Sunday, 2012-02-05

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faenilmorning! :)11:16
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NIN101in Menu -> Settings -> Connections -> WiFi, can somebody chose a WPA2 network, and as a PSK type: "72s30jjKx" - on my device, the dialog crashes. N900.13:08
NIN101hmm, strange. not always...13:16
SageNIN101: hmmp... can you check what is written to /home/nemo/.xsession-errors when the applet crashes?13:17
* Sage though that he already fixed that bug :/13:18
NIN101ok one moment...13:19
NIN101---> /home/nemo/controlpanel-applets.logundecodable token: \001b(hex)[?1034h      ; undecodable token: \001b(hex)[?1034h13:22
Sageummm... can you pastebin more like 20 last lines13:28
NIN101well let me redirect the output to a file then and reboot to maemo, as I don't have WiFi now on nemo :-)13:32
NIN101Sage: I don't see much related to this error, but...:
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Sagehmmp... have you changed lang settings?14:05
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NIN101No, I didn't.14:12
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NetweaverAfternoon everyone, someone hehere who can help locally compiling the Nemo Mobile N900 kernel ? Or can help expedite my OBS build account ?14:19
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faenilafternoon :)14:29
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NetweaverNo kernel specialists around/actively reading ?14:56
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SageNetweaver: one way is to do osc branch and check out the package locally and use osc build to build it17:57
Sagelbt, Stskeeps: my flight leaves 17:55 tomorrow btw. So we are probably leaving around 15:00 from here or something.18:03
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Netweaver_sage: that was my first plan but i'm waiting for my obs account, so i wanted to try the manual way while waiting. but lots of issues with compiling ...18:29
Stskeepslbt: ok18:30
Stskeepser, Sage ok18:30
StskeepsNetweaver_: anyone who can enable your obs account is in fosdem atm :)18:30
Stskeepsask tuesday18:30
Venemoheya :)18:31
* Venemo finally has the time to try Nemo on his ideapad18:31
Netweaver_stskeeps: i was fearing that. i could have joined u guys in brussels, living only 50 km away ...18:32
StskeepsNetweaver_: yeah, you should come next year :)18:32
Netweaver_if life events allow, i'll be there. hands were itching but (still) significant other objected ...18:34
Stskeepsfor my first fosdem i took my wife along :P18:38
Netweaver_mine doesn't even think abt that. anyway, next yr could be totally different constellation...18:40
timophdoes work for you?18:44
timophfor me it looks like it's missing css18:45
timophand all images18:45
Stskeepstimoph: rule of thumb: x-fade is on holiday, crasehs18:48
Venemomy Nemo installation says: "Started Read-Ahead Data Collection". and it's been doing this for quite some time now. is this normal?18:54
* timoph guesses no18:55
Venemonow the screen went blank and it's not reacting to any input18:56
timophn900 ?18:56
Venemonope, ideapad18:56
VenemoI booted from USB and chose to install it18:56
timophlatest image?18:56
StskeepsVenemo: ah, yes, don't use the install option there18:57
timophI can try it on exopc if it works for me or not18:57
Stskeepsboot the image first18:57
Stskeepsthen run installer-shell18:57
VenemoStskeeps, oookay18:57
Stskeepsreport a bug please!18:57
VenemoStskeeps, is this a Nemo-specific bug or I should put it into the Mer bugzilla?18:58
Stskeepsno, it's nemo18:59
Stskeepsas it's hw adaptation18:59
Venemoso other x86 hw adaptations don't have this bug?19:00
Stskeepsnemo provides -the- x86 adaptation19:01
Venemowifi also doesn't work. :(19:02
Stskeepsthat may be general ideapad problem19:02
Venemoyay, it has IRC Chatter :)19:03
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Venemobut VKB is buggy :(19:04
StskeepsSage: btw, ovi maps is a lying piece of shit :) the road that i had to turn at is not called grassmarkt, it's kiekenmarkt :P19:05
* Sage should remove the install option from the usb stick menu as we don't have it19:05
SageStskeeps: :D19:05
Stskeepswhich leads into grassmarkt19:05
Stskeepsso, i went to sightsee a bit more of the grand place area19:05
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Venemohrm, but wifi used to work even on that old MeeGo netbook build19:07
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StskeepsVenemo: it was a bit awkward at times19:08
Venemonot just used to, it still works :)19:08
Venemomaybe it needs some closed-source blob?19:09
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Stskeepsah, maybe19:15
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VenemoPlasma Active image is even worse19:17
Venemowell, nothing new at the end of the day, but I'm still a bit sad.19:17
Stskeepsworks quite well on exopc19:18
Stskeepsi'll try nemo on my ideapad when i' mhome19:18
Stskeepswe're all at fosdem so19:18
Venemowell, Nemo is nice except for the wifi issue19:18
Venemobut Active is non-responsive and a bit ugly.19:19
Venemoalso, why's the screen flashing in red sometimes in Nemo?19:22
SageVenemo: that is bug in mtf and AFAIK it is in upstream as well19:24
VenemoI see19:24
Venemowell then, I'll keep on using that old netbook build on the ideapad :P19:24
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SageVenemo: IIRC some of the ideapads requires prorietary binary blob for wlan19:27
Sagesome of them were shipped with broadcom and some of them with atheros chips19:27
Sageatheros has upstream OSS support and it is included AFAIK in nemo builds19:27
Sagebroadcom one need some firmware or something that we might be missing19:27
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SageStskeeps: when your flight was tomorrow btw?19:28
Stskeeps19.20 it seems19:29
Sageah, ok.19:29
Stskeepsi might go earlier anyway19:29
Stskeepsjust not sure if i can check in that early19:30
SageVenemo: thx19:30
Venemoshall I report the bug about the wifi and the vkb as well?19:31
SageVenemo: the vkb is there already19:31
SageVenemo: <- so something like this ? :)19:31
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Venemonope, not at all19:32
Venemobut the cause seems to be the same19:32
Venemowhen I press a key on the VKB, the pressed key remains "floating" in the background behind the vkb19:32
Venemoa redraw could as well be the cause of this19:34
SageVenemo: yes that is the same issue19:34
* Sage goes to walk around brussels for an hour or so before going to sleep.19:36
Stskeepshave a good walk19:36
Venemook, you have too19:36
SageVenemo: ok, for that you should check if your device has broadcom or atheros wifi chip.19:37
VenemoSage, ok, how do I check that?19:38
SageVenemo: probably written on th bottom of the device in some sticker? or maybe lspci says when running linux?19:38
* Sage goes now.19:38
SageStskeeps: thx19:38
VenemoSage, I'll boot that old meego netbook build and run an lspci19:38
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VenemoSage, it's broadcom19:40
Venemoadded a comment about it19:41
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Netweaver_sage: stskeeps: i raised a bug last week on a kernel problem identifying certain sd cards. can i keep that bug ? wanna have a go at it, that's why i'm needing that obs account ... :)19:44
StskeepsNetweaver_: msg lbt/x-fade your login19:44
Netweaver_will do. irc or mail ?19:46
Venemoanyway, have a nice evening folks :) bye20:00
faenilbye :)20:00
Venemoone more question!20:00
Venemowould Nemo work on those OMAP3 Archos tablets? including wifi and GPU acceleration?20:01
Stskeepsif ou make it..20:01
Stskeepsi think kernel version might be a bit old20:02
VenemoI haven't a clue about low-level development to make a hw adaptation.20:02
Stskeepsexactly, and those of us who does don't have much time :P20:02
wmarone_Venemo: it's tough! :D20:03
VenemoI'm just another GUI developer20:03
faenilI have archos g9, omap4430, and the PlasmaActive-Mer based image is already available20:04
Venemofaenil, Plasma Active has repeatedly failed my expectations, so I won't bother with it for another few months again20:05
faenilI tried it on n950 and it was very smooth, don't know what you tried20:05
faeniland Plasma Active 2.0 was released in December20:05
faenilanyway, about the Archos, they're waiting for Archos to release the IceCreamSandwich firmware which should include v3 kernel20:06
faenilbecause wifi and hw acc is not working atm20:06
faenil(was hw acc working on the unit you tried it on?)20:06
VenemoI tried on the Lenovo Ideapad20:07
Venemowell, if you count the Intel graphics as hw acc, then yes.20:08
faenilI meant was the system using hw acc to draw ui?20:08
faenilthat's what matters20:08
VenemoI think so. I didn't check, and it didn't complain.20:08
faenilthere's nothing to complain about, if they know it's not working :)20:09
Venemowell, Nemo was very smooth on it20:09
faenilI know, but that's different, Nemo has another hw adapt I guess20:10
Venemoaccording to Stskeeps, Nemo has _the_ x86 adaptation.20:10
Venemoanyway, actually apart from the wifi which wasn't working (thx Broadcom) and some minor UI glitches, it was a quite nice experience20:10
StskeepsPA has their indexing issue which means a lot of I/O at first startup20:10
faenilthat too20:11
VenemoPA's GUI is not suited for touchscreen use20:11
faenilit was thought for tablets afaik20:12
Venemoyeah, I'm glad you see the irony20:13
faenilanyway, if you had a bad experience, I'm not here to convince you otherwise, just wanted to let you know that the firmware and the platform you tried it on could be the issue20:13
Venemowhen I tap on the volume button, a window pops up with menus and small buttons. that's unsuited for touchscreen usage and is not dependand on my platform :)20:13
Venemoanyway, this is OT.20:13
Venemobut the Nemo guys may feel better knowing that they're (lots) better than PA :)20:14
faenilsure :) I don't like many things about PA, just wanted to know that when I tried it it has always been smooth :)20:15
faenilwanted you to know*20:15
Venemook :)20:15
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faenilso many special cases for a nice pinch to zoom :)20:19
Venemofaenil, by the way, what are you developing which needs this nice pinch-to-zoom thing?20:20
faenilNemo's imageviewer :)20:21
Venemo:) :)20:21
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faenilit always seems to be working, then I discover a new special case trying new images... :D20:22
Venemoyeah, I know the feeling20:22
Venemothat is the way of developing multitouch apps20:22
faenilthen the fight with flickable is exhausting, it keeps doing things I don't want it to do :P20:22
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faenildocs don't cover too many aspects20:23
faenilthings get resized, moved, etc20:23
Venemoare you developing your component in C++ or QML?20:23
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faeniland that interferes with my things20:23
faenilthe aim is to make it use as low modded components as possible20:24
faenilatm it's all qml20:24
faenileven if I'm using some hacks to play with the flickable20:24
Venemowhy don't you just implement all you need in a single C++ class?20:24
faenilreimplementing flickable? that takes a while :)20:24
Venemothen you could have all the behaviour you need in a single place in a reusable component20:24
Venemoit's open source so you wouldn't need to write it from scratch. but I don't think it'd be that hard anyway20:25
faenilit uses a lot of private classes20:26
faenilyou need to mod Qt, can't just take parts off from it20:26
faeniland I'm writing and working on my thesis these days, so this is all extra work, I can't spend more than little time on it20:27
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faenilStskeeps: what if I want to make a package to let users try it?20:31
Stskeepsdon't we have a good guide for contribution?20:32
Stskeepsthough i'm not sure20:32
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faenilmmm lemme look, I only remember seeing a hello world thing20:34
faenilgtg, be back later20:34
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SageVenemo: ok, so we need the firmware for that chip to get wlan working. Need to verify the license though first.20:35
SageNetweaver_: sure all help is welcome. Just ping us when ever you face problems in some generic stuff20:36
VenemoSage, methinks Intel already verified it when they added it to MeeGo20:37
SageVenemo: probably just need to recheck where it is.20:42
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Venemook Sage, thanks :)20:44
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SageVenemo: hmmp... not sure where it is :/20:51
Sagewe have same linux-firmware package that was in meego so if it would be there it should be in the image already20:52
VenemoI believe I installed the latest netbook image which booted20:55
SageVenemo: can you get the dmesg output of the nemo image?20:55
Venemosure! moment, I'll need to dd the image to the pendrive again20:56
Venemofirstly, is 'sudo dd bs=4096 if=nemo-handset-i586-0.20120120.1.NEMO.2012-02-02.1.img of=/dev/sdc' OK?20:57
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Venemo_sorry, my laptop gave up21:04
Venemo_but I'm back now :)21:04
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo21:05
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Venemodd is messing with me21:21
Venemo'435159041 bytes (435 MB) copied, 0.625844 s, 695 MB/s'21:21
Venemohow is this even possible?21:21
Sagesure it was the right device?21:23
Venemoupon boot, it says "No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!"21:23
Venemomaybe the image became corrupt on my HDD... I'll redownload it21:24
Sageor dd just went bad21:26
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Venemook, it boots now :)21:31
VenemoSage, what is it in dmesg that I should look for?21:33
Venemoit doesn't seem to take notice of the wifi device at all21:36
Venemoand lspci is not found21:37
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Venemothe term 'wlan' doesn't appear in dmesg21:43
Venemoanyway, I need to go to sleep now21:48
Venemoso, good night everyone :)21:48
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faenilyesss another special case done :D23:04
faeniltime to go to bed23:11
faenilgoodnight everyone23:11
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