Saturday, 2012-02-18

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Sage_morning all07:20
Stskeepsmorn sage07:22
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Sage_w00t: <- typo?10:49
Stskeepsthat does look screwed10:50
* Sage_ is reviewing the gestures plugin as it is getting annoying when apps minize too easily10:51
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* Sage_ starts compiling new version of the gestures plugin with patch11:08
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Sage_lbt: ^ happy? :)12:30
jukkaeklundI am :)12:30
lbtcool - thanks!!12:30
Sage_package available in Project:MTF:UX please take it from there and test if it works for all of you12:30
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Sage_at least on my n950 and exopc it seems to work nicely now12:36
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Sage_so now the vkb issue is the worst thing on exopc at least12:55
lbtSage_: yep, that seems much nicr12:57
Sage_hmmp... if you touch both sides of the screen it minizes the app :)12:58
Sage_but yes it is much better now haven't had accidental minimize anymore after the patches13:00
lbtstill a bit sensitive I think13:01
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lbttry the phot viewe13:02
lbtbut much improved13:03
lbtcamera is usable \o/13:04
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faenilheya people13:48
Sage_hi faenil13:52
matrixxfaenil: hi13:52
matrixxfaenil: we are just talking here about the dual boot13:52
faenilyey :D13:52
matrixxfaenil: might be your 64-bit system causing the problem13:52
matrixxI'm right now wiping of everything with OCF13:53
matrixxtrying again without the dualbooter13:53
jukkaeklundstskeeps, annoying bug in your VM image.. terminal goes black when started13:53
faenilmatrixx: but you have the same problem, and use 32 bit..13:55
matrixxfaenil: was about the partitioning fail13:55
faenilmatrixx: oh ok13:55
matrixxthe other problem I have too.. I hope it goes away when skipping the dualbooter13:55
faenilmatrixx: well it's useless if harm doesn't start :)13:55
matrixxyeah, we'll see in next hour13:55
faenilmatrixx: I wouldn't think so...but I hope so13:56
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: alt f2 / host f214:08
jukkaeklundno effect..14:09
jukkaeklundmarquiz, ping?14:20
veskuh_jukkaeklund: you may want to try with latest malit:
veskuh_veskuh_: Your issue sounds similar to this one:
veskuh_jukkaeklund: ^14:22
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jukkaeklundright, ok14:23
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matrixxfaenil: hehe, now I got the same re-partitioning error than you did :S14:37
matrixxdon't be so happy :(14:38
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: should switch to a console, host may be a different key on your setup14:38
faenilso it's not the 32-64bit thing :)14:39
matrixxapparently not14:39
matrixxit's the moonphases I suspected earlier ;)14:39
Stskeepsi don't suppose any of you have a n950 jig14:40
faenilehm ,what's a jig?14:40
Stskeepsif you don't know what it is, then you don't ;)14:41
Sage_faenil: gallery would need refresh button or something :)14:45
faenilbug bug bug :)14:46
Sage_I'll file it later probably14:49
faeniland I'll look for a way to do that if you will :D14:49
faenilI actually thought that was kept in sync14:50
faenilI didn't check how gallerymodel is implemented14:50
faenildoes it use QDirModel?14:50
faenilokay there's a reload() , so it's an easy fix :)14:52
faenilI thought lots of bug would have been published in 2 days about the gallery, given its actual level of developmente...15:02
faenilwhile there's none :D is there anyone using it at all? XD15:02
matrixxfaenil: apparently w/ or w/o re-partitioning error, harmattan is not booting up15:11
matrixxthough nemo does (again)15:11
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w00tSage_: i'll trust you :)15:27
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Sage_w00t: :)18:34
Sage_Probably need to decrease the sensitivity even more. However we might want to make it configurable setting as currently it is set as pixels and PPI value varies on different displays18:35
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Sage_but anyway it works now much better in my usage at least and I could use the VKB without having watch my each keypress :P18:36
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mikhasSage_, what's the topic?18:43
mikhastouch event frequency?18:44
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Stskeepsmikhas: sensitivity of our gesture-to-switch-to-task-switcher gesture recognition18:46
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mikhasas a general advice, keep all gestures themeable18:48
mikhasit's really hard to get that stuff right … do you have a proper tool for testing gestures?18:49
Stskeepsin this particular case it's just gesture from bottom on a window => go to task switcher18:50
Stskeepsgesture up, that is18:50
mikhasthe gesture that is disabled on N9 when VKB is up ;-)18:50
Stskeepswe don't have the code from there so we would have no idea ;)18:51
Stskeeps(from n9)18:51
mikhasbut it's all in public18:51
Stskeepsnot the swipe compositor code18:51
mikhasactually yes, at least how we interface with it18:51
mikhasthe rest can be deduced18:52
Stskeepsmight be useful to have then18:52
mikhasbut ok, "all" was a stretch then18:52
mikhashang on18:52
mikhasbut you dont use the swipe plugin anyway, right?18:53
Stskeepswe don't and we can't18:53
Stskeepsas it's closed source18:53
Stskeepswe aren't even calling anything swipe for good reasons18:53
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Venemow00t: good news: the refactoring of IRC Chatter is going very well :)21:08
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w00tVenemo :)21:09
w00tVenemo: I've been busy, too:
Venemow00t: that's nice stuff :)21:10
faenilnot some random coder :)21:13
w00tfaenil: ?21:13
faenilI meant that's by w00t, not some random coder :P21:14
w00tI'm just as guilty of using duct-tape as anyone21:14
Venemomeh, don't mention it. irc-chatter's code is full of ugliness21:15
w00tVenemo: the way i always figure it, working code that is ugly is better than code that doesn't work :)21:15
VenemoI'm spending my time with making the code maintainable instead of adding more features. it's _that_ bad. :P21:15
w00t... just so long as you have TODO notes to fix the ugly, one day, when you've nothing else to do21:15
faenilw00t: tell me you have experience with android devving...pleeease21:16
w00tfaenil: I have around half a day of swearing at java and deciding that it was seriously bullshit, I doubt that counts :-)21:16
faenilahaha xD21:16
w00tI still intend to find time to put necessitas on my nexus s sometime21:16
Venemofaenil: I had two 90-minute-long lessons in Android dev. Hated it, never did it again.21:16
w00tVenemo: <- count the 'TODO' comments21:17
faenilspent the night trying to register my app to handle a mimetyye21:17
faenilstill can't get it to work21:17
Venemow00t: yeah, that day has come today :)21:17
Venemow00t: when I wrote that code, the primary objective was to push out something that works as fast as I can. I did that, but I can't add any more features as long as the code is this ugly.21:19
w00tit's a fine line :)21:20
Venemoindeed :)21:21
* w00t subtracts some ugly21:21
Venemoanyway, it's a lot better now.21:22
Venemoeven the most boring train journeys have a use21:22
w00tI had a very long train journey coming home from holidays.. 6 hours or so21:23
Venemothis one was only 421:23
Venemow00t: anyway, this journey was also a great one for the code.21:27
Venemow00t: quick QML question: if I have an element inside a Flickable, how can I make that element to be sized to at least fill the Flickable?21:30
w00tVenemo: anchoring doesn't work?21:31
w00tpretty sure that's what i've always done21:31
Venemow00t: anchoring inside a Flickable?21:31
faenilI'm flickable expert after qmlgallery21:31
Venemofaenil: teach me, master!21:31
Venemooh, the element is a TextArea and it can expand.21:31
faenilanchoring should work21:32
Venemoalso, do you guys know how I could remove the borders of the textarea?21:32
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* w00t is not sure about that21:37
* w00t works on threading I/O for fun and giggles21:37
Venemofaenil: anchors.fill: parent screws it up21:40
Venemothe text area's border has very little height, the text flows out of it and flicking it doesn't work21:41
faenilflicking doesn't work if the item is not bigger than the flickable21:42
faenilyou have to set contentWidth and contentHeight21:42
faenilactually yeah you'd better not use fill21:42
faenillet it have its size21:42
faeniland set contentWidth and contentHeight21:42
faeniland it will scroll if they're bigger than the flickable21:43
Venemothe item IS bigger than the flickable21:43
faenilyes but you used fill21:43
faenilso it's same as flickable21:43
faenilnot bigger21:43
Venemothen why did you say I should use fill?21:43
faenillol reread :D21:44
faenil<faenil> actually yeah you'd better not use fill21:44
VenemoI also tried setting the height of the TextArea this way: height: Math.max(chatFlickable.height, implicitHeight)21:44
Venemothis worked on Harmattan PR 1.0 and PR 1.1, but not on 1.221:45
faenilmmm if it worked before, I don't know then21:46
mikhasVenemo, why do you try to set the height?21:46
Venemomikhas: I want the TextArea to be _at least_ as high as the Flickable that contains it21:46
VenemoXAML has a handy MinHeight property, but QML doesn't have it.21:47
mikhasat least?21:47
mikhashow can it ever be larger?21:47
Venemoif you enter text into it, that'll make it larger21:47
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Venemomikhas: I'm talking about the TextArea which contains the channel messages in irc-chatter. if you get messages, the TextArea will be higher21:48
jafdWell there. I have a problem with the latest Nemo image for N900, which is the same as in
jafdBluetooth firmware is not sent to the bluetooth chip, in a nutshell21:48
faenilmaybe replace implicitHeight with text.paintedHeight?21:49
Venemofaenil: ok21:49
jafdThe problem is that in that bugreport, people tell the problem was fixed for some obscure meego release build and not for MIC-built images like Nemo's.21:50
faenilVenemo: also print the paintedHeight to see if that's what you're looking for21:50
mikhasVenemo, but if QML is not entirely broken, then the containing element will grow with the child element21:50
jafdAnd they don't particularly care to tell what's wrong about MIC images and what should be fixed.21:50
Venemofaenil: there is no such property21:50
mikhasthat's why text area can never be larger than flickable21:50
faenilnot just paintedheight21:51
faenilmikhas: it won't , flickable's size != children's scrollable size21:51
Venemofaenil: as I said, there is no such property on the TextArea21:51
mikhaswell, true21:51
mikhasand if set to fill, it does not expand beyond that?21:52
mikhasman …21:52
mikhasshould have never switched to QML …21:52
faenilVenemo: right...mmm21:53
faenilprint implicitheight and see how it grows21:53
Venemofaenil: at least the autocompletion says so...21:53
mikhaswell, I consider the flickable element broken, at least whenever I wanted to use it21:53
faenilmikhas: yeah flickable has lots of issues, because it was a temporary element21:54
faenilwhich was then used by everyone21:54
faenilit should be better in qml221:54
mikhasso just write  a replacment21:54
mikhasone that does not try to combine too many things21:55
Venemofaenil: what happens to it in QML2?21:55
faenilat least in my case, I know that contentX/Y will not be qRound()ed when set21:55
Venemofaenil: btw, it seems that the Flickable element's height has an incorrect value in that property binding, that's why it doesn't work. eh.21:56
w00tvoid DirModel::setPath(const QString&) Changing to  "/home/burchr"  on  307896096021:57
w00tvirtual void DirListWorker::run() Running on:  303982060821:57
* w00t cackles evilly21:57
Venemoheheh :)21:58
Venemoif I change the TextArea to a TextEdit, then all this becomes a non-issue + the code becomes less hacky. however I lose the capability to select text.22:00
Venemoand OMG, OMG, the links are also broken! eh.22:01
w00tlife was never meant to be easy, i guess22:02
faenilfor example, I need an android programmer now22:03
faenilbefore I destroy my laptop22:03
mikhasVenemo, so check the sources and find out what's causing this broken behaviour22:03
mikhasthen fix it22:03
Venemoalso, did you know that the TextArea component doesn't have an alias for the onLinkActivated signal of its TextEdit? I need a hack to access it.22:04
Venemomikhas: thanks, but no thanks22:04
Venemomikhas: I already fixed the SelectionDialog component back in july. djszapi also perfected it and fixed it on Symbian too. the fix didn't even got accepted.22:05
w00tare you sure? i seem to remember seeing that stuff merged22:06
mikhaswhat was the reason22:06
Venemomaybe it was merged, but the fix didn't get into PR 1.222:06
Venemowhich wouldn't matter anyway... if I used the fixed component, then my app wouldn't work on PR 1.1 and below.22:07
Venemoanyway, I've found a workaround :)22:08
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w00t 12 files changed, 523 insertions(+), 311 deletions(-)22:30
w00tnow to fix sorting, and that's done22:30
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faenilI'm tired of android22:36
Venemofaenil :D22:38
Venemow00t: w00t!22:40
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w00t and
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* w00t just wrote the basics of a thumbnail cache too23:54
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