Friday, 2012-02-03

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Sageveskuh: with the appsclient try to do mkdir -p /var/run/PackageKit/udev and chmod -R 777 /var/run/PackageKit12:40
Sageveskuh: we haven't done anything for udev but I'm guessing that we need to do packagekit modifications to match the sysvinit -> systemd changes12:40
Stskeepswe have an actual working backend now?12:41
Sagethe permissions etc. for /var/run/ changed when changed to systemd12:41
SageStskeeps: yes it has been seen working already. There is just something wrong with current image12:41
veskuhStskeeps: sort of works on my n950 with previous image doesnt work on my n9 with current image12:41
veskuhStskeeps: I even managed to install newsflow with it yesterday12:42
SageI think there is still something broken with packagekit/polkit etc. package12:42
Sageanothing thing that the appclient might need is sudo or just generic permission fix12:44
veskuhappclient talks with packakit that is clear when looking at logs12:45
veskuhpackagekit is run as root12:45
Sageveskuh: 13:38:33PackageKit          no ConsoleKit, so cannot get session12:45
Sage^ that is the problem probably12:45
StskeepsBTW, re sudo, remember to upgrade whatever package you have12:45
Stskeepsthere's a nasty exploit12:45
SageStskeeps: we don't have sudo atm. :)12:45
Stskeepsexactly ;)12:45
veskuhSage: well, Packagekit is able to to talk with zypper, it populates its dbs succesfully.12:46
Sageveskuh: :)12:48
Sageneed to check if that has changed in later packagekit versions12:49
Sageanyway, need to go as boarding starts soon.12:49
Stskeepshave a good flight12:49
Stskeepssee you tonight or tomorrow12:49
SageStskeeps: you too.12:50
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veskuhSage: mkdir.. did not help13:21
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veskuhSage: but I am able to install with Packages and it also uses packagekit according to my understanding13:23
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veskuh_Sage: There is no ca-certificates on image => Kasvopus, TwimGo fail may also affect apps-client15:56
veskuh_and it did. after installing it I'm getting the content!16:02
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netweaverhi everybody17:11
netweaveranybody here ? :)17:12
veskuh_it's pretty quite, many regular folks are at FOSDEM this weekend17:13
netweaveryes right now 1200 km traffic jam in Belgium, due to 2 hrs of snow.17:14
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NetweaverI'm also in that traffic jam, might take me 4 hrs for 70 kms :(17:29
veskuh_Wow, that is bad.17:31
Netweavergives me time to chat on irc ... ;) i'm looking for info on home to compile the N900 Nemo kernel ?17:32
veskuh_Do you have an obs account?17:32
veskuh_It's quite easy with community OBS, you just branch out the current kernel, do your mods and let OBS build it for you.17:34
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Netweaversorry, phone got in the way. i downloaded the current  source from obs, seems i didn't have to do tthat.17:42
Netweaveri'll try the obs way. always has to be a first time for everything17:42
veskuh_Yep, we have old instructions for local compiles:
veskuh_OBS is much easier after you learn how to use it.17:43
veskuh_This is one slide set about OBS use:
Netweaveras usual. but learning curve can be steep. I'll have a look when i ever i come back home17:47
veskuh_yep, for simple fixes you can do a lot in the Web UI.17:48
veskuh_for example if your kernel fixes would be just tweaking build options, you could branch the package, edit build config, and see the build log and get built rpm just from web ui17:49
Netweaverit's about introducing 1 or 2 patches to allow all mmc's to be detected. in our power-kernel we had to make a change and possibly in nemo kernel we need to reverse a patch17:52
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Netweaverok, i've been through the presentation. what would be the package for the n900 adaptation kernel? i had the same issue whe i filed a bug yesterday ...18:43
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veskuh_This one is N900 kernel:
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veskuh_just log in with comminity obs account, choose branch package and edit your branched package files either with web tool or go with local build route18:46
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Netweaverthanks. obs account requested. exploring unknown worlds ahead :D19:36
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