Wednesday, 2012-01-25

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Stskeepsmorn sage06:58
Sageis it possible to search bugs that has status change since lets say start of January?06:59
Sageah, yes06:59
StskeepsSage: was playing with busybox last night, base file system, 34mb compressed07:00
Stskeepsthat's with rpm and zypper and systemd included07:00
Stskeeps(105mb uncompressed)07:00
SageI thought that it would go even lower07:01
Stskeepsit can probably go lower07:01
Sagecan you do rpm list with sizes07:02
Stskeepssure, sec07:02
Sageand sort it :)07:02
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Sagewhat brings pkgconfig to image btw? isn't that only used to search .pc files for devel packages?07:06
Stskeepsvery good question07:06
Stskeeps# rpm -e pkgconfig07:06
Stskeepserror: Failed dependencies: /usr/bin/pkg-config is needed by (installed) shared-mime-info-0.91-1.7.i586 /usr/bin/pkg-config is needed by (installed) usbutils-0.86-1.6.i58607:06
the-bossStskeeps: Error: "rpm" is not a valid command.07:06
Sagethat seems wrong07:06
Sageif there would be -devel packages then I could see that but there isn't07:07
Stskeepsalso, we can probably seperate 'openssl' binary out of openssl07:07
Stskeepsor libs into openssl-libs07:07
Sagecould you file a bug about and assing to me I can clean up that pkgconfig thing07:08
Sagebusybox doesn't contains sed?07:08
Stskeepsit does, i just haven't put it into use yet07:08
Sageah, ok07:08
SageStskeeps: I would say openssl-libs would be better07:10
Sagealso shadow-utils probably in busybox?07:11
Stskeepsyeah, some of it07:11
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Stskeepsstill, interesting direction07:12
Sagebtw, I've asked this before but what brings the v8 to our core?07:13
Stskeepsespecially since it's possible to install 'full' versions if you want07:13
Sagepacrunner is made with java?07:13
Stskeepsokay, this is one of those things you'll regret ever learning.. sec07:13
StskeepsSage: looks wrong07:20
Sageok, otherwise those look pretty much ok on that07:20
SageStskeeps: yes, well augeas update in review need to fix in that (also that breaks zypper atm. so need to update zypper as well probably for that07:21
Sageaugeas, zypper, libzypp, libsolv (replaces libsatsolver)07:22
SageStskeeps: feel free to file bug and assign to me so I can remember that07:23
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SageStskeeps: ok, those two packages require pkgconfig because those have .pc files in the default packages08:23
Sageso no -devel package in those08:23
Sageneed to add -devel to fix that thing.08:23
SageStskeeps: could you show what "ls /usr/share/pkgconfig/" prints on that image08:25
Stskeeps[root@ideapad /]# ls /usr/share/pkgconfig/08:26
Stskeepsshared-mime-info.pc  usbutils.pc08:26
Sageok, so rpm apparently puts that dependency automatically there when it sees .pc file in that dir08:26
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Sagecan't see dependency in there08:27
Sageor here;a=blob;f=shared-mime-info.spec;h=f153200df3a4575f96a74fbbfd39de1f2623fcc3;hb=HEAD08:27
Stskeepswell it is stechnically sane08:28
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Sage:nod: but anyway we should move all .pc files to -devel as in normal use we don't need those08:29
Stskeepsgah, my connection is so laggy today08:29
w00tshush, you don't have to deal with train wifi08:30
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Sagenice, on nemo image those 2 are also the only ones with .pc file so we get smaller footprint to nemo as well by fixing those two08:52
* Sage gets on that.08:52
Sageveskuh: On N950 I'm guessing there is also this on .xsession-errors Want to check if this removes that
Sagewhat it does is to remove the location stuff to separate package08:54
veskuhSage: Yep, N950 has that also. I'll test.08:54
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Sagealso if you see any regressions in the upower plugin08:58
SageStskeeps: mirror for ?09:12
Sageasking as fedora has usbutils version 004 and we have 0.86 :)09:12
Sageso the upstream has changed a bit I guess :)09:12
Stskeepsperhaps it's usbutils .2 or something09:13
Stskeepser, 2.009:13
Sagewell fedora changed from 0.91 to 000109:13
Stskeepscheck their URL: ?09:14
Sageso I guess they just took same numbering that udev etc uses09:14
Sageit is
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Sage <- seems like just a rename09:18
SageYes, it's a new numbering scheme, to show some major changes.  Namely09:19
Sageusbutils is finally using the libusb 1.0 library, enabling distros to09:19
Sagehopefully dump the old libusb-compat library entirely now.09:19
Stskeepssounds good to me09:20
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Sageyes, we probably can drop libusb as well at some point09:22
SageWith file upload still not fully working, please use the09:26
Sagegithub link below to get a tarball if you need/want it.09:26
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Sageveskuh: at least on exopc that seems to remove that error from .xsession-errors10:50
veskuhSage: yep, works on n950 also10:50
Sageok, shipping10:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4194 waiting for review at
* Sage ponders why pixman is written on one of his post-it notes10:59
Stskeepspixman isn't upgraded yet10:59
Sage;a=summary <- ?11:00
Sageto me it seems it is11:00
Sageprobably old note :)11:00
Stskeepsok, if not closed in bugzilla it sohuld be11:01
Sageit is11:01
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4194 Accepted promotion request11:01
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Sageveskuh: we don't have gtk atm so thus we don't have thumbler functionality12:09
Sageveskuh: it shouldn't crash though12:10
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Sageany objections if we change meego user to mer user in next image?12:12
veskuhSage: Yep, I'm not too happy with the whole tumbler. I would even prefer copy&pasting widgetgallery's Grid-page to places that try to use tumbler12:12
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StskeepsSage: or nemo..12:13
veskuhNo if it works12:13
SageStskeeps: hmmp... well I'm fine with both12:14
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* Sage headdesks12:18
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SageI'm wondering if there is away to get connman updates so that it would not break connection :D12:19
Sageor at least that zypper would not allow it over ssh12:19
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Sagehmmp... tried to do zypper update for the older nemo image on exopc and well didn't go so well12:27
SageStskeeps: I would need the latest-testing link to releases12:29
SageStskeeps: should we still use "echo 'vm.swappiness = 80' >> /etc/sysctl.conf" in our .ks files?12:42
Stskeepsthink it still matters12:43
Sagewe don't have it in our images atm. that is why I'm asking :)12:43
Stskeepswell we don't swap much anymore12:45
SageStskeeps: is there changelog for Mer 0.20120209.0.0.1 somewhere?12:49
Sagecouldn't find one from ML12:49
Stskeepsyes, but it's not iported into cobs yet12:49
Sageah, ok12:50
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SageI'm going to update libXi to 1.5.0 when that gets to -next as it requires newer proto12:58
Sageso there will not be Mer release this week right?12:59
Sageonly prereleases for release on Feb 9th13:00
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SageWhat in n900 image needs contextkit-meego btw?13:20
veskuhbattery in n90013:20
Sageumm... no13:20
Sagethat is for battery13:20
Sageon n90013:20
veskuhhmm.. than I don't remember13:20
veskuhBut I think we put it back for reason13:21
Sagemainly wondering if we could leave it out of the image13:21
Sageyes, I recall that as well but can't recall why13:21
veskuhperhaps orientation?13:22
Sagemeegotouch-systemui requires it13:22
Sage    # Needed for status indicator, e.g., wifi, 3g.13:22
Sage    - contextkit-meego13:22
Sage\o/ it is nice that I documented it there :)13:23
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