Saturday, 2012-02-04

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jukkaeklundhello from #fosdem10:17
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chouchounehello jukkaeklund !!!11:18
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4312 Rejected promotion request11:22
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4313 waiting for review at
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* Sage just fixed a bug @ FOSDEM ;)11:34
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4313 Accepted promotion request11:34
chouchounecongratulations Sage11:36
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jukkaeklundchouchoune hello!11:56
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* Sage is waiting outside open mobile devroom waiting fof seats to be available12:15
phaeronSage: you just didn't want to listen to tizen :D12:17
Sagephaeron: hehe...12:21
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faenilSage, Stskeeps, live at FOSDEM? :D13:53
Stskeepsfinished already13:56
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faenilalready? :O14:04
faenilI thought it was kicking off today :O14:04
Stskeepsyes my talk was an hour ago14:06
Stskeepsopen mobile room still goes on14:06
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faeniloh I see14:08
faenilhow was it ?14:08
faenilish? _)14:08
Stskeepsnot one of my best but at least i didn't have food poisoning this time14:09
faenileh :)14:09
faenilI'm sorry I could not upload the imageviewer in time :(14:10
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faenilis there any mirror for Qt SDK 1.2 Linux 64bit? Nokia's servers are SOOOOO SLOW! atm14:40
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M1I'm having problems with Nokia servers too14:51
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faenil22kb/s...that takes a year to download everything14:53
faeniland it was the same yesterday14:53
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fw190how to remove the nemomobile image from the micro sd card19:00
fw190formating on windows pc is imposibble even with the special tool from panasonic which always did the trick19:08
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NetweaverHI :) Anyone here or everyone enjoying the party in Brussels, at FOSDEM ? I'm looking for some help on my failing manual/local Nemo kernel compilation.22:34
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befordStskeeps is there I believe22:41
NetweaverStskeeps ? The man I was looking for. I guess I need to get used to irc a bit more :)22:42
NetweaverI see plenty of people logged on but no activity so I guessed nobody was actively watching this session . Never mind, if Carsten or other kernel guys are here, it would be great22:43
Netweaver11:45 CET, Sat night, on a FOSDEM weekend, I'm not putting my hopes up too high ... :)22:46
kimjuyou can also try asking the question even if no-one seems to be active at the moment. just leave your irc client online and wait if someone who knows how to answer it happens to look here.22:50
kimjubut yeah, today might not be the best time for getting prompt answers. :)22:51
Netweaverok, I have multiple questions. I followed the Meego wiki for local N900 kernel compilations but I'm getting multiple problems. First of all, should I start from the config file I have in my boot partition on the SD card or should I start from the "make omap2_defconfig" config file? They are both very different.22:55
NetweaverI took the latest config file, delivered with the uImage in the boot partition.22:56
Netweaverthen I ran the quilt, with the updated series file, verified proper execution of my patch and it was ok.22:56
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Netweaverthen I ran the "make uImage". first error was "KBUILD_CFLAGS+= -mno-unaligned-access". This is caused by the Makefileline "KBUILD_CFLAGS+= -mno-unaligned-access".22:59
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Netweaverenv varaibles are set correctly (I think) : ARCH="arm",  CROSS_COMPILE="arm-none-linux-gnueabi-" and PATH includes /opt/cs/arm-2010.09/bin23:02
Netweaveranything I can try/do ?23:03
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NetweaverI'm waiting for my OBS account access, I'll try it there as well but I was hoping I could maybe get the manual way working in the mean time.23:05
Netweaverfunny thing is, Carsten is physically only 50 km away from me now, I could go and search them in Brussels center, if they cared to talk about kernel building tonight to a Meego kernel builder newbie :)23:07
kimjuthe meego n900-adaptation kernel package is/was a bit of a mess. it builds the config from meego default-config + n900 specific overrides.23:07
NetweaverI used this info :
kimjubut I think that the guys did a new cleaner packaging for mer/nemo.23:08
NetweaverI downloaded the latest OBS sources + all patches and started from there23:10
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Sagejukkaeklund: at hotel?23:16
Sagejukkaeklund: lbt_away found right direction? :)23:16
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