Sunday, 2012-02-19

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Stskeepsmorn Sage_09:57
w00tso, i now have the basics of cached thumbnails, and threaded I/O in qmlfilemuncher :-P09:58
Sage_w00t: nice09:59
w00tSage_: give git a try10:00
w00tit's loads faster :p10:00
Sage_hmmp... my netbook really isn't fast enough to run harmattan emulator :P10:03
Sage_getting timeout error when trying :P10:03
w00tow :P10:03
Sage_Time to get faster comp for these thigns I guess :P10:05
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Stskeepsdavs tanghus12:34
tanghushi Stskeeps12:34
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Stskeepsso what brings you here?12:35
tanghusI been thinking of trying Nemo on my N90012:35
tanghusJust wanted to see whats going on :-)12:35
Stskeepsshould be easy, install uboot-pr13 and write the image to a microsd card and turn off the device and boot it again :)12:36
Stskeepsquite good instructions on te wiki12:36
tanghusYub. Found them. It looks quite straigh forward.12:36
tanghusYou said 'davs' - are you Dane too?12:37
Stskeepsjep, men bor i polen (fra herning, studerede i århus)12:37
tanghusAha. Stadig 'hjemme' i DK her :-) CPH12:38
Stskeepsbeen working with the n900 hw adaptation and meego arm since the start12:39
Stskeepsmoved abroad ~2.5 years ago12:39
tanghuscool, I only just got one a few weeks ago. Been wanting it since I saw it first.12:39
Stskeepsyeah, it's a wonderful device12:40
Stskeepson occasion i think to go back to it from my n912:40
tanghusHe he.12:40
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merlin1991who's actually behind on the webpage itself it's rather hard to find out since "contact" "privacy policy" and "terms of service" are all dead links13:55
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Stskeepsthe illuminati14:03
w00tmerlin1991: X-Fade may be helpful14:03
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w00tfaenil: what size thumbnails do you want in gallery? i presume you'd like them squared too... the current rectangles make things look a bit awkward :)17:04
faenildon't know ...17:05
faenil120x120 should be okay17:05
w00twell, play with squares on a test qml file or something and lemme know :)17:06
faenilI'm using 120x120 atm and it seems enough17:06
w00tgrrr, fucking keyboard17:07
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w00tno faenil? bah... :)19:40
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w00tfaenil: hey20:04
faenilw00t: hey20:04
w00thow's life?20:04
faenilbusy :(20:05
faenilgetting degree on friday, and thesis is not ready yet20:06
faenilterrible delay20:06
faeniland android just keeps making my life worse20:08
w00twell, I'll be testing thumbnailing in qmlgallery soon :)20:09
faenilok...sorry for not being able to help as of now..20:10
w00tno, it's ok20:10
faeniland lessons are also beginning tomorrow :|20:12
faenil11-18, all days but thursday...20:13
faenilbut if you tell me what's the needed change, I could find some time tomorrow20:15
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w00tI think I'll try it myself, since I'll likely need to tweak it anyhow20:19
w00twill see20:19
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faenilok keep me updated w00t ;)20:23
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w00tfaenil: I have it21:12
w00twant it pushed?21:12
faenilw00t: sure, no problem on my side :)21:12
w00tplease talk to me before modifying that code (since it's copied from qmlfilemuncher)21:13
w00tthis means the two share the same thumbnail cache on disk, btw, so if either of them ever needs the same size - np, it'll use it if it's already been done21:13
faenilok :)21:15
faenilvery nice :D21:15
* w00t is scrolling through his gallery thumbnailing it all21:15
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