Wednesday, 2012-01-04

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Sagehmmp... I wonder if the alsa crash has happened before as well08:02
Sageif it does that could be part of the problems we are not having audio during calls at times.08:03
Stskeepsperhaps we didn't see it08:03
Stskeepshappens on non-core-next too?08:05
SageI haven't seen that before myself08:06
Sagealso unable to reproduce08:06
Sageso hard to say when it happens or has it happened before08:06
SageI just recall the random audio not working cases at times08:06
Stskeepsit should be an assertion failure08:07
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Sageok, so what is the next step with mer next?08:13
Stskeepsdoes it boot?08:14
Stskeepsto home08:14
Sageyes, but lots of stuff crash it seems :)08:14
Stskeepsthat's less good08:14
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Stskeepswhat stuff crashes?08:14
Sagealsa crashed like I haven't seen before as explained up08:15
Sagethen systemuid disappeared and now device doesn't respond08:15
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Sageah, it is just dialer that is stuck08:16
Stskeepslet's make a proper image with the new kernel?08:16
Stskeepsso we have it straight from mic208:16
Sageon it08:18
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Bgdwie_Stskeeps: do you know who did the mer logo/08:29
Stskeepswazd / andrew zhillin08:29
Stskeepsit's not a certain font, it's a svg08:30
Bgdwie_Ahh, i though he may have just used an existing font in those (some font formats are vector based and integrate well)08:32
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Sagethe first boot takes about 15mins or so :)08:39
Stskeepsthanks, grabbing08:39
w00t15 minuets? Oo08:39
Sagewell, my device still has blank screen08:40
Sage3mins passed08:40
fralsw00t: 15 minutes first boot sounds nice, at least i take 30minutes AT LEAST to boot up properly in the morning ;)08:40
Sageclass 10 card08:40
Sageok, 4mins :)08:41
w00tfrals: lol08:41
Sageso people with N900 please test image above and report anything that is out of the ordinary here (not bugzilla yet)08:42
Sageveskuh: was is known thing that dialer freezes after closing incoming call?08:43
veskuhanswerered on non-answered?08:44
Sageif not then could someone test with the latest nemo release08:44
veskuhI've seen randomly it happening, but I'm not sure if we have bug about ti08:45
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Sageboot device call to Nemo, answer call and hangup from nemo.08:45
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veskuhI'll test with 12-22.108:45
Sageseems to be only the first call done after boot08:46
veskuhWorked before reboot. Rebooting now.08:47
Sageanother thing. Call outgoing call from Nemo, reject the call on other device and then close dialer. At least on my image dialer reappears in this case.08:50
* Sage ponderds why blanco theme isn't on the new image08:51
veskuhSage: Cannot replicate the first issue with n950 12-22.108:51
veskuheven after reboot08:51
Sageok, need to retest on N900 12-22.1, anyone have that running?08:51
veskuhsage did you pinquery automatically popup on boot, sometimes the freezes happened while pinquery had to be manually run.08:52
SageI don't have pinquery on my sim atm.08:52
veskuhAlso the second case is working08:53
Sageok, more things noted: music self has X on right corner it doesn't close the app. How about you?08:54
Sageand yes that could be removed now as we have gestures08:55
veskuhSage, yes that one I have also08:56
veskuhAnd home button does not work either08:56
SageI can file a bug about that08:57
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Sageok, lets see what else08:59
SageI can start applications twice. Musicself seems to work, but irc chatter shows blank screen for second entry.09:02
Sageshouldn't it popup the old app when tried to start second time?09:02
Sagesomething missing from .desktop file?09:02
Sagesettings works as I would expect that it takes the old instance forward when tried to start second time09:04
veskuhyes, it utilizes invoker09:04
veskuhand for invoker you can say -single-instance or similiar09:04
veskuhif .desktop is directly for app binary, then it is up to application code09:04
Sagesettings has also home and close buttons that could be removed.09:05
Sagethose are not shown in harmattan and we have the same settings app so should be easy fix?09:05
veskuhNew base theme would remove them, but it had missing icons.09:05
Sageah, ok09:05
SageWe should probably file bug about the new base theme and add bugs blocking on that?09:06
veskuhyep, good idea.09:07
* Sage files a bug09:07
veskuhIn general I like filing all tasks as bugs as it bring visibility on what we are doing09:08
Sagetrue, however I don't like to force bugfiling as it might just bring a lot of overhead for all minor changes.09:10
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phaeronSage: how about a command line script to enable that :)09:11
SageWhen I have hw keyboard open the bottom of the screen gets black bar when text input field is selected09:14
Sagewhat should be there?09:14
veskuhin all apps?09:15
veskuhand how big?09:15
Sagein all apps it seems yes09:17
SageI have ce theme though maybe that is the cause?09:17
* Sage changes to darko09:18
StskeepsSage: can we compare last core with current core?09:18
Stskeepsie, image09:18
Stskeepsthe startup time worries me09:18
Sagexruxa, veskuh:
veskuhIf it is narrow ~10% of height, it could be room for text toolbar, but if it is like half of screen it is some other issue09:19
Sageveskuh: ~10% yes09:19
veskuhbooster is missing/malfunctioning?09:19
veskuhflickr-qml uses booster-d09:19
Sagemeego     1838  0.2  2.2  88596  5288 ?        Ssl  13:08   0:06 booster-d09:20
Sagerunning ok09:20
veskuhsocket has moved?09:20
Sageapps starts though09:20
veskuhinvoker falls back on starting app directly instead of using booster, so it does not help startup time if we get this message09:21
SageStskeeps: yes. Don't have 2 similar sd cards on my hands though so need to do reflashing09:21
StskeepsSage: just need to see what is core caused and what is caused by our upgrades in MTF09:21
Sageveskuh: ok. Well then there is a problem with invoker I guess. can you check your device meegotouch-applauncherd-2.0.14-1.3.Nemo.MW.MTF.armv7hl09:21
Sageveskuh: socket moved perhaps, or if socket is located in place like /tmp where it might get removed09:22
Sageveskuh: seems a problem with all apps on my image at least
SageStskeeps: the new core image seems to function quite well actually. In feature pow.09:26
Sagexruxa: we are missing translation application not responding thing.09:27
Sageveskuh: helium should remove the top bar as well more space for webpage09:27
SageStskeeps: with new core 3rd boot was ~60s to homescreen after uboot started to load kernel09:29
Sageok ~65s with systemui09:33
Sage <- what is the 10s holdup in 5-16s ?09:34
Sagefs already mounted there and systemd running09:35
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Sagedo we have bootchart somewhere?09:38
Stskeepsno, but we should09:38
Stskeepssystemctl has a blame function though?09:38
Sagenot sure09:39
Sageanyway lunch09:39
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SageStskeeps: well there is systemd-analyse binary in fedora but our systemd in mer doesn't have it10:22
Stskeepssystemd-analyze should be there10:22
Sageit is not there10:22
Stskeepswell that's a bug then10:23
SageI'll check if it is just a typo in our packaging10:23
xruxaSage: the missing translations for dead application - those used to be removed in the kickstart IIRC10:23
Sagexruxa: true, need to check what is the status of that. However IIRC that message was Application X sucks :D10:24
xruxaSage: get rid of that line10:25
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SageStskeeps: ah, we have separate package for analyze systemd-tools10:27
xruxaSage: the translation is back to normal, you can stop removing it ;)
StskeepsSage: so, no ill effects on new core you think?10:27
StskeepsSage: and those failures we do see are attributed to new meegotouch upgrades?10:28
xruxaSage, veskuh  : the flickr-qml not launching with booster, is that on me or still under investigation?10:28
SageStskeeps: as far as I can see there is no regressions more than kernel, we need to check the booster thing though first10:29
Sagexruxa, veskuh: that can be the booster package as well need to verify that10:29
xruxaSage, veskuh: Hmm, I do not see that   ... how to reproduce?10:34
veskuhxruxa: I think it was in sage's new image10:34
Sagexruxa: my new image, but try to start app multiple times without closing10:36
xruxaalso wondering if that "LocalThemeDaemonClient" bit in that log means we 1) do not share QtComponents resources as each app runs own theme daemon  2) are not able to use current theme10:36
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veskuhxruxa: Feel free to investigate :) I think there was some hacks done with compoentns origianlly in summer to get them work. Some of those might not be needed anymore.10:38
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Sagehmmp... mce has bug in its .service file based on
Sageor are those times how much from boot is used or how much after starting a service10:46
Sagesome of the services are missing from that listing I wonder why10:51
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Sageare ohmd and sensord used by anything below graphical interface?11:04
Stskeepsohmd - resource policy?11:04
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Sage  8100ms ohmd.service11:07
* Sage boots without ohmd11:08
Sageok, not that11:10
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3950 Accepted promotion request11:57
* araujo wonders when is planned new nemo image12:07
Sagearaujo: well, in theory tomorrow. In practise not sure :)12:18
araujoSage, ok :)12:19
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Sagexruxa: removed the translation thing from .ks file13:39
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SageStskeeps: pushing bootchart to CE:Utils13:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3961 waiting for review at
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Sagexruxa: I see you have ce-mtf-configs and darko theme updates in Project:MTF:UX are those ready for moving forward? I'm asking as I'm planing to do new image tomorrow.13:53
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xruxaSage: yes, those two are ready to go with the new Kasvopus13:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3961 Accepted promotion request13:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3962 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3962 Accepted promotion request14:01
Sageveskuh: sms patch looks good now. accepted.14:02
veskuhSage: nice14:02
veskuhSage: I saw the freeze issue14:03
veskuhmay be related to ofono somehow14:03
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veskuhor not.14:04
veskuhvery annoying though. I was just starting to debug the callhistory missing number/name for missed calls, but cannot since the ui always freezes before that14:05
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veskuhor it might be related to audio output14:39
veskuhI'm not geting alert tone and even gst-launch says that device is busy14:40
Stskeepspulsesink or alsasink?14:41
Stskeepstry pulsesink?14:41
veskuhit works14:41
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veskuhIs there anything I can do to free alsasink?14:42
* veskuh hates booting14:42
Stskeepswell, i would assume pulseaudio occupies alsasink, in truth, alsasink/ALSA should speak pulseaudio protocol14:44
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veskuhOk, now no freeze and audio works. So I'm assuming that freeze happens when dialer tries to free QMediaPlayer but cant since it is stuck somehow.14:48
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veskuhYep, and in normal cases alsasink works14:56
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beford  still crashes ofonod for me15:02
Sagebeford: it crashes for me on shutdown or something as well.15:04
Sagebeford: we need ofono update but that needs rebasing some patches and nobody has done it :/15:04
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befordit has been crasing on boot for me, always, pretty much all of the images I have tested15:06
Stskeepsbeford: get a backtrace somehow?15:07
befordlet me see15:10
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befordSage, VKB isn't launching with that image, right?15:20
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Sagebeford: hmmp... didn't test but it should16:01
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faenilevening misters :)16:45
damnshockwow, misters... what an honor16:59
damnshockanyway... what if any of us is a lady?16:59
Stskeepsthere are some, at least17:01
faenildammit, always the same mistake! XD17:01
faenildamnshock: at least 2 women have already said that XD17:02
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faenilieatlint and matrixx...17:04
faenilwomen, right? :D17:04
Stskeepsi have doubts on ieatlint, but on the internet, everybody may be a dog17:05
faenilI remember it happened twice, once with matrixx, oh17:06
faeniloh yeah! iekku!17:06
faenilshe was the second one ^^17:07
faenilsorry ieatlint :D17:07
damnshockwhy don't use "guys" (I think that includes both men and women)17:14
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faenildamnshock: I change all days :)17:21
faenilbut happen to use male-only nouns :D17:23
faenilhi iekku ^_^17:25
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iekkuhi guys :D17:36
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befordStskeeps, ofonod -d -n with the crash
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befordand bt but its kinda useless I guess I need ofonod with debugging enabled18:15
Stskeepsinstall ofono-debuginfo package18:16
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Stskeepsprobably glib2-debuginfo too18:16
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befordmer-core, right?18:18
Stskeepsright, there's a /debug/ repo18:19
Stskeepsmight have to be added manually18:19
befordno, its there, just enabled=018:22
befordI can reproduce the crash when entering in the settings->connections->cellular18:24
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befordStskeeps, there is the bt right before it crashes, after crashing the stack gets corrupted19:02
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marxistveganHi all, I am now running nemo on the N900 so glad to see things get picked up with the demise of meego21:42
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xruxais there some reason user meego cannot see /dev/random ?21:44
w00tis there any particular reason you need /dev/random over /dev/urandom? (not that that really answers your question)21:45
xruxaw00t:  just trying new MAD, it looks for /dev/random when generating passwords21:46
marxistveganI have a different question when booting from mmc is there a way to mount and access the emmc to get to music, pictures and contacts?21:48
befordi suppose it can be mounted21:56
marxistveganbeford: I guess the question is really how, cause I am not sure what the steps would be21:57
beford[root@dhcppc0 ~]# mkdir mnt21:57
beford[root@dhcppc0 ~]# mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 mnt21:57
beford[root@dhcppc0 ~]# cd mnt21:57
beford[root@dhcppc0 mnt]# ls21:57
marxistveganbeford: ah I see but isn't the mmcblk1p1 the external MicroSD?21:58
befordmaybe it gets reasigned on nemo21:58
befordI get /dev/mmcblk0 as the external uSD and that is where the OS is currently installed21:59
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marxistveganI'll try again later but thanks for the help be back in a bit22:05
befordit worked for me22:06
befordI just tested it22:06
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