Tuesday, 2012-01-31

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phaeronSage: hey :)09:48
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Sagephaeron: hi10:05
phaeronSage: I tried latest nemo stuff on i586, looks and behaves so much better !10:05
Sagephaeron: yes it is quite nice already10:08
w00tis the phantom keyboard problem still there btw?10:08
Sagebtw, that phantom keyboard is on pandaboard as well10:09
phaeronit has some weirdness , but it was actually usable for a while10:09
phaeronfor some reason the phantom keyboard doesn't show as bad in the helium browser10:10
w00tphaeron: can you echo $QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM for me?10:10
phaeronok give me a minute10:11
* w00t would expect it to be empty10:11
w00techo $QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM while you're at it10:12
w00tbbiab, going for lunch10:13
Sagew00t: is there fps meter in qml components gallery?10:14
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phaeronw00t: both empty , not defined even10:22
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phaeronSage: is it doable on the n9 yet ?10:25
Sagephaeron: well it can be used but boot requires usage of flasher10:26
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phaeronso moslo doesn't work ?10:28
Sageyou can't flash kernel to device only load kernel with flasher10:29
phaeronah :(10:30
phaeronI'll try anyway10:31
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4212 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/421210:40
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faenilmorning :)10:44
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SageANNOUNCEMENT: Nemo Mobile Steering Group Meeting starts in 5min.10:55
Sagein #mer-meeting10:55
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4212 Accepted promotion request10:58
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admiral0i've lost all but 5 min of meeting12:01
veskuhadmiral0: there is always a log12:01
faenilveskuh: I've read your comments on the battery level bug, that doesn't seem so easy to fix :D12:01
admiral0i wanted to ask if you ever thought of making a thingie for the n9 like12:02
veskuhfaenil: if carsten said it was easy he probably has some easier way to fixing than what I was trying12:02
admiral0open mode -> install some debs -> bits&pieces in harmattan are substituted12:02
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faenilhe said to use some lib12:02
faenildon't remember12:02
faenillibpc something12:02
veskuhlibbmeipc maybe?12:02
faenilthat one12:03
veskuhYes, we have some kind existing for N900, maybe the idea was to use the same with N95012:03
faenilhe said something like "it should be enough to use libbmeipc"12:03
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faenilgtg cya later guys :)12:05
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faenilwe have a big problem :)15:01
faenilthe fact that flickable's contentX is rounded before set.. :(15:02
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faenilfixed: some future release.... ouch :(15:09
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veskuhfaenil: there is always possibility to cherry pick the feature as .patch to our Qt if the fix is simple enough and we feel that it is important enough to get fixed15:11
faenilwhat bothers me is that there has to be some reason if they haven't fixed it yet15:12
faenilit's a small fix...I wonder what problems it could create..15:12
veskuhaccording to bug fixed in 4.7.215:12
faenilit was reopened15:12
faenilanyway, I'm using 4.7.4 and it's still there15:13
* veskuh should also read bug descriptions fully before commenting to irc15:13
faenilI have finished implementing all checks for a nice pinch to zoom15:13
faenilbut the screen wiggles as it says in the bug report15:13
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veskuhTo me it looks like they closed it because they expect rewrite of flickable (or the stuff it uses) on Qt515:18
faenilwell, better than nothing :(15:19
faenilbut why hasn't it been set to Qt 5 then (the fixed release)15:19
faenilqt5 has  contentItem->setX(pixelAligned ? qRound(x) : x);15:21
faenilinstead of  contentItem->setX(qRound(x));15:21
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faeniland pixelAligned is false by default, so it should return the real x15:23
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faenilit's really strange....no image viewer with decent pinchtozoom can be made until qt5 is out...15:26
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faenilunless you change qt or use modded flickable c++ class of course :)15:27
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