Thursday, 2012-01-26

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Sagehmmp... haven't had time to look the latest image yet and I guess we have the sysui issue still?08:35
Sageand with latest I mean the new Mer Core + stuff08:35
Stskeepsyes, i presume so08:36
Sageso, username "mer" or "nemo" ?08:36
Stskeepsi guess nemo would be consistent08:37
veskuhhmm.. I'd say nemo, that way we can be sure that mer does not make assumption about username08:37
Sagesounds good08:38
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Sageveskuh: up for testing new n950 image soon?09:03
SageI'll can do n900 and exopc tests09:03
Sagejust need to check if the image is usable and if there is any regressions in it.09:04
SageI think systemui is problem at least09:04
Sagenamed the release 0.20120120.1.NEMO.2012-01-26-PRE-RELEASE.1 :)09:04
Sagenot going to upload to normal place though will paste the link when it is available09:05
veskuhyep, makes sense.09:05
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veskuhSage: downloading09:28
Sageour installer shell is broken09:34
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Stskeepsworking on a OBS mindmap for a presentation,
Stskeeps(click some of the nodes)09:35
Sagehave we touched sfdisk lately?09:36
Sageoh, crap09:36
niqthow to do screenshot in nemo?09:37
Sagethere is screenshot tool09:37
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veskuhSage:  SystemUI crashes or does not start09:51
veskuhSage: Its also really hard to hit controls on the edges, was there any change in gesture-plugin?09:52
veskuhSage: calls, sms work09:52
veskuhwifi works. In general performance is quite bad, but it might be just the tracker indexing in the beginning..09:58
veskuhIt is so painful to use that I did not have enrgy to do it :)10:00
veskuhAh, sysuid is alive probably in busyloop10:01
Stskeepsexplains bad perf then10:01
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Sageso, 2 bugs sysuid and installer-shell10:32
Sagei'll look that installer-shell now if I could find out why it fails10:32
Sageanyway sysuid and installer-shell needs to be fixed before we can make a releas10:34
veskuhSage: yes, sysuid is a showstopper on n95010:34
veskuhSage: I'll see if I can figure out what is going on there10:34
Sageah, my bad. Installer shell fails as normal user10:36
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Sageveskuh: same sysuid problem on exopc. On exopc it leaves the "Charging not started. Replace charger." message to screen and halt there10:43
veskuhSage: Here is the output when starting from command line:
faenillive from my last uni exam, somebody help me calm down please XD10:44
* Stskeeps injects faenil with caffeine10:45
faenilthat's not going to help XD10:45
faenilI'm the 9th, 2nd going on right now..10:45
* faenil is waiting for the video to load...10:46
Stskeepsget off irc and read your outlines through10:46
faenilahahahahaha (watching the video)10:47
faenilnah 2 hours have gone...don't want to keep reading notes10:47
faeniltcp, udp, csma/cd, wifi, eth, p2p, ssl...and all that stuff, all in mind, yeah!10:48
* faenil tries to convince himself he's ready10:48
faenilyou know what I'm going to do in the meanwhile, code the gallery viewer for nemomobile10:49
faenilnah this is not the right moment :D going to wait and stop bothering people in this channel :D10:53
Sagethat keysniffer is the volume control thingy10:54
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veskuhSomething changed in Xlibs?10:54
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Sagewe got X11 libs updated yes10:55
Sagelet me disable that patch we have and lets try it after that10:55
Sagehow the volumecontrol work in harmattan? Do we really need that patch?10:57
faenilis there anyone who will fix the battery level in here'10:58
veskuhSage: yep, it is the quilty one10:59
veskuhcd /usr/share/meegotouch/applicationextensions/ and move volume desktop file a way.11:00
veskuhSage: I think we do need it. Volume in Harmattan is probably tied to profiles and we never did get that working in meego11:01
Sagedidn't harmattan drop profiled as well?11:02
veskuhDon't know11:03
SageI think someone said something about that11:03
Sage <- moved to closed development?11:03
veskuhYep, we never really managed to integrate it to meego before feb1111:04
faenilsince 1.2 is out for n950, I'll flash it this afternoon11:05
faenilis there anything I have to take care of when testing the nemo viewer on harm?11:05
Sageveskuh: <- try sysuid from here11:06
Sageveskuh: CE:UX:MTF repo11:06
SageCE_UX_MTF_X that is11:07
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Sageveskuh: at least on my exopc sysuid works in that, but could you test if volume works (shouldn't work but you never know)11:11
Sageok, it seems that the default volume control uses com.Nokia.MainVolume111:14
SageThat is pulseaudio plugin IIRC11:14
Sageso in theory we should be able to use the same plugin11:14
Sage <- is it so?11:16
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Stskeeps... i don't think we ever really ported it11:17
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veskuhSage: New version works, but no volume obviously11:21
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Sageveskuh: ok11:26
Stskeepsis the volume control patch causing the systemuid cpu usage?11:26
veskuhStskeeps: yes, it looks like11:26
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Sage <- at least it is open11:28
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SageI'll check the current code and see if I can find something11:37
veskuhBased on your backtrace looks like something going wrong in this bit:
veskuhCan it be endless recursion?11:39
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Sagewell that should return always at some point11:49
Sagethere is mutex problem in the code though11:51
SageI'm not entirely sure what the mMutex is for there what value it is trying to protect11:53
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Sageveskuh: everything else seems to work in the image?12:43
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veskuhSage: Yes, otherwise it is on the same level as before.12:50
Sageveskuh: <- compiling in Project:MTF:UX could you give that a go on N950?12:51
Sageveskuh: err... + and - signes reversed in that pastie :)12:52
veskuhSage: removed the mutex? Sure, I'll give it a go.12:53
Sagedidn't remove the mutex but changed it to be more safe12:53
Sagealso some other minor changes to that sniffer thingy12:54
Sagedidn't cause busy loop on exopc at least, trying n900 soon when image is written to sd card12:55
Stskeepswas it locking the mutex within the mutex?12:55
w00tmutexes :(12:56
SageStskeeps: well I really wasn't sure what the mutex was for in the original code12:57
Sageit didn't seem to lock anything out12:57
Sagenow it secures the X Display handling at least which I think it was originally meant to do.12:59
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* Sage noted error in his code.12:59
Sageshould works still though13:00
Sageat least the nemo user works now13:01
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veskuhSage:  I think your fix is working!13:03
Stskeepsok, power cut in my apartment13:04
Stskeepsbtw, did you see they released enyo yesterday?13:05
Sageveskuh: yes so do I13:05
Stskeepsand planning on publishing qt webkit bindings13:05
Sageveskuh: although sysuid is still consuming 10% cpu but not sure if that was so before already13:05
SageStskeeps: I saw the announcement but didn't read much about tit13:06
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veskuhSage: hmm.. that is still too much, It might drain battery13:08
Sageveskuh: :nod: not sure if that is because of the volume or something else. But at least it works now on N90013:09
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veskuhpulseaudio is also consuming cpu all the time13:09
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Sageveskuh: but that is soemthign else. Killed sysuid and pulseaudio is still consuming13:12
veskuhSage: ah, same here actually13:12
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Sageveskuh: the sytemui seems to consume even without the volume plugin13:16
veskuhah, probably older problem then.13:18
Sageveskuh: hmmp, it seems to be the charger animation13:18
Sageif I unplug charger then systemui doesn't consume it seems13:18
Sageor consumes a lot less at least13:19
veskuhAh, and it does not detect if the screen is visible or no. Well, that is stupid, but ok since only happens when in charger13:19
veskuhSo I think sysuid is good to go.13:19
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veskuhpulseaudio cpu use is regression compared to older images13:24
veskuhI have basically 0% 2012-01-05.113:25
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veskuhFixed sysuid seems to be on par with older image13:28
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SageSo no other blocker regressions in the image so we can do new release today?13:31
veskuhYes, I think so.13:32
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4196 waiting for review at
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veskuhSage: QmlComponentGallery does not start, but that is minor regression since it is more or less demo app13:40
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veskuhSage: it does not start because singe-instance runner assumes user meego13:40
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veskuhSage: And I think I have fix for it. (applauncherd)13:47
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Sagehmmp... that patch should really be fixed with $HOME14:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4196 Rejected promotion request14:15
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4198 waiting for review at
Sageveskuh: bad thing with the applauncher patch is that this patch will destroy updates14:16
Sageold image has meego username and after update the package expects nemo14:18
veskuhAh, I think qmlcomponentgallery is the only that breaks with applauncherd update14:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4199 waiting for review at
veskuhhmm.. maybe dialer coming to foreground also14:19
Sage/var/run/applauncherd <- is this dir present on your fs?14:21
Sageok, another problem in applauncherd probably14:22
SagereExec fails if that dir isn't there14:22
Sageconst char *Daemon::m_stateDir = "/var/run/applauncherd";14:23
Sageconst char *Daemon::m_stateFile = "/var/run/applauncherd/saved-state";14:23
Sagethat dir is for root only so it can't be used as such14:23
Sagewe need to move that to home as well I guess14:23
* Sage checks how much that needs fixing14:24
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4199 Accepted promotion request14:34
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* araujo wonders if we are going to get a nemo release today14:42
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Sagearaujo: maybe :)14:48
* Stskeeps glares at his airplane ticket14:50
Stskeepsmy booking code contains the word 'BUG'14:50
Stskeepsthat can't be good :>14:50
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matrixxStskeeps: :D14:58
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4198 Rejected promotion request15:04
Sageveskuh: still here?15:04
Sagepah, should have tested if it compiles :)15:05
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veskuhOk, will try15:17
veskuhProbably not related but meego-pinquery happened in startup :)15:24
veskuhfor long time I do not remember seeing that15:24
Sagewell might be related if it uses applauncherd15:24
SageI moved more files to users home dir15:24
Sageveskuh: there should be /home/nemo/applauncherd dir now btw15:25
Sageah, need to add . there15:25
veskuhSage: That dir is missing15:27
veskuh.single-instance is and app*.lock file exists15:27
Sagehmmp, might appear after couple of application startups with applauncherd in use15:27
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veskuhQmlComponentGallery works, dialer ui pops up on incoming, and the apps that I know using booster all seem to start/work15:28
veskuhlooking good to me15:28
Sagetry to start some app that uses applauncherd twice15:29
veskuhbooster daemons running also15:29
Sageand check if applauncherd dir appears to home15:29
veskuhNope, there is stuff under .single-instance-locks for some of the apps, but not all.15:33
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4200 waiting for review at
phaeronStskeeps: dawati on mer15:34
Stskeepsphaeron: cool!15:34
Sageveskuh: ok, well if everything works that is good enough for me15:35
phaeronused xwd for screenies15:35
veskuhSage: Seems to work15:35
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veskuhSage: it might be dir for state saving, that was planned at some point but might not have happened.15:36
Sageveskuh: ah, ok15:36
* Stskeeps twitters15:36
Sagewow, what is the dawati based on?15:39
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StskeepsSage: updated meego netbook ux, gtk315:40
Sagelooks like netbook ux15:40
Sageah, ok15:40
Stskeepsand without annoying trademark graphics15:40
Stskeepsthough it probably won't install well on arm15:40
phaeronwhy not arm ?15:41
Stskeepswell, isn't it fairly tied to OpenGL (not ES)?15:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4200 Accepted promotion request15:41
phaeronrunning opengles currently15:41
phaeronanything to make sure ?15:41
Sagephaeron: rpm -qa | grep GL :)15:42
phaeronhmm yeah did so15:42
phaeronweird I started with EGL15:42
Stskeepsphaeron: well, maybe mutter etc needs to be switched to egl/gles15:42
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phaeronmutter linked to /usr/lib/
phaeroncan I change that symlink .. :)15:45
Sageok, I guess it is time to build release images next15:46
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:48
phaeronI need to look at compiling it against egl ?15:48
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nsuffysno new build of nemomobile N900 / i586.. today ?15:52
Sagensuffys: building new release atm.15:53
Sagejust a bit later than usual, but it should be available today.15:53
nsuffysok, thank you Sage ;) I'm impatient to test it on my WeTab and N900 ;)15:53
Sagewe had some regressions that we needed to fix before making release so it was delayed a bit.15:53
nsuffysgood luck15:54
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faenilIt's gone! :D16:40
faenilExams finished!16:41
araujoSage, images are not in the folders?16:41
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niqtnew nemo image for n900 is fake file16:47
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befordfake file? impossibru17:03
timophafaik it's still synching so there's only a temp file17:06
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Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: what did you do to get enyo 1.0 working on harmattan_18:49
* timoph seems have missed something interesting18:51
Stskeepshe claimed on twitter it ran on harmattan, so was curious :)18:52
stroughtonsmithStskeeps: just ran it in the browser19:06
stroughtonsmiththat one19:06
stroughtonsmithis enyo 1.x, the only one with widgets19:06
stroughtonsmithdesigned for webkit, is a bit nasty on harmattan19:07
Stskeepsok, odd that it didn't work on harmattan19:07
Stskeepsit's wk219:07
stroughtonsmithwell webkit2 is in itself buggy and incompatible with things19:07
Stskeepsyeah, okay19:07
stroughtonsmithharmattan and 10.7 are the only platforms using it afaik19:07
Stskeepswe should try it in Mer in webkit 2.2.119:07
Stskeepser, qtwebkit19:07
stroughtonsmithit does like hardware transforms, runs acceptably on iOS and Android 419:08
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merlin1991hm what happened with the new nemo images, apart from the mic log there still is nothing19:40
StskeepsSage: ^19:41
merlin1991and md5sums are there, but it seems image transfer got stuck19:41
merlin1991hm n900 kb seems to still be uk only19:45
*** ronoc has quit IRC19:49
Sagesync failed for some reason apparently19:53
Sageand it haven't resynced for some reason19:53
merlin1991"some reason" :P19:54
SageI don't have access to that cron job so can't say why19:55
Sageneed to get hold of X-Fade to find out why it fails19:55
Sageor hmmp... maybe we ran out of space :/19:57
merlin1991good luck reaching X-Fade :/19:59
merlin1991can you move the files somewhere else for the moment?19:59
merlin1991else as in public visible20:01
Sagefiles are on my work laptop and I'm at home :/20:01
*** niqt has quit IRC20:02
SageI though that I would take the laptop with but didn't do that afterall :/20:02
merlin1991no ssh magic for your work laptop? :D20:03
Stskeepsjust send a mail to mailing list that it's broken and we'll fix tomorrow20:03
Sage:nod: doing that atm20:03
merlin1991Stskeeps: mailing list already has a post in the tread20:04
* timoph was just about to send20:04
*** ilold9 has joined #nemomobile20:04
* timoph doesn't20:04
merlin1991and it's 1hr old :D20:04
ilold9a little info. today I tried archlinux on n900 with gnome3-fallback on fbdev. it ran quite well, usable even. hardfp really makes a difference. oh, it the complete gnome stuff with games and networkmanager-applet ohne used abou 100mb ram.20:08
Stskeepshardfp helps a lot, yeah20:09
ilold9I don't want to depress you, but somehow nemo must lower ram usage. the best would be make it usable without swap.20:11
Stskeepsilold9: you're not utilizing gles either, though?20:11
ilold9right, but nemo doesn't run without, right?20:12
Stskeepsit doesn't, no20:12
Stskeepsbut anyway, we're happy to see people can use other OS'es on n90020:12
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile20:12
Stskeepsand hopefully our hardware adaptation bits help people doing so20:12
Stskeepswe're actively working to lower footprint of both mer and nemo20:12
ilold9I was really happy I even managed to get german keyboard layout on archlinux. can I change it in nemo via xorg.conf.d  too?20:13
Stskeepsthink so20:14
Stskeepsor at least in our setxkbmap .desktop file hack20:14
ilold9very good.20:14
Stskeepsthe keymaps are there20:14
Stskeepsi've been there, btw - i did deblet for n8x0 back in the days20:15
Stskeepsin the end you realize it's not truly useable as a mobile OS and not designed for it20:15
Stskeepsthere are definately things that shouldn't be used if we did nemo all over again, for sure, but that was the technologies available at the time20:16
Stskeepsand we're already quite a lot lower in memory usage than we have been :)20:16
Stskeepsif you want, you're welcome to put any UI you want on top instead20:16
Stskeepsand re-use the hardware adaptation20:17
Stskeepsbut in the end, it comes down to contributors and contributions, which we don't have many of20:18
Stskeepsespecially due to the fragmentation of the community surrounding the devices20:18
ilold9well, I like nemo. it is (ignoring bugs and lack of apps) the most usable ui for n900, tablets even. I often look over to e17 and elementary but there are even more bugs and some really stupid usability decisions.20:20
Stskeepscontribution to help bring down memory usage most welcome, though do remember we intentionally cache extra in order to load apps faster, etc20:20
Stskeepsif we get rid of MTF apps, our memory usage drops too20:21
Stskeepsanyhow, time to sleep20:22
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