Monday, 2012-01-02

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Stskeepsmorn sage07:09
Stskeepsi'm building prerelease 0.20120105.0.1 with expected final release on thursday07:10
Stskeepsand integrating it into cobs07:10
Stskeepsi found some nasty toolchain issue that needed solving, so07:10
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Sagemorning veskuh07:39
veskuhMorning Sage07:39
Stskeeps is the triage list that remains07:40
Stskeepswould be good to just get it through to assign priorities07:40
StskeepsREMINDER: Nemo Bug triage in #mer-meeting in 23 minutes07:41
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SageI wonder if that fixes the issue with gprs08:13
Stskeepsmay be, yes08:13
Sage+       Fix issue with handling of cellular devices.08:13
Sagewill do package and we can try08:13
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xruxaMorning guys09:20
Stskeepsand happy new year :)09:21
xruxatrying to run few more apps straight from N9 on Nemo:   You can tell which one is Harmattan and which one Nemo09:21
xruxaHappy New Year to everyone, it will be a good one I hope09:21
veskuhxruxa: we could also prestart every app to get them start quicker :)09:22
xruxaveskuh: lets prestart every working app (that is like 5 or 6 ;)09:22
Stskeepsxruxa: wow, i actually have difficulties telling which is which..09:22
xruxaveskuh: the browser now starts like a lightning, me like.09:23
xruxaDidn't hear anyone complaining that the latest Darko is green-ish instead of blue-ish. I take it as 'okay'09:25
veskuhxruxa: Yep, its good to have a bit of own personality in it.09:26
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norayrcxl000: did you consider possibility to use cordia on n810 adaptation of nemomobile instead of razor-qt envirenment?09:54
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w00tgiven that hildon-desktop(/cordia) makes use of opengl, and the n8x0 opengl isn't exactly in the best of states (and llvmpipe doesn't work on ARM), I think you'd have a problem there09:58
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SageStskeeps: easy to say which one is which as battery monitor doesn't work on nemo and n950/n9 :)10:07
xruxaSage: how about swap ?10:08
Sagexruxa: we don't have swap on there that is true as well10:09
Sagehowever, with that amount of mem free I don't see need atm :)10:09
* xruxa should have made a 'spot 10 differences' puzzle for you guys instead ;)10:09
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Sagexruxa: what is that app btw? Looks something we might want to include to nemo images if it is OSS10:14
Sagedo we have anyone from kernel side with us atm.?10:18
Stskeepsi don't think we have (paid) kernel personell at least10:19
xruxaSage: resource monitor. I have only binaries copied from N910:20
Sagexruxa: ah, ok10:20
Sagexruxa: refresh icon missing btw10:20
xruxaSage: fixed already in GIT10:20
Sagexruxa: what about the missing icons in terminal (copypaste and options)10:21
xruxaSage: I need ID's, term seems to be meegotouch app, not component app (?)10:21
Sageyes, MTF app10:21
xruxawould need to run themedaemon in debug output mode first, no big deal, will fix10:22
Sage ;)10:22
xruxaor ^10:22
xruxaif that is the same as the one on N9, why doesn't it have the input method panel with arrows, crtl and tab ?10:24
Sageit is the same one10:27
xruxagot the IDs:
xruxaw/me is Wondering if it is the same terminal (and I see the custom input panel xmls there) why we do not see them on Nemo?10:29
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veskuhxruxa: I do not think toolbar works in the qml vkb10:32
Sagexruxa: how to turn on the debug that prints those?10:40
Sagexruxa: settings->about my device->about product is missing at least one icon (this should go to some other package probably)10:41
xruxaSage: /usr/bin/mthemedaemon -output-level debug10:44
veskuhSage: and same option works also for many MTF apps we have10:45
xruxamtf-ce-configs could provide that about product icon10:45
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SageI'm discussing about the grps thing with connman people atm. so we could finally get the grps back :)10:48
Sagexruxa: yes it provides the license text as well10:48
* Stskeeps heads out for lunch10:52
norayrw00t: is hildon desktop diablo version open source?10:56
w00tnorayr: I have no idea, diablo was before my time really10:57
norayrw00t: cxl000: I like hildon version of diablo. Having running it on mer would be nice. Once I have a spare device I'll try to compile it on mer.10:59
smokunorayr: it's open. it's available in Debian for example11:00
norayrsmoku: wow. that's even better.11:00
* norayr went to my debian box to apt-cache search11:01
smokunorayr: but I would recommend resurrecting old Mer's customized LXDE11:01
smokuStskeeps should have it somewhere11:01
norayrsmoku: dmm, I never tried it. Hildon has applet bar and already developed applets. It looks like mobile environment.11:04
Sageveskuh, Stskeeps: grps works with head of connman. They have refactored the whole ofono plugin and well now it works nicely on my n900 at least.11:04
StskeepsSage: cool11:04
Sageveskuh: could you test on n950 if this works on it as well?
veskuhSage: Cool! Sure.11:04
Stskeepsexpected next release = ?11:05
norayrsmoku: Actually I would prefer something like windowmaker, just still have no idea how to optimize it for small screens.11:05
SageStskeeps: not sure yet. Asking11:05
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norayrDocks are very nice, just the menu is not useful on a mobile device.11:06
SageStskeeps: there is over 50 patches to the ofono part so cherry picking those isn't really an option :)11:06
Stskeepsw00t: would lipstick suck on non gles machines?11:07
w00tStskeeps: at present yeah, it'd function, but i'd not recommend it11:08
norayrBesides, about non-gles machines and n810: I believe that N810 is the best designed NIT ever. I mean the appearance. It's way better than n900 and they both uncomparably cooler than n9.11:11
norayrdidn't soo the live n950 though11:12
Sagewhere is the upstream for hildon btw?11:14
w00tthere effectively isn't one11:15
w00tit died with fremantle11:15
w00t(as in there's only forks left)11:15
Sageis there active fork somewhere?11:15
w00tcordia probably? :)11:16
Sagesmoku: ^ :)11:17
Sagewhat would be the best very lightweight ux for non-gles machine11:18
* Sage is thinking of N810 atm. :)11:19
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smokuSage: most active hildon fork is the CSSU11:21
smokuSage: best lightweight ux - my bet is on Unity 2D11:22
smokuI have a fork of hildon ported to upstream clutter, and another one ported to gnome3.  both semi-functional ;-)11:25
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veskuhSage: Installed connman to n950. No gprs. Wifi works.11:37
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Sageveskuh: ok, maybe a problem with the ofono on n950 then11:45
veskuhhard to say. also route -n did not give me anything11:46
xruxawhy there is no 'tar' on N950? File a bug?11:46
Sagexruxa: well it is not required by anything :)11:47
xruxaSage: it is there on N900, would make tracking issues easier if those configs were really close to each other11:47
Sagexruxa: hmmp... if it is on n900 it should be on n950 as well11:48
Sageit shouldn't be on n900 either actually something brings mkinitrd to the image that brings tar11:49
Sagexruxa: we should add tar to;a=blob;f=patterns/mer-core-utils.yaml;h=295070c1292201fda808ebdd5b0da20e2b86d97d;hb=6f05f4f789909c6f0027ddd2f34884bc89f3326711:50
xruxaI'd like to have tar, if we drop it we can start thinking why we really need vi and such too. It is just the sane base to have.11:50
Sagexruxa: I don't disagree, just need to add it to Mer package group not to nemo image configs11:51
* xruxa is getting pissed at the ssh/scp slowness on N950 too, feels for veskuh11:52
Sagexruxa: happy? :)11:53
veskuhxruxa:  yep, bug #46 is very very annoyning.11:53
xruxaSage: happy11:54
xruxaveskuh: must be one of the subtle differences between N900 and N950 images that does that, maybe missing tar? (joking)11:54
* Sage ponders what brings mkinitrd to n900 image11:57
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Sagephaeron: is the obs updated to support the new pattern structure already btw?12:01
Sageveskuh: if you could can you do following with N950. Add -d to /lib/systemd/system/ofono.service and /lib/systemd/system/connman.service when updated to the 0.78~git after that reboot and get dmesg output when grps is attempted12:26
Stskeepswe really need some kind of service that we can flag to get the device to generate debug logs..12:26
Stskeepskinda like how you can query a car for failures/enable diagnosis12:27
Sagethat would be nice12:30
Sagehowever enabling debug for different services isn't really easy job as they all have different ways for debugging12:31
Stskeepssystemctl enable .service --debug ?12:31
veskuhCollecting all the ways to debug to wiki would be a start12:31
Sageveskuh: yes12:31
SageFor Mer and for Nemo mobile separately.12:32
StskeepsSage: <- uses armv8el instead of i58612:34
SageStskeeps: ah, my bad12:34
SageStskeeps: could you create a repomd-pattern-builder project to mer gitweb so I could submit the script to mer core.12:35
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Sagewould like to get the package groups out of my desk already :)12:36
Sagewhat dir should that script be installed btw?12:37
veskuhdarn, after ofono update no more cellular12:37
Sage/usr/bin/ ?12:37
Sageveskuh: on what device?12:37
Sageveskuh: and what ofono?12:37
StskeepsSage: yes, hang on12:38
StskeepsSage: will it be a package or a tool?12:39
veskuhSage on n950 ofono 1.0-6.212:39
Sageveskuh: ofono 1.0 from which repo?12:40
SageStskeeps: package that is dependency of the pattern packages12:41
Sageand/or package group packages12:41
veskuhI have no idea which repo it came from, how can I know?12:41
Sagezypper info ofono12:41
veskuhRepository: @System12:41
StskeepsSage: mer-core/repomd-pattern-builder12:42
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faenilmorning :D12:48
xruxaSage, veskuh : updated meegotouch-theme-darko in Project:MTF:UX . It should bring the missing icons to terminal.12:53
faenilso when is the next meeting going to be held?12:54
Stskeepsthere was a bug triage this morning12:55
Stskeepsand in the afternoon a mer bug triage12:55
Stskeepstomorrow SG meeting12:55
Sagexruxa: great12:55
SageStskeeps: when the nemo bug triage was in 1 hour?12:55
SageStskeeps: err... mer bug triage12:55
faenilStskeeps: thanks :)12:56
StskeepsSage: 14:00 UTC12:56
faeniland is there any deadline for the next release?12:57
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Sage\o/ my n950 is alive again \o/13:08
Sagethx to ssirkia's older f14 installation :)13:08
veskuhGreat :)13:08
Stskeepswoo :)13:08
SageOCF fails on f15 and f16 apparentely and works on f14 :P13:08
Sageat least on my case13:09
dazoyet another reason to stay on f14 for a bit longer13:09
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Sagelol, first flash with my f15 and I think my n950 is in bad state again :/13:33
w00tI haven't had problems flashing an N9 on f1613:34
Sageyes, but I guess you don't have laptop made by HP :)13:34
w00talso true13:34
* xruxa spits over his left shoulder and makes a cross13:38
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phaeronSage: ping lbt13:42
Sagessirkia: well rd mode helped :P13:53
lbtphaeron: Sage ?13:57
Stskeepsmorn lbt13:57
Stskeepsbug triage in 7 minutes for Mer, in #mer-meeting13:57
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lbtyep - why I'm here :)13:57
phaeronlbt: sage was asking about obs upgrade13:58
lbtphaeron: OK - we should be doing some planning for our infra13:59
lbtwe have to think about moving away and getting a new c.obs setup with Stefan's hardware14:00
lbtI need to catch Scriptripper too - I have a ping from him14:01
lbtand we need to be a bit more consistent with the systems space and toolchains .... eg qemu14:01
Stskeepstoolchains/qemu from Mer POV is much more consistent14:02
Stskeepsit's part of the project14:02
Stskeepswith SB2-OBS integration14:02
lbtyes, that will fall out nicely14:02
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Sagenice, kernel crashed on my laptop when I took n950 usb out :).14:07
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faenilSage: I had that problem with ubuntu 11.04 if I'm not wrong, when taking N8 out14:54
xruxaare there somewhere real sources for e.g. Kasvopus? The ones I can find are some 6 months old snapshot ...14:59
veskuhHmm.. I can find 8months old sources so you did find better ones..15:00
* xruxa disassembling the 1.2.2 deb to hand install on Nemo15:01
xruxaveskuh:  Kasvopus 1.2.2 works. Now only if we could get sources :(15:11
xruxaveskuh: could someone ping Ville or the author?15:13
Stskeepswho was kasvopous author?15:13
xruxaTommi Laukkanen or something like that15:13
xruxasame with TwimGo15:13
veskuhYep, that's the guy. villev did the packaging for us.15:13
veskuhI'll ping them15:16
Sageok, time to call it a day and take care of some errands.15:28
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* Sage has flashed the n950 with ocf already couple of times with success in the end. But still not booting harmattan. :/18:52
Sagedevice turns on and I can see the warning about modified software18:52
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virtualdhyaa. how's the n9 version coming along?23:16
befordn9 isn't here yet23:16
virtualdwhat does that mean?23:17
befordnemo for n9?23:17
virtualdwiki says work is ongoing23:18
virtualdis it in git?23:18
befordthere is some guide to installing the n950 image23:18
virtualdis it different from installing it on n950?23:18
virtualdand do i need a keyboard?23:19
befordcan't find the guide, ask Stskeeps :P23:20
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