Friday, 2011-12-23

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zanberdoI've just installed Nero on my N900 and I just realized I don't appear to have a way to type the pipe in a terminal.  How can I type the pipe? Running US version with US keyboard04:11
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zanberdonm. found it when I closed the cover and search the soft-keyboard04:35
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mikhaszanberdo, the HWKB only uses the default EN keymapping08:22
mikhaswith proper HWKB integration, second/third level keys should work, just as Fn + SYM should work. problem is known though:
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lardmanis mtev somewhere specific, or even available at all in the repos?08:47
Stskeepsi think we have it in nemo somewhere08:47
Stskeepsis prolly so generic we should have it in mer cor08:47
lardmanI guess it;s not used in the N9x0 images08:47
lardmanah, unless it's in one of the specific device repos08:47
lardmanwhich I commented oujt08:48
* lardman tries uncommenting those to see what happens08:48
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Stskeepsis in n950 one08:50
lardmanthanks, passed that one now looking for libGLUT08:51
lardmanwhich is probably a left over from a different build, so will get rid and double check the mesa deps08:52
lardmanpresumably the files that I list in the .ks will have their deps met assuming they exist?08:53
lardmanmy notes for what I installed in the previous N900 image have all the deps I needed to install too, so need to pick out which are the main things that are needed08:53
lardmanhmm, so stuff like xorg-x11-utils-xinput and xorg-x11-utils-xev are not in the main repos?08:59
Stskeepsright, in the name of minimalism.. though we should probably start a Tools project09:00
lardmanhow do I go from this, to working out what repo to add to get said packages?
lardmanah, go to download dir I guess09:07
* lardman skips that package for the time being09:10
lardmanand it's building :)09:10
lardmanAnyone know why the N900 hw accelerated Xorg driver is build into fbdev?09:13
lardmanas my understanding is that one normally has a separate driver, though I'm pretty woolly on this09:14
Stskeepsit's built on top of fbdev09:15
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lardmanjust wondering what route to go as the Tab obviously lacks all the X integration09:59
lardmanI will just copy the Pandaboard setup I think10:00
lardmanbbl, have to go pick up brother-in-law, xmas rush is starting10:01
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jrayhawkopenssl s_client -connect -msg10:05
jrayhawkseems unresponsive10:05
jrayhawkStartSSL hands out free domain-validated certs.10:07
Stskeeps:nod: we just use own atm until project has a bit more resources10:09
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damnshockhey guys, I'm having trouble booting nemo on my n90013:06
damnshockI've followed
damnshockbut... what do  I have to do to boot into nemo?13:07
damnshockI used: ./flasher-3.5 -b -l -k nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-testing-0.20111208.2.NEMO.2011-12-22.1.ks13:07
tevethat's not a kernel, it's kickstart file13:08
damnshockwoops :S13:09
damnshockI feel dump right now13:09
damnshockmy multitasking abilities are terrible13:09
Stskeepsalso, flasher -l -k vmlinuz -b13:10
damnshockis the order important? for the -k it's obvious but the other ones?13:11
damnshockit seems to be booting now, we'll now in a few seconds if it works :)13:12
damnshockit's booting :)13:16
damnshockthanks guys hehe13:16
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damnshockare there any plans on supporting installation to main memory?13:17
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dm8tbrdamnshock: using a fast microSD card is far superior to installing on eMMC13:23
dm8tbrfast >= class 613:24
damnshockyeah, well, my card is class413:24
damnshockI havent found a class6 yet on any store13:24
damnshockalthough I have looked much :)13:24
dm8tbrthey are available, even class 1013:25
tbfdamnshock: dm8tbr: even amazon lists them13:28
damnshockI should have said a physical store ;)13:29
tbfdamnshock: this kind of small, independent store that sells only obsolete stuff for high prices and then complains people prefer online shops?13:30
damnshocktbf: no, this big, actually huge store called Fnac or El Corte Inglés13:31
damnshockhowever, you are right: if I want one I can get it ;)13:31
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Sagearaujo: haven't done that yet, sry. Not high priority thing for me atm :)15:08
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zanberdoWhich would be more stable: 0.20111208.2.CE.2011-12-15.1 or 0.20111208.2.NEMO.2011-12-22.1?16:28
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Stskeepszanberdo: latest is always better, usually16:36
veskuh_Yep, latest is the best so far.16:37
veskuh_However, somewhere in the past month we had regression in wifi and wpa2 functionality and its now broken16:37
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veskuh-nemo-n9apparently wifi with wpa2 works with N9 and Nemo 15-116:44
Stskeepsperhaps a race condition16:47
veskuh_Yep, we have had some of those "occasional" issues with both wifi and cellular (like the no-pinquery bug)16:49
zanberdoI installed the latest yesterday and had some time to work with it. A couple of things I had trouble with though. I had some issues with sound. specifically volume control did not seem to work and as such I didn't know when it was ringing. nor could I work out how to enable speaker phone. I know this is under development so i don't expect it to be complete. So perhaps I need to do something to get these features working correctly.16:50
zanberdoI did not have trouble with wifi though16:50
zanberdobut I did find my repos were unauthorized.16:50
Stskeepsthat's normal16:50
Stskeepswe don't sign atm16:50
zanberdook, no worries. I can use zypper to update repos16:52
zanberdoOne package I use as much as my phone is gpodder for podcast aggregation. I noted on the gpodder sight there is a version available for MeeGo 1.2. Anyone know if gpodder can be made to work with Nemo?16:52
Stskeepsif there is one for n9 it's possible to get it on nemo probably16:53
Stskeepsask thp16:53
zanberdosorry, thp?16:53
zanberdoare the sound issues also known?16:54
Stskeepsthp is author of gpodder16:57
zanberdoah, ok, thanks.16:57
Stskeepssound issues - check bugs.nemomobile.org16:57
zanberdook, thanks again! :)16:57
Stskeepselse report a bug16:57
* Stskeeps goes afk again16:58
Stskeepsmerry xmas16:58
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veskuh_Stskeeps: merry xmas17:04
w00tfor christ's sake17:10
w00thow do I write a .img to a usb disk?17:10
w00tno matter what I try, I can't get rid of fedora .. :P17:10
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* w00t just reinstalls mic-image-writer17:14
* veskuh_ just did a Nemo to Nemo call, from N950 to N9. Happy to see Nemo on N9 working.17:14
veskuh_just to make everyone jealous, I can also state that N9 is white :)17:15
w00tgrrr! :)17:16
* w00t installs the newest nemo on his ideapad17:19
zanberdoI've installed latest nemo to n900 and can make calls. Did you find any issues with speaker volume?17:23
w00tveskuh_: ^^17:24
Stskeepsveskuh_: hyvaa juula(?)17:25
veskuh_Stskeeps: almost.. joulua17:25
veskuh_zanberdo: there has been issues with alert tone, but not with speaker volume as far as I know17:26
zanberdook. and what about volume control? I can hear sound from my speakers but it's very faint...17:27
veskuh_zanberdo: it should work, which device are you on?17:28
w00thrm, newer nemo seems to boot even faster17:28
veskuh_zanberdo: haven't tried the latest with N900 but maybe something has gone broken. At least earlier the volume control worked with it.17:30
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veskuh_zanberdo:  on n950 volume seems to work17:32
zanberdook. so perhaps I should try the 12-15.1 build17:32
veskuh_zanberdo: can you file a bug about that?17:32
zanberdoI will. I'm going to give both the previous (12.15.11) and current (12.22.11) a try and I will post bugs with what I find.17:35
veskuh_zanberdo: great, thanks.17:35
zanberdoum, something I couldn't find when I was playing with Nemo last night was how to enable the speaker phone. of course, it wouldn't have done much good if I couldn't hear, but the question I have is: is there a speaker phone feature with Nemo (I would presume so, but as it's under development I have to ask)?17:36
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veskuh_zanberdo: not implemented I think. No UI in dialer and volumes in dialer have been adjusted more to the basic use.17:37
zanberdook, thanks.17:37
zanberdoI'll start playing with 12.15.11 later today (bzip2 piped to dd is sllloooowwwww over usb) and then again with 12.22.11 and will report anything of interest as bugs.17:38
veskuh_zanberdo: Nice, thanks.17:39
zanberdomy pleasure. I really liked the look and feel of 12.22.11. Much cleaner than Maemo17:39
veskuh_yep, xruxa has done a good job on the new theme.17:39
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zanberdoout of curiosity, how long have you found it takes to expand the .raw.bz2 and dump it to a µSD over USB?17:54
zanberdolooks like it's going to be over an hour... :(17:55
zanberdook, off to shower then. cheer17:55
tevenot normal, should take 5-10 mins17:56
slaineWheres hhartz off to ?17:56
slainesaw a tweet earlier saying goodbye to him17:56
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damnshockhey guys20:29
damnshockanybody can tell me which is the latest meego-sdk?20:29
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