Tuesday, 2012-02-14

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djszapiIs it possible to update the system without reflash the new image every week ?05:27
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Sage_djszapi: in theory it is possible to do that however there are some things that are sort of "known" problems07:07
djszapianything serious ?07:09
djszapiCan Nemo be invoked as a book reader in its current state on N950 ?07:10
djszapiis there some good document and/or office-suite for that ?07:10
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dcthangokular ?07:15
djszapiis it available and does it work fine ?07:16
djszapiafaik there is no qt-components interface to okular.07:16
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dcthangavailable and work fine ->yes07:20
dcthangah you want something that using qt-components. If so that's not a good choice07:20
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Sage_djszapi: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Updating07:37
Sage_I've done it like that and it has worked quite nicely07:38
dcthangnice feature07:42
dcthanghope not break something07:42
Sage_well we don't test each update so hard to say for sure. :/07:43
Sage_if there are problems would be nice if people would report those issues so we could look into those.07:43
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4343 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/434307:47
dcthangyeah, if I found will report there07:51
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jukkaeklundstskeeps, how do I reset my password at nemomobile.org?08:04
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Stskeepsprod lbt when he's awake08:05
Stskeepshe handles the backend08:05
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veskuhvgrade:  Did you try nemo on spark with graphicssystem raster? On N950 I get ~30FPS with raster. About 5FPS with SW and above 60 with HW accelerated.08:12
veskuhvgrade: should work with killall meegotouchhome; meegotouchhome -graphicssystem raster -local-theme08:13
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Sage_veskuh: the MTF MW update is in Project:MTF:MW if you want to try. I couldn't find any missing graphics or anything this time08:14
veskuhSage_:  Sure, I'll try it out.08:14
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jukkaeklundwill the webkit 2.2.1 make it to this week's Nemo release?08:15
Sage_jukkaeklund: actually not08:15
Stskeepsit'll make it to the mer release, we're just fighting to get it out08:15
Stskeepsnemo, not sure..08:15
Sage_jukkaeklund: nemo is released before the new mer release is out08:15
jukkaeklundsad face08:16
Stskeepswe'll probably do some prerelease images so08:17
jukkaeklundwould be nice to try during Saturday hackday08:18
Stskeepsveskuh, jukkaeklund: btw, quite interesting technical (a bit dry) result from last night: http://pastie.org/3379237 -- that's 'acl' package building on a ARM target that has no native bash, gcc, or typical compilation tools -- all tools are from x86 side08:18
Stskeepsmeans you can make very tiny cores with it08:18
Stskeeps(within OBS)08:18
* jukkaeklund doing some serious testing with Nemo, expect a flood of bugs later.. (or ideally not of course)08:19
jukkaeklundstskeeps, didn't understand but sounds good08:19
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: i'm hoping to be able to build devices from wireless routers to netbooks with this approach08:19
jukkaeklundok :)08:20
Stskeepssame methods and ease08:20
djszapiSage_: mmm, okay.08:20
djszapiSage_: I will cut my sim card soon and put into the N9, and get Nemo on my N950.08:20
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jukkaeklunddjszapi, nice, you know about the dual boot stuff?08:21
Sage_alsa updated and so many ti omap fixes in there http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Changes_v1.0.24_v1.0.25#SoC_Texas_Instruments_OMAP08:22
Sage_it is nice to see that rx51 updates are still going in :)08:22
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djszapijukkaeklund: yes.08:24
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niqtwho create icon for nemo?08:27
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Sage_and audio works even after alsa update on N900 so pushed updates to mer review08:27
veskuhniqt:  most are from xruxa08:27
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veskuhSage_:  Yep, updated the MW stuff. No issues. New theme is working fine, haven't seen any red squares anywhere.08:33
djszapidoes irc-chatter work fine on nemo ?08:34
jukkaeklundI'll try..08:35
veskuhIt works pretty well. There is wierd issue with VKB where the screen goes black, but rotating device helps there.08:35
mikhasveskuh, bug report?08:36
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jukkaeklund_N950hello from nemo..08:37
mikhasWe currently looking at 105 commits, trying to find the one that broke self compositing for some corner cases. Your input could help.08:37
djszapimikhas: if the corner case is reproducible, try git bisect.08:37
veskuhmikhas: sure, I'll try to reproduce and file it.08:38
Sage_veskuh: so, good to go from your pov?08:38
veskuhSage_: yes08:38
Sage_veskuh: k08:38
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mikhasdjszapi, that's the hard problem … reproducibility …08:39
djszapisounds hefty.08:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4343 Rejected promotion request08:42
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4344 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/434408:49
X-FadeHmm did I drop out of this chan? :)08:50
djszapiSage_: I asked X-Fade about where to put kdelibs to.08:50
X-FadeSage_: CE:MW:Shared?08:51
X-FadeI guess that is the best place for it.08:52
X-Fadedjszapi: Does it pull in a lot of dependencies?08:52
djszapiX-Fade: I would say no, but you would say yes imo :)08:53
Sage_X-Fade: CE:MW:Shared no. We do CE:MW:KDE or something for that if needed.08:53
Sage_I see KDE as a UX library and not something common.08:53
X-FadeSage_: That is up to you, but at least I guess it is MW08:54
djszapiSage_: kdecore is not ux library :)08:55
Sage_X-Fade: sure, but not to Shared as it would cause maintenance mess for us.08:55
djszapiso is qtcore not.08:55
veskuhmikhas: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104 looks either issue in Maliit or Qt Components08:55
djszapiany repository is okay for me, if I do not need to make the same burden as for Harmattan.08:55
djszapiso that to hack the dynamic libraries into the package.08:56
Sage_It needs to be such that can be easily maintained by person X that doesn't have any possible effect of other repos.08:56
djszapiI am fine with CE:MW:KDE, but not because kdelibs is a ux library08:56
djszapibut apps4meego should be able to grab the dependencies from kde apps in there then.08:56
mikhasveskuh, great thanks!08:56
Sage_veskuh: our qt-components is very old :/08:57
mikhasI still think it's us who causes that bug though ;-)08:57
djszapiX-Fade: is that possible to add to the apps4meego client08:57
mikhasMy spider senses are tingling.08:57
X-Fadedjszapi: the client does not need to know about dependencies.08:57
X-Fadedjszapi: it just imports whatever you point it to. Package kit does the installing part.08:57
djszapiX-Fade: so we can import any repositories out there to get dependencies from ?08:58
Sage_I would suggest similar structure for the KDE thing that we have with the MTF, so CE:MW:KDE and CE:Apps:KDE that builds against CE:MW:KDE08:58
X-Fadedjszapi: If they are on device, then it works.08:58
jukkaeklundX-Fade, trying to take some screenshots for you but getting too bad result..08:59
djszapiSage_: works for me.08:59
djszapiX-Fade: you mean if the dependency management works otherwise from that repository by the package manager on the device ?08:59
vgradeveskuh, I did try but saw no improvement so I probably did something wrong. I added the raster flag to the meegotouchhome desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart09:01
djszapiSage_: I need to check first what is inside "CE:MW:PlasmaActive". I have a gut feeling the overlap is big enough.09:01
djszapiI could even imagine that CE:MW:KDE would be a subset of that.09:02
X-Fadedjszapi: afm imports one(!) repo from OBS.09:02
X-Fadedjszapi: So, we would need to create a OBS project which contains all these packages and dependencies.09:03
veskuhvgrade: ok, maybe then compositor eats the performance.09:03
djszapiX-Fade ok then it is not going to work because we might need CE:MW:KDE and CE:MW:Shared too.09:03
Sage_djszapi: it probably is and I think you could use the same repos with PA team.09:03
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X-FadeSage_: We could create an aggregate repository where we publish all packages to?09:04
Sage_X-Fade: can you ellaborate a bit more about that09:04
djszapiSage_: we do that with debian and harmattan for instance (aggregation).09:05
X-FadeSage_: All the building etc happens in separate projects, but make one project where every package gets published to?09:05
Sage_X-Fade: ah, well that sounds ok. Can we make it so that aggregate project can't be used as build target? :)09:06
djszapiX-Fade: is it possible to publish to the aggregated and the "normal" one, too ?09:06
* Sage_ is affraid that someone decides to use that as target and everything becomes a mess09:06
X-FadeSage_: I guess useforbuild can be off :)09:06
djszapiX-Fade: because it would be nice to keep the PA repo for the plasma team as their only source.09:08
djszapiand the would not be forced for an aggregated one.09:09
djszapibut from our pov, it would be nice to get that to the aggregated one too09:09
djszapiso it would be beneficial to get it published to both repositories.09:09
X-FadeI guess we can do that with a special prjconf?09:09
djszapiwould be awesome :)09:10
djszapibecause we can share the work among the plasma team and nemo kde app developers.09:10
X-FadeTrying to remember where we have an example of that.09:10
X-Fademaybe lbt knows :)09:12
djszapiX-Fade: need to reduce the opened windows, but I will stay on #harmattan if there is any progress in that respect.09:17
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Stskeepsmorn xruxa o/09:20
xruxamorning guys09:20
w00txruxa: hey09:21
w00txruxa: qmlcontacts.. did you get around to merging your changes in / what needed doing there?09:21
Sage_hmmp.. should we include this to some tool repo https://launchpad.net/glmark2 ?09:21
xruxaw00t: I have pushed up what little I had09:21
StskeepsSage_: glmark or gles?09:21
* lbt looks at X-Fade09:22
xruxaw00t: some small adds/changes in seaside would be nice to finish it up09:22
X-Fadelbt: have some coffee first :)09:22
w00txruxa: oh, so you did, hah09:22
lbtX-Fade: am I going to need it :)09:22
Stskeepsxruxa: btw, we upgraded meegotouch-theme (not theme-graphics) and so far not seeing red squares, according to veskuh09:22
X-Fadelbt: uhu :)09:22
w00tI'm going to set out to get back on that a bit today at some point, so09:22
xruxaw00t: avatar saving and I made (local) hack to return "undefined" instead of a path to placeholder graphics09:22
w00txruxa: local hack to seaside? mind showing me?09:23
xruxaStskeeps: good to hear - does Contro panel now look nicer?09:23
xruxaw00t: http://pastie.org/3379512  - I'm convinced there is better way than to return a string anyway ;)09:24
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xruxaw00t: what I thought was that the lib should not care about the UI - the UI should know how to visualize undefined avatar09:25
w00tI rather deliberately did that, so each application didn't need to try do it differently09:25
xruxaw00t: that is another way to look at it09:26
w00t(I've seen pretty horrific examples of how that ended up)09:26
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w00tso that, for instance, if we wanted to do some live generation of an avatar - or whatever - that could just be poked in libseaside and just work everywhere09:26
xruxaw00t: anyway, the stuff I pushed works with this local hack better09:26
matrixxshould I be able to make phone calls with nemo on n950?09:28
matrixxwhen I try to call it says modem is down :(09:28
veskuhmatrixx: should work, but there is issue that sometimes the modem does start in bootup.09:30
veskuhmatrixx: probably same root cause as this bug has: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=509:31
matrixxveskuh: yeah, now that you said, I don't really remember inserting my pin when booting up :D09:33
matrixxnor seeing the pin query09:33
matrixxI'll try reboot09:34
veskuhmatrixx: you can start pinquery from command line, you may need to do it couple of times09:34
veskuhand if there is no pinquery in startup and you do it manually, you will need to kill the prestarted dialer otherwise you will not be able to answer calls09:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4344 Accepted promotion request09:35
matrixxoh right09:36
jukkaeklundremoving pin query from sim helps too :)09:36
* jukkaeklund doesn't have a regular size SIM, Sonera prkl..09:37
veskuhwell, I do not think the root cause is pinquery, it is the modem not starting properly09:37
lbtX-Fade: sounds to me like we need to do an OS-side cp -a09:37
lbtuseforbuild doesn't do what you think09:37
lbtit's like removing "." from PATH09:38
lbtmmm   :  setting it to "off" is like removing "." from PATH09:38
jukkaeklundlbt, how do I reset my password at merproject.org?09:38
lbtjukkaeklund: at the bz (I hope)09:39
lbtyes, there's a "forgot passwd" link in the top line09:40
X-Fadelbt: Can't we create a project which builds against all sub projects of MW?09:41
jukkaeklundlbt, ah you're right, it didn't work in nemomobile.org..09:41
lbtX-Fade: yes09:41
lbtjukkaeklund: no, and we need some work on the bz/web templates09:42
lbtX-Fade: what would go in it?09:42
Stskeepsyou can have multiple <path>?09:42
X-Fadelbt: Basically what we want is one repo with apps that can depend on anything in MW, I guess?09:43
X-Fadelbt: So we only have to have one repository enabled on device too?09:43
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Sage_Stskeeps: gles test yes09:46
Sage_X-Fade: hello09:46
lbtX-Fade: I think we need to split user-experience from development09:47
Sage_err.. xruxa hello :)09:47
lbtit feels like we're back to Surrounds09:47
X-Fadelbt: yeah well we are :)09:47
lbtie "hey, we're both building this lib... lets share effort"09:47
X-FadeWhat we can do is have CE:APPS:<UX>09:48
xruxaSage_: yes?09:48
Sage_xruxa: just wanted to say hi ;)09:48
lbtX-Fade: I think we may want to do that outside OBS09:48
X-FadeAnd have that <UX> build against the projects that are available for that UX.09:48
lbtignore that last line from me09:49
lbtyes, as Stskeeps says, this is the multiple <path> use case09:49
Stskeepslbt: https://build.meego.com/package/show?package=utfs&project=Tools%3ASDK%3ATarget btw09:50
X-FadeSage_: Mind if I add some screenshots to some packages in CE:Apps? jukkaeklund gave me a few.09:50
Sage_X-Fade: go ahead, just remember to add thsoe in .spec as well ;)09:51
lbtStskeeps: wassat ? a pull request for Mer:Tools or a multi-path/target example for X-Fade?09:51
X-FadeSage_: Meh :(09:51
Stskeepslbt: not related to the context, NFS/SSHFS09:51
lbtX-Fade: needs some thought09:56
X-Fadelbt: Yeah, maybe we should setup a POC project somewhere to play with it?09:57
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lbtyeah - outline what needs to be done too09:57
lbtI could this with technically cooperative but commercially discrete projects too09:58
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo09:58
* Stskeeps looks at qt sdk10:00
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StskeepsREMINDER: Nemo mobile steering group meeting in 27 minutes in #mer-meeting10:33
jukkaeklundveskuh, Helium has no bugs in bz :)10:35
veskuhjukkaeklund: I think there is one.10:35
w00tveskuh: speaking of helium, do you want a heliumreborn repo under github.com/nemomobile?10:36
jukkaeklundveskuh, you're right and now there is 210:37
veskuhw00t: yes, I think we could push it there. It was supposed to be temporary solution to have fork of helium but since upstream does not seem to be moving maybe its time..10:38
* w00t sets one up10:39
anYcwill there be logs of the meeting?10:39
w00tveskuh: what do you want it called?10:39
veskuhw00t: heliumreborn10:39
djszapiX-Fade: why just one additional repository support for the apps4meego stuff ?10:40
w00tveskuh: https://github.com/nemomobile/heliumreborn10:40
veskuhw00t: Can you add access rights to me and I'll push the repo?10:42
w00tveskuh: hmm, you should have them10:42
w00ti'll check10:42
w00toh, heh, you're not there10:42
w00twhat's your github user?10:43
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile10:43
w00tyou also have rights to add other repos etc as needed10:43
jukkaeklundSage_, should music shelf play MP3 file in N950?10:44
veskuhjukkaeklund: No, just ogg10:45
jukkaeklundwell its logical..10:45
X-FadeNeeds mp3 codec.10:45
jukkaeklundwhich is not free10:46
X-FadeDepends on your definition of free, but yes.10:46
jukkaeklundwould be nice to have some .ogg files in the release then..10:46
jukkaeklundopen source music :)10:46
X-FadeThere is enough of that.10:46
veskuhjukkaeklund: there is already bug about that :)10:46
veskuhjukkaeklund: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5710:47
jukkaeklundgood, and video I guess also10:47
mikhasveskuh, can you test a patch for me?10:51
mikhasI dont have a recent Nemo installation.10:51
veskuhmikhas: Sure, I can do that.10:52
mikhasveskuh, https://gitorious.org/maliit/maliit-framework/merge_requests/15010:52
mikhasmight just fix https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10410:53
mikhas*if* we are lucky.10:53
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile10:53
veskuhmikhas:  ok, I'll try that.10:54
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile10:56
StskeepsREMINDER: Nemo mobile steering group meeting NOW in #mer-meeting11:00
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Sage_jukkaeklund: :nod: as w00t said11:03
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile11:04
Sage_err... as veskuh said :)11:04
* Sage_ has monday feeling on tuesday is that bad?11:04
*** djszapi has left #nemomobile11:04
w00tI know the feeling11:04
w00tfaenil: have you had time to push any gallery stuff?11:05
jukkaeklundsage_, sorry what w00t said?11:05
* w00t has a new 4.8 built, and qt components, on his laptop11:05
Sage_jukkaeklund: nm ;)11:05
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*** dionet has joined #nemomobile11:11
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile11:12
faenilw00t: not yet :( I was looking for info about how to write the yaml yesterday, and veskuh tried to help me :) Now I'm writing slides for the thesis, I think I'll push a v0.0.0.1 in the afternoon, if you're online and can support me in the iter because I have never worked with OBS, and want to learn :D11:13
w00tfaenil: i'm sure people can try help11:14
w00tfaenil: can you do a push to git? would be nice to poke around it too11:14
*** Free-MG has quit IRC11:15
faenilyes, but not atm :( is that needed now?11:15
*** Sicelo has left #nemomobile11:15
w00twell not necessarily right this instant, but i'd like to have a look around, see what we're missing etc :)11:16
*** himamura has quit IRC11:16
w00tplus it's easier to help your efforts if it's obvious what needs to be done11:16
w00t\ can be seen11:16
w00txruxa: can I easily install a theme for QML components on desktop nowdays?11:20
*** jukkaeklund_N950 has quit IRC11:20
xruxaw00t: do not think so, last time I checked the theme location was hardcoded in components to blanco11:20
w00txruxa: no, I mean, that's fine11:21
w00tI just want to run my apps on desktop11:21
w00tI hand-installed from my N9 last time, do I need to do that again, or can I e.g. make install darko?11:21
xruxaw00t: that should work11:21
xruxadidn't test though ...11:21
* w00t hunts for darko's git11:21
w00t(do you want a repo on nemomobile's github for that?)11:22
xruxatrue, we could move it to nemomobile under meegotouch-theme-darko or such11:22
w00tI'll add the repo :)11:23
w00tniqt: just saw you pushed to calendar btw, awesome stuff :)11:24
w00txruxa: https://github.com/nemomobile/meegotouch-theme-darko11:24
w00tah, hmmph, darko has no makefile11:24
w00tguess I'll just copy them to the right place11:24
xruxayep, just copy the meegotouch dir to /usr/share/themes/blanco/11:25
w00t;2~;2~what about the blanco dir?11:25
xruxait is hardcoded in components to go for blanco11:27
w00tnot quite what I mean11:27
Sage_would be nice if makefile would be added and the cp cmds removed from .spec file11:27
xruxaiirc someone on Maemo5 patched it already11:27
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w00tvirgin:~/code/meego/meego-handset-theme-darko% ls                                                                                                                  (W07 - 02/14@12:27:18 CET)11:27
w00tblanco  .git  index.theme  LICENSE  meegotouch  README  resources11:27
w00tI have blanco, meegotouch, and resources dirs here11:27
xruxaw00t: wait a sec11:27
xruxaw00t: meegotouch goes to darko, blanco goes to blanco, resources go nowhere11:28
xruxaand index.theme goes to darko too11:29
w00tthat's better11:29
niqtw00t:  on github qmlcalendar is old... i commmit last version tonight11:29
w00tniqt: push all the time ;-)11:29
w00tbut cool :D i'll have to give it a try sometime11:30
w00txruxa: your editor is so beautiful *tear* :)11:30
xruxatook me 5 seconds to understand that you talk qmlcontacts, are you?11:30
w00tso... you needed a way to get contexts of numbers, right?11:31
xruxaw00t: not really, I like it this way - simple11:31
w00tso what was the libseaside change you needed?11:31
xruxaw00t: I'd like to finish the avatar bit - needs set/get avatar in seaside11:31
faenilw00t: ^11:32
w00tjust a path, right?11:32
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC11:32
*** the-boss has quit IRC11:32
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w00tfaenil: ?11:32
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile11:32
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w00tfaenil: what were you saying? I think I missed it11:36
faenilI said I can't atm, is it ok if I do it before evening?11:38
w00tfaenil: sure11:39
Stskeepsxruxa: out of curiousity, what app packaging format would you have been interested in?11:40
faenilw00t: ok, I'm sorry for all this delay for such little code, I hope I'm being helpful, and I'm not wasting your (guys) time instead ;)11:40
w00tfaenil: you're fine11:41
faenilw00t: ok :)11:41
Stskeepsxruxa: i wouldn't mind being able to add .deb packages easily11:41
xruxaStskeeps: I spend more time packaging and OBS-ing than developing ;)11:42
Stskeepsxruxa: ah11:42
w00tvirgin:~/code/meego/libseaside% git ci                                                                                                                             (W07 - 02/14@12:41:36 CET)11:42
w00t[no-mtf abc7587] Enable load/save of avatar paths.11:42
xruxanot that it is hard, it just takes time, and I hate to do it twice (deb for N9, rpm)11:42
Stskeepsxruxa: we're been working on a platform sdk to make it less crap :)11:42
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC11:43
xruxaStskeeps: I didn't say it is crap, I just do not like doing things twice :)11:43
Stskeepsxruxa: yeah, understood11:43
xruxaStskeeps: and with Tizen (maybe) and Ubuntu Mobile going deb ... that is why I asked11:43
Stskeepsxruxa: still, it's worse than it could be11:43
w00txruxa: avatar save sheet doesn't really work, because when the editor is opened, it calls newPerson, that person is never saved, and then it tries to fetch row 0 in the model which doesn't exist, but I guess you'll see that with that commit hopefully11:44
xruxaw00t: that was fast11:44
Stskeepsxruxa: heard anything more about ubuntu mobile btw? i've just heard loose rumours11:44
xruxaStskeeps: same ... and was wondering what kind of 'magic' they plan to unleash with Unity on a mobile (keyboardless) phone or tablet11:44
Stskeepsxruxa: what i would really love to see is a commonality qt5 format for qml apps, but that might be a pipe dream..11:45
xruxaStskeeps: just finished porting QML (pure) app from N9 to N900 with Maemo5 and then to Symbian and Android and tired of all those little details that ruin it all11:46
Stskeepsxruxa: +111:46
Stskeepsi wonder if we can do a loose translation of yaml that creates different type of packaging11:47
w00tI'm really not happy with SeasidePerson11:47
lbtxruxa: can you describe what details11:47
xruxaGreat effort I must say on Qt's part, but good they pulled that "deploy everywhere" banner ;)11:47
w00tit's all way too clumsy11:47
marquizfaenil: yep, now i am :/11:47
faenilwonderful :D11:47
marquizfaenil: which device you have?11:47
xruxalbt: like click does not work on Android in 50% of case, sound does not play on N900 or Android, plays on Symbian, but only on FULL VOLUME and withoug mixer, etc.11:48
faenilI flash dualbooter, flash modded moslo, and I get Repartitioning failed11:48
lbtxruxa: OK - thanks, I get the picture.11:48
faeniland after that, even if I unplug usb, harmattan doesn't start, Nokia's log appears but after 1 minute the screen turns black11:48
faenilabout this black screen thing, same happens to matrixx11:49
Stskeepsfaenil: version information of harmattan would be useful11:49
faenilwho had it repartitioned by your tool, and he's able to boot into Nemo, but harmattan is not booting anymore11:49
faenilN950, latest fw11:49
faenilsame matrixx, who did not have problems with the automatic repartitioning (but still, can't get it to boot into harmattan)11:50
marquizfaenil: hmm, I have to look into this when i get to my n95011:51
faenilok ,thanks!11:51
marquizah, but hey, you needn't flash dualbooter at all11:51
faenilps: removing the dualbooter with the empty.img thing, takes me back to harmattan11:51
marquiz(i really have to edit documentation in my wiki page!)11:52
faenilok I know what you're about to say, modded moslo is all it's needed, right?11:52
marquizyep ;)11:52
faenileh :)11:52
faenilI should have thought about it11:53
faenilI just went through all the steps to be sure, and did not think about what I was doing :)11:53
marquizwell, my wiki page really sucks11:53
marquizsorry about that11:53
faenilwell yeah it could be better :D11:53
faenilmatrixx was about to follow the "remove" step just after flashing dualbooter :D11:53
faenilok then let's try again :D realtime11:54
marquizi gotta start contributing to the dual-booting, again11:54
marquizi got a bit distracted in the end of december, or so11:54
marquizanyway, i have to continue with n911:55
faenilnp :) your effort is appreciated :)11:55
faenildrunkdebugger already has dualbooting working on N911:55
faeniland icecream WITH 3D hw acc too, since last night :D11:55
marquizwoo, cool!!!11:55
Sage_lbt, veskuh: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Creating_Releases11:56
Sage_just matter of writing it down ;)11:56
veskuhSage_:  Nice11:57
faeniljust flashed modded moslo, and it went straight to Nokia's logo after the disclaimer11:57
Sage_the upload part is a bit tricky as it requires ssh keys etc. thus not part of that11:57
faenilmarquiz: is that normal? XD11:58
marquizfaenil: hmm, it should show the green moslo text11:59
matrixxfaenil: ah ok, the dualbooter step was not needed?11:59
marquizmatrixx: yep :/11:59
marquizthe dualbooter was just my initial experiments...11:59
faenilI have just fllashed the modded moslo, I get the disclaimer, but no green text11:59
matrixxmaybe I'll try again later with the modified moslo only12:00
*** araujo has quit IRC12:00
matrixxI'm now fine, I have nemo, that's what I wanted :)12:00
matrixxdual boot would be just extra bonus12:00
faenilok ok nothing my mistake12:00
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC12:01
marquizfaenil: hmm, sounds strange...12:01
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile12:01
faenilmarquiz: my mistake...doing again ;)12:01
matrixxfaenil: oh :D12:02
faenilrepartitioning faile12:02
faenilyou can telnet into bla bla bla12:02
* veskuh feels like monday, cant even checkout repo from gitorious12:03
*** flocke has quit IRC12:03
faenilbooting into harmattan, and after one min screen turns off12:03
*** rha has quit IRC12:03
matrixxthat's the same what happens to me12:04
faenilyeah but you could load Nemo at least12:04
*** merlin1991 has joined #nemomobile12:04
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC12:04
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #nemomobile12:04
*** Stskeeps has joined #nemomobile12:05
*** Stskeeps has joined #nemomobile12:05
*** flocke has joined #nemomobile12:07
*** KaIRC has quit IRC12:09
matrixxfaenil: yeah, just listening if you get that black screen sorted out, maybe I can use same trick :)12:09
faenilit seems like marquiz has vanquished away though :D12:10
marquizfaenil: nope, was just on phone...12:15
faenilmarquiz: ok np :)12:16
marquizfaenil: that black screen sounds very  strange...12:16
faenilmarquiz: we see nokia's log, but it never gets to the "pulse" animation12:16
faenilit's static12:16
marquizhmm, ok12:16
faeniland before pulsing ,the phone switches off12:16
faenil(or just the screen, but I guess the phone)12:17
marquizok, that must be the watchdog12:17
faenilwe could ask djszapi, he's worked on the security framework12:17
Stskeepsfaenil: N950?12:18
marquizi think i need to check that home, update to latest harmattan and try out myself12:18
Stskeepssounds like it needs a jig12:18
faenilwhat about the repartitioning failed thing? any idea?12:18
StskeepsBTW, i'm receiving tomorrow a pristine N900 from the meego coding competition, which i'll be safekeeping for when key developers in Nemo ends up with a broken N900 usb port or the likes, and i'll ship it out to them12:18
Stskeepsthey donated it to our efforts, so12:18
marquizfaenil, it might be because that messed up something when you installed dualbooter+moslo12:19
*** rha has joined #nemomobile12:19
*** rha has joined #nemomobile12:19
faenilcould be, but matrixx did the same :D12:19
marquizfaenil: you can telnet to moslo and take a look at logs12:19
matrixxyeah, my repartition was a success12:19
marquizmatrixx: ah, ok12:20
*** dionet has quit IRC12:20
marquizanyway, this black screen/watchdog reset sounds very strange12:20
marquizas if they've changed something in nolo12:21
faenilopen reports network unreachable12:21
marquizwhat does 'ifconfig usb0' say?12:21
faenilno bytes received12:22
faenilonly sent12:22
faenil(ifconfig usb0 from notebook)12:22
marquizwhat is the address?12:22
marquizip address12:22
faenilthere's no ip12:23
faenilubuntu keeps trying to connect but it doesn't manage to12:23
marquiztry ifconfig usb0 up12:23
marquizah, or set static ip in network manager12:23
marquizthere's no dhcp server in moslo :D12:23
faenilehehe :D12:23
faenilok 1412:23
faenilnetwork unreachable12:24
faenilit has reset ip12:25
marquizfaenil: you need to set it statically/manually in network manager, then12:26
marquizright click the networking icon, setup...12:26
faenilyeah I know12:27
faenilbut it's not poppin up :D12:27
faenilmust be a bug, I'm getting updates :)12:27
faenilI'm on ubuntu alpha212:28
faenilare you online in 2 hours?12:29
marquizfaenil: gotta leave in about 2 hours, today :(12:31
marquizfaenil: you can try12:31
faenilokay I'll be back in 1 hopefully :D12:31
marquizfaenil: one more thing: did you use moslo or moslo-n9?12:32
marquizmatrixx: same question, moslo or moslo-n9?12:33
faenilwe both used moslo12:33
faeniltime to go to the canteen12:34
faenilcya later12:35
*** ronoc has quit IRC12:35
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile12:39
*** faenil has quit IRC12:39
*** xruxa has quit IRC12:49
Sage_veskuh: about https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19 what does that mean?12:51
Sage_veskuh: at least with the new theme and stuff I get xterm decorations and on full screen etc.12:51
Sage_I would say WORKSFORME, can you confirm?12:52
veskuhSage_: yes, now I'd say its worksforme12:52
Sage_:nod: marked as resolved-worksforme12:53
* Sage_ ponders about bug 2013:05
*** ronoc has quit IRC13:09
Sage_Stskeeps: I think we need to drop defaults.list and totem-defaults.list from http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/shared-mime-info.git;a=tree13:10
Stskeepsno objetions13:11
Sage_Stskeeps: first is related closely to meego applications and second to totem application which neither one is in Mer13:11
Sage_not sure though how that file should be generated13:12
Stskeepsmake it empty?13:12
*** vakkov has quit IRC13:14
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile13:19
*** ronoc is now known as ronoc|lunch13:22
*** emmynet has joined #nemomobile13:22
Sage_veskuh: did you have test case for https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20 ?13:23
veskuhSage_:  Hmm.. I dont even remember filing that. Probably somebody else noted the issue and I just filed the bug to bugzilla.13:24
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile13:31
*** xruxa has joined #nemomobile13:31
Sage_anyone know any other apps to check mime info for file than gnomevfs-info?13:39
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC13:47
*** merlin1991 has joined #nemomobile13:47
*** parancibia has joined #nemomobile13:53
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile14:08
veskuhHmm.. Would be nice to see this on Nemo: http://isis-project.org/14:17
veskuhIMHO the log is pretty bad14:18
Stskeepsoh wow14:19
Stskeepsmaybe the webos guys are actually serious14:19
* Stskeeps bookmarks14:20
veskuhYep, there is many ex-meego guys in WebOS and especially on the browser team.14:20
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC14:25
*** flocke has quit IRC14:25
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC14:26
*** merlin1991 has joined #nemomobile14:26
*** rha has quit IRC14:27
Sage_hmmp... that could be nice thing to try14:30
*** rha has joined #nemomobile14:31
*** flocke has joined #nemomobile14:32
*** ronoc|lunch is now known as ronoc14:34
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile14:37
faenilmarquiz: back :D14:38
niqtbasyskom create mer based image, but peregrine for nemmo?14:44
veskuhNemo roadmap, draft 1: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Roadmap14:45
lbtFrom our hosting at Hetzner: Unfortunately, there have been issues with the core switches. Our technicians are working hard to resolve the situation14:46
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:53
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile14:54
Sage_veskuh: http://pastie.org/3381237 ok so the problem still exists :)14:57
Sage_after that lynx opens14:58
veskuhSage_:  Yep, good to know. I need to figure out what I need to do for helium to get it support xdg-open14:59
veskuhSage_:  I guess other part is to see if something needs to be configured in xdg-open side of things14:59
Sage_I'm checking that atm.15:00
Sage_noted that our shared-mime-info is wrong at least15:00
Sage_points to lot of useless stuff that we don't have15:00
veskuhAnyway, this would be nice to get working, so that clicking links in browser, twitter, etc. would work15:01
Sage_it has something to do with /usr/share/applications/defaults.list I would say and the application .desktop file probably needs MimeType= as well15:05
veskuhThen the URL would come as command line parameter probably15:06
Sage_I would think so yes15:07
veskuhHmm.. Yep this looks like good link: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xdg-open15:07
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:08
Sage_http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/xdg-utils.git;a=blob;f=meego_browsers.patch;h=ddff4c635cf3a0a3078d36271bf07ac8573e50ac;hb=HEAD uh15:09
Sage_export BROWSER=heliumreborn :)15:13
Sage_so we need to set env variable for that to get it working15:14
*** Stskeeps has joined #nemomobile15:21
*** parancibia has quit IRC15:22
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*** faenil has joined #nemomobile16:47
Sage_ok, so what all tricks I need to get core dumps to filesystem. I have ulimit -c saying unlimited already and after crashing application I see Segmentation fault (core dumped)16:57
Sage_what else is there?16:58
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC17:01
Stskeepssysctl core pattern?17:07
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile17:09
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StskeepsSage_: when you do figure it out, put on mer wiki, quite useful to know :)17:48
*** alien__ has joined #nemomobile17:49
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faenilw00t: ping22:47
w00tfaenil: too late, sorry, I'm off to sleep.. work in the morning22:49
faenilok np ;)22:50
faenilI'm just back home22:50
faenilw00t: gn ;) we'll talk tomorrow if you have time ;)22:51
faenilmarquiz: ping, did you discover anything?22:54
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