Friday, 2012-02-17

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Stskeepsmorn sage_06:40
* timoph thinks NEMO#20 wasn't really a bug :)06:56
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Sage_timoph: well it was when running thing on the UX as it stayed on the background :)07:09
StskeepsSage_: it really looks like we can't get rid of GLX07:19
Stskeeps / GL07:19
Sage_Stskeeps: what is preventing that?07:21
Sage_and do you mean both or just GLX?07:21
Stskeepswell, in mesa i need GL/glxproto.h07:24
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Stskeepseven for llvmpipe07:24
iekkuSage_, now you are cc07:25
iekkudoes anyone know faenil's username or mail, so i could add him/her as cc to photos/gallery07:26
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Sage_lbt, phaeron: could we set gpgcheck value to 0 in cobs .repo files ?07:30
iekkuveskuh, i think it's not that on nemobz, didn't find any match to faenil07:31
veskuhiekku: ok, I guess we just need wait until he wakes up then07:32
iekkuif someone finds it, please send it as a private message to me, not in the irc during the day, and don't want to loose that information07:32
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jukkaeklundis the latest i586 .img one with llvmpipe?07:38
jukkaeklundwill it be some point?07:39
Stskeepsthe image i gave was technology preview, it will be in the mer core after the next one released07:39
* w00t yawns, and downloads an image07:39
Stskeepsas we have to do some invasive changes for it07:39
jukkaeklundcan you remind me the URL for preview..07:39
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Stskeepsmorn xruxa08:01
xruxamorning guys08:01
jukkaeklund_and girls :)08:03
w00txruxa: _o/08:04
xruxaeee, the updated Darko didn't make it to the release :(08:06
Stskeepsyeah, sage noticed that after the fact08:07
xruxaI should have poked him :)08:07
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veskuhWould "meego-video is crap" be good enough bug report?08:42
w00t lol08:42
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rantomNoticed a minor bug with the File Muncher. It has Address books icon08:52
veskuhrantom: yep, that is on purpose, it was the best that was available08:53
rantoms/Address books/People/08:53
rantomveskuh: Ah, ok. I won't file a bug then about it08:53
veskuhrantom: well, you can file, it needs to be replaced anyway08:53
xruxafile me a bug - I will make one later08:53
rantomIf I file one wouldn't it be a duplicate of 117?08:56
veskuhrantom: that bug is for icons that app uses, not the app icon08:57
rantomAh, ok08:59
rantomWhat's the address to file a new enhancement?09:13
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dcthangFYI: gst-dsp new package
rantomIn this case: "Nano should be installed by default too"09:14
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veskuhrantom: we don't have separate bugzilla for enchancements/tasks. Just put it to normal bugzilla and just select severity task or enchancement09:16
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Sage_Stskeeps: ah, ok.09:18
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rantomI assume that description "Vi uses ESC to exit. There is no ESC on Nokia N900/N950. Therefore user is unable to exit from vi. Nano does not have this problem since it uses CTRL+X to exit." is enough?09:19
rantomOk, filing09:20
rantomWindow Manager/Compositor would be the right one for bug about the multi-task "swipe"?09:24
veskuhrantom: close enough09:25
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rantomSame for "Applications list"?09:35
jukkaeklundrantom, isnt there esc in terminal?09:37
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rantomjukkaeklund: let me check09:37
jukkaeklundremember seeing that in Harmattan..09:38
rantomjukkaeklund: No09:38
veskuhjukkaeklund: we don't have toolbar support in maliit so no special buttons, harmattan has.09:38
rantomI have a bug but I can't reproduce it09:41
* rantom hates this09:41
rantoms/this/when this happens/09:41
rantomIf someone else has some spare time and a N950 with the newest Nemo in it I'd need confirmation about a bug09:42
veskuhrantom: I can try09:43
rantomveskuh: Ok. It's quite simple. Open Applications list. Switch to the second page.09:43
rantomI'm having issues with the input being registered09:43
rantomAnd it's N950 specific, never had that happen in N90009:44
veskuhHaven't seen any that kind of issues09:44
rantomWell it could be that it's just the "boot-lag"09:45
rantomNope, happened again09:45
rantomMight be related to idling..09:46
rantomveskuh: Thanks09:46
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faenilmorning guys :)10:07
rantomMorning, faenil10:08
matrixxgood morning :)10:09
faenilmatrixx: got any news from marquiz?10:11
matrixxfaenil: no, I'm gonna try again tomorrow in our local hackday10:12
faenilok, keep me updated :)10:13
matrixxI will :)10:13
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Stskeepsreminder: mer advisory board meeting in 17 minutes in #mer-meeting11:43
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* slaine better get my coffee sorted11:47
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jukkaeklundmatrixx, faenil, dual boot stuff?12:11
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matrixxjukkaeklund: yeah13:10
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w00tSage_: (wasn't it you who requested that?)13:54
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veskuhhey faenil, iekku wanted to know your email that you use in bugzilla so she can put you as automatic cc. in the gellery bugs13:56
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faenilveskuh: sure, I'll send him a pm14:02
faenildone :)14:02
Sage_w00t: yes, adding permissions and usr/group would be nice as well if that doesn't make it slow14:03
w00tSage_: it can probably be done.. but I think I'd like to keep it minimal for now (less clutter) until I have a more firm idea of how to make stuff like that opt-in14:06
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Sage_w00t: fair enough14:15
Sage_w00t: btw, go to /root it says "no items here" I think it should say permission denied instead14:16
w00tbug please :)14:16
* w00t is adding renaming14:16
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Sage_w00t: done14:31
iekkuthanks veskuh and faenil14:46
slaineany graphics peeps here ?14:47
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slaineI'm trying to mockup some ideas I have for a project here and I've not knowledge on how to use gimp to do what I want. it should be pretty simple14:56
slaineI want to get a layer of a particular color, make it 50% transparent over a lower layer14:56
faeniliekku: np14:57
Stskeepsslaine: squares, make it color, assign opacity?14:57
Stskeepson a certain laye14:57
slaineYeah, but I find gimp hard to navigate to do that.14:58
anYchm, i would suggest inkscape or dia for figure stuff14:58
anYcinkscape if it should look "fancy", but dia is easier14:59
Stskeepsslaine: it's a bit silly at times, but you can sometimes actually mock up quicker in qml14:59
mikhasI actually use OpenOffice's presentation thingie if I dont use paper …15:01
mikhasWait, LibreOffice of course, I would not use OpenOffice, of course (regardless of what you may see in FOSDEM videos, it's a lie!)15:01
mikhasWhat I like about the presentation application is that it allows me to draw components freely, and then connect them as if I was using Visio.15:02
mikhasAnd it generally looks pretty.15:02
anYcwhat are they lying about?15:03
slaineStskeeps: I'm actually thinking of doing that.15:03
mikhasslaine, this presentation module allows for translucent boxes, too15:04
slainemikhas: Hmm, I have that here, I might give it a shot15:07
faenilguys isn't there any way to make the timeout for doubleclick longer in MouseArea?15:24
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jukkaeklundmatrixx, what was the issue again?16:19
matrixxjukkaeklund: me and faenil have different issues, mine is that harmattan does not start anymore16:20
jukkaeklundnever seen that..16:20
matrixxboth not working for faenil + partitioning error16:21
jukkaeklundI see all kinds of errors in my setup, but doesn't prevent from working16:21
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jukkaeklundlet's list the issues tomorrow at least (fyi faenil)16:31
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sofaHai. Can I has VLC in nemo?17:31
w00tsofa: can you get it running? :-)17:32
sofaw00t: Don't know, can I? vlc seems to load qt-something when installing on pc... so, I wonder if it runs in nemo.17:34
w00tpoint being, give it a shot17:34
w00tfind out what it requires, see if you can get it working17:34
w00ti think that someone had it running on harmattan, so it is probably possible - the main question is how much work that involves17:35
sofaw00t: ok.17:38
sofan9 something found:
sofadesktop-interface.... skins, come to minf.17:43
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w00twell, libvlc could also be reused to write a new UI on top of it i guess18:09
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w00tbool DirModel::rename(int, const QString&) Rename returned error code:  10 "Unknown error"19:52
w00thow "helpful"19:52
w00t[pid  2375] rename("/home/burchr", "test.txt") = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)19:56
w00tare you fucking kidding me19:56
w00twell, i'm glad that didn't work at least ;)19:56
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w00tSage_: <- not a bad collection of fixes so far :)20:23
mikhasugh, a file manager …20:31
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Sage_w00t: nice20:57
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