Saturday, 2011-12-31

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Stskeepsmorn veskuh_07:21
veskuh_Morning Stskeeps07:22
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Sagemorning all08:34
Stskeepson a sidenote, i was in a shop here in warsaw and they were selling N900's for ~272 eur08:41
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dm8tbrbut how many were left :)09:12
Stskeepsat least one was on display09:13
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john_johnhello all. new nemo user here. I have just tried to install new aplications and it seems impossible. any advice on this aspect? if there is a link to some forum or something please do share.thanks09:56
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veskuh_john_john: UI for installing apps does not work (yet) and there obviously are not that many apps available10:21
veskuh_If you have .rpm of app you can install it from command line10:22
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john_johnthanks veskuh.11:48
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LuoppsHow long does it take after the pin-code that you can see the menu? (first boot, n900, SD)13:11
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Stskeepsshould be fairly fast13:13
LuoppsI see only blank screen :(13:13
Stskeepswhat guide did you follow and what OS did you do it with?13:14
LuoppsIt worked when I write the image on windows, but not when I write it on linux13:14
Luopps*wrote :)13:15
LuoppsThis guide:
LuoppsOnce on linux it worked and I saw the menu, but not anymore13:17
Stskeepsok, that's probably due to your OS automounting the partitions13:17
Stskeepsmake sure they're unmounted before dd'ing13:18
Luoppsis it same if the SD-card is formated or not?13:20
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Stskeepsnah, just that some OS'es automount the file systems13:28
Stskeepsmeaning the end result card is corrupted13:28
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faenilhi everyone :D13:42
Stskeepsmorn faenil13:43
Stskeepsit's almost newyears13:44
faeniloh right! :D13:44
Stskeepsand i'm pondering how to set up my Mer-based HTPC13:44
faenilehehe :)13:44
faenilStskeeps, one thing is not clear to me...Mer doesn't have a UI right?13:45
faenilit's only kernel and some more, right?13:45
Stskeeps to be exact13:45
faenilso how can you make a mer port?13:46
faenilI mean how do you check if it's working?13:46
Stskeepsright, port to a new architecture or to a new device13:46
faenilboth? :D13:47
Stskeepsnew architecture is annoying, new device: try to boot a bare mer filesystem on your device, adjust kernel options, add graphics drivers, go :P13:48
faenilbut how do you check if it's working :D13:48
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Stskeepsdoes it show anything on the screen? ;)13:49
Stskeepsbut yeah, we need testsuites13:50
faenilohhh ok :D13:50
faenilok, I see, so there are testsuites made for that13:50
Stskeepsusually i check GLESv2 with qmlviewer13:50
faenilok, now you're talking :D13:50
faenilso Stskeeps, you were saying yesterday, we'll never see gps working on Nemo n950?13:55
Stskeepsi wouldn't say never, but it may be a hack instead14:00
faenilI see...14:00
faenilwhatelse is unlikely to become available?14:00
faenilI'm thinking about selling the N9, and keep Lumia for main use and N950 for what's hacking/devving + filling Lumia's gaps14:01
faeniland Nemo will be the main platform on the N950 most probably14:01
StskeepsNFC, GPS is what i know offhand14:02
faenilhave you tried the Lumia? don't want to start trolling here though, just want an opinion ;)14:02
Stskeepswife has mine14:05
faeniland what's your opinion of it? :)14:05
Stskeepsnot terribly high, a system that works, but it doesn't feel nokian14:06
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faenil:) I like it mostly because it is fluid almost everywhere...14:06
faeniland that's what's missing in Harmattan...but harmattan is hacking-friendly, so I keep one to play with :D14:07
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macmaNfaenil: hows it going with the archos14:16
faenilmammaN: haven't done anything with it atm :) just deploying my thesis on it and testing :D14:16
faenilbut my hate for android is growing even more :D14:17
faenilI already hated it before buying the tablet, now more than ever xD I hate choppy OSes...14:18
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faenil_macmaN: I don't remember, you have the Archos, or you want to buy one?14:27
macmaNi want to buy it. just want to find someone that is actively mer'ing it :>14:27
faenil_short answer, I won't before end of February :)14:30
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faenilmostly because I don't know how to mer it...would need a tutor :D14:31
faenildoes anyone know if we get any warranty for the N9 we got at qt devdays?14:35
macmaNtoo bad :(14:38
faenilyeah, I'd really like to learn, but I think none has time to waste on me :P14:39
macmaNi hear you with the thesis, it took a while to get done for me and "no distractions allowed" was def. key14:43
faenilyeah, it's not a hard task since we have a new plan of studies, the thesis is only a little thing, but I also have to pass the last exam on the 19th, otherwise no thesis :D14:45
faeniland the last exam is Networks, which is the 2nd most difficult after "Computers Architecture", so that take time too :D14:46
faeniloh gosh, don't want to think about it :D14:46
faenilanyway, since we're in the gossip area now, for those interested, the thesis is about porting to Android via Qt14:48
faenilokay none interested, lol :D worth a try xD15:03
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menghaohappy new year17:01
faenilto you too! :)17:13
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LuoppsWhy this doesn't work ;_;20:17
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BgdwieLuopps, when you write it to the sd card, are you writing it to the sdcard, or a partition on the sdcard? Dont specify a partition eg, /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1, it shouldnt matter what you do to the card before you write the image, solong as it is unmounted, dd bytecopies the image to the card, partitiontable, formatting and all20:28
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LuoppsI write it to the sdcard20:31
Luoppssudo dd bs=4096 of=/dev/sdb20:31
Luoppsand i use pipe from bzcat20:32
LuoppsToday i have seen once the menu button :)20:36
Luoppssudo dd bs=4096 of=/dev/mmcblk020:39
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LuoppsI tried write it on window. Doesn't work.22:29
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LuoppsStill wondering why it worked, when I first time wroted it on windows.22:52
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vakkovHappy new year!23:16
faenilHappy new year everyone! :D23:25

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