Friday, 2012-01-13

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timophSage: I didn't. I'll try that today05:53
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Stskeepsmorn sage o/07:11
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dcthang1If Navifirmware doesnot work, how can we get the firmware for N9 without it?07:37
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dm8tbrfind a computer on which it works07:45
dcthang1it says about error connection with server07:46
dm8tbrtry again later?07:47
dcthang1tried it may times07:47
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veskuhSage:  Did #61 and #72 not get into release? Missing from rel. notes at least?08:10
Sageveskuh: 61 not, 72, maybe08:14
Sageveskuh: 61 depends on new mer core08:14
veskuhAh, ok.08:14
xruxais zypper update okay by now? Still 200+ MB of updates to pull ...08:14
Stskeepsit -might- be, but i can't promise that08:15
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xruxa475 packages to upgrade, 198.6 MiB, here we go.08:16
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Sagexruxa: let me know if anything goes wrong08:25
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SageStskeeps: <- 10s delay on N900 there08:38
Stskeepssettle bash..?08:39
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Sage o_008:40
Sage10s well at least we know where that delay comes from :D08:41
Sageadded n950 to same pastie08:42
Sageps. note the pid numbers :)08:43
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SageI'm bit confused how n950 is 10s behind on Xorg startup08:46
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w00tStskeeps: 4.8.0 built (again), in theory with qt_instdate fixed08:47
Stskeepsdo a 'osc rebuild'08:48
Stskeepsand it should be noticeable08:48
w00tnever used that before08:48
SageStskeeps: :D08:48
Sageveskuh: ^ see difference on N950 with your patch for login :)08:49
veskuhSage: nice :)08:49
Stskeepsw00t: osc rebuild projectname packagename08:50
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Stskeepsbdaddr on a accelerometer??09:00
veskuhxruxa: really cool shutdown graphics09:02
Sageit more or less waits 1000x 20ms for those09:02
xruxaveskuh: how would one know, it flashes there for 1 seconds or so :(09:03
Stskeepsudev scripts - do we do anything with bdaddr?09:03
Sagebtw, that is with my new udev 177 packaging but I assume it is the same problem with older udev09:10
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Sage[root@localhost ~]# rpm -ql udev | xargs grep -i bdaddr09:11
Sage[root@localhost ~]#09:11
Sagenothing found from /etc/udev/ or /lib/udev/ either09:12
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Sagesame stuff continues09:27
xruxathe SW update got stuck (like last time 2 weeks ago) on connman09:38
xruxaand the connman update 'forgets' the WEP key, sigh09:42
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xruxawow! now I can ssh to N950 in a second!09:44
xruxaveskuh ^09:44
SageStskeeps: ^ :P09:48
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Sagelol 20s out of boot time :D09:50
xruxanice find09:50
Sage34s to desktop09:51
xruxanow we can afford 10 seconds of a boot up movie :)09:51
Sagehowever, process id's still quite high09:51
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xruxa  ... still just love how the N900 copes with 256MB of RAM10:06
sethstorm+ 768MB swap10:07
sethstormso it's a bit more polished than 1.3?10:14
veskuhthere is no 1.310:14
sethstormtalking about the predecessor, Meego CE10:15
Stskeepsquite more polished10:15
veskuhYep, I think now we have all the features from fall release, and more polish10:15
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sethstormthe last time I looked at meego, it was a molasses-pace demo of something that had incomplete preference screens10:29
sethstorm(but to its credit, at least functional)10:30
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Stskeepstry it now, then10:31
sethstormthat's what I'm setting up now10:33
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damnshockwhy don't the last versions come with a kernel image?11:33
veskuhSage: ^11:33
Sageoh, darn :D11:36
SageI really need to add that to post-it note so I remember to fix that for good11:36
Sagedamnshock: if you dd the image to sdcard you can get the kernel from third partition (boot partion)11:37
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Sagedamnshock: I'm assuming you are using n90011:37
damnshockSage: you are correct11:37
damnshockI might try tonight then :)11:37
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damnshockSage: thanks for the tip :)11:43
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Mirvooh, noticed the modified moslo available for N9 now11:51
Mirvdid someone do already a call from N9 (not only N950) with Nemo?-)11:51
Stskeepsshould work these days11:51
veskuhMirv: Yep, calls work. I've tried it.11:52
Mirvveskuh: ubercool! are the n950/n9 ofono patches btw upstreamable or would they need more work?11:53
veskuhDon't know really, Sage might now11:54
SageMirv: those would need work. They are available if someone would do the work though11:54
SageMirv: help would be appreciated if someone has better knowledge of ofono11:55
MirvSage: ok. yes, maybe posting to ofono mailing list wouldn't hurt, though, so it'd get coverage from people possibly having knowledge of ofono11:55
SageMirv: already did but those would need more work before they can be accepted11:56
MirvSage: !! :) I thought I had subscribed ofono, but apparently not11:56
damnshockcould those patches be used by nitdroid? :)11:56
SageMirv: feel free to continue from those patches if you want :)11:56
* lbt thinks he knows the answer.... is the Lumia 800 *ever* going to run Nemo/Mer?12:02
StskeepsBut Will It Blend?12:03
MirvSage: yeah, me-the-ofono-expert, right :P12:03
norayrStskeeps: no because the boot loader is locked?12:05
lbtStskeeps: or "wil it eBay"12:05
Stskeepsnorayr: many different reasons.. 1)bootloader is locked 2) it's qualcomm which means no fancy egl/glesv2 for glibc based systems 3) you'd have to get a full linux kernel going with support for all drivers on the device, 4) you'd have to get drivers working for the phone baseband12:06
Stskeepsand 5) just buy a n912:06
Mirvlbt: I'd emphasize 5) above ^12:13
lbtMirv: first eBay .... :)12:14
Stskeepslbt: phonegap does WP7, just as a mild curiousity12:14
lbtif I was into UI and experiences then keeping it to track "other solutions" .... but it's just going to sit in a box w/o a SIM12:16
lbtand I have no windows box to connect it to anyway12:16
lbtso I probably can't use half of it12:16
Stskeepsprobably, but good to keep track of the competition anyway12:16
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SageStskeeps: know what should be in KERNEL== value?12:46
Stskeepsgive me a lsmod?12:47
Stskeepshci_h4p i thin12:48
Sagebut as our bluetooth doesn't work it is very hard to test :)12:51
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veskuhOff to spend weekend. Good release. Have a nice weekend all!13:53
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faenilw00t: can I ask you something about qml+qdeclitem+gl ?18:26
faenilor anyone else who knows a bit about those things?18:26
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mgroverHello I was wondering how people are compiling programs for Nemo Mobile?23:10
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xruxamgrover: I use Nokia Harmattan scratchbox for simple things, OBS account for packages23:15
mgroverso qt creator would be the wrong thing to use?23:16
xruxanot really23:16
xruxajust that the SW to deploy on the device is not quite ready for Nemo23:16
xruxabut for cross compilation qtcreator works too, there was some wiki about it even23:18
mgroverill have to take a look, all i wanted to do was compile a file manager for nemo mobile lol23:18
mgroverthank you23:19
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