Monday, 2012-01-16

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Stskeepsmorn sage07:14
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SageI think I continue searching the udev thing. It still has something that is breaking the N900 boot07:54
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Sagethe bt mac address thing was one, but something else is off too07:54
veskuhyep, good progress so far.07:55
Sageok, moved all udev rules away from /lib/udev/rules.d and still same thing :/07:57
Sagewell, all except systemd rules07:58
Stskeepstriage in 4 minutes?07:58
veskuhIn 1 min according to my clock07:59
* Stskeeps pokes his ntp with a stick07:59
Stskeepsok then07:59
dcthangthis still not fixed?08:11
veskuhbugzilla is up to date.08:11
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Sageveskuh: about the reset thing. I think the restore original settings works, but the clean device requires the service09:20
veskuhI guess it makes some sense. In the device lock if you typo your pwd too many times it wipes the device. I guess they implemented it to device lock and just recycled the code in control panel.09:23
veskuhOr actually not recycled the code, but used it as service09:23
Sageyes, it seems that cleandevice cleans the device during next reboot09:23
Sageand the cp just says to devicelock service to do taht on next boot09:24
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Stskeepsmorn xruxa09:27
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Sagexruxa: did you note these ?09:31
xruxayup, not in much haste to fix those if no-one minds ;)09:32
Sageyup, just informed. I'll file a bug about those just to keep track of them.09:32
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xruxais it just me or did irc-chatter's icon get lost somewhere?09:40
veskuhworks for me09:42
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veskuhhas anybody gotten local builds to work?10:30
Stskeepsyes, what issues do you have? and on what OS?10:30
veskuh"BuildService API error: can't verify packages due to lack of GPG keys"10:32
veskuh"Warning: could not register binfmt handlers"10:33
Stskeepsmay be less critical, what error does it actually say?10:33
veskuhNo error yet.. just one warning on the way before preinstalling stuff10:34
SageStskeeps: do you have kickstarter patches coming? I'm going to do some patching for the repository thing to get away the invalid gpg lines for now10:42
Sage(not related to osc)10:43
StskeepsSage: yes, though i think we should rename it mer-kickstarter, the tool too10:43
Stskeepsas it's not compatible with the old setup really10:43
Sagesure, we could do that as well.10:43
veskuhIs it normal that preinstalling ncurses-libs-x86-arm takes over 15 min?10:45
Stskeepsnot terribly10:45
Stskeepsqemu-arm (or qemu-arm-static) --version10:45
veskuhqemu-arm version 0.12.3 (qemu-kvm-0.12.3)10:46
Stskeepsok, that's why10:46
Stskeepsyou need 0.14 or above or it stalls randomly10:46
veskuhOk, I think I got that from meego somewhere. What would be proper place to get qemu from?10:47
Stskeepswget , rpm2cpio *.rpm |cpio -idv10:48
Stskeepsit's just a static binary, so10:48
veskuhok, thanks10:49
Sageanyone know dbus api to show messages via system ui?10:50
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veskuhStskeeps: yeps, qemu helped10:56
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Sagehmmp... looked at meegotouch-theme btw11:01
SageI updated meegotouch-theme to version 0.25.1 which broke stuff11:02
Sagepreviously tested by veskuh and it seems that in harmattan pr 1.2 they are still using the 0.24.x series so maybe we should stick with that as well11:02
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* lbt looks for Jukka to tell him the T-shirt sizes are in the email :D11:11
veskuhlbt: quickest way to reach him would probably be twitter :)11:12
lbthe's done the right thing and emailed Denise ... she'll explain how to read an email to him ....11:14
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Sage# Do not build require Qt Mobility module to avoid OBS extra build cycles11:26
the-bossSage: Error: "Do" is not a valid command.11:26
Sage#    - QtServiceFramework11:26
the-bossSage: Error: "-" is not a valid command.11:26
Sage^ ?11:26
Stskeepswhere is that from?11:27
Stskeepswell, qt mobility doesn't dep on libmeegotouch11:27
Sageis that service framework the one I was missing a while ago? :D11:27
Stskeepsi think11:27
Stskeepsif it does, that's a clear layering violation11:27
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SageI wonder where that servicefw is used11:30
Sagew00t: ^ any knowledge?11:30
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w00tservicefw may not be used by anything we have11:33
w00t(not that having it disabled is nice)11:33
veskuhI think prestart and single instance support in libmeegotouch use servicefw11:34
Sagelbt, Stskeeps, phaeron: so how can this patch be applied :D
Stskeepsyeah, ermmmmm11:35
* lbt grins out loud11:35
lbtgit FTW11:35
veskuhw00t, Sage hmm.. Looking at this: not sure if libmeegotouch has own servicefw or uses Qt mobilitys..11:36
lbtie ... you can't11:37
Sageveskuh: well, that was very old comment might be out of the lmt already11:37
Sagelbt: oh, crap :)11:37
Sageso only thing I can do is to merge them to tarball pretty much11:38
lbtthis is a png?11:39
lbtso add it as a source file11:39
lbtand do a manual prep cp ?11:39
Sagewell, it is patch that well either I do as patch or merge in tarball11:39
Sageand use tar-version+gitX.tar.gz syntax11:39
lbtwhat's wrong with my idea?11:40
lbtupload the new png11:40
lbtas Source211:40
lbtand 'apply the patch' by cp Source2 -> dst11:40
Sagemakes confusion IMO.11:40
Sageit is not my patch but one from git11:40
lbtalternatively... we BR on git11:41
w00twe don't have a git package11:41
w00tand having one requires packaging 318957178187 of perl packages11:41
w00t(I looked at it)11:41
lbtminimal git?11:41
lbtwe want to use git more in the build process eventually11:42
Sagewhat is the easiest way to know how many commits there is difference to tag X from head?11:42
lbtgit log11:42
Sageand manually count?11:42
lbtor shortlog | wc11:42
lbtusing a range spec11:42
w00tgit log tag-name-here...branchname --pretty=oneline | wc -l11:43
w00tshortlog? hmm11:43
w00tdid not know that existed :)11:43
lbtit doesn't11:44
lbtI just don't know all the options by heart :)11:44
mikhasthat why bash has aliases11:46
lbtSage:   git log --oneline v2.6.35..v2.6.36 | wc11:47
veskuhSage: libmeegotouch utilizes qt mobility servicefw for its own servicefw if it is there. However, looks like not much is lost without mobility integration.
Sageveskuh: well, the question was mainly that if we should enable that now or not11:48
lbtSage:   git log --oneline v2.6.35..v2.6.36 | wc11:49
veskuhIts disabled? I do not think we are losing much.11:49
lbtoops ... that's twice I've finger-fudged --- sorry11:49
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Sageveskuh: yes, it seems to be disabled
Sagealso qmsystem and libmlocale are11:57
Sageand contentaction11:57
* Sage ponders why the -no-werror doesn't work there11:58
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marquizSage: you had some question about sensorfw back there(?)12:28
Sagemarquiz: yes, what is the difference with meego 0.7.x version and harmattan 0.6.x version?12:28
Sagejust pondering that meego's version isn't maintained anymore but harmattan is so if we should change to that if there isn't really need to stay in 0.7.x12:29
Sagew00t, veskuh: do we miss something in MTF as we don't have following features enabled: qmsystem, libmlocale and contentaction?12:30
marquizSage: i'd say not as the harmattan branch contains a lot of harmattan/n9-specific hacks12:32
marquizand there's not been too many changes after the summer12:32
marquizlast commit in master is from october12:33
w00tafair, mtf has an internal copy of mlocale, but we really should probably switch away from the bundled copy12:35
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veskuhmcalendar would use qmsystem for something, but pretty much that is the only thing I could find for QmSystem12:43
veskuhdon't need it I think12:43
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veskuhSage: contenaction would support things like links in MLabels if the configuration of those would be ok. See:
veskuhHowever, I do not think we have any actions really supported.12:47
Sageveskuh: I have libmeegotouch and theme update cooking atm.12:53
Sagew00t: I'll package the mlocale as well to my next update so we get in sync with harmattan there12:55
SageI'm guessing that the internal mlocale we are using isn't really maintained anymore12:56
w00tafaik not12:57
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Sage\o/ libmlocale packaged and libmeegotouch update as well14:06
Sageand meegotouch-theme and meegotouch-theme-graphics and meegotouch-applauncherd14:07
xruxaSage: nice, lets see if some of the green rectangles will go away14:07
Sageavailable at
Sagejust need to wait until compile is done14:08
* Sage updates wetab with the new MTF stuff14:15
* xruxa does not see any new MTF (?)14:17
Sagexruxa: it is only in Project:MTF:MW repo atm. as it is not tested yet14:17
xruxaIC, I follow Projects:MTF:UX, not MW14:18
SageI don't see any change what so ever in these new packages14:20
Sageveskuh: Project:MTF:MW contains new stuff for testing if you want to have a look. Personally I don't see any changes14:23
veskuhOk, I don't have time today, but I'll take a look tomorrow.14:24
Sagealso the :UX seems to compile fine against the new :MW14:28
SageAnyway I'll push that forward tomorrow at somepoint after people have had some time to test.14:29
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Sagehmmp... nice keyboard from my netbook broke :(18:21
Stskeepsthe s10-3t?18:22
Stskeepsand how broke?18:22
Sagemy "primary" home hacking laptop18:22
Sagehp mini 510118:23
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Sagethe n key doesn't work properly18:23
Sageit seems like the spring under it fell apart or something18:23
SageI like sensitive keyboard but this is a bit too much :D18:23
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Venemohey w00t, can we talk a little bit about Lipstick?21:29
w00tI guess, but not for long21:30
w00tI'm in EET, so it's later than usual21:30
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vgradeI wonder what the jesture is for woops i've just ran into the car infromt21:37
virtualdtry facepalm21:41
virtualdor maybe faceplant on airbag21:41
Venemow00t, oh, sorry21:42
Venemow00t, so I see that you have some nice C++ models for various stuff that's needed in basically any UX21:43
Venemow00t, I was thinking about putting that code into a QML plugin21:43
Venemow00t, after that, I need a working statusbar (perhaps I can steal it from qt-components?)21:43
w00tVenemo: go ahead, I want the entire UX moved into plugins (the core just loading one) in the longer run anyway21:43
w00tyes, qt-components has a statusbar item that can probably be stoken21:44
Venemothat's nice :)21:44
Venemoand when this is done, I want to start working on my own UX, based on the lipstick QML plugin :)21:44
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w00tsounds good21:45
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Venemow00t, IMO what's missing from Mer/Nemo (and also other Linux distributions in general) is a decent user experience.21:50
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Venemoone that is actually convenient for end users too21:55
* w00t needs to go to bed21:56
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Venemow00t, good night :)22:29
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