Saturday, 2012-02-25

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Sage_iekku: ^ Component for IRC client for nemo applications07:50
Sage_morning all07:50
Stskeepsmorn Sage_07:50
iekkuSage_, ok07:51
iekku"IRC Chatter"  to Applications?07:52
Stskeepsand morn o/ to iekku too07:52
iekkumorn Stskeeps :)07:52
Sage_iekku: "IRC Client"07:52
Sage_iekku: and in description mention IRC Chatter for example.07:53
iekkui hope venemo is venemo in nemo bz too07:54
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iekkuhmmm, was there some other component also?07:55
Sage_if it is not there then yes :)07:56
Stskeepsisn't there ehelium one?07:56
iekkunot in the apps07:56
iekkushould i create one?07:57
Sage_Create Browser and put description as heliumreborn07:59
iekku"bug for heliumreborn" ?08:00
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niqtif nokia were to run the Meltemi,  will nemo enemy or friend of it?11:34
Stskeepsthere's nothing but rumours out there11:51
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faenilevening people :)17:59
Stskeepsevening faenil18:00
Stskeepscongrats on the bachelor18:00
faenilthanks! ^_^18:00
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