Sunday, 2011-12-25

lbt*g*  merry christmas phaeron00:06
* lbt has been banished to the study so Denise can wrap my present00:06
lbtnight all00:11
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menghaoHey guys02:45
menghaoMrry xmas02:45
befordmerry christmas03:11
menghaosame to you03:12
menghaoanyone there? :o03:26
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menghaoDoes Nemo support SCP or SSH now?03:35
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usernick bgdwie05:54
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bgdwiemerry christmas/happy holidays all!06:02
bgdwiejust wondering, do we have a discussion board/forum, or is it all nemo/mer irc, mailing list and wiki?06:06
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Stskeepsbgdwie: we currently piggyback on meego-handset@ or mer-general@ mailing lists07:28
Stskeepspeople discuss Nemo on too07:29
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Bgdwiemmhm, maybe nemo(and/or mer) should have one, i would see use in it, either that or put a bit more detail in the wiki.07:46
Stskeepsyeah, i don't disagree07:47
Stskeepsbring it up in next steering group meeting?07:50
Bgdwieyeah, i should, when is the next one perchance?07:51
Stskeeps3rd of january07:55
Stskeeps(most of us are gone for holidays so)07:55
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BgdwieYeah,  thought that would be the case. I was going to bring up some other things,  them/ui related,  i have emailed xruxa about them (I think that's the right person)08:24
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AlfredDear nemo people, can you please tell me the default password for root on n90015:38
w00tunless it's changed, "meego" (without quotes)15:46
AlfredThank You w00t and Merry Christmas to You15:48
w00tsame to you15:49
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alexxyhi all!19:52
alexxyhow to test nemo mobile on n900?19:52
alexxyand is it usable in its current state?19:52
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BgdwieAlexxy:  install uboot on n900,  download image from repo,  un-bz2, use image writer to put on microsd,  more info can easily found on the wiki.merproject.Org/wiki/nemo21:26
alexxyBgdwie: there is no word on how to install kernel21:27
w00tthe kernel is part of the image, uboot takes care of loading it from SD21:28
alexxyw00t: ok21:28
alexxyin previos image there were no kernel21:28
alexxyin /boot21:28
alexxyunder image root21:28
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alexxywill it work with nokia n900 pr1.3 + SSU?21:29
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alexxyis there a way to import pim data from pr1.3  to mer and nemo?21:38
alexxyalso will sim with pin code work?21:38
alexxyis n900 + nemo usable?21:38
alexxyteve: yes for what?21:40
alexxypim info import or sim with pin?21:40
tevesim pin code21:40
alexxyor what?21:40
alexxyhow about sim card contacts?21:40
alexxyand pim db from pr1.3?21:40
alexxyso to install it i simply need21:42
alexxyapt-get install  uboot-pr1321:42
alexxyand write image to mSD with dd?21:42
teveif you have pr13 kernel21:42
Bgdwie_Some pin code is a little it fiddly so you may want to remove it just incase though.21:43
alexxyi have pr1.3 + SSU21:43
alexxyand nothing else21:43
Bgdwie_Yep,  all good then21:44
Bgdwie_Also,  I'm not sure how to import sim contacts/pim db never tried21:45
alexxyi will take a try for nemo21:45
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alexxyso is nemo on n900 usable as phone?22:11
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alexxyis there default root pass for image?23:23
alexxyok =)23:24
alexxygot it23:24
alexxyhow to update image?23:24
alexxybtw is it normal that it show my battary as empty on n900?23:26
alexxyzypper ref failed23:29
alexxyRetrieving repository 'ce-adaptation-n900' metadata [\]23:29
alexxyTimeout exceeded when accessing ''.23:29
alexxyAbort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i] (r):23:29
phaeronalexxy: community obs is in a planned maintenance window23:33
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alexxyphaeron: how to boot again into maemo?23:34
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phaerondepends on how you flashed I guess .. reboot without emmc card ?23:35
alexxyi used uboot23:35
alexxycan i set up uboot to boot from internal flash by default?23:36
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phaerondunno , someone else with more knowledge can answer your question :)23:38
alexxyrun noloboot in shell works =D23:38
alexxyphaeron: is there ETA for obs maintaince?23:39
phaeronsupposedly 1 GMT23:40
alexxyi will try to update image later =D23:40
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