Friday, 2012-02-24

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Stskeepsmorn Sage_06:10
StskeepsSage_: only thing i wondered about with prerelease was touch sensitivity, but that may be because i'm used to n950/n9 screen by now06:14
Sage_Stskeeps: you mean on N900 ?06:17
Sage_N900 is a bit bad and I think ExoPC isn't that great either.06:17
Stskeepsyeah, on both06:17
Stskeepsbut not sure if it existed before that06:17
Sage_N900 has existed before, ExoPC not so sure.06:18
Sage_Stskeeps: could you remove the gestures plugin and retry if you notice change?06:18
Sage_I have bad feeling that gestures are grabbing some of the touch things06:18
Stskeepsi'll try that later today06:19
Sage_k thx06:19
Sage_we would need some kind of tool to test the sensitity better06:26
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dcthangwho knows which package for vkb on Nemo?06:35
Stskeepsit's maliit06:36
dcthangIs it contained in release package? Checked there but not found06:36
Sage_iekku: ping, when you have time would be nice if we could improve the bugzilla a bit.06:42
dcthangok, found it's here
* Sage_ is writing a guide how to report bugs
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Sage_iekku: first we should probably hide advanced fields by default.06:58
Sage_iekku: also N900 HA should have Hardware N900 set by default if that is possible, and same goes to Pandaboard and x8607:00
Sage_and Other.07:00
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Sage_iekku: the products should contains more information something like
Sage_iekku: just first draft but something like that07:17
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iekkuSage_, i take a look, but can't promise anything in next week. after that i have more time07:23
iekkuSage_, are you talking about nemo, mer or both?07:24
Sage_iekku: sure, no problem. I would file it as a bug to remind you but we don't have buzilla product in Nemo and don't want to start flooding Mer bz with Nemo stuff.07:25
Sage_just Nemo atm.07:25
iekkushould we have a component for bz and wiki?07:27
iekkuSage_, what are the fields to hide? i do it now07:28
Sage_bz yes, but wiki is mer wiki so I don't see point in that. But I think Other category wouldn't hurt.07:28
w00ti note we're lacking a component for browser in Application too, btw07:29
iekkuw00t, i need name, description, cc's07:29
Sage_iekku: mainly was wondering when new user is created does the new user have advanced fields enabled or disabled by default see "Show Advanced Fields"07:29
* Sage_ needs to go now for a moment.07:30
iekkui really don't know07:30
iekkuand this is something i need to ask from my future workmates :P also the hiding part07:31
* Stskeeps yawns07:32
Stskeepsfriday morning isn't a good time to have to answer advanced e-mails on07:32
iekkuStskeeps, or do anything else than drink coffee and try to wake up07:42
* iekku is having her last vacation day in ixonos07:42
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Sage_iekku: well something we need to think about. We need to make the bugreporting easily and well documented.08:48
Sage_ <- Improvements welcome08:49
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phaeronSage_: about that spectacle issue, can you fix spectacle ? :)08:50
Sage_phaeron: Yes I can, but not sure what would be the best solution for it.08:51
Sage_new cmdline option --no-version-check ?08:51
Sage_Changing the default answer isn't good as the error might be valid in some cases.08:52
phaeronSage_: hmm08:54
phaeronfirst there should be a non-interactive mode08:54
phaeronno answers are expected in that mode08:55
phaeronsecond the right way is maybe to mark stuff that is not backward compatible with the minimum version number required08:56
phaeronand abort if the current mic sees content marked with version higher than its own08:57
phaeroncould be complicated though08:57
Sage_that sounds good08:59
* Sage_ stares at spectacle code09:19
Sage_spectacle is able to retriev git tags from git instead of using tarballs09:19
* Sage_ didn't know about this feature09:19
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lbtSage_: yeah - it's kinda neat and kinda broken09:44
lbtline 3709:46
Sage_lbt: where did you get that? :)09:46
lbtit named the tarball with the ^{} thing at the end - I had to manually rename it and disable the SCM: field to prevent it09:47
lbtthe yaml file09:47
Sage_ah, ok. Well I'll check that thing and also document it a bit :)09:47
Sage_it wasn't in at all so I never knew that there was such a feature :)09:47
Sage_lbt: thx for the test .yaml09:49
Sage_%setup -q -n %{name}-%{version}09:50
Sage_err... nm09:50
Sage_lbt: that is upstream problem, their tags contain that ^{}
lbtSage_: eww.... and spectace sorts it higher of course10:00
Sage_of course10:00
Sage_who's idea was it to put ^{} to tagname :D10:00
* Sage_ ponders who names these things: 10:06
Sage_SupportOtherDistros == AddBuildRoot10:06
Sage_* SupportOtherDistros: **boolean**, whether need to check for other distros (besides MeeGo)10:07
Sage_there are other things as well but really these names are not so good or the documentation :/10:08
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lbtSage_: no, it's definitely lacking in that area10:23
lbtI guess the osc ^{} tags are from doing pre-releases?10:24
lbtmmm they don't appear to be in the github repo10:25
lbtthe suse github I mean10:26
lbtSage_: how did you get that pastie?10:29
lbtI did a git clone of osc and those tags aren't there10:29
lbt(I thought I may have messed them up so was just making sure it wasn't me :) )10:29
Sage_lbt: just run the cmd on top :)10:31
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lbtSage_: OK ^{} is a peeled tag11:03
lbt'new' tags are annotated and have a sha1 of their own - old tags are simple pointers to a sha111:04
lbtthe peeled/de-referenced tag (eg 0.133^{}) is a pointer to the sha1 of the commit, not the tag11:04
lbtit's a bug in spectacle11:04
lbtit should skip tags ending ^{}11:05
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Sage_lbt: can you paste link to some documentation about that11:16
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lbtheh -- I actually asked in #git - but knowing the answer lets you do better google searches :)11:17
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Sage_# Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 32 commits.12:00
the-bossSage_: Error: "Your" is not a valid command.12:00
Sage_my space fix broke tests so had to fix those :P12:00
Sage_lbt: thx. will check that12:00
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* jukkaeklund_ can see 312 score in html5test so qtwebkit update was successful :)12:31
Paimenjust out from wild has anyone tried mer + nemo on acer iconia a50012:37
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Stskeepsthat's a tegra2?12:40
Stskeepsi think mer has been on the iconia, nemo itself, not sure12:40
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mikhasvgrade played with Tegra2's, no?12:44
Stskeepsi don't see any reason why it wouldn't work on tegra2, it's x11 and it's gles12:47
Paimenneed to dig into this I think12:47
lbtSage_: that'll do nicely sir12:57
* Sage_ needs to do some tests for macros for spectacle 12:59
vgradePaimen, a500 looks a possible Mer target like most Tegra 2 tabs with open bootloaders.
lbtSage_: my kernel spec should be a good test13:01
Sage_Stskeeps: you had some experience with ?13:06
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Stskeepswell, i wouldn't say experience13:09
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lbtreminds me... I can't seem to read my SMSes on Nemo13:18
lbtwhen I click on them it lets me write a new one but not read old ones13:19
* Sage_ ponders about one broken spectacle test about qmake builder13:33
Sage_anyone know how %qmake macro works? :)13:33
w00twill you glare at me if I say "fabo probably does"?13:34
Sage_err... %cmake13:34
w00tah, %cmake, no clue13:34
StskeepsSage_: /etc/rpm/qt.macros or something lik that..13:34
Sage_I have no idea if that is valid before or after :)13:34
Sage_Stskeeps: sry, mixed qmake and cmake :P13:35
Sage_Currently spectacle returns the latter one but not sure if that is working as nobody has fixed the testcase for it.13:35
lbtw00t: you any ideas about my SMS issue?13:48
w00tlbt: not really, apart from SMS being a mess :-/13:49
lbtshould I be able to read them? Or is that still a bug?13:49
w00twell, not being able to read SMS you've recieved under nemo would indeed strike me as being a bug13:53
* lbt thought so - and was a bit surprised13:53
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lbthence the "am I being an idiot" questions13:54
w00tnah, it's good to throw ideas around13:54
rantomDid someone else have problems getting the newest Nemo to the N95014:10
rantomI got it to boot the "Nemo"-screen but after that nothing else than a bunch of pixel blur14:10
rantomNevermind, got it to work when I re-installed it14:15
* Sage_ is able to receive sms on n900 nemo14:16
Sage_is there still something that I haven't documented to wiki that I'm responsible of doing for Nemo?14:19
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Sage_have a nice weekend everyone.16:07
jukkaeklundwhat, already?! :)16:08
* Stskeeps grabs martini bottle16:08
* jukkaeklund is tempted16:09
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* damnshock prefers scotch16:33
* iekku is watching wife playing skyrim16:34
damnshockwow, that game looks good16:37
damnshockI guess my Intel HD2000 won't be able to handle it16:38
iekkuxbox version of it16:38
damnshockand your wife plays it?16:38
damnshocklucky man!16:38
iekkuyes, he is lucky man...16:39
damnshockI just need a woman that likes sports, better if it's rock climbing :D16:39
iekkuxmas present from me was 14 months live and call of duty 316:39
iekkuand i promissed not to nag about playing16:40
iekkudamnshock, btw, my "wife" is male, i just call him as a wife since he cooks and forces me to go shopping with him etc16:41
damnshockoh, I see16:41
iekkui don't play with xbox, but i like to watch16:41
damnshockI also cook for my girl friends, does that make me a "wife" too? :P16:41
iekkumaybe? or potential wife :P16:42
damnshocklet's leave it at "potential" couse I first have to find a couple ;)16:44
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* jukkaeklund got stuck running phonegap in nemo..17:45
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faenilJust got the degreeeeee in CS! :D17:51
jukkaeklundCS as in computer science?17:51
faenilyep! :D17:55
faenilI'm just back home, after a looong day! :) and this evening pizza with friends! :D17:55
* jukkaeklund has M.Sc in software engineering17:56
Paimengrats faenil17:56
faenilthanks :)17:56
faeniljukkaeklund: M.Sc as in?17:57
jukkaeklundmaster of science17:57
faenilOh ok :) the 5 years one18:00
jukkaeklundtook me 15 years ;)18:00
faenileh :D18:00
jukkaeklundbut yeah, 5-6 years typically18:00
faenilthanks damnshock :)18:00
damnshockyou deserve them :D18:00
faeniljukkaeklund: I'm attending master lessons18:01
faenildamnshock: :D18:01
jukkaeklundw00t, so those qt mobility stuff like feedback, messaging are now part of Qt main?18:01
jukkaeklundqt 4.8 that is18:02
jukkaeklundfaenil, good for you!18:02
* timoph has only BSc in software engineering18:06
timophso jukkaeklund should be one hacking :)18:06
jukkaeklundno, BSc is for those who actually do stuff, MSc is for those just talk about it :)18:08
jukkaeklundthat said, I am trying to get phonegap running on nemo..18:08
timophany luck yet?18:08
jukkaeklundI know what is the problem..18:09
timophsomething missing?18:09
jukkaeklundcommenting out stuff..18:09
jukkaeklundnot sure if something missing from nemo or just qt 4.818:10
jukkaeklundas phonegap is for harmattan18:10
jukkaeklundI had nice experiences already though getting qt creator to work like I wanted18:10
jukkaeklundwhich surprised me greatly18:11
timophit writes code for you as you tell it what kind of application you want?18:11
Paimenwell I'm just BEng but seems to do more of the of the talking that hacking18:11
jukkaeklundeg can "run" and app runs in nemo18:11
timophI haven't actuallu tried using Qt creator for nemo stuff18:12
jukkaeklundit works18:12
jukkaeklundbut harmattan is wrong target of course18:12
faenilonce again, guys please FILE BUGS AGAINST QMLGALLERY (bugs/feature requests)18:15
* timoph needs to try it first18:21
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jukkaeklundhas phonegap runnning in nemo18:34
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Stskeepshow difficult?18:48
jukkaeklundnot, but for me something..18:48
jukkaeklundcamera was harmattan-specific18:48
jukkaeklundQtM feedback, messaging and feedback I commented out18:48
jukkaeklunddon't know if they are missing or due to Qt 4.8 different18:49
Stskeepsfeedback not surprised18:49
jukkaeklundcan see accelerometer data, compass is 0, location sg faults18:51
Stskeepsso pretty good for first run18:52
jukkaeklundcontacts work, local storage works18:52
jukkaeklundpretty good :)18:52
jukkaeklundI guess should put up a project in COBS18:54
jukkaeklundcould be included in Nemo image since is a nice test app to poke stuff18:55
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Stskeepsjukkaeklund: yeah, makes sense19:15
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: ideally we'd get it to a point where phonegap is a runtime available within mer, so apps don't have to bundle19:16
Stskeepsbut not sure if there's additional challenges to that19:16
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Free-MGno phone calls possible, is this normal on the N9 with nemomobile?19:23
StskeepsFree-MG: do you have a SIM PIN and did you get a pin query on bootuP?19:23
Free-MGwithout SIM PIN19:24
Stskeepsshould be possible then.. are sms'es possible?19:24
Free-MGno provider19:25
Stskeeps'dmesg' output and file a bug please19:25
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jukkaeklundstskeeps, I guess so that apps just need to include phonegap.js and it works19:54
Stskeepswell, that and the c++ runtime19:55
Stskeepsand that is the one i wanted to share19:55
timophit uses Qt mobility?19:57
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timophjukkaeklund: what sources you're using? this ->
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matrixxjukkaeklund: \o/20:14
matrixxFree-MG: for me the modem won't boot up when turning the device on20:15
matrixxFree-MG: you might have the same problem20:15
matrixxcell mo that is20:15
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile20:16
Free-MGmatrixx: unable to open device /dev/cmt_speech ('No such device').20:17
matrixxsounds like same :)20:20
matrixxwell, :(20:20
Free-MGi have sometimes a strange noise on speakers20:22
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile20:23
matrixxdidn't find bug # yet for the cellmo doesn't boot up yet, but it would be probably same cause with , according to veskuh20:25
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w00tjukkaeklund: yes - in qt 4, they're seperated into qt mobility20:29
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jukkaeklundtimoph, this one:
jukkaeklundsince it has harmattan21:57
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Venemo_N950hi :)22:27
jukkaeklundtimoph, ok that cordovaqt was more sensible works almost out of the box22:35
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:45
jukkaeklundstskeeps, only missing libQtFeedback..22:51
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Venemo_N950since IRC Chatter is already part of Nemo, can I ask you guys to also add it to the Nemo bugzilla? It does not yet have  bugtracker.23:25
*** niqt has quit IRC23:34
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