Saturday, 2011-12-24

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araujoSage, ?02:06
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3780 waiting for review at
phaeronthe-boss: merry x-mas02:08
the-bossphaeron: Error: "merry" is not a valid command.02:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3781 waiting for review at
the-bossmerry xmas everyone!02:13
the-bossmerry xmas araujo!02:13
araujomerry xmas the-boss !02:14
araujomerry xmas phaeron !!02:14
araujoand everyone!02:14
phaeronthe-boss: goto sleep02:15
the-bossphaeron: Error: "goto" is not a valid command.02:15
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menghaoMerry Christmas EVE !07:51
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twoutersHi, I just installed the latest nemo image on an sd card and I'm trying to boot it on my n90014:25
twoutersis it normal that I have to open the camera lid to be able to enter my pin code? :)14:26
twoutersand apart from being able to enter the pin code there doesn't seem to happen much14:27
twoutersblank screen14:27
Stskeepsclick power button14:31
twoutersjust rebooted, now I get on the home screen :)14:31
twoutersStskeeps: tried that14:31
Stskeepsit idled too early14:31
twoutersnow it's doing something weird :p14:33
twoutersdon't know how to describe it, give me a minute :)14:34
twoutersanyway, I connected the phone to usb to see if charging works, but the screen started to blink together with the led14:38
twoutersnice, tried to call a number and then the phone application crashed, so i couln't hang up :p14:45
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twoutersxterm doesn't seem to start, can someone guide me to getting in a terminal? :p14:55
dm8tbrxterm used to work14:58
dm8tbror better use the meego-terminal14:58
dm8tbrthat's better14:58
twouterssure, but how do i start it?14:58
dm8tbrthere should be this pink square?14:59
dm8tbrsecond icon on the home screen IIRC14:59
twoutersdoesn't do anything14:59
twouterslike most of the icons :)14:59
dm8tbryou most likely stalled the device15:00
dm8tbrthe key is: first boot is slow. let it be until it settles. reboot, wait a couple of seconds after homescreen apears. start _one_ app15:00
twoutersyou mean I pushed to many buttons at once? :)15:00
twoutersthat line should be on the wiki :)15:01
dm8tbradd it then :)15:02
twoutersI think I see what's the problem, I'm getting I/O errors when I rebooted15:04
dm8tbrwhat class of card did you use?15:05
twouters6 afaik15:06
kimjuclass, size, vendor?15:06
kimjuand real or "ebay-special"15:06
dm8tbrhehe, ebay specials are fun. 8G card that really only takes 2 and isn't class 10 but 0... ;)15:07
twoutersyea, just got a cheap card in a local store that had it on sale15:07
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twouterswhat kind of cards are you using?15:11
dm8tbrtranscend class 615:12
dm8tbrthere was another brand that was quite ok too15:12
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lardmanWell I actually saw some proper ui on the Tab just then, blue background with ice crystals15:16
lardmanthen the device decided to reboot itself, so I'll have to login via usb and see what's up15:17
twoutersdm8tbr: so a TS16GSDHC10 (16GB class10 card from transcend) would be fine?15:17
* lardman hunts for his Windows netbook to use rndis15:17
dm8tbrtwouters: sure, I'd probably go with a 8GB if it's cheaper as there is no immediate benefit (partition size is around 4GB IIRC15:18
twoutersdm8tbr: yeah, resizing the partitions isn't that hard15:19
twoutersbut you're probably right15:19
dm8tbrthere is a non-obvious benefit of possibly longer card life15:20
dm8tbras wear levelling should spread frequent rewrites of new release images across the whole chip15:20
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kimjuI refuse to use anything else than sandisk anymore15:28
twoutersbut is it required to install new images at all? it's possible to just run some upgrades with zypper, right?15:28
dm8tbrzypper should work, but it's not a well tested path IIRC15:29
twoutersyea, I'll see where it gets me15:30
twoutersfirst I need to find me a new flash card :)15:30
twoutersi figured the crc errors while loading the kernel the first time was bad news...15:31
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the-bossmerry xmas Stskeeps!16:28
phaeronStskeeps: I am working on a small feature in obs16:42
phaerongot a minute to give me your opinion ?16:42
phaeronI know it's holidays :D16:45
* araujo wonders if phaeron wants to give us a xmas present 17:00
phaeronit's a way to specify vcs commitid with each obs commit. so as to know which revision in git or whatever produced this source17:02
araujosounds nice :)17:02
niqtmerry xmas  everyone17:03
phaeronaraujo: and then in addition a way to set vcs url and type in pkg meta17:04
phaeronnaturally next would be some automation ontop of that17:05
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araujophaeron, yeah, I can see where you are getting at17:09
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Stskeepsphaeron: shoot17:53
phaeronI did, :) scroll up :)17:53
Stskeepsphaeron: as in an attribute?17:55
phaeronStskeeps: no attributes would be dissociated fro the commits themselves. that's the first thing  I tried17:55
Stskeepsphaeron: so basically a per commit attribute?17:58
phaeronyeah so it's part of the actual commit object, and the pkg meta then contains fields for the other stuff17:59
Stskeepssorry if i'm not understanding easily, a bit sleepy after a long xmas day17:59
Stskeepsso mind runs at a lot less capacity :)17:59
phaeronok no problem will show you the code later18:04
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Stskeepsphaeron: SB2-OBS work is going quite nicely, down to 4 failed packages18:34
Stskeepsand file system setup is finally fast18:34
Stskeepsand this is even before we really optimize :)18:34
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phaeronthat should help with dpkg too :D18:36
Stskeepsyeah, though i'm honestly not testing with that atm :P18:37
Stskeepsprobably need a hand for that18:37
Stskeepswould be good, so we can make harmattan builds faster18:39
phaeronyep that's what I meant18:39
phaeronbootstrapping it was a nightmare18:39
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the-bossmerry xmas lbt!23:33
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