Thursday, 2012-02-02

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vgrademorn Sage07:13
Sagevgrade: morning07:14
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dcthangThis pack seems to be moved somewhere:
Sagedcthang: yes it was merged to main repo07:31
dcthang"zypper se" should see it? :p07:32
Sagedcthang: well our zypper search doesn't work :P07:32
Sagedcthang: but latest image should contain that fix already07:33
dcthangok, nice to hear :-)07:33
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* Sage ponders where the obs sr went08:54
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4306 Rejected promotion request10:45
* Sage just started apps-client on nemo and N90010:54
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veskuhAh, too bad. Would have been too easy fix to just add that patch.11:01
veskuhI think that was the major improvement that was done during summer for touch sensing.11:03
veskuhI remember testing that and it made clear improvement11:03
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Stskeepsor the drag thing11:04
dcthanganyone can install this successfully? gst-dsp-0.8.0-1.7.armv7hl.rpm11:04
dcthangor how can I install codec on N9/N950? Is this obsolete
Sagedcthang: that might be a bit obsoleted instructions11:06
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dcthangI'm trying to install codec there on N911:11
dcthangSage: btw pulse-settings package fixes the audio problem11:11
Sagedcthang: ok good11:14
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dcthangwhere is good material for installing codec there?11:18
SageI'm not sure if we have anything better than the one above atm.11:22
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dcthangok, i got these error when running video-camera and dsp-test after installing those as the guide above
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4307 Rejected promotion request11:27
dcthangany idea if dsp node allocate failed ?11:29
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Sagedcthang: it is usefull to have the log like this so also the cmd execution11:30
Sagejust for future reference11:30
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4308 waiting for review at
Sageveskuh: ^ appsclient available soon in CE:Apps repo11:48
veskuhNice, I'll test right away11:48
Sagedidn't work for me but it has been said that it works11:48
Sagestarts fine but couldn't list apps on my N900 for some reason11:49
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4308 Accepted promotion request11:49
Sageveskuh: btw, try zypper install -t pattern nemo-apps11:49
veskuhSage:  "Nothing provides apps-client" needed by ...11:51
veskuhI was too fast I guess11:51
veskuhyep now it installs11:53
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veskuhSage: UI looks absolutely brilliant and installing Newsflow worked for me.12:01
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Sageveskuh: nice14:11
SageI'll start doing images now so no more fixes for next release14:13
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faenilouch, imageviewer 0.0.1 not the next release next thursday?14:31
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Sagefaenil: yes14:42
Sagefaenil: btw, if you get it to CE:Apps project we can use apps for meego client to download it :)14:42
faenilokay, will go in the next one then :(14:42
faenilyeah exactly14:42
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Sageso almost 2 days time still ;)14:43
Sageno pressure :P14:43
faenilI'll probably release the first working piece of software tomorrow14:43
faenilwhy 2 days? I think I have lost something :D14:43
SageFosdem starts saturday ;)14:43
faenilohhh, I was not thinking about it :D14:44
faenilwow that's a problem, I don't want my current shit to be shown there XD need to work on it, but need to write my thesis too XD14:44
Sageveskuh: not sure how you got it working but for me it doesn't work on either n900 or exopc atm. :/14:49
Sageveskuh: the apps client that is14:49
Sageafter startup loading keeps going on and on14:49
Sageveskuh: did you have to wait long?14:50
Sageor press something?14:50
veskuhStarts from grid nicely and quickly.14:50
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veskuhNo tricks.14:50
Sagegrr... made a typo in release build :P14:50
Sageveskuh: did you login with the client?14:54 login works14:54
Sageyes, but did you login before you got the apps?14:54
veskuhNo. Download worked without login14:55
veskuhlogin was needed only for writing review14:55
veskuhI tested review writing and wrote one to newsflow14:55
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veskuhSo the major problems I saw was apps were there 4x and also my currently installed apps were there.14:56
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veskuhI had done zypper ref before opening the app.14:57
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Sagethat is probably it14:57
Sageor not14:58
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Sagedoes appsformeego require sudo ?15:03
Sageat least to aprt of the functions15:03
Sageveskuh: can you give output of "ls /etc/zypp/repos.d/;ls /etc/sudoers.d/" on your device where client works15:05
veskuhFor some reason nowadays getting usb networking to work between mac and device takes ages and totally freezes my mac.15:12
Sage <- new release15:17
Sageok well if it works with that then I'm a bit confused15:17
veskuhI'll install that to N9 so I can use working N950 as reference15:18
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veskuhFirst boot worked on N9, that is improvment15:40
veskuhapps-client starts.. no apps..15:43
Free-MGveskuh: how to start nemo on n9? flasher --load -k vmlinuz.....?15:44
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veskuhFree-MG: I'm working for Nokia, so I have internal that allows it to work on my device15:46
Free-MGdamn :)15:47
Free-MGthen i must play with good old N90015:48
veskuhSage: apps-client uses PackageKit it seems. At least it is blocking zypper after starting apps-client15:48
veskuhSage: one additional thing, I had used PackageManger on the same image earlier, where I tried apps-client.15:49
veskuhand now PackagManager does not see any packages either.15:52
veskuhAnd now manually triggered refresh cache from packagemanager UI, lets see if that helps15:56
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user___image  can be installed on your phone?16:05
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user___or no?16:10
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user___install nemo memory in phone16:23
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user___  - install in flash16:25
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faenilSage: which features do you think the gallery should have before releasing it?16:31
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faenilStskeeps: ^16:37
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faenilis everyone sleeping? :D17:49
w00tfaenil: they're both probably travelling to fosdem17:49
w00tjust release it17:49
w00trelease early, and release often :)17:49
faeniloh I see... ;)17:49
w00tbump the version every day or two if you want, that's perfectly fine17:49
faenilyeah I'm still writing some more on the thesis17:49
faenilare you online this evening (i.e. in 3 hours)?17:50
w00tdon't know17:50
w00tI have an apartment to clean before I fly out tomorrow17:50
faenilto let you try it17:50
w00tah... definitely would have trouble with that atm, no device to use it on17:51
faenilok np then ;)17:51
faenilare you all going to fosdem?17:54
matrixxI am at least :)17:56
w00tto get there would be too difficult / leave me too tired, so i'm skipping18:02
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