Saturday, 2012-01-14

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norayrare there a port for tho neo freerunner?09:29
norayris there09:29
norayrThele was a mer for openmoko devices09:30
norayrthe old one09:30
Stskeepsno, though i'm getting my freerunner back09:30
Stskeepsfreerunner isn't powerful enough to run nemo though09:30
Stskeepswe use gles/egl extensively09:36
norayrI think it is necessary to have non gl UX not only for old devices, but also for the handsets with no GL drivers available.09:46
norayrMay be I'll run FOS interface or Diablo Hildon on nemo one day.09:47
Stskeepsprobably, but we're high end UX :)09:48
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Kris_CZHello, I installed the nemo on N900 and on first boot, I have a lot of error messages. For example: [2.075073] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p1) ext4check_descroptors: Checksum for group 28 failed (63338! = 546)10:46
Stskeepssounds like you had something mounted when you wrote the image10:48
Stskeepsor the sd card is going sour10:48
Kris_CZI wrote directly to the card in the phone10:49
Stskeepsthat sounds like one reason why it went wrong10:49
Stskeepsdo it from a pc at least10:49
Kris_CZhmm i have mounted boot partition od SD card when I wrote the image11:05
Stskeepsyes, don't do that11:06
Stskeepsmake sure it's unmounted from there11:06
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Kris_CZnow it's ok11:20
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StskeepsSage: seems like tere's gitorious activity for harmattan sensorw14:26
faenilif there's anyone in here who can help with qml + gl, here's my thread :D
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tabaskohowdy, is there any alpha builds or something I could flash to my N? :)19:34
tabaskohmm, I could check log before asking19:35
veskuh-nemon950 image works on N9. just installing it is different.19:36
veskuh-nemolink to instructions should be in log somewhere19:36
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tabaskoveskuh-nemo: topics link to log doesnt seem to work..19:41
Stskeepsworks for me19:41
tabaskoStskeeps: can I just use nokia's flasher for it?19:43
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Stskeepstabasko: a third party solution can be found at but it doesn't work on all devices due to a bootloader bug19:43
tabaskoStskeeps: if something goes wrong for example with bootloader bug could I still use flasher to get harmattan maemo back?19:46
tabaskoI have 059K1F7, north europe model19:47
Stskeepsyes, likely, but do remember that this will probably void your device warranty19:49
tabaskoI know :)19:52
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veskuh-nemomake sure you have harmattan image available if you are flashing nemo. As far as I know those are not officially available for N9.19:55
veskuh-nemoflasher is available though19:55
Stskeepsright, that too19:55
veskuh-nemostskeeps: nemo seems to be able to keep wlan & irc session up quite nicely.20:03
Stskeepsmakes me wonder if nokia ever upstreamed ip heartbeat20:04
veskuh-nemowould be nice if the notification led was utilized20:07
Stskeepsat least nemo isn't tizen handset.. i was digging through the init scripts20:11
Stskeepsit feels like maemo4/5, very very tied to a specific type of hardware, chipset, vendor..20:11
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Stskeepseven down to loading camera driver for s3c mfc (samsung camera framework) in it20:12
veskuh-nemoyep, slp legacy I guess.20:12
veskuh-nemostart from scratch would have been better for tizen20:13
Stskeepswhich really gives creedance to the theory that there's two different tizen stacks, perhaps even more, centered around the tizen html5 stuff, but one that's somewhat meego derived, and the slp one, and perhaps soon bada based too20:14
veskuh-nemowell, the WAC you can base on almost anything, but still agreed there will be conflicts in sorting all those out.20:17
Stskeepsi can't begin to imagine how much of a turf war could happen with bada vs slp..20:17
veskuh-nemoYep. If the targets are not shared it is bad.20:21
veskuh-nemobut if all agree on the targets it may be good.20:22
veskuh-nemoin meego I felt that the targets were set too high.20:22
Stskeepsif everyone agree to share just the html5 'tizen' api and compliance to that and leave rest of stack 'up to you', that'd be a powerful proposition20:22
Stskeepsyeah.. trying to do too much at same time20:23
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veskuh-nemoyep. the project would provide you with tools and packages but you would be allowed to sort out your problem and just share api.20:24
Stskeepsif all fails, i just hope to have a mer-based tv from those chinese guys on mailing list ;)20:28
veskuh-nemojust make sure that they send you proto before it is shops :)20:29
Stskeepshehe, yeah20:29
Stskeepsdid you try nemo on exopc? besides the VKB issues, it's actually quite good as a tablet os20:35
veskuh-nemoI don't have one. Maybe I should borrow one to test that out.20:38
Stskeepsand that the gestures are a bit oversensitive on such a big screen, but yeah20:39
Stskeepsnot far to go for a good experience20:39
veskuh-nemoNice. I think that applies in general. With a relatively small effort you could build many kind of cool stuff.20:41
veskuh-nemofro the stuff we have built.20:41
SageStskeeps: yes, but that is still in the 0.6.x harmattan branch from which meego forked20:47
Sagemarquiz: might know better what is the difference between 0.6.x and 0.7.x as he was the 0.7.x maintainer :)20:48
Sagemeego forked from 0.6.32 to 0.7.x and harmattan is now at 0.6.4520:49
StskeepsSage: i've been hacking a bit on kickstarter as usual..20:49
Stskeepsyields a valid .ks20:50
Stskeepsthe idea is to be able to provide off the shelf yaml's for hardware adaptation, ux'es, etc20:51
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Sageah, that reminds me I need to fix the repository thing in kickstarter.20:55
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Sageit has defaults that are not good20:56
Stskeepsthis gets rid of Default: totally20:56
Sagebtw, mipsel? not mipsl?20:56
SageI'm just recalling the cnfustion with armv7l and armv7el :)20:56
Stskeepsnot very consistent20:57
SageStskeeps: but that look quite good21:04
SageStskeeps: however, remember the difference with repositoryArchitecture and architecture21:06
Sageso those arch's that you have there are currently repository arhicitectures as well.21:07
Sagee.g., if vendor wants to use armv7nhl he can't use those21:08
Stskeepsi also need to think about we effectively want to have vendors use these21:08
Sagealso with i586 vendor might want to use archtecture i686 btw21:09
Sageso that SSE3 should have 2 lines at least21:09
Sagerepoarch: i586 and arch: i68621:09
Sagearmv7nhl is another story21:10
Sagefor that there is probably need to add own arch totally that sets arch: armv7nhl and repoarch armv7hl as well as armv7tnhl21:11
Sageand armv7thl21:11
Stskeepsi'm pondering to have HA's define the architecture actualy21:11
Stskeepshardware adaptations21:12
Sagewell, I would say that HA can override the setting, but we probably should set it in Mer21:14
Sageor hmm21:14
Sageyes, 2 more to the list and let HA override would work IMO. "ARMv7 hardfp with neon architecture" etc.21:15
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