems to be related something for security or so. I'm guessing that all those files needs to be in the filesystem or device doesn't boot10:52
Sagemarquiz: did touch /etc/init.conf and device went to reboot loop :P10:54
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marquizSage: don't add it ;)10:58
marquizdsme works/boots just fine without it10:58
Sagehad to try :)10:58
Sagew00t: compiled fine testing soon11:01
Sagew00t: works forwarding11:06
w00tshall i resolve?11:06
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3768 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3769 waiting for review at
Sage3 bugs to release/verify still and then everything should be set for release from my pow.11:09
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3770 Rejected promotion request11:09
veskuhNemo on N9 is annoyingly slow compared to N95011:10
Sageis there a way to do copypac with osc so that the obs revision would also stay there.11:10
Sageveskuh: rpm -qa | grep pulseaudio11:12
Sageveskuh: on N911:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3771 waiting for review at
veskuhSage: pulseaudio-0.9.22-1.111:14
Sagenothing else?11:14
veskuhsorry, typo :)11:14
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Sageveskuh: also what does boardname cmd print11:15
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Sageveskuh: and rpm -ql pulseaudio-settings-n95011:16
veskuhSage: hmm.. I've got n950-settings twice.11:16
Sageyey our zypper bug :)11:16
veskuhstupid user, I installed rpm -i instead of rpm -U11:17
Sageremove and reinstall :)11:17
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* veskuh wonders how commandline can be so slow on such a fast device11:24
veskuhapperently over ssh it is slow but not locally11:24
Sagethere was that one patch needed for the kernel IIRC but not sure if that is submitted. Stskeeps mentioned something about that already some time ago.11:25
veskuhWell, the error is still there11:26
veskuhand boardname is arm_nokia_rm_696_board_1303 on my device11:26
Sagewhat is the output of rpm -ql pulseaudio-settings-n950 and rpm -qa | grep pulseaudio11:27
veskuhhmm.. but I have a proto on the bug report there is 160311:27
Sagethat shouldn't matter we don't compare board revisions here11:27
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Sagerpm -ql pulseaudio-settings-n95011:28
Sagerpm -qa | grep pulseaudio11:28
veskuhSage: ah, I saw it now :)11:28
veskuhSage: first
veskuhSage: and second
Sagetry: rm /etc/pulse/; cp /etc/pulse/ /etc/pulse/arm_nokia_rm_696_board.pa11:31
Sageafter that I'm out of ideas pretty much for now.11:34
Sagedidn't help11:37
veskuhSame error11:37
Sagebased on the log that should solve it11:38
Sagecat /etc/boardname11:38
Sagemaybe dcthang did something else that isn't mentioned there11:39
veskuhreboot did not help11:40
Sagedmesg | grep pulseaudio11:41
Sagedmesg | grep boardname11:41
Sageveskuh: ^11:41
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veskuhSage: I get nothign11:51
veskuhdmesg is full of connmand stuff11:51
veskuhapparently it loves USB connections or something11:52
marquizveskuh: yeah, there's something badly wrong there ;)12:08
marquizsometimes it just stays fully crazy, sometimes it settles after a while12:09
veskuhmarquiz: yep, have seen same here12:09
marquizthat has been a problem a long time12:10
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marquizi wonder who might have the time and motivation to debug/inspect connman - what's really going on there12:11
Sagemarquiz: did you teste dsme with n950?12:15
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3768 Accepted promotion request12:17
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3771 Rejected promotion request12:17
marquizSage: yes12:17
marquizi'm leaving for christmas holiday, in few minutes12:20
marquizi'll be back on tuesday12:21
Sagehave a nice holiday12:21
Sageveskuh: dialer behaves badly again doesn't pop up on calls after the first one. Also no sound in the darko theme still12:22
marquizSage: thanks! not that long holiday, but still better than nothing ;)12:22
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marquizmerry christmas, everyone12:22
marquizor should i be politically more correct: seasonal greetings to everyone :D12:22
veskuhmarquiz: you too :)12:23
marquizveskuh: thx12:23
marquizsee ya12:23
veskuhSage: I'll update and see quickly if there is clear reason12:24
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Sagedo at least NEMO#41 seems to need reopen imo12:27
Sagelist of bugs that should be fixed12:30
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Sagedsme is currently in the process but will be released soon12:30
Sage33 is reopen state and needs better fix. 41 doesn't work for me at least12:31
veskuhFor 41 you also need new theme-ce12:32
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SageI have that12:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3769 Accepted promotion request12:34
veskuhOk, then in the new package there is still something wrong12:34
veskuhin ce-mtf-configs I mean12:34
veskuhYep, I got new packaground but no darko12:35
Sagehmmp... now the audio works12:35
Sagechanged themes could of times from settings12:35
Sageand dialer seems to work again as well.12:39
veskuhYep, there is some issues in dialer definitely. For example when pinquery does not work on startup, after manual start of pinquery, the dialer does not work always correctly12:40
Sageok, I'll build the release now. no more updates in my knowledge for today anymore, right?12:41
veskuhNot from me.12:41
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veskuhSage: yep, after zypper update no default theme change. after reboot pinquery ok and dialer alarm ok13:01
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Sageok, uploading images13:05
veskuhhmm.. but on the other hand I saw theme-ce to test if theme is already set and skipping becasue it was. That is correct behaviour. So the fault must be in ce-mtf-configs13:05
veskuhSage: and remember the kernel :)13:06
Sageforgot it already :D13:06
Sagevmlinuz right?13:08
veskuhAh, but after reboot got the theme correctly :)13:08
veskuhSage: yep13:09
Sageok, will disappear for a while and come back later to do the release note.13:10
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Sageok, release is out14:53
veskuhNice. We have a christmas release :)14:55
veskuhwiki is still out of captcha images14:57
w00twho maintains the wiki? lbt?15:01
veskuhalterego I think15:01
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lardmanI just saw a video of Nemo running on an HP Touchpad, does that use hw acceleration?15:10
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lardmanStskeeps: btw where is your LLVMpipe stuff, in the repo?15:12
Stskeepsin my own obs atm, but seemingily LLVM jit isn't working well for arm15:13
* lardman wonders if the current Jazelle hw can only do Java bytecode interpretation15:13
lardmanbut Stskeeps is it quicker then not using it?15:17
Stskeepsbasically we need to try it out on arm and see how bad it is15:18
lardmanwell I'm game15:19
Stskeepsi'm just at xmas vacation without laptop till tomorrow ;)15:20
lardmanok, I'm on holiday from tomorrow, so that works for me15:21
kimjuoh nice, frontpage starts (in 2nd sentence) with "Despite its name, LLVM has little to do with traditional virtual machines", but the name is not explained anywhere in that page. (yes, I know what it means)15:21
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* lardman wishes his quad core machine were faster...15:23
Stskeepsbasically they say llvm jit is totally broken for arm and i think llvmpipe uses jit a lot15:23
Stskeepsmaybe if we disable that use..15:24
lardmanpresumably there's a dep on an llvm runtime then is there?15:24
Stskeepsnot sure, should study llvmpipe code15:25
* lardman thinks hacking SGX540 userspace binaries to use hummingbird powervr kernel module might be a better plan, but for the lack of hardfloat15:26
Stskeepscan't you use exonys?15:27
lardmansure, I have a kernel module, but I need the userspace15:27
lardmanalso need to do some things to the kernel module afaiu to make it play with Xorg15:27
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damnshocknew release ready to test :) I'll to it this evening hehe :D15:29
lardmanso re Nemo on the Playbook, is that hw accelerated?15:29
lardmanTouchbook even15:29
* w00t doesn't know15:30
w00tI don't even know who does the pb adaptation..15:30
lardman is all I saw15:30
lardmanI'll eventually get the name right....15:30
lardmanIt's Qualcomm adreno and I thought that had very poor Linux support for the userspace stuff15:31
* lardman thinks perhaps he should revisit using sw opengl-es and see if something else is going wrong not that15:34
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo15:41
Stskeepslardman: llvmpipe would be the best sw opengl es15:43
lardmanyep of course but it would be nice to get something I can look at before spending yet more time messing about with code15:46
lardmanI could do with some motivational pretty screens ;)15:46
lardmanBut certainly I'll give it a go over the Christmas break15:46
lardmanI found your repo, so will build a new image for the Tab with my modifications already in, and see where we can go from there15:47
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* lardman grumbles that Upstart suffers from the same problem as systemd in that it doesn't tell you why it's failed15:48
lardmanUbuntu booted and gave me a login prompt first time, but then I configures the packages I'd installed (in chroot, hadn't mounted proc) and now it also fails during the startup process15:49
lardmanrather frustrating all things considered15:50
lardmanbut that was just an aside as they have the OMAP4 opengl-es libraries15:53
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Stskeepsit is samsung sgx right?16:07
lardmanIt's got a PowerVR SGX54016:07
lardmanso same GPU as the OMAP4 devices, hence my interest in the Pandaboard Ubuntu drivers16:08
Stskeepsok, isn't it in any way related to the exynos devel board?16:08
lardmanbut I've been too busy recently to do much investigation16:08
lardmanwell I guess it is in a way, it's an Exynos processor16:08
lardmanbut not a 4xxx device which is I think the current devel board for which code is available16:09
lardmanbut I've not looked to see what GPU that uses tbh16:10
Stskeepsi'd see if you can use sgx libs from there16:10
lardmanI think it might be Mali16:11
Stskeepslinaro supports it so16:11
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lardmanyeah it is mali
lardmanExynos 3110 is the one in the Tab16:11
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* dazo is trying the latest Nemo release18:44
dazoI'm pretty much impressed ... running on N90018:44
dazojust too pity the class10 SD card isn't faster!  I would be willing to run this on a daily basis if it would be a bit more responsive on the apps18:46
dazowhen apps are running and don't need disk IO, it's pretty decent .... but in the moment disk IO hits, it lags18:47
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Stskeepsyeah, it is a weak spot18:56
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araujoSage, have you considered to add a gtk+ repo by now?19:22
Stskeepswhy.. :P19:22
araujoStskeeps, why not? :P19:26
araujoor I wonder, if there is a way to get some extra-repos ?19:26
dazosure possible to set up your own at least19:27
berndhszypper ar ?19:27
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alfredtessmanhello guys! i am writing from the irc chat from the latest nemo release. I want to contribute translating more stuff into russian. please contact me at for further instructions. Thank you!20:05
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*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk21:40
araujodarko theme!21:43
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile22:05
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lardmanI get "Error: No repositories found" when trying to run mic-image-creator, I couldn't see this mentioned in the list of common errors, any ideas?23:38
befordpastebin the whole command you are using lardman23:38
lardmanah, I've not specified the .ks file23:39
lardmantoo late in the evening....23:39
lardmanthanks berndhs :)23:39
lardmanor beford even23:40
lardmanok, next error, it wants me to specify the mainrepo23:45
lardmanError: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option.23:46
lardmanthis is my command line: sudo mic-image-creator -f fs --compress-disk-image=tar.bz2 --pkgmgr=yum --arch=armv7hl -c ./nemo-handset-armv7hl-gt-p1000-testing-0.20111208.2.NEMO.2011-12-22.1.ks23:47
vgrademic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap23:49
lardmanI need a bootstrap do I? I read about that for OpenSUSE23:50
*** vakkov has quit IRC23:50
vgradethat is usually the thing which is recommended when yuo get that mainrepo error23:50
lardmanok and then I need to chroot into that before I run mic-create-image?23:51
lardmanor rather mic-chroot?23:51
vgradeno mic does it23:51
lardmanah ok23:51
lardmanvgrade: any ideas roughly how long it takes to download the packages for the bootstrap? Am wondering whether to kill it and hit the sack or sit it out for a few more minutes23:57
* lardman decides to kill it to avoid falling sleep on the kb23:59
lardmanthanks and night chaps, catch you tomorrow23:59
*** lardman has quit IRC23:59

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