Thursday, 2012-01-05

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matrixxhi ladies ;D07:10
iekkuhi matrixx :)07:11
iekkuuups, i'm not lady07:11
matrixxhehe, me neither :D07:12
iekkuhmmmm, i have always dreamed to be "head of something" in some day. maybe i need to be "bug lady" or  even "lady bug" before that07:13
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StskeepsSage: do you want to do next nemo release with old or new core?07:14
matrixxhead of bug department07:14
iekkumatrixx, no, head of _something_07:14
iekkuthat would be so awesome07:14
iekku"what do you do for work?" "something related it, you wouldn't understand"07:15
SageStskeeps: I'm fine with both I guess. However do we have kernels ready yet?07:15
iekkuhave heard that several times07:15
jukkaeklundthinking about job titles?07:15
iekkujukkaeklund, yes :d07:15
jukkaeklundI also found my dream one just last night07:15
iekkustarted from here:07:15
iekku09:10 < matrixx> hi ladies ;D07:16
iekku09:11 < iekku> hi matrixx :)07:16
iekku09:11 < iekku> uups, i'm not lady07:16
iekku09:12 < matrixx> hehe, me neither :D07:16
iekku09:13 < Sage> morning07:16
StskeepsSage: i think we should release based on old core, next one next week07:16
iekku09:13 < iekku> hmmmm, i have always dreamed to be "head of something" in some day. maybe i  need to be "bug lady" or  even "lady bug" before that07:16
iekkujukkaeklund, what's that07:16
SageStskeeps: sounds good07:16
SageStskeeps: the next release is pretty much recompiled all packages?07:17
Sagemer release I mean07:17
jukkaeklundchief community officer :p07:17
StskeepsSage: yes07:18
jukkaeklund'head of ' I find somehow amusing..07:18
iekkujukkaeklund, suits you sir07:18
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Sagexruxa: any patches from you still coming today that you would like to get to next release?07:28
Sage\o/ wifi on pandaboard btw :)07:32
xruxaSage: nothing more, just the KAsvopus, ce-mtf-configs and updated darko07:33
jukkaeklundSage, and Blaze? :)07:35
Sagejukkaeklund: patience, will test during the weekend more that :)07:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3963 waiting for review at
Sage^ panda adaptation update. However I have started to think that the same adaptation will work also on blaze pretty much so maybe changing the name at some point.07:38
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fw190Is it normal that while running nemomobile on N900 the back button is all green (wel not green but close to it) and sometimes it looks normal?07:39
Sagefw190: xruxa might be able to answer that. But I would say not normal.07:40
fw190does this mean that I need to fill a bug?07:40
Sagefw190: you don't need to but we would appreciate if you would :)07:41
xruxafw190, Sage : It works in mysterious ways, I think it i issue in meegotouch, sometimes the style gets applied wrong way and it goes green as to debug that sizes are bigger than the graphics can take07:41
Sagexruxa: ok, well we are a bit behind in libmeegotouch version so that might have fix for it.07:41
fw190so if I understood you know about the problem and there isn no need for filling bugs?07:42
SageI have been just hoping that someone with more knowledge about MTF would update libmeegotouch. w00t ;)07:43
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3963 Accepted promotion request08:00
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veskuhIs n950 support built in ofono or is it in somekind of plugin in it's own package?08:19
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Sageveskuh: it is not build in as the patch is still not upstreamed08:20
Sageveskuh: thus we don't have latest ofono either08:20
veskuhSage: ok, thanks08:22
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Sageveskuh: do you have any patches pending for today? Just wondering if I should wait something or do releases already?08:55
veskuhSage: I think I'll have one soon for voicecallhistory. Testing it now.08:56
Sageok I can wait for that08:56
veskuhSage:  btw; .spec has wierd hack for language.. Any tips how fix the packaging..08:57
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Sageveskuh: concern?09:00
veskuhwell, it does not get automatically updated as it is in the "non-touch" part of spec09:00
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* Sage doesn't get what doesn't 09:01
SageI don't see anything that would need "autoupdate"09:02
veskuhSage: so if I run specify those lines would just disappear (well %finl_lang voicecallhistory remains) and then package build fails09:07
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Sageveskuh: well, those lines should be inside >> << space in install post so they don't09:11
* Sage checks09:11
Sageveskuh: move # << install post after those so they stay there09:12
veskuhSage: ok, thanks09:12
Sagehmm... that find_lang needs addition to .yaml probably still09:13
Sageno, that find_lang should be automatic somehow09:13
Sageactually if intltool PkgBR is found those are buidl automatically by spectacle09:14
veskuhyep the stuff after || is manually added09:14
Sageok, well that shouldn't be needed I guess09:15
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dcthangFrom the time Nemo splash appears until it shows the desktop on the screen, it takes much time09:24
Stskeepsdefine long time09:24
dcthanghow can I show something in that time?09:25
dcthangLooks like have to hack some packages or booting process09:25
Stskeepswell, i think harmattan has an animation of some sort09:26
dcthangI think nemo should be modified something for that09:28
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Sageok, I think I'll do the release now.11:44
Sagelets see how it goes11:47
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SageI probably should rebase this patch for the new mic12:00
Sageso that we could finally get it in use12:00
Sagerequires quite heavy rebase though with the new mic :/12:01
Sagemarquiz: ping12:14
Sagemarquiz: how to use the dualbooter when I don't have anything on the display :)12:15
SageI have the WARNING on the display and well I can see from the usb that dualbooter is running :)12:16
Sageit shows all 3 partitions there12:16
Sageso a guide how to partition the device for nemo would be nice12:16
Sageso what should I do with those?12:18
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* Sage resizes and moves some n950 partitions to get space for nemo12:31
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Sage:headdesk: I did the new releases based on the prerelease12:46
* Sage creates new images12:50
Sagetook the latest Mer version without thinking about it more :)12:50
SageStskeeps: could we add text to the Mer versions, like REL and PRE ? :)12:51
Stskeepsit says 0.1, it means prerelease12:52
marquizSage: pong12:54
marquizSage: dualbooter is a bit hard to use, i admit ;)12:55
marquizSage: why not use the modified moslo?12:55
Sagemarquiz: what is the one that you are working at?13:01
marquizthe moslo thingie13:02
Sageoh... well I should try that then probably :)13:03
marquizyeah, try that one13:03
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marquizSage: i should prolly update my wiki page :/13:03
Sageyes so that the dualbooter isn't first in the page :D13:03
marquizSage: moslo is better as it has battery management and display support13:04
marquizSage: yep13:04
Sageand probably add obsolete text as well13:04
marquizSage: and my moslo now has automatic repartitioning13:04
marquizSage: mm :D13:04
Sagewell did that already manually :D13:04
Sage\o/ my n950 boots first time to Nemo \o/13:06
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Sageor well I hope it does :)13:07
Sage90s passed and still black screen13:07
Sageit did \o/13:08
Sagexruxa: btw the shutdown screen is missing (red block)13:09
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xruxaSage: did we have shutdown screen? What is the ID?13:55
marquizSage: good to hear that ;)13:59
marquizi really should try to fix the kexec issue on n913:59
marquizso that dual-booting would be available on n9, too13:59
marquiz(although non-secure mode only)13:59
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SageStskeeps: I would prefer if you or someone else would send the required patches for kernels before releasing the new Mer release. So that people don't get broken kernel with update.14:26
SageStskeeps: but otherwise we are good to go from Nemo point of view of next Mer release14:26
Sagegot all packages fixed etc.14:26
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3968 Rejected promotion request14:32
Sageok, need to go now. Will check later with the kernel stuff.14:34
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Stskeepsthe -mno-unaligned-access doesn't exist in old toolchain14:40
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veskuh_vkb does not seem to work14:57
Stskeepsnot good, let's file a bug so we remember?14:59
Stskeepshigh priority for sure14:59
veskuh_yep, bug #6715:09
* veskuh_ accidentally changed the device language to russian15:16
Stskeepswe have russian l10n?15:17
veskuh_yep, that and english15:17
veskuh_maybe I need finnish so I'll not do that again15:17
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veskuh_xruxa: QR-code on about product works. Nice!15:30
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faenilhey people :)16:55
veskuh_araujo: VKB not working, any idea what is wrong:
befordyea, VKB wasnt working on Sage's image from yesterday16:58
faenilveskuh_: is it working in today's image?17:11
veskuh_that is what i'm testing17:11
faenilI see...17:11
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araujoveskuh_, will test it in a while, but that definitely shouldn't be happening ...17:14
araujoI don't know of any change so far for that to happen either, .. will check17:14
veskuh_maybe something related to gconf values?17:14
veskuh_however, this looks good to me:
araujoveskuh_, yes, can you paste the result of : gconftool-2 -R /maliit17:16
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araujomm..ok, will test in a bit17:22
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veskuh_I have to go, but you can leave a comment on the bug.
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Tujui bricked few months ago my n95017:39
Tujuand now trying to flash it with:17:39
Tuju./flasher-3.5 -F /var/tmp/moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -f17:39
TujuVersion of 'sw-release': DFL61_HARMATTAN_1.2011.22-6_PR_RM68017:40
TujuSending kernel image (2468 kB)...17:40
Tuju100% (2468 of 2468 kB, avg. 31647 kB/s)17:40
TujuFlashing kernel... Sending request 0x50 failed!17:40
TujuUnable to get error strings: Broken pipe17:40
Tujuand then it exists. any idea what causes that?17:40
dm8tbrTuju: shouldn't it be flasher 3.12?17:42
faenilTuju: you need to flash latest image17:42
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faeniluse the latest oneclickflasher17:42
faeniland then try again ;)17:42
faenilyou can't put moslo on 22-6 iirc17:42
Tujuwill that oneclickthingy (once it gets downloaded) find correct firmware too?17:45
Tujuthat's huge.17:46
Tujualmost one gig17:46
Tujuat times my download speed goes up to 1,4Mbit/s17:50
TujuBattery level 69 %, continuing.17:53
TujuErasing, this may take a while.17:53
Tujuwell, some progress now. :)17:54
faenilare you already flashing with oneclick?17:55
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faenilbe back later, dinner ready :)17:55
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Tujuyep, it started17:59
*** HenriqueMattos has joined #nemomobile17:59
Tujuthou it didn't ask anything - well, yes/no once it started and now it's already doing something.18:00
Tujuany idea how long that's going to take? i rather not switch off my monitor when usb comes through that...18:02
Tujuand not let the screenshaver do that either.18:03
Tujuis there a sip client for nemo? I've been playing with asterisk and cisco phones lately and that n950 had quite good sip client before.18:04
Tujuwhere did it look for those?18:11
dm8tbrTuju: if telepathy is also in nemo, then you could probably use its sip stack. don't know if the dialler would work in that context ootb.18:15
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Tujufaenil: it keeps failing all the time18:55
Tujuon rootfs18:55
faenilI think there's still another step you have to take...18:56
faenilyou have to flash to 32 or don't remember what (34 maybe)18:56
faenilbefore passing to 3918:56
Tujuhmm... with flasher tool?18:58
faeniltry asking in harmattan about that18:58
faenilI don't remember18:58
Tujuthat page said that it could fail18:59
Tujubut it has done it quite many times already18:59
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3970 waiting for review at
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