Friday, 2011-12-30

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vakkovi have some problems with the latest release of nemo ... it just does not start, after the nemo logo the screen remains black04:09
vakkovand i have to pull the battery out04:11
vakkovand on the next attempt it shows kernel panic04:11
araujovakkov, n900?04:18
vakkovnever happened with previous releases05:11
araujovakkov, did you check for file corruption? (MANIFEST values)05:12
araujoand by the way, I used to have a similar problem like that in some previous images... after several tries, it booted up fine ...05:13
araujothe last image works fine for me05:13
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xruxahmmm, zypper ref would not work while USB cable plugged in, trying to use usb0 over wlan008:53
Stskeepsroute -n ?08:54
xruxa Actually I ran "zypper update" which triggered the refresh first time. Works on second try08:57
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lardmanmorning chaps10:02
lardmana slightly belated Merry Christmas to all10:02
lardmananyone know anything about the GPS?10:02
lardmanI'm thinking of the one in the N950 (Broadcom BCM4751) and wondering if it requires CPU-side processing, and wondering how the communication protocol is specified, whether that's built into some firmware that it presumably loads?10:08
lardmanNoting this:
lardmanand I see a patch was submitted to Meego for the device10:09
xruxaStskeeps: happened again with the usb0 and not working zypper update:
Stskeepslardman: it's done by a daemon :/10:25
Stskeepsand i don't have any details on it10:26
Stskeepsxruxa: seems like default gateway is being set to the usb yes10:27
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lardmanStskeeps: ah ok, some reverse engineering then :)11:15
lardmannice to have a working Linux device with the same chipset as the Tab :)11:16
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uklhello.  Just a small issue, it could be added that ctrl+t gets dd to spit out status information to the install process description11:20
Stskeepsah, nice11:22
Stskeepsi usually use cat and pv11:22
Stskeepsfeel free to edit wiki11:22
uklI would but i can't.  logged in users only?11:22
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uklugh, these captchas are quite hard11:23
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faenilhey peopleee11:27
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uklhmm booting the recent nemo image on n900 somehow failed...11:34
uklI end up with "Welcome to emergency mode. Use 'systemctl default' or ^D to activate default mode." but it doesn't react on keyboard input11:35
uklwhat to do?11:35
Stskeepsthat sounds like a bad write to me11:35
uklit's preceded by systemd-fsck lines, indeed.11:36
uklbut how can I turn it off?11:36
Stskeepsbattery pull?11:36
Stskeepsmake sure your sd card isn't automatically mounted by your pc when you write11:36
uklI'm sure about this, but there were some "autosense failed" lines in dmesg...11:37
uklI'll try again later.11:39
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veskuh_Just wrote Hello World article to Nemo wiki about getting started with QtSDK, please fix and improve:
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alien_veskuh_: nice, but can't qtcreator work with the Nemo device through MAD?15:27
alien_so you don't need to copy stuff by hand and so on15:28
alien_and then you might get debugging work out of the box15:28
veskuh_alien_: if you figure it out how that would work, then great. So far I haven't succeeded.15:28
alien_I will try to reproduce your stuff then give it a try15:29
veskuh_Nice. I do not know how MAD works, so it really might be possible with it.15:30
alien_just install it inside the Nemo image and try to connect qtcreator to it15:33
alien_it might work out of the box15:33
alien_I would also like to be able to have the qtcreator integrate with my local i586 Mer toolchain and use my Nemo i586 virtual machine running in Virtualbox15:34
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alien_because it's much faster than running an ARM VM inside qemu15:34
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befordMAD is included with Nemo15:41
befordnot sure if it works :P15:41
faenilhow difficult would it be to get Nemo working on an Android tablet? :)15:54
faenilOmap 443015:54
vakkovxase and wmarone are trying to get mer on nook-book15:56
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the-bosswmarone: Error: "nook-boot" is not a valid command.16:04
wmaronefaenil: omap and tegra 2 based designs seem to be the most viable right now16:05
wmaronesimply due to available GPU drivers16:06
faenilok thanks :)16:08
faenilI was told it should be easy16:08
wmaroneshould, no guarantees16:08
faenilbut I have never worked on this type of porting...16:08
wmaronethe nook color should have been easy, but it's been a minor painin my ass16:08
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faenilI see...16:08
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faenilI have just bought the Archos G9 101 to work on my thesis, and I thought I could have been trying to get Nemo on it starting from February...16:10
macmaNyo yo16:10
macmaNdid you already get Mer to boot on it? where did you buy it16:10
faenilno I did not :)16:10
faenilI bought it used, but it's selling for 250€ new in a supermarket here16:11
faenilbut I can test if anyone has time to work on the Mer port :)16:12
faenilI don't atm, working on my thesis + studying for an exam16:12
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macmaNfaenil: i thought basyskom already did the work16:30
faenilthat's great! :D16:30
faenilI didn't know about that :D16:34
faenilI'm a lucky guy then xD16:34
faenilmacmaN: you made my day :D16:36
macmaNi thought that was the reason you bought it in the first place16:36
macmaNbut /hilight archos ftw either way :>16:36
macmaNive been swamped with other stuffs, havent been able to even find a good place to buy one myself16:37
macmaNor look into details of how far this port is16:37
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alien_MRmi::invoke(): "QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Connection refused" "/home/meego/.mabstractdecorator"16:55
alien_any ideas what program should listen on this pipe?16:56
macmaNnever seen. googlz?16:56
Stskeepsalien_: compositor16:56
Stskeepsalien_: /  mdecorator16:56
alien_Stskeeps: I'm still trying to debug that mcompositor issue on my virtual machine16:59
alien_and I saw that in the xsession-errors16:59
Stskeepsalien_: if you want my bet, get eglinfo.c, and look at the extensions listed, and the extensions that compositor will look for17:00
alien_will take a look there17:00
alien_I am running eglinfo and I get this output:
alien_well, that's the top of the output17:07
Stskeepsyes, now look at mcompositor source17:07
Stskeepsalien_: btw, since i just connected who you are and the linkedin request i just got :) visited cluj twice, in 1999 and in 2004, quite nice city17:08
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alien_Stskeeps: I moved to Berlin 3 months ago17:26
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Stskeeps:nod: i've yet to visit berlin17:28
Stskeepseven though there's a direct train here from warsaw (i used to live in denmark)17:28
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faenilmacmaN: I would have bought the Archos if I had known about the port :D17:36
faenilbut I bought it because I need it for my uni thesis :) and now the news about the port, this is just great :D17:36
chouchounefaenil: did you look at the "unofficial" SDE trick for Archos G9 ?17:45
chouchoune(I bought one too, actually a G9 80 Turbo)17:45
faenilnot rooted yet though :)17:46
chouchouneok ;)17:46
faenilwiped and installed latest fw last night17:46
faenilchouchoune: my 101 has a bit of screen defect, the one 80 is famous for17:46
chouchouneI'm thinking of waiting for the official SDE or using the unofficial method right now17:46
faenilchouchoune: I'm wondering why there's no official SDE yet...17:47
Stskeepsbecause it's kinda going to be mer+plasma active..17:47
chouchounea friend of mine working at Archos told me "it's coming"17:47
Stskeeps(at least, that's what i've heard)17:47
chouchouneStskeeps: they will replace Angstorm with Mer+Plasma Active ?17:48
Stskeepswell, one direction i guess17:48
StskeepsPA is more of a tablet thing isn't it17:48
chouchouneyes, of course17:48
chouchounemy friend from Archos didn't tell me that !!!17:49
chouchounethat would be great !17:49
Stskeepsnot sure if it's really official, but at least that's the kind of work i've seen17:49
chouchouneok, good to know17:49
faenilmmm :D17:51
faenilchouchoune: ask ask ask, try to get more info about how soon it is :D17:52
Stskeepsthe kernels are already out AFAIK but there's difficulties with GLES17:52
faenilwell we should be able to test those mer images..17:53
chouchounefaenil: already asked ;) Waiting for his reply when he will connect to IRC ;)17:56
faenilchouchoune: yey :D17:57
chouchounehe's quite nez to Archos, so he may not know exactly all the plans and how it works17:58
faenilI see..17:58
faenilwell, better than nothing :D17:58
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alien_Stskeeps: it seems mesa gallium egl lacks EGL_KHR_image_pixmap and EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image20:07
w00talien_: what about it?20:09
w00twell, EGL_KHR_image_pixmap might be a problem20:10
alien_w00t: their absence breaks nemo mcompositor when running inside a VM with gallium 3D drivers20:10
Stskeepsalien_: what does eglplatform say with export EGL_PLATFORM=x1120:11
Stskeepser, eglinfo20:11
w00talien_: EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image won't, if you're running nemo's mcompositor20:11
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w00tthough, it shouldn't *break* anyway20:12
w00tthere is a fallback20:12
alien_w00t: no idea, I just checked the latest mcompositor code from git20:12
w00talien_: we patch it20:12
alien_will check the patches20:12
w00t(texture_2D_image isn't actually needed)20:12
alien_but gallium lacks them both20:12
alien_thanks Stskeeps20:13
w00t(relevant? dunno, just found in search)20:14
Stskeepsw00t: yes, for native buffers20:14
Stskeepswhich isn't available for llvmpipe it seems20:14
alien_I'll talk to the mesa guys about this20:15
Stskeepsso close to something sane..20:15
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alien_the funny thing is that the full OpenGL has GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap20:26
alien_on the same llvmpipe gallium3d20:26
Stskeepsthat's a bit odd yes20:27
Stskeepsmaybe it's all wired up already but just that check is broken20:28
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norayram I right that Harmattan kernel is open, drivers are available, and theoretically it is possible to recompile the kernul and get rid of aegis?20:33
alien_norayr: you can20:34
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Stskeepsharmattan may break, but we're in #nemomobile here, so we don't care ;)20:36
norayrfine. I am still seciding whether it worth to get n9 as a hacker device.20:37
Stskeepshw's quite nice20:38
Stskeepsthough on kernel version upstreaming it's a bit behind20:38
norayrif drivers are available, the it's possible to have n9 hardware adaptation20:38
StskeepsGPS and NFC are sadly off limits, at least20:40
Stskeepswe already have nemo running on n9, it's not that20:40
Stskeepsjust some parts are not likely to get published ever20:41
alien_Stskeeps: maybe we just need to insist more20:43
faenilever? :o20:43
alien_from :Rewritten in terms of split functionality in KHR_image_base and KHR_image_pixmap20:44
norayrbut on n950 and n900 you have full hardware support?20:44
Stskeepsn900 is pretty well20:44
alien_norayr: N950 is the same as N920:44
Stskeepsn950 is same situation as n9 generally20:44
Stskeepsalien_: i kinda doubt we'll see NPE public and redistributable20:44
Stskeepstheoretically you can code something against the BCM chip in there using specificatins, but that's not on my table..20:45
alien_Stskeeps: shouldn't the drivers be public for that too?20:46
Stskeepskernel driver is but protocol you have to sign an online NDA for20:46
Stskeepsfrom earlier:
alien_but does that DNA forbid you to create open source software for it?20:47
alien_I happen to work for Nokia, so I already have a NDA signed20:48
Stskeepsthat's a good question, it's a bit hazy20:48
alien_but no idea if that is enough for getting that information20:48
Stskeepsseems like it might be okay for write a impl using that specification20:50
alien_ok, I'll see what I can do20:50
Stskeepsi'd be curious to see if people can get NPE working on nemo, due to the gentleman agreement that we can move around binaries for hacking purpose20:50
Stskeepswe had some initial work done before most of our team was let go, so20:51
phaeronalien_: you work for Nokia ?20:56
alien_phaeron: yes, but not as developer20:57
phaeronjust that you were interested in that OBS stuff .20:57
alien_I am a syseng/devops in the Location branch20:57
alien_I maintain Public transit backend and Mobile HTML5 Maps frontend20:58
phaeronoh secret stuff :D20:59
alien_not really21:00
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faenilguys can you explain one thing to me?21:49
faenilhow can a debugger help if it doesn't even have time to start, that the application has already crashed?21:50
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:50
faenilshould breakpoints stop it before crashing?21:50
faenilshouldn't *21:50
w00tdebuggers can generally also start applications as well as attach at runtime21:51
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile21:52
faenilI'd like it to start before the app...otherwise I can't see why it crashes...21:53
faenilQt Creator is still in "Launching..."21:56
faeniland my app has already crashed...-.-21:56
norayrwhich addressbook used in nemo: meego one or harmattan one?22:12
norayrdoes it have contacts integration like in fremantle?22:13
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