Wednesday, 2012-02-15

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Sage_Stskeeps: <- did this and didn't help anything else?06:04
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StskeepsSage_: hmm06:05
Stskeepsand rebooted?06:05
Sage_Stskeeps: yes06:06
Stskeepssure it gets manifested in 'sysctl -a'?06:06
Stskeepsand ulimit -c shows correctly06:07
Sage_yes ulimit -c shows unlimited06:07
Sage_oh, crap the pattern doesn't06:08
Sage_pid does :)06:08
Stskeepswould be nice if we can somehow make this into a package or flaggable option06:15
* Sage_ ponders why values from core.conf under /etc/sysctl.d/ isn't read06:20
Sage_I can enabled with the same lines with sysctl -w key=value06:21
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Stskeepsshould really be evaluated07:14
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Sage_was there a cmd that can be used to refresh the styles without rebooting or restarting stuff?07:19
Stskeepsstyles? themes?07:19
Sage_themes yes07:20
Stskeepsi think there was a widgets gallery thing07:21
Stskeepsto switch07:21
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w00thonestly, i'd be surprised if it worked07:29
w00tsince harmattan doesn't have functionality to change themes, that sort of stuff kind of fell by the wayside07:29
Sage_ok, well reboot on x86 isn't so much pain07:30
Sage_Is there tool that could point what themes are applied to specific component? There is the Information display in widgetsgallery that can show the names of components.07:31
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StskeepsSage_: would we be able to do nemo for i586, llvmpipe version, and i586, intel drivers?08:11
Stskeepsas in images08:11
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Sage_Stskeeps: sure if the mesa just is packaged properly that they can be easily distinguished08:20
Sage_ <- So what is the name of area around the launcher buttons?08:20
Stskeepsbtw, mesa 8.0 is out too08:21
Stskeepsquick launcher?08:21
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Sage_Stskeeps: we might need to do like mesa-llvmpipe that provides mesa etc. and same for mesa-gles-*08:23
Sage_so that we can do similar in x86 adaptation mesa-intel provides mesa08:23
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Stskeepsdefault mesa in mer is llvmpipe08:24
Sage_just need to make sure vendor can override it even with older version by forcing the name.08:24
Stskeepsyes, that's what tomorrow is for ;)08:25
Stskeepstrying to prep so we can08:25
Sage_Stskeeps: about the theme. the thing is that the center box that is around the buttons and extends a lot from the right side doesn't seem to have any id08:34
Sage_Stskeeps: the quicklaunchbaroverlay is the whole thing and there is one more box inside it around the buttons which is in center but the buttons inside that isn't08:35
Sage_or at least so it seems to me08:35
veskuhSage_: right, yes the area seems greener, so there is something08:36
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Sage_veskuh: yes, but what is that thing :)08:37
veskuhSage_:  Perhaps because of missing icon it calculates the width for the area incorrectly08:38
Sage_hmmp... good point08:38
* Sage_ adds an icon08:38
Sage_actually it seems that the area doesn't extend over the other buttons08:40
* veskuh Cant access gitorious or github again. Frustrated.08:40
Sage_\o/ after adding icon it is ok08:41
w00tveskuh: why?08:41
veskuhw00t:  the ssh proxy through firewall does not seem to be working.08:42
w00tah, glorious08:42
w00ti remember that fun all too well08:42
veskuhgotta love corporate IT08:42
* Sage_ ponders if we could add meego-handset-camera app to x86 as well08:44
Sage_Problem: nothing provides gst-plugins-camera needed by meego-handset-camera-1.0.7-4.1.Nemo.Apps.i58608:44
w00tqtmobility has patches to add moorestown camera support at least, afair08:44
Sage_ok, so we are missing gst-plugins-camera08:45
dcthangpls rememeber meego-handset-camera is having a bug with video recording08:48
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StskeepsSage_: how did you get rid of "boot to tizen"??08:57
Stskeepser, ?08:57
Sage_Stskeeps: /etc/mic/mic.conf09:00
Sage_2 values needs changing09:00
Sage_name_prefix = nemo09:00
Sage_distro_name = Nemo Mobile09:00
Sage_Stskeeps: you might be interested of as well09:01
Sage_the extra entires can be done like that09:01
Stskeepsjust validating the llvm+mesa 8.0 llvmpipe thing atm09:01
Stskeepsso far so good09:02
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w00tSage_: you might appreciate this irony09:17
w00ti'm currently trying to change date/time in harmattan09:17
w00tand... the done button is disabled09:17
Sage_w00t: :D09:19
Sage_w00t: for some reason I'm happy :)09:20
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Sage_w00t: btw, what version of harmattan if I may ask?09:20
jukkaeklundw00t, err, you just do the changes and hit back arrow09:21
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w00tjukkaeklund: no, this is newly flashed09:23
w00tI have a sheet with cancel / save09:23
jukkaeklundright.. you change the date/time and save becomes active09:24
w00tyeah, that's what i'd presume09:24
w00tbut it isn't happening09:24
w00tI just changed it after it booted in anyway :)09:25
jukkaeklundok, what is the exact build number09:25
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* Sage_ just broke his nemo installation on exopc by installing new kernel 09:25
Sage_timoph: you tested the kernel as well?09:25
jukkaeklundw00t, 30.2012...09:25
Stskeepsif anyone wants to try our latest build on VMware/VirtualBox/whatever VM,
w00t3.2012.02-6, latest 1.2 OCF09:26
Stskeepsignore the "Boot Tizen"09:26
w00tI'll try reproduce it again later, I have to start work now, sadly09:27
jukkaeklundw00t, ok its not anything final 1.2 then09:27
jukkaeklundw00t, sorry you have N950 of course it is :)09:28
jukkaeklundso when can we run Isis browser on Nemo? :p09:29
w00tthat would be complicated09:29
w00tthey seem to have an awful lot of custom stuff involved.. even a custom Qt build (and they don't list what their patches are seperately... I need to do a diff at some point)09:30
jukkaeklundok.. so Qt 4.8 and QtWebkit but its not simple as that..09:30
w00tpatched qtwebkit too (probably heavily)09:31
w00tbut i'd expect that09:31
w00ti think grob on the n9 also has a seperate qtwebkit09:31
jukkaeklundI think grob has a really old qtwebkit..09:32
jukkaeklundbtw, date/time works on my N95009:32
w00tprobably, I mean, they'd have started productizing a long long time ago :p09:33
w00tand yeah09:33
w00tI've not seen it before09:33
w00tso I'm thinking fluke09:33
w00tI still found it funny given our problems with that :)09:33
timophSage_: not yet09:35
Sage_timoph: don't try it is broken :)09:35
* Sage_ ponders what script is supposed to update /boot/syslinux/extlinux.conf09:35
Sage_err.. /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf09:36
jukkaeklundI have Nemo running with vmware :)09:36
Stskeepshow fast is it for you?09:36
Stskeepsand yes, there's problems when you use qml apps as an example, due to compositor09:37
jukkaeklundits really fast09:37
jukkaeklundcant get wireless device working from Nemo09:38
Stskeepsyeah, it's within a VM so you probably need to add NAT network interface09:39
jukkaeklundthats what I have09:39
Stskeepsso it should be online09:40
Stskeepsas if it was ethernet09:40
jukkaeklundof course it is :)09:42
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: so, if the compositor problem was fixed, usable for off-the-street UI developers you think?09:43
jukkaeklundworked right away with basic default settings for vmware09:43
jukkaeklundhold on, let me play few more minutes :)09:43
Stskeeps(gesture up on the bottom if the black screen comes up)09:44
jukkaeklundso black screen is the problem?09:45
Stskeepsit's because the llvmpipe stack doesn't do texture from pixmap correctly atm09:45
Stskeepsso it shows black screen on some things09:45
w00thmm, we have a VM, eh09:45
jukkaeklundstskeeps, yep its annoying as it is09:46
Stskeepsbut anyway, good start09:46
jukkaeklundit is great09:46
jukkaeklundI see 30-40FPS09:46
jukkaeklundor thats what widgetsgallery says09:47
Stskeepswhat kind of hardware, out of curiousity?09:47
jukkaeklundTP X20109:47
Stskeepsdoes that have VT virtualization?09:47
jukkaeklundshould have09:47
jukkaeklundthough I don't have it enabled in vmware..09:48
Sage_jukkaeklund: to be sure you should check your bios. At least on my HP the VT was disabled by the factory bios09:48
jukkaeklundyeah, I enabled that in BIOS09:48
jukkaeklundbut not sure what should be vmware settings09:48
Stskeepsthis is by the way not with using accelerated vmware, virtualbox, etc graphics drivers for 2d09:48
Stskeepsso we can probably kick the fps even further up09:48
jukkaeklundI guess enabled "virtualize VT-x.."09:49
jukkaeklundpls get rid of "boot to tizen"..09:49
Stskeepshehe, yes09:50
Stskeepsit's just that i was lazy to change my config :P09:50
jukkaeklundI enabled virtualize VT-x and it became slower09:50
Stskeepsalso, adding SMP/multiple processors to the VM should also improve perforamnce09:50
Stskeepscouple that with a qt sdk and it should be quite interesting09:52
jukkaeklundits smooth at least with this setup09:52
jukkaeklundwould be good to try with some netbook that many devs seem to use09:53
jukkaeklundI can later09:53
w00tStskeeps: especially if we offer easy ways to install additional libs inside the SDK rootfs, it would be great - for platform apps development too09:53
jukkaeklundthis tackles nicely problem of missing hardware..09:53
Stskeepsw00t: :nod:09:53
w00tnot that I'm thinking of myself or anything.. *whistle*09:54
Sage_lbt: did you work with the extlinux stuff at some point?09:56
Sage_I'm mainly wondering what is the proper way to update the config for that09:56
jukkaeklundsame way to have multiple touch events would be nice, without touch display09:57
jukkaeklund..some way..09:58
Stskeepsyou could probably do something with qemu-kvm and that10:00
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Sage_Stskeeps: just fyi;a=commit;h=6e6cb85fd77b7d026a30cd099a2392e2e3c5f5a111:17
Sage_updated after that couple of times but there is support for arm and uboot also in grubby now11:18
Sage_atm. trying to figure out how to do the kernel update for x86 properly with grubby and extlinux so that it would also boot :)11:22
Sage_lbt: need to update your kernel HA template probably if the solution is something that could be adapted easily11:23
* lbt was in the middle of infra things... slow context switch11:24
lbtThat HA work needs putting somewhere sensible11:25
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Sage_lbt: not related to previous but something we also need to change.11:32
lbtmake a bug?11:35
Sage_we should have component for Hardware Adaptation Example11:36
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Sage_lbt: where should the bug go now? Mer Vendor Interface?11:38
lbtgood enough11:39
lbta component may be a good idea too11:39
lbtHA utilities ?11:39
Sage_I would recommend "Hardware Adaptation" instead of HA ;)11:40
* lbt type slow11:40
Sage_but Utilities sounds ok, can't say anything better atm.11:41
Sage_btw, how to change the version noted by kernel as it currently does /lib/modules/3.2.5/ when doing make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=%{buildroot} modules_install11:42
Sage_and I want it to do 3.2.5-4.111:42
Sage_        # make sure EXTRAVERSION says what we want it to say11:46
Sage_        perl -p -i -e "s/^EXTRAVERSION.*/EXTRAVERSION = ${ExtraVer}/" Makefile11:46
lbtSage_: I deliberately didn't do that11:48
Stskeepsit's a good reason to have that11:48
lbtI would like to add something in there though11:49
Sage_that is something we really need11:49
Sage_one reason is that some scripts seem to assume that there is - in final kernel version11:50
lbtthat's *why* I didn't do it - not saying I know the answer but it wasn't arbitrary11:52
lbtthe point is I like to have a rationale for these things - then at least people know why we use what we use11:53
Sage_lbt: :nod: I don't want to add anything that is there because of it has been there before so why not.11:54
Sage_which was the initial approach of my kernel packaging do it as minimal as possible and see how it goes :)11:54
lbtthe 'problem' is defining the abiname/featureset11:54
lbtbut I think they can be macro values somewhere11:55
Sage_it assumes that there is at least one - as there should be the flavour :)11:56
lbtyeah - but that will fit with the debian style numbering11:59
lbtwhich is sane since it allows, eg a new kernel package with extra modules but no abi change11:59
lbtand if vendors want to increment abi value as a simple counter then that's OK too12:00
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* Sage_ :headdes: /lib/modules/
Sage_it is always nice to note typo after compiling larger package :P12:10
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Sage_kernel-adaptation-pc-3.2.5-9.1.i586.rpm 2012-Feb-15 12:21:26 85.1M application/x-rpm12:30
Sage_85M really?12:30
Stskeepsremembered to strip?12:30
Stskeepsbut yeah, kitchen sink..12:30
Sage_hmmp old version only 12M so probably something went wrong :)12:31
Sage_old version 3.0.012:31
Sage_debuginfo package 19.6K ;)12:31
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veskuh_nemoafter fixing #113 links work in ircchatter13:02
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Sage_veskuh_nemo: you have the bug 20 fix as well or just the fix for 113?13:05
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4365 waiting for review at
veskuhI have 113, I exported BROWSER manually to verify13:06
Sage_ah, ok13:06
Sage_how to extend the rpm macros to show the actual result?13:10
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4365 Accepted promotion request13:10
Sage_rpm -qp --scripts seems to do the trick13:11
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* w00t looks at QML16:45
slainew00t: not for too long, you might go blind16:48
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w00tfrals: so I may have accidentally started on the QML :(16:55
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rantomCorrect me if I'm wrong: new images of Nemo come tomorrow?17:58
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* w00t has most of a simple browser done19:17
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timoph <- vkb looks a bit funny :)19:36
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Sage_timoph: known bug19:38
timophstill funny :)19:39
* w00t pokes the file browser19:39
timophnice to see harmattan app working without any changes on nemo19:42
* timoph tried his planningpoker on nemo19:42
timophwell. I need to fix the packaging a bit but otherwise works19:43
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w00ttimoph: :)19:58
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slaineyou see a lot of those lenovo's around these parts20:01
Sage_w00t: nice20:06
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timophslaine: yeah. keeps reminding me how much fun I had back in Dublin's conference20:14
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