Wednesday, 2012-02-22

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faenilhack needed00:05
faenilanyone online?00:05
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lbtfaenil: always00:13
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faenilmy thesis works on a tablet, flickers on another00:55
faeniloh gosh, I hate these problems so much...00:55
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Stskeepsmorn sage_07:16
StskeepsSage_: got a i486 gdb anywhere?07:19
Stskeepshm, ok07:23
Sage_should be easy to build though give me a moment07:24
Stskeepswe're seeing crashes in rpm in i486 so07:24
Sage_arch i486 or i586?07:25
Sage_building in CE:MW:Shared07:25
Stskeepshow did the spec file improvement for gdb go?07:25
Sage_well the 7.4 version didn't compile yet haven't looked why07:26
Stskeepsi've made mer-core/gdb for you, btw07:26
Stskeepswe need it for qt mobility and such anyway07:27
Sage_/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/gdb-7.4/build-i586-meego-linux-gnu/gdb/../../gdb/tui/tui-io.c:562: undefined reference to `_rl_echoing_p'07:27
Stskeepslibreadline upgrade issue maybe07:27
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Sage_did we have readline update somewhere?07:29
Sage_or was it that it was gplv3 now07:29
Stskeepsthat was the gplv307:29
Sage_oh, well that isn't good07:30
Stskeepstell me about it..07:30
Sage_gdb can use its own copy of readline instead of the system one07:30
Sage_I guess that is the only way for now07:30
Stskeepsyeah, that's perhaps better at this particular moment07:30
Stskeepsmake a note that i'm okay with it for the gplv3 reasons07:30
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Sage_- Build without system readline as that would need update to  version 6 that is GPLv3 licensed.07:32
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Sage_I'm trying to comment decisions in .yaml, .spec, .changes always :)07:33
Sage_yup builds fine without system readline07:38
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Sage_Stskeeps: does fake obs have i48607:42
Stskeepsyes, it does07:43
Sage_  <repository name="Mer_Core_i486">07:43
Sage_    <path repository="Core_i486" project="Mer:fake:Core:i486"/>07:43
Sage_    <arch>i486</arch>07:43
Sage_  </repository>07:43
Stskeepsarch i58607:43
Stskeepsyes, f*cking obs..07:43
Sage_09:25.05 < Sage_> arch i486 or i586?07:43
Sage_09:25.12 < Stskeeps> i48607:43
Sage_dude :D07:43
Stskeepsthere is no i486 scheduler07:43
Sage_yup, thus I asked originally :D07:44
Sage_Mer Deployment System?07:45
* Sage_ is not liking all these acronyms out there 07:45
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niqti have a problem for qmlcalendar, can someone look ?07:48
Sage_Stskeeps: speaking about calendar what about the mkcal stuff for qt-mobility?07:58
Stskeepsnot sure07:59
Sage_this is also one of the things that would make qt in separate project nice07:59
Sage_dependencies for qt that do not need to be in core in general :/07:59
Sage_anyway we need solution so that niqt's calendar application can work08:00
Sage_is there lot of stuff in mkcal that isn't in kcal that could be pushed to upstream?08:01
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Sage_Library that extends kcalcore adding the persistence storage (SQLite) and also tracker integration.08:09
Sage_sounds like something that could be added to kcalcore with defines08:11
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Sage_w00t: pah, the cp testes first if the category is empty and only after that adds the entires to categories :D08:49
Sage_so well guess if those seems empty always :D08:49
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* Sage_ is confused how this should actually work08:56
Sage_if desktop are preloaded then the hideifempty works but if I don't preload them then it doesn't work08:57
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Sage_done, finally the empty/not used categories are gone09:29
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4401 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4401 Accepted promotion request10:43
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dcthangNetwork speed on N950/N9 seems to be slow13:18
dcthangdonot know what cause that13:18
Stskeepsusb, wifi ?13:19
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Sage_I think that might be the same issue that is with usb networking on N913:38
Sage_it is fixed with new connman that is in next mer core13:38
dcthangusb networking works fine, host and N913:49
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Sage_Stskeeps: pushed the gdb to Mer.14:12
Sage_7.4 with .yaml etc.14:12
Sage_Probably places for packaging fixes still though14:12
Stskeepsok, thanks14:19
lbtSage_: do you have an up-to-date spectacle pkg on cobs14:20
Sage_lbt: no14:20
Sage_I've used my own compile14:20
lbtOK - np ( search is down :) )14:20
lbtwhat git tree14:20
lbtis empty14:21
Stskeeps ?14:23
lbt"The category page for a concept should be authoritative for Mer - if it points to or provides bad information, that's a major bug. More details below. "14:24
lbtit avoids having "$random_wiki_page is correct"14:25
lbthey, if you want to take over the wiki and docs I'm fine with that :D14:25
Stskeepsjust pointing out that we did have some degree of page14:26
lbtI know14:26
lbtThe latest code in git tree can be accessed at:14:26
lbt [git://]14:26
lbtthat's upstream14:27
lbtso we should have our own tree which may be in-sync14:27
Stskeepsand with platform sdk as focus..14:27
lbtyep - I'm not complaining ... I'm fixing14:27
lbtbut if it's already present but missing...14:27
lbtthat'd be bad ...14:28
lbtso checking there's not
lbtor similar on github14:28
lbtor someone else's14:28
lbtwhich has Mer patches in it.... that's all14:28
Sage_lbt: it is spectacle upstream atm.14:28
lbtSage_: cool ... nb did you take maintainership last night?14:28
lbtI'll note that in the wiki too14:29
lbtpending a package DB :)14:29
Sage_lbt: is the upstream14:29
Sage_I can take the maintainership sure. Bunch of things that should be fixed in there but just haven't had time and those haven't been so hard blockers either14:30
lbtok - I'll point to your repo as Mer master for now - can you just sync it for me so I can pull from there14:30
lbtty :)14:31
Sage_my repo? you mean sages-spectacle?14:33
lbtat some point we'll make something better - I just want somewhere that is "mer's repo"14:33
lbtI see the push - brilliant - thanks14:35
Sage_how can I get tags in as well?14:35
Sage_what I did was: git pull upstream master14:36
Sage_and pushed changes in14:36
lbtgit fetch origin --tags14:36
lbtupstream even14:36
Sage_btw, I have one patch there that isn't in 0.23 but shouldn't matter for us really atm.14:38
lbtOK - I see it14:38
lbtI'll stick at 0.23 then (since I think a spectacle change is rather a big thing)14:39
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Sage_lbt: something I have wanted to do for a long time :)14:56
* lbt runs away14:57
lbtactually ... what will happen to CI when we do that?14:57
Sage_boss shouldn't mind about blank or commented lines14:57
Sage_when doing comparison14:57
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Sage_CI <- ??14:58
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lbtyeah - it specifically checks the specify version matches14:59
Stskeepsmake it into mer-spectacle?15:00
lbtor maybe it specifically excludes it ?15:00
* Sage_ still ponders what CI means15:00
lbtcontinuous integration15:00
* Sage_ tries to remember that15:02
lbtI think I'd make a good medical experiment15:02
lbtI'm convinced my brain is actually full15:03
lbtand bits keep falling out15:03
Stskeepsthat's what i use to keep my stress low15:03
lbt*g* ...
Stskeepsyou have a whiteboard todo, it's not GTD ;)15:04
Stskeepsbut yeah15:04
lbtthat's for Denise to write on15:04
Stskeepsbad inbox15:04
Stskeepsi've been working most of the day on llvmpipe and composition15:05
Stskeepswell, besides the eglibc 2.15 that actually builds now15:06
Stskeepsturns out that to get composition with llvmpipe you need to have a DRI2 enabled xorg driver15:06
Stskeepswhich vesa isn't15:07
Stskeepsbut vboxdrv is15:07
Stskeepser, vboxvideo15:07
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faenilw00t: you on?22:50
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