Friday, 2012-01-06

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Stskeepsmorn xruxa07:47
fw190Stskeeps: here I am again07:52
fw190I was trying to connect to Play gprs but had no luck07:53
Stskeepsi'm thinking to switch to play, how is their 2g/3g coverage?07:53
fw190If i finish my work today I wil try to test the latest image a bit more07:53
fw190well about play- the recently signed an agreement with orange07:53
Stskeepsso it's same network?07:54
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fw190which gives you their own network plus, plus and orange07:54
fw190so play users are have full coverage07:54
fw190they are just using their infrastructure07:55
fw190the same way as the use plus for a long time07:55
fw190in big cities ypu always have 3G on play, plus or orange07:55
fw190doesn't matter on which infrastructure- the price is always the same07:56
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Stskeepssounds like a good motivation to go for play then, orange has been pissing me off with their constant sales calls from random numbers, with people that hang up when i ask if they speak english :P07:57
Stskeepsi should record some of them and release a compilation with the panic gasps some of them have07:57
fw190Well I left T-mobile about 4 years ago and I will not sign a contract till the end of my life07:59
fw190I'm on preepaid and this is the best sollution here07:59
Stskeepsmm, not for data for me08:00
Stskeeps(and because i have my phone through my company)08:00
fw190hmmm how much transfer do you use monthly if I could ask?08:01
Stskeepsit used to be higher, but n950's signal problems ruined it for me, my upper limit is like 2gb right now as i sometimes need to work when i'm on travels within poland08:03
Sagearaujo: you should mention the bug in format "- Fixes NEMO#67: VKB not opening" instead of the "- Fix: VKB not opening (NemoBug#67)"08:03
dm8tbrStskeeps: I'm leaning towards getting a MiFi type device to address some general issues in that sense (too many devices that need connectivity)08:04
dm8tbrthat would also fix the data connectivity part of n95008:04
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3971 Rejected promotion request08:05
Sagearaujo: atm. it doesn't matter so much, but we will have soon automatic checks for it and then we need to use that format.08:05
Stskeeps FAILED check_has_valid_repo (home:stskeeps:n950-n9): Repository Mer_Core-next_CE_Adaptation_N9xx-common_armv7hl [armv8el] has publishing disabled. Repository CE_Adaptation_N9xx-common_armv7hl [armv8el] has publishing disabled.08:05
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Stskeepswhy is this a problem?08:05
araujoSage, I wasn't sure about the format there indeed ... reject and I resubmit?08:06
SageStskeeps: publishing disabled on your branch08:06
Sagerepo publishing08:06
StskeepsSage: yes, but why is it a problem for checks?08:06
Stskeepsthe check itself doesn't make much sense?08:07
SageI think that is bug that is on phaeron's todo.08:07
SageI think it was related to the fact that there isn't good way to check if everything has been build without polling than waiting for publish event.08:08
fw190Stskeeps: hmmmm dont know how much you pay monthly- I for 30zł get 300mb of free transfer dont knwo how it is with larger credits08:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3972 waiting for review at
Sagearaujo: just resubmit and it should be ok.08:09
Stskeepsfw190: like 120 zł atm, but that's with a big gb usage08:10
fw190hmmm then play is your friend08:10
Stskeepsyeah :P08:11
fw19045zł, 1GB of included transfer for data08:12
fw190after that the internet works but is slow08:12
Sageok, g2g. will check in couple of hours more request.08:12
Stskeepscya sage08:12
Stskeepsfw190: interesting08:12
fw190if you want more you can always buy08:12
fw190ofcourse the highier the more minutes you have08:13
fw190withe 95 option you have free calls to everyone in Play08:14
Stskeepsi'm inclined towards play as they have coverage in metro here :P08:14
fw190duno in Poznan we do not have such wonders ;p08:15
Stskeepswonder is a big word for it ;)08:15
fw190hahahah if there is only one in oland after so many years than this is a real mirracle08:16
dm8tbrfw190: in poznan we have PST, way cooler ;)08:17
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3973 waiting for review at
fw190dm8tbr: yes- with Tramino it works well08:17
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dm8tbrbtw: they're lowering the tracks to below street level, aren't they? at least it looked like that in december when I visited08:18
fw190hmmm they are making the line longer08:18
fw190so you can go to the other side of town without interferance08:19
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3974 waiting for review at
veskuh_Sage:  what was the tracker related maemo package that we were discussing? People does not seem to work anymore. Guessing that it is needed afterall08:20
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3972 Accepted promotion request08:21
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Dieterbehow does nemo on n900 compare to maemo in terms of features and reliability?09:04
Dieterbeput in another way: for a n900 users who wants his stuff to work, should i stick with maemo or try nemo?09:04
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xruxaDieterbe: maemo 5 vs Nemo? Nemo only for hackers right now I'm afraid09:05
fw190Stskeeps: it came to me now that you could switch without a phone so the offer could be much better ;)09:07
Stskeepsfw190: yeah, probably going to grab a N9 from euroagd or something, get offer seperately09:07
SageStskeeps: what does config mean?09:08
SageStskeeps: instead of quiet09:08
StskeepsSage: config?09:08
* xruxa didn't hear any "missing graphics" woes for few days now ... this is getting good09:08
SageStskeeps: +CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait ro console=ttyO2,115200n8 console=tty0 omapfb.vram=0:2M,1:2M,2:2M mtdoops.mtddev=2 config"09:08
StskeepsSage: oh dear god09:08
Stskeepsn950 or n9?09:09
Stskeepser, n90009:09
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3970 Rejected promotion request09:09
* Stskeeps fixes n90009:10
Stskeepsthis is why review is good09:10
Sageveskuh_: it was tracker compile option --enable-maemo09:11
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3973 Rejected promotion request09:11
veskuh_Sage: ah, yes. we probably need it.09:11
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3974 Accepted promotion request09:13
Dieterbexruxa: so, what's missing in nemo to make it an alternative for maemo5 ? from i gather at least phone/sms should work :p09:16
Dieterbebut i couldn't really find a "comparison to maemo5" page or "current status overview" page or something09:16
Dieterbeokay thanks09:20
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xruxaSage:  installed yesterday's image and this is what zypper update shows: How is that normal?09:54
Stskeepsdon't upgrade yet09:56
xruxaStskeeps:  will not, have other things to do than wait for hour ;)09:57
Stskeepsit's because we don't snapshot releases and we point to mer's /latest/09:58
xruxaStskeeps: getting also Err "Cannot open '/etc/network/interfaces' for reading: No such file or directory. when running N9 app, bug or feature?09:59
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Stskeeps"not debian"?09:59
Stskeepsso i'd say feature ;)09:59
Stskeepsetc/network/interfaces is a debian deriatives thing10:00
xruxaStskeeps: wondering what is the happs trying to achieve (line  11,
Stskeepsprobably to set up network interfaces10:03
Stskeepsis it MADDE?10:03
xruxathe N9 version10:03
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vakkovhow do I update my nemo with zypper - I don't want to write the new image10:53
Stskeepswait for tomorrow11:02
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* Stskeeps plans on putting Nemo in his kitchen toda12:53
Stskeepsok, i can see the multitouch gesture issue..12:58
StskeepsSage: "libqtcontacts-tracker" ..... syntax error, use of undefined prefix 'maemo'12:59
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chouchouneStskeeps: what device will you use in your kitchen ?13:34
Stskeepschouchoune: exopc13:34
chouchounecould be nice13:35
chouchouneI'll do the same and try to convince my girlfriend that it should stay there ;)13:35
chouchoune(the second part of the sentence is the hardest ;)))13:35
Stskeepsi co-developed the content i'm going to put on it, with my wife :P13:35
Stskeepsie, it's suited to her needs13:35
chouchounefor me, links to cooking websites should be enough ;)13:36
chouchouneStskeeps: is nemo working correctly on exoPC now ?13:37
Stskeepsi was able to replicate the crash13:37
chouchouneI didn't try the i585 image for some time now13:37
Stskeepsso i'm going to dig into it now13:38
chouchounethe "blank screen" crash ?13:38
Stskeepsi think it's not a blank screen crash, it's multitouch crash13:39
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fw190Stskeeps: is nemomobile working on N9?14:13
Stskeepsi don't have a n914:14
vakkovwrote the new release of nemo on the sd card and it again shows kernel panic... tried rewriting about 5 times (3 on windows and 2 on debian) but it can't boot up14:14
vakkovthe same happened before14:14
Stskeepswhat kernel panic?14:14
vakkovjust a second ... copied it somewhere14:15
vakkovunable to open rtc device14:15
Stskeepsshouldn't be a panic14:15
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vakkovand then it says kernel panic14:15
vakkovand some other things14:15
vakkovwhich i didn't read14:16
xruxavakkov:  try to take a picture then, for sure that is not expected/normal14:16
vakkovnormally the text becomes blue and it shows nemo logo ..14:18
vakkovnormaly *14:18
vakkovthe same happened with plasma active14:18
vakkovbut i had this problem before and i rewrote the image 2 times and it booted14:18
vakkovwhen i plug the card into the computer alll the partitions and files are there ..14:18
vakkovcan it be from the card14:19
vakkovit's 2 month-old lexar class 10 card14:19
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vakkovlol it booted without rewriting ... strange14:27
fw190I had some problems with booting14:29
fw190but after 2 or 3 times it started correctly14:29
vakkovit again bricked14:33
vakkovkernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on uknown-block(179,1)14:33
Stskeepsback cover issues?14:34
vakkovforgot about the cover .... now booted :X14:37
vakkovBUT it has happened with the cover on the phone14:37
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Sagexruxa: yes, the repos are pointing already to latest mer release that was almost complete rebuild of everything15:04
Sage14:59.31 < Stskeeps> Sage: "libqtcontacts-tracker" ..... syntax error, use of undefined prefix 'maemo'15:05
Stskeepsffrom .xsession-errors15:05
SageStskeeps: ah15:05
Stskeepson x86 nemo15:05
Sageok, then that is probably the people app roblem as well15:06
Stskeepsi'm diving into the exopc multitouch issuue15:06
Sagewe disabled --enable-maemo from tracker and apparently it is needed :)15:06
SageStskeeps: could you comment on bug 68 that error15:10
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fw190I'm trying to connect to a ad-hoc wi-fi (don't have a proper one- playmobile on ubuntu laptop) and it shows associating-and failure so nemo isn't working wit ad-hoc?15:26
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Kris_CZHi it's possible set keyboard backlight on N900 ?17:01
Tujuhi, i got OCF-upgraded system up and running. how i can install nemo now? with flasher?17:07
dm8tbryou'll have to flash moslo and then untar a nemo release17:09
dm8tbrinstructions probably both on meego wiki and mer wiki17:09
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Tujulet's hope flashing works, OCF failed on my linux box.17:10
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Tujui get some of this: "Unable to enumerate USB devices!"  - even i got that cdc_something blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist17:20
Tujuand this:17:21
TujuFlashing kernel... Sending request 0x50 failed!17:21
TujuUnable to get error strings: Broken pipe17:21
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azadpakiis there any discussion here18:56
wmaronesometimes :)19:13
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n900__help install
iekkuas Stskeeps said, has a guide20:19
n900__call work? the most important thing ......20:31
teven900__: check current status:
* Stskeeps solves exopc issue20:36
w00tnever did affect the ideapad btw20:37
w00t(i'd have noticed)20:37
n900__ ponel that you need to download the image itself ... Pour  it on a flash card .... and  u-boot install ... and when the flash drive in the phone ... will boot from the stick? I understand the true test guys?)))20:47
n900__I  ponel ... 2 gig flash drive standards be?))20:53
Stskeepsyou need a 4gb flash card20:53
Stskeepsand yes, uboot install20:54
Stskeepswhen flash drive in phone, it will boot stick20:54
n900__trouble  .... I have only 2 ...20:56
Stskeepsaraujo, xruxa:
wmaroneflying keyboards20:58
Stskeeps(that's on a exopc btw)20:59
azadpakiI installed nemo on N900 and virtual keyboard is not working21:02
azadpakiany idea how to fix it21:02
araujoStskeeps, freezed frames after rotation?21:03
Stskeepsaraujo: possible, or compositor bug21:03
Stskeepsazadpaki: yes, earlier version works, or next version21:03
azadpakilatest version installed21:03
azadpakiwhat is command in xterm to intall libmaliit-quick?21:04
Stskeepsaraujo: yes, that does seem similar21:04
n900__thank you  guys for the help))))  tomorrow to try to place)))21:06
araujoStskeeps, not sure what's wrong, but the qml code is far from perfect , just today I have been working in some changes, and I figure out we could do many things different there, specially to improve performance ...21:06
araujoi am not happy with how some things are done there21:07
Stskeepsaraujo: do you have any non-n900 mer hardware?21:07
araujoI might get into that next week21:07
araujoStskeeps, nope ... :(21:07
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faenileveniiing :D22:32
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