Sunday, 2012-01-15

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matrixxwhose idea was Cinnamon as name of CE in the poll?18:03
matrixxjust asking because I liked the name (and voted for it) would like to use it as name for my shader viewer project?18:04
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matrixx+ and18:04
Stskeepschris samuel18:05
matrixxStskeeps: is he here?18:05
matrixxStskeeps: ok, thanks, I'll ask him :)18:05
matrixxdespite of cinnamon just being an english word for a yummy spice, I would still like to ask for courtesy :P18:14
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fw190Stskeeps: installing latest Mer- will report how it feals in a while ;)19:04
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fw190dont know if its my imagination but the lates build feels a bit faster21:43
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Venemow00t, ping21:54
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VenemoIs this the correct repository for Lipstick?
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