Friday, 2012-01-27

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faenilmmm houston we have a problem00:04
faenilanyone online?00:04
faenilmy n950 doesn't charge...00:04
faenilI left it all day at AC charger, and 0% battery now...00:05
faenilI was trying to flash pr 1.200:05
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* Stskeeps couldn't sleep last night until like 2am, so is a bit trashed06:36
Sagehmmp... repository problem fixed during the night apparently06:36
* araujo downloading now06:37
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veskuhSage: What was wrong with image synch?07:47
Sageveskuh: no idea it was ok this morning :)07:51
veskuhSage: Ok. I was just curious.07:51
timophmagic :)07:52
veskuhor aliens07:53
merlin1991I vote for alienst08:01
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veskuhSage: Is pulseaudio consuming CPU also on N900 ?09:10
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Sageveskuh: not really, how much is it consuming on n950?09:15
veskuhwhile idle09:16
Sageneed to flash the official image but for my prerelease it doesn't09:17
veskuhI had that already in prerelease09:17
Sageveskuh: try to remove the link made in pulseaudio settings package09:23
Sageveskuh: that is only thing that changed on N950/N9 pa lately09:23
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veskuhSage: wierdly that seems to work09:31
veskuhSage: but I guess that would again break audio on N9?09:32
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Sageveskuh: yes09:35
Sageveskuh: that link shouldn't do any harm on N950 so something in our scripts is probably wrong09:36
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veskuhcopying the file does not cause load.. only link09:42
veskuhshould the symlink target be fullpath?09:45
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* Sage goes to lunch09:51
veskuhSage: yep, looks like the symlink target needs to be fullpath09:58
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merlin1991what kind of sums are the sums in the MANIFEST file?10:05
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merlin1991hmm seems to be md510:16
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merlin1991also I wonder why the wiki has no mention of the -l method anymore10:22
Sageveskuh: ok, want to make a patch for that?10:42
veskuhSage: yep, I can do it.10:42
merlin1991Sage I was wondering why the MANIFEST for the nemo images does not follow md5sums syntax10:47
merlin1991ruins the use of md5sum -c MANIFEST10:47
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Sagemerlin1991: MANIFEST is created by mic and if it doesn't follow that then is is probably a bug10:50
merlin1991the difference is that md5sum syntax has a double space between sum and path, I don't know though if that would break other checks10:51
Sagemerlin1991: hmmp... need to patch that to mic then10:52
Sageit really should follow md5sum syntax10:52
Sagemerlin1991: do you have link to document about the proper syntax?10:53
merlin1991nope I only know that it works with 2 spaces and that md5sum also outputs 2 spaces if you sum a file10:55
Sagethe second space can also be * btw10:57
kimjuinfo coreutils "md5sum invocation"10:57
kimjuunder -c option the format is explained.10:57
kimjuthe second space is flag, " " for text file, "*" for binary10:58
* KaIRC just realized that the USB on his N900 is probably OK, it's the charger that doesn't work right10:59
* merlin1991 wonders if there really is a distinction between 'text' and 'binary' for md5sum10:59
kimjumerlin1991, depends on system.11:00
merlin1991editing the manifest to '  ' or ' *' bot yields in OK11:00
kimjumerlin1991, under dos there is a difference11:00
merlin1991ah it's the windows compatability, binary or textmode towards fopen11:01
* merlin1991 never understood the reationale behind 'text mode'11:02
Sagemerlin1991: thanks for reporting should be fixed in next release11:03
merlin1991Sage: I would adjust that to *11:04
merlin1991since reading binary in textmode on windows stops when you reach a EOF byte in the binary11:05
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4202 waiting for review at
Sagemerlin1991: know what is the proper way to determine if file is binary in python?11:06
merlin1991Sage: in the case of m5sum binary is always right11:07
merlin1991textmode stops on EOF and adds \r to \n if not present when writing11:07
KaIRChah, booted nemo fine when using the N9 charger :)   now if only nemo had a LED indicator for charging like fremantle does11:08
merlin1991and imo you always want to sum the files on disk and not what the os might make out of the data when reading otherwise ;)11:09
merlin1991KaIRC: about that led inidicator, dunno on my devices it seems that it only works randomly on fremantle :P11:12
Sagemerlin1991: well mainly saying that when I do md5sum * on dir it writes "  " always11:12
merlin1991let me try with md5sum on windows11:13
KaIRCmerlin1991: always has worked fine on my N900 - but I haven't tweaked any LED settings much11:14
merlin1991well I'm currantly charching 2 n900s where both have stock mce.ini but only one has the orange/yellow led indicator11:15
KaIRCmerlin1991: some orange light or pulse when charging and green light when fully charged would be enough for me :)11:16
KaIRCmerlin1991: interesting11:16
Sageveskuh: looks good accepted11:16
SageKaIRC, merlin1991: patches welcome especially to our mce/dsme stuff :)11:17
merlin1991KaIRC: that is both n900 are currently running fremantle11:17
* KaIRC would probably know how to program this in JavaScript if an API to access the LEDs was already available in Gecko11:17
merlin1991Sage: on windows md5sum * outputs me ' *' only :D11:17
* Sage is currently wondering why our mce fails to connect dsme socket on first startup
Sagemerlin1991: eh11:17
KaIRCSage: well, I have no idea about low-level code11:17
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4202 Accepted promotion request11:18
merlin1991but afaik you won't run into any problems with ' *' on linux since the binary flag for fopen is simply discarded11:18
Sagemerlin1991: :)11:18
Sageso " *" is ok for both :)11:19
Stskeepsboarding, bbl11:21
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merlin1991is there an architectural overview somehwere for nemo? It's kinda hard to grasp where all the different stuff plugs into each other (dsme, bme, mce, ...)11:39
veskuhmerlin1991: hmm.. not really.. but I'm sure that would have something about meego handset architecture11:40
veskuhmerlin1991: that still applies quite much, even though we have some bigger changes already like systemd11:40
veskuhmerlin1991: and on the UI side we have qtcomponents in addition to MTF11:41
* merlin1991 is going todo fremantle v2.0, slap hildon-* on top of nemo again :D11:43
veskuhmerlin1991: best I could find is this:
merlin1991thanks veskuh11:44
Sagemerlin1991: OBS structure is shown here
Sageveskuh: could you pastebin "dmesg | grep -i dsme" on N950?11:55
veskuhSage: sec..11:56
veskuhSage: nothing, I've got bunch of connmand stuff flushing early messages though12:00
Sageah, flooded out then12:00
Sage^ probably need to add that to mce as it currently fails to start at first12:02
veskuhYep, the start after writing new image (right after moslo) fails on n950 also.12:03
Sageadding that line in /lib/systemd/system/mce.service should fix that12:04
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veskuhSage: On N9 I dsme complains about missing /etc/init.conf12:07
veskuhSage: but I do not know if that is from first boot12:07
SageI think that is ok error. IIRC adding that causes device not to boot :)12:07
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* Stskeeps lands in .fi13:59
slaineStskeeps: That was some jump14:02
w00tStskeeps: welcome14:03
Stskeepsyeah.. i am almost disappointed in the cold14:03
Stskeepsit bit a lot more in warsaw14:03
w00ttoday isn't too bad14:03
slaineBeen a very mild winter here in Ireland14:04
* admiral0 wants to see finland :(14:04
slaineI bought a 1/2 ton of logs and barely touched them14:04
Stskeepsok, got my bag already, bbl14:06
timophStskeeps: welcome14:15
timophStskeeps: staying only in helsinki or planning to visit tampere as well?14:15
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* KaIRC is so happy his N900 USB isn't dead (and that it's the charger) that he wants to load the new nemo image onto it immediately ;-)16:46
timophhmmh. second hand n900 prize seems to be around 100e currently16:54
* timoph is thinking of buying a spare one just in case16:54
merlin1991I did that last week :D16:56
timophdm8tbr: what's a good and hackable archos device?16:58
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KaIRCtimoph: you can also post in that Mozilla bug so you might get one (it's currently a bit unclear how they will be given away but it might be that one person takes them and ships them to everyone who requested one)17:00
* timoph looks17:01
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* timoph requested 10-20 devices for devaamo :)17:21
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