Tuesday, 2012-02-21

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* Stskeeps is still waiting for .0.0.4 to finish compiling07:06
Sage_Stskeeps: how the lang split was done, -en to normal package and rest to -lang?07:10
Stskeepshrmm, doesn't meego's Packaging/Guidelines say?07:11
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Stskeepswhat package are you working with?07:16
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Sage_xdg-user-dirs.i586: W: package-with-huge-translation  52%07:18
Sage_rpmlint complains07:18
Sage_only warning though but still07:18
Stskeepsmm, xdg-user-dirs basically internationalizes the directory names07:18
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Stskeepsso it's a good question what to do07:28
Sage_is there a way to define the lang file from %files -n %{name}.lang  in files section?07:29
Sage_spectacle doesn't really support that -n there :/07:29
Stskeeps%find_lang or something like that07:30
Sage_except when it does it automatically and then it can't be separate package07:30
Stskeepsisn't there a spectacle thing or that?07:30
Sage_Stskeeps: yes that creates that file07:30
Sage_I want to move the %{name}.lang to -lang package but I can't add it to %files line as that is handled by spectacle07:30
Sage_normally it is %files -n %{name}.lang07:31
Sage_# << files07:31
the-bossSage_: Error: "<<" is not a valid command.07:31
Sage_ok, maybe I just leave the lang alone for noe07:32
Stskeepsany other feedback from .0.0.3 image by the way?07:33
Sage_not really no07:33
Stskeepsthat's really good, considering we pretty much revamped entire cross compilation approach07:33
Sage_ok, what does that mean?07:34
Stskeepsit means i need to beat lbt with a stick07:35
Sage_ok :)07:35
Sage_it is in both core-next i586 and whole core07:36
* Sage_ throws a bucket of water over sleeping lbt 07:40
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Sage_phaeron: about the hundreds of requests in my obs account, any way to get rid of those declined requests?08:02
Sage_it is really hard to know if there is something that I should handle or not from the number :/08:02
Sage_is there working etherpad thing somewhere?08:04
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* Sage_ is checking what are we missing from our MW:MTF atm. when trying to run apps on different UX08:37
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Sage_hmmp... at least we need some kind of theme to our MW:MTF08:46
* Sage_ ponders if we could move darko from UX:MTF to MW:MTF08:46
Sage_ok, theme doesn't work still :/08:57
Sage_note to people using qt-components in their qml apps. Remember to add Requires: qt-components to the rpm package09:06
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lbtSage_: think it's fixed09:20
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Sage_lbt: fixed just a moment ago or ?09:24
lbtSage_: yes moments09:24
lbtyou will need to rebuild09:24
Sage_will try to rebuild09:24
lbtping if it fails of course09:24
lbtI guess there will be a lot of failed builds around :(09:25
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phaeronSage_: for i in `osc -A cobs request list -s declined -M | grep State | awk '{ print $1 }'` ; do osc -A cobs request revoke $i -m revoked ; done09:58
phaeronlbt: maybe stop dispatcher wait till all is quiet and remove all failed job files from backend so that new prjconf is picked up ?09:59
lbtphaeron: will that help?10:01
lbtthey're just failed and quiet10:01
lbtnot retrying10:01
phaeronlbt: I mean if they are failing because of stale prjconf10:03
lbtnah, it was a bug in build10:08
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Sage_phaeron: k, will try that10:28
Sage_No permission to revoke request 436610:28
phaeron-M should get only your requests ..10:29
Sage_well there are more of those but lets see how it goes. At least some of those request are revoked10:30
Sage_only 330 to go :)10:30
phaeronI revoked 128 reqs10:30
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Sage_hmmp... is there way to rotate screen lets say 90 degrees?10:40
Stskeepson where..?10:40
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Sage_[nemo@localhost ~]$ xrandr --output pvr0 --rotate left10:40
Sage_xrandr: output pvr0 cannot use rotation "left" reflection "none"10:40
Sage_toying around with panda10:40
Stskeepshow does qmlcomponentsgallery perform on there without compositor, btw?10:41
Sage_quite nicely on top of plasmaactive10:42
Sage_it is a bit off the screen but that is probably just theme issue10:43
Sage_because there isn't sysui there10:43
Sage_where was the widgets gallery btw?10:45
Sage_apparently so hmmp where is the icon10:46
Sage_phaeron: where is boss https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/4395 ?10:49
phaeronSage_: looking10:54
phaeronlbt: boss vm out of disk space again10:57
phaeronboss vm10:58
lbtunless you were real quick there's nothing >20%10:58
phaeronlbt: yes I already removed the 2G+ log file10:59
lbtso we need to logrotate better :)10:59
phaeronlbt: I changed it from weekly to daily but seems even that is not often enough11:00
lbtthat's a bit noisy then :)11:00
phaeronyeah maybe there is a switch to shut up rabbitmq logging11:00
Sage_phaeron: these are giving permission denied for revoke http://pastie.org/3426262 However those are not listed in the webui.11:05
phaeronSage_: so they are not bothering you11:05
phaeronsomeone else is being bothered about them :)11:06
Sage_well, would be nice if someone could kill em :)11:06
Sage_those will bother me in the future when I'm cleaning my revokes :/11:06
phaeronSage_: ok11:07
Sage_actually I can see those in webui as well but not in the default view11:09
phaeronSage_: you want to redo that req , or should I try to replay event (will take about 15 minutes)11:14
Sage_phaeron: thx for cleaning the queue for me11:18
Sage_phaeron: and yes I can try to do new req11:18
phaeronSage_: being handled11:19
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4398 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/439811:19
phaeronSage_: I promise to write the event replay script so this is easier :D11:19
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4399 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/439911:19
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4398 Accepted promotion request11:21
phaeronfinally the page shows the proper messages :11:23
phaeronmy patch in action :D11:23
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4399 Accepted promotion request11:25
lbtphaeron: nice11:27
phaeronSage_: the review messages by bossbot used to be clobbered11:28
Sage_ah, k11:28
* Sage_ ponders if there is way to get pandaboard screen rotated somehow11:29
StskeepsSage_: you can rotate it in /sys/..../omapfb / omapdss11:29
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Sage_/sys/devices/omapdss/display0/rotate ?11:31
Sage_/sys/devices/platform/omapdrm.0/graphics/fb0/rotate ?11:32
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Sage_hmmp... got splash screen to screen when did echo 1 | tee /sys/devices/platform/omapdrm.0/graphics/fb0/rotate11:33
Stskeepsyou might want to restart x11:33
Sage_didn't work11:34
Sage_well it is 0 again :P11:34
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norayrAs I am using nemomobile now, I consider a ways to bring more apps to apps.formeego.org free repository, I think, that this task may be automated, if I'll be able to write a converter which will create rpm spec files automatically from the dsc and rules files from the maemo sources.13:21
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Sage_norayr: those apps are imported from commmunity project CE:Apps atm.13:24
Sage_norayr: you might also want to check tool called spectacle that has some support for handling debian files and converting those to .yaml files not sure if it can then convert to .rpm spec files.13:25
norayrthanks. I'll look into CE:Apps and spectacle13:26
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faenilmorning guys13:32
Sage_Stskeeps: regression from .0.0.3 release13:36
Sage_wifi behaves oddly13:36
Stskeepsdefine oddly13:37
Sage_ah, nm. just took 30s to list ap's13:37
Sage_it didn't list any access points and it was off by default13:37
Stskeepsdbus was upgraded, connman was updated13:37
Sage_it seems to work same as before though13:38
Sage_just different behaviour than before13:38
Stskeepsperhaps more power saving13:39
Sage_will test more to verify13:39
Sage_btw, should we drop meego-handset-photos from :Tracker repo now that we have qmlgallery available?13:39
Sage_it is not maintained anymore anyway13:39
Sage_yet I'm unable to get cores shown13:41
Sage_that is a real problem not sure what is the cause13:41
Sage_uh, now it works :P13:44
Sage_at times it is just enough to ask here ;)13:44
Sage_ok, in what page should I add the debugging guide?13:47
Sage_wiki/Nemo/Debugging is probably not right place as these instructions would apply probably to all Mer vendors13:48
Sage_hmmp... gdb isn't in core yet?13:49
Stskeepsno, i should be13:50
Stskeepsi think we forgot a task bug13:50
Stskeepswiki/Debugging and Category: it properly13:50
Sage_ok, well I can do update of gdb to latest in Nemo and then push it to Mer when tested13:50
Sage_do I need to ask for new git repo from you first Stskeeps ?13:50
Sage_or can I do it myself?13:51
Stskeepswhat deps does it need?13:52
Sage_I think mer has them all... let me check13:52
Sage_but not sure if those all are even needed13:53
Stskeepsbuildrequires: prelink ..?13:54
Stskeepsfor gdb?13:54
Stskeepsalso, Requires: readline is screwed13:54
Sage_as said it isn't nice yet :)13:54
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Sage_I don't think it needs rpm either :)13:56
Stskeepswho packages this stuff..13:57
Sage_hmmp... actually there is with-rpm option :D13:59
Sage_or not14:00
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Sage_w00t: invoker crash: http://pastie.org/342718514:11
w00tare you sure that was sigsegv? (and if so, not in another thread)?14:12
Sage_there is also core-duicontrolpanel-11-554-946771681 but no idea what is the binary for that14:16
Sage_there is only /usr/bin/duicontrolpanel.launch but that doesn't seem to be it14:16
Sage_warning: core file may not match specified executable file.14:17
Sage_Exec=/usr/bin/invoker --type=m /usr/bin/duicontrolpanel.launch -appletloader14:18
Sage_so how to gdb that ^14:19
w00tnoooo clue14:19
w00tI'd have assumed that was it14:19
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Sage_w00t: http://pastie.org/342731014:31
w00tmeh :/14:32
w00tnot much useful there14:32
Sage_yeah, the cp crashes at times and no way to debug :/14:32
Stskeepswasn't there a guide how to debug?14:33
Stskeepsin applaunched14:34
* Sage_ haven't seen one14:37
Sage_just opened same page :)14:37
Sage_well that doesn't help much as I'm not sure how to reproduce the error :P14:38
Sage_I have core how to debug that :)14:38
Sage_Stskeeps: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Debugging14:40
Sage_my current notes. need to improve but a start at least14:41
Sage_we are having some shutdown problems in the .0.0.3 image it seems14:43
Sage_not sure though if it is problem in earlier images as well14:43
Sage_the shutdown takes very long time14:44
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Stskeepsdid we upgrade systemd?14:54
Sage_but I've seen shutdown issues before as well14:54
Sage_it is probably something related to n900 adaptation14:55
Sage_as exopc works nicely14:55
Sage_w00t: did I pastie this before at some point already? http://pastie.org/342743314:56
Sage_qt crash?14:57
w00tit got an error from X and disconnected, not really a crash14:57
w00tno clue what could cause it though..14:57
Sage_sysuid crashed during shutdown14:58
Sage_hmmp... at some point we had patch that removed empty categories from settings I wonder what happened to that15:01
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faenilpeople please bugs/feature requests against qmlgallery15:08
faenilI'll work on them after friday (when I'll hopefully get CS degree)15:08
Sage_uh, just configuration issue15:08
* Sage_ goes to fix15:09
Sage_lbt, phaeron: workers workers workers :)15:22
Sage_this worker problem will be delaying nemo release for sure if it continues until Thursday :/15:23
lbtStskeeps: ^^ all workers are dead15:24
Stskeepslbt: i'm halfway through with a proper fix15:24
Stskeepsdo we know what kills them?15:24
Stskeepsdo we have a worker serial killer on the loose?15:24
* lbt looks at Stskeeps and nods15:25
* Sage_ looks around15:25
Stskeepswell, more seriously: what is the build log error15:25
lbtmount: error while loading shared libraries: libmount.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:26
lbtso not Stskeeps :)15:26
lbt /bin/su: unrecognized option '--eval'15:26
lbthome:ronan:OBS_Light seems to be a culprit15:27
lbtubuntu 11.10 has the libmount15:28
lbtjust scanning screen of some workers before looking any deeper15:28
phaeronlbt: wasn't there a mount --static for that ?15:29
lbtmakes sense15:30
lbtmaybe puppet didn't install that15:30
lbtodd though - there are a lot of workers that don't look dead but seem to be15:31
Stskeepszombie workers15:31
lbtthat umount - I had a retry/ignore patch which I thought made it upstream15:32
Stskeepsthat isn't the problem15:32
Stskeepsi guess15:32
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Stskeeps#43 is15:32
the-bossStskeeps: Error: "43" is not a valid command.15:32
* Stskeeps waits for 'mic' to build for debian on his pc15:33
lbtyeah but it's not marked as dead15:33
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lbtphaeron: mount-static is installed on the worker15:34
lbtdoes it need to go in the ubuntu prjconf?15:34
Stskeepslbt: http://releases.merproject.org/~carsten/0001-Change-strategy-for-shell-quoting-tested-against-deb.patch.txt15:36
phaeronStskeeps: but we have it in MINT:Testing for debian already15:38
phaeronmic that is15:38
Stskeepsphaeron: i know, i'm testing the sb2-obs patch against it..15:38
Stskeepsto test if it works :)15:38
lbtrofl ... exactly what I was going to do15:40
lbtfirst glance I'd say security issue15:40
Stskeepsthey use it themselves15:40
Stskeepsin rpm building15:40
lbtusing a non mktmp approach15:40
Stskeepsso no complaining15:40
lbtoh, and there have never been any OBS issues there :D15:41
Stskeepsmktemp is annoying for the chroot case15:41
lbtnb ... there is a shell-quote binary about somewhere15:41
lbtmaybe check to see if there's anything missing?15:42
Stskeepsanyway, that works for rpm i586, rpm sb2-obs and debian15:43
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Sage_w00t: any experience wit https://build.pub.meego.com/package/view_file?file=0002-Add-HideIfEmpty-1-to-all-meego-variant-categories.patch&package=meegotouch-controlpanel&project=Project%3AMTF%3AUX&rev=a8c6bb3b2107d645687d37b6ea6ee9e4 ?15:51
w00thmm... no15:51
Sage_I added those and all categories disappeared :D15:52
w00t... :D15:53
Sage_so pondering what is up with that :)15:56
Sage_pah, no idea16:18
Sage_ok, tomorrow with better eyes maybe16:18
Stskeepshave a good evening16:18
Sage_pah, more debugging :)16:19
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* Sage_ heads home16:31
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faenilw00t: give a look at my question on qt-qml if you have some spare minutes, should be a oneliner :)18:14
faenilw00t: thanks18:20
X-Fade/win 2218:25
X-Fadelol :) ok, almost right :)18:26
faenilis there any limit in the depth of qml scoping?18:26
faenilI can't seem to be able to access to child of the root item from an inner item18:26
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faenilmmm it works everywhere but in the property alias...id not found...-.-18:34
faenilis there any limit about that?18:34
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w00thttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEJhMhhnqGo might interest some folks here20:36
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mikhasw00t, nice. how much effort was it?21:13
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w00tmikhas: not a lot21:37
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