Monday, 2012-01-30

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Sagearaujo: probably not06:35
Sagemorning all06:36
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Sageveskuh_: up for some testing of new udev, systemd etc. ?08:38
SageI would really need more eyes for this stuff :)08:38
Sagealso if anyone else is interested feel free to raise your hands :)08:39
veskuh_Sage: Not today. I'm at home office today, no device.08:39
Sageah, ok08:39
Sage\o/ remembered to run zypper update inside screen this time when updating connman :D08:42
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slaineSage, I've got my n900 here, if you tell me what to test, I might be able to give it some time over the morning08:55
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Sageslaine: wget -P /etc/zypp/repos.d/; zypper ref; zypper install util-linux systemd udev08:59
Sagecurrently compiling but should be done in 15min or so08:59
Sageif you can time the bootspeed before update and after08:59
Sageand let me know if you see difference09:00
Sageslaine: actualy compile done alrady09:01
slaineFrom the last release build or the latest pre-release ?09:02
Sagelatest release09:03
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binhtran87i have installed ti-dsp on N950 follow this site:  But it appeared errors:09:14
binhtran87error: create_node: dsp node allocate failed09:14
binhtran87  error: main: dsp node creation failed09:14
binhtran87please help me09:14
lbtbinhtran87: you need to explain what OS you are using and what version - also when you have more than a couple of lines of text, use http://pastie.org09:18
Sagebinhtran87: did you try to load those drivers manually? that /etc/rc.local doesn't work probably for loading the modules. Also from what cmd that output was?09:20
* Sage is quite happy about nemo bootspeed on N900 atm. ~40s09:22
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binhtran87<lbl>: i installed nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-testing-0.20120105.1.NEMO.2012-01-12 on N95009:25
binhtran87I typed commands:09:25
binhtran87modprobe mailbox_mach09:25
binhtran87modprobe bridgedriver base_img=/lib/dsp/baseimage.dof09:25
binhtran87then : dsp-test09:26
binhtran87it appeared errors above09:26
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slainewhats the root password ?09:36
veskuh_in new images09:36
slainetsp, of course, was typing mer and meego09:36
slaineSage, I'm seeing about 31 seconds for the latest stable release09:38
slaineclass 10 card09:38
Sageslaine: ok, and my guess is that it will go around 60s after installing those packages :/09:39
Sagethere is something off with udev it seems09:39
slaineSage, do I pull down the .repo file in that dir ?09:43
Sageyes my typo up there :)09:45
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slaineGot a "job failed. See system logs and'systemctl status' for details" message after Installing udev-180-11.110:04
slaineSage, regression confirmed10:08
slaine55 seconds10:08
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slaineSage: anything else you want me to check ?10:26
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Sageslaine: well if you see anything else odd in that udev+systemd update let me know10:42
Sagecouldn't find anything else myself than the speed regression10:42
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Sageslaine: I'm building udev again without any of our patches from meego lets see if one of those caused the problem10:57
slaineWould have thought all the meego patches would be upstreamed by now10:58
Sagewell those are mainly rule changes10:59
Sagealso we have couple of rules as well from meego
slainelooks to be all rules11:01
* Sage updates just systemd from the repo to check if that causes any regressions.11:03
Sageuh, can't do that actually11:05
Sageok, first bug in systemd packaging11:05
Sageslaine: try to refresh repo and install new udev from the same repo11:06
Sageand let me know if that seems better11:07
slainein meetings for the next hour at least11:07
slainegive me a poke after lunch to remind me11:07
SageI'll try on exopc soon at least11:07
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Sageok, removed those and now the boot is 22s (before was ~14s with old udev)11:17
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slaineremoved what, the three updated packages ?12:25
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Sageslaine: it seems that the problem might be actually the new journal that is in systemd13:02
slaineaudit log of some description ?13:03
Stskeepsperhaps that it actually stores logs to disk....?13:04
Stskeepsinstead of to (fast) ram?13:04
slainenod, what I was thinking13:04
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Sagewas there a program that can be used to check what files are used during boot for example?13:11
Sagecan be chosen apparently either ram or fs. and doesn't seems to make difference13:16
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SageStskeeps: so systemd 38 or 39 seems both increase the time and we are not the only ones13:24
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matrixx <-- old news already?13:36
Stskeepsno deriatives?13:37
Stskeepsare they kidding us?13:37
matrixxyeah :/13:37
Stskeepswell, that's rather useless13:39
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SageCC BY-ND so we can't modify them?13:43
Stskeepsnor make deriatives13:44
slaineWhat happened, they replaced the meego theme with the meego harmattan theme and have it under a license that stops us from using it ?13:47
matrixxcan't be used, but not modified13:48
Sagewe can use it but not modify13:48
Sageor do our own theme based on that pretty much13:48
matrixxyeah, meant can be used, but not modified.. typo day13:49
matrixxI think it's ok to mix graphics, unless you don't modify any piece of existing graphics13:50
Sageveskuh_: saw your comment in bug but not sure if we can use that code ^13:50
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lbtjust be glad you're not in the UK or you wouldn't be allowed to mix RGB to create your own theme13:51
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xruxablanco theme now in GIT ;)   ... now what to do with it :)14:01
veskuh_xruxa: see log14:01
veskuh_xruxa: no derivates, what that means in practice is a bit unclear14:01
Sagexruxa: CC BY-ND license. :/14:02
* xruxa spits over his left shoulder twice14:02
veskuh_Still in practice, if it just means that you cannot reuse graphics or edit them it shouldn't be problem for us.14:03
veskuh_ if it also means that higher level theme like darko is impossible, then it is unusable.14:04
Sageveskuh_: I understood it as latter one originally.14:05
xruxaso basically, not too thrilled for now about Blanco release. It was supposed to be good news :(14:06
veskuh_Sage: Yep, I'll see if I can get somebody from legal to clarify.14:07
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4209 waiting for review at
matrixxveskuh_: when I enquired, the answer is that it's best the lawyers could give for branding reasons14:09
veskuh_matrixx: yep, saw the mail :)14:09
matrixxah :)14:10
xruxaso I did not really waste my time with the Darko theme after all14:11
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matrixxlbt: your link is shocking :S14:12
lbtI know14:12
matrixxplaying with colors is apparently dangerous :|14:13
xruxaThere is app for N9 that does exactly that, in say 10 seconds (rainbowbrush) ...14:13
lbtand sadly it means inspiration and aspiration is now illegal for art in the UK14:14
* lbt hums a sad tune ... and hopes noone hears14:15
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4209 Accepted promotion request14:17
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mikhasveskuh_, very nice14:54
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* Stskeeps yawns18:04
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