Tuesday, 2012-03-06

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Stskeepsveskuh_: does opera really start that fast on n950?06:02
veskuh_Stskeeps: It was second start06:02
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Stskeepsmorn Sage__06:48
* Sage__ ponders if he has some important tasks that he should do 06:48
Stskeepsi'd say coffee, but you don't drink that..06:48
Sage__ok, so NSS update for Mer is on my todo list06:50
Sage__bad thing about that was that I didn't really get what is wrong with the compile.06:51
* Sage__ hates mozilla builds06:51
Stskeepsbtw, i think i figured out what is wrong with the boardname stripping06:53
Stskeepslibraries aren't marked as +x06:53
StskeepsSage__: can you look at libvorbis update too, supposedly there's a CVE for it in the wild06:54
StskeepsSage__: other nice demo things.. look into how to utilize hardware decoding of mp3, etc, in pandaboad06:55
Sage__ah, that is something that I was planing to do as well.06:56
Sage__good reminder06:56
Sage__I was suppose to update panda adaptation a bit but the adaptation doesn't compile with current mer core :P06:56
Stskeepsi gave cxl000 a trick how to do it06:57
Stskeepsjust add your own 'filesystem' package matching http://review.merproject.org/44006:58
Sage__ok, will check that after poking a bit of nss more06:59
Sage__https://build.pub.meego.com/package/rawlog?arch=armv7el&package=nss&project=home%3Asage%3Abranches%3AMer%3Afake%3ACore%3Aarmv7hl&repository=Mer_Core-next_armv6l hmmp07:02
Sage__it is there so what is the problem :P07:03
Stskeepsordering maybe07:03
Sage__well, can't really be as the plc4 is coming after all .o files07:04
Sage__and it complains for the .o file of the missing dep07:04
Sage__hmmp... maybe the empty -L in front07:05
Sage__maybe that eats the next lib07:05
jukkaeklundvideo player and UI for Nemo?07:05
Sage__jukkaeklund: ?07:05
StskeepsSage__: else try to disable as-needed07:06
Sage__I think I found the problem but lets see07:09
Sage__yup, it was the empty -L07:11
Sage__took the first -l as a param I guess07:11
jukkaeklundsage__, looking for ideas what to do :)07:11
Sage__jukkaeklund: debug wifi? :)07:14
jukkaeklundoh yes, at least update bugs07:15
jukkaeklundfor me, that is07:16
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niqt_Sage ping07:37
Sage__niqt: pong07:38
niqtyour libdeclarative-organizer is ok for me07:40
niqtsave and read events from the backend07:41
Sage__Stskeeps: ^07:45
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jukkaeklundargh, wifi is really broken08:23
Stskeepswhat is exactly broken? the connection drops?08:24
jukkaeklundUI says no wifi on device when I turn it off once08:25
jukkaeklundsame for BT08:25
Stskeepsinteresting, can you dump dmesg somehow?08:25
Stskeepsand .xsession-erorors08:25
Stskeepswe should really have an automatic bug attachment generator..08:27
veskuh_jukkaeklund: the same has happened occasionally before, restarting connmay may or may not help08:29
jukkaeklundyes.. but now its consistent08:30
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jukkaeklundstskeeps, http://pastie.org/3531976 & http://pastie.org/353198408:38
Stskeeps"Failed to connect to org.ofono.VoiceCallManager on modem /n9500: "08:38
Stskeepsasked to return prettyprint for unknown state value08:38
Aard'error -110 while initializing sd card' == 'idiot, your magnet is not at the right place anymore'?08:38
Stskeepsnot related but interesting08:38
StskeepsAard: sometimes08:38
Aardis there some initial console via usb? I'm unfortunately without jig today08:39
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: looks like connman crashes08:39
StskeepsAard: sadly no08:40
StskeepsAard: try to put the mmc in your pc and then eject it and back in n90008:40
AardStskeeps: err, what?08:40
StskeepsAard: ie, not initial console08:40
Stskeepsfor me, when i see -110, i plug the mmc back in my pc and then eject it, then back in n90008:41
Stskeepsit sorts the weird state at times08:41
Aardas for initial console, any reason for not providing a kernel for that? that's how I got around not having a jig back with the aava handsets08:41
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: sounds like a bug to be filed in mer08:42
Stskeepsif you can get backtraces that'd help :P08:42
StskeepsAard: we had a initrd at some point but it's difficult to redirect console messags08:42
AardStskeeps: 'console messages', as in 'kernel messages'?08:43
StskeepsAard: yeah08:43
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Aardwhere's the difficult part? you can set the usb connection as initial vt08:43
Stskeepssure? how?08:43
Stskeepsif you mean netconsole, i'm not sure that works over usbnet08:44
Aardno, ordinary vt via usb. need to see if I still have my aava kernel configuration, that's exactly what I did there08:44
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Aardhm, same error with a lid which still has magnet in place :(09:18
Stskeepshow are you booting the thing?09:18
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Aardwhich answer do you want? u-boot? from sd-card? by inserting a battery? :p09:19
Stskeepsu-boot preferably09:20
Stskeepsor flasher09:20
dm8tbrAard: I'd be interested in this config too for my Archos devices. there we so far work with probing musb and g_serial and then cat /proc/kmsg >/dev/ttyGS009:20
Aarddm8tbr: I fear the kernel configuration only exists on ilmatar obs...09:21
Aardthough I'm not yet done searching09:21
AardStskeeps: it's u-boot, flashed last summer09:22
Aardbtw, u-boot can access the mmc-card without the magnet present, why can't the kernel?09:22
Stskeepskernel actually checks for the magnet09:22
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Aardwouldn't it make sense to have a boot parameter disabling that check?09:23
Aardit's a constant annoyance for jig-use09:23
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dm8tbrAard: anyone able to extract this info or is that long gone?09:29
Aarddm8tbr: be patient, I'm trying09:30
dm8tbrk, tx :)09:30
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dcthang hey any idea to imrpve network for Nemo?09:55
Stskeepsdefine improve09:56
dm8tbrimplement faster memcopy ;)09:57
jukkaeklunddcthang, you have problems with network or?10:00
dcthangnetwork speed on N9 or N950 is too slow10:01
dcthangas Sage told me some weeks before, it comes from conman module10:01
dm8tbrslower than under harmattan?10:01
dcthangyes, definitely10:01
Stskeepsdcthang: over wifi, usb, or which?10:01
dcthangtoooo ..slow10:01
dcthangI compared it h HTC mobile (Android) and Iphone 3gs, 410:02
dcthangits speed is too slow10:02
jukkaeklundyou could compare to harmattan in same network, and write a bug?10:02
dcthangHarmattan works better -> yes10:03
dcthangmuch faster and faster10:03
dm8tbrwould you be able to quantify this in numbers?10:04
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dcthangabout network speed or something?10:05
Stskeepsyes, if it's latency or what happens10:05
dcthangin fact I was frustrated about network with Nemo10:05
Stskeepsjust trying to understand what is exactly slow10:05
Stskeepshigh ping10:05
Stskeepslow kb/s10:05
Stskeepsdns lookup time10:05
anYce.g. do a "ping $my_router"10:06
anYcfor the beginning10:06
dcthangokay, I will paste those soon here10:12
dcthangping google.com http://pastebin.com/itL9u35x10:14
Stskeepsping your route, not google10:14
Stskeepsdefault router10:14
dcthangyep, it's here http://pastebin.com/E85s56cH10:14
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Sage__dcthang: you are using the latest version of nemo?10:16
dcthangthis one nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-testing-0.20111208.2.NEMO.2012-01-05.1.fiasco.bin10:17
Stskeeps(i made a test version to test for n9)10:18
Stskeepsso an ancient one10:18
Stskeepsdcthang: i think it's time to see if http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Nokia_N9 works10:19
Stskeepsyou might need PR 1.2 on the device10:19
Stskeepsi can't make fiasco based images anymore, so10:19
AardCE:Adaptation:N900/kernel-adaptation-n900 is the currently used kernel?10:20
Sage__dcthang: :nod: you shoul update that slow network under n9 should be fixed in latest release10:21
dcthangokay, let's see10:21
dcthangany comment about that? which cause that? and which package to take an  eye on?10:21
Stskeepsit's so old version that you should get a new one10:21
Stskeepsa lot of things got fixed10:21
Sage__Stskeeps: the nss should work. http://pastie.org/353243210:22
StskeepsSage__: interesting10:23
StskeepsSage__: how about Provides: output?10:23
Sage__need to check that10:23
dcthangStskeeps: the instruction on N9 of that site seems to be old10:23
Sage__dcthang: :nod: I was about to update those but well something else came up.10:24
dcthangmostly it works fine with N95010:24
dcthangI have one N950 here so confirm about that10:25
dcthangbut N9, have no idea10:25
dcthangSage__: any hints, idea notes about installing Nemo on N9?10:30
Sage__dcthang: well it goes very much similar to n950 instructions here http://wiki.meego.com/User:Marquiz/N950#Installing_modified_MOSLO_.28Linux.29 except you need to use the n9 moslo thingy10:33
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dcthangSage__ why we need moslo pack?10:35
dcthangI did install Nemo on N9 without moslo :)10:35
Stskeepsyou have to install the right way10:36
Sage__dcthang: well that is the instruction I know of and used that before at some point for n910:36
Stskeepsold way was a hack10:36
dcthangSage__: so did it work?:)10:36
Sage__dcthang: it boots with flasher loading yes10:37
jukkaeklundactually this instructions don't need moslo http://jon.severinsson.net/NemoN9/Nemo-Mobile-N9-instructions.txt10:38
dcthangOk, I will back soon to confirm the guide  works or not10:40
jukkaeklundthanks in advance10:41
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jukkaeklundsage__, btw I dont think N9 moslo does anything actually?10:42
Sage__jukkaeklund: well it gave me the partitioning screen at least IIRC10:43
jukkaeklundwhen was that?10:43
* jukkaeklund really needs an extra N9 to play with10:44
* Aard had one, until my wife threatened me with physical pain if I don't give it to her10:46
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Sage__jukkaeklund: I though I did it so when I was at demola when you gave the n9 to me :)10:47
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jukkaeklundso dual booting with harmattan?10:48
Sage__yes, but with flasher boot10:48
jukkaeklundright.. ofc10:49
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jukkaeklundso actually instructions for that are much simpler than that and could be written to Nemo wiki too10:50
jukkaeklund"tethered booting"..10:50
Sage__jukkaeklund: yes instructions are much simpler than that10:51
Sage__I was about to do that but messed up my n9 and haven't reflashed it yet :P10:51
jukkaeklundI could do it too if I had an extra n910:52
jukkaeklundwell, maybe I'll do it anyway :p10:53
Sage__I'll try to reflash my n9 after I get this nss packaging thing done10:53
jukkaeklundok, flash 'flasher -f  & --erase-mmc=quick' should do it10:55
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Sage__Stskeeps: nemo status meeting?11:00
dcthangSage__ all flasher command no need root right?11:02
Sage__dcthang: you need root access on host for that11:02
Sage__ANNOUNCEMENT: Nemo Mobile Status sync meeting now at #mer-meeting11:09
dcthanghey, with Sage guide i back to harmattan11:15
dcthangit means not successfully11:18
dcthangI will recheck and back soon11:18
Sage__jukkaeklund: how can one reflash n9 do we have guide for that somewhere? There is no OCF for N9 right?11:24
StskeepsSage__: i have really got to make a calendar11:28
Sage__Stskeeps: hehe. I had it in my calendar but with 0min notfication time :P11:32
dcthangSage__: here u go http://pastebin.com/zbyVR4zY11:32
dcthangIt looks like we cannot flash moslo there11:33
dcthangwhich package is suitable for N9? http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/marquiz:/n950/CE_Adaptation_N950-armv7hl/armv7hl/11:34
dcthangI guess this one moslo-n9-
Sage__dcthang: yes you can't flash moslo only load with -l and yes moslo-n911:34
dcthangso the guide lacks something?11:35
Sage__dcthang: I'm writing new guide to Nemo wiki atm.11:35
dcthangok, let's me know then. I would like to try it11:36
Sage__when ever I get the firmware downloaded with my windows pc to get the device returned to orig state :P11:37
StskeepsSage__: http://code.google.com/p/navifirmex/ works quite well with wine11:38
dcthangthere is a difference between your pastebin and mince11:38
dm8tbrthere is a script that works directly IIRC11:39
dcthangfor yours, rootfs is not flashed when flashed harmatan pack, but not for mine11:39
dcthangpls take a look at my pastebin above11:39
Sage__dcthang: I haven't done any pastie anywhere from my N9 flashing so it is done by someone else11:39
Sage__dcthang: just wait a hour or two and I'll get back to you with the guide :)11:40
dcthangah sorry, from  Marquiz :)11:40
Sage__dm8tbr: that sounds nice :)11:41
dm8tbrI don't have the link right now11:41
dm8tbrgoogle to the rescue :)11:42
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Sage__dm8tbr: thx seems to work nicely11:52
Sage__Stskeeps, lbt: ping RE meeting?12:00
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Sage__\o/ n9 rescued. and guide here http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Recovering_your_N9_firmware12:08
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jukkaeklundSage_, great12:14
jukkaeklundmaybe remove the link that was there earlier?12:14
Sage_yes, will do that when I finish the n9 nemo guide12:15
jukkaeklundso that destroys harmattan, and needs to load the kernel in every boot?12:16
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Sage_jukkaeklund: so that it doesn't destroy harmattan and needs to load kernel on every boot to nemo.12:22
jukkaeklundok, that's good stuff12:23
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jukkaeklunddoes it show the warranty disclaimer?12:23
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acrux_just trying the Nemo IRC client on N90012:34
Sage_jukkaeklund: well for some reason I'm not able to reprocude the thing I did before at demola :P12:36
acrux_wish Maemo had something similar available... ;)12:37
Sage_ah, now I got it :)12:37
Sage_jukkaeklund: yes it shows the warranty thing12:37
jukkaeklundSage_, not surprised that stuff is random at best..12:37
StskeepsSage_: N9 is 1.2 or not?12:38
Sage_Stskeeps: 1.212:38
jukkaeklundSage_, but the good thing is that re-flashing makes it go away, I tried that with pr1.212:38
jukkaeklundso warranty is not lost12:38
Sage_jukkaeklund: :nod:12:38
jukkaeklunddo we want to mention that in windoze one can just use navifirm?12:39
Sage_well, you can't flash this on windows anyway12:42
Sage_nemo that is12:42
Sage_the partition is ext4 and windows can't handle that12:42
Sage_jukkaeklund: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Nokia_N9 simple as that :)12:52
Sage_needs a bit more cleaning and testing but not so hard12:52
jukkaeklundand booting to harmattan works too?12:57
jukkaeklundsure flashing harmattan back works with windows12:58
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timophwhat? we have dual boot for n9?13:00
jukkaeklundyes, "tethered" way13:00
* timoph prepares to brick his n9 (new 64gb only ~400 at verkkokauppa)13:01
dm8tbrnice :)13:01
jukkaeklundgo for it, nobody has been able to really brick..13:01
jukkaeklundI'd try but I use it as daily phone..13:01
dm8tbrjukkaeklund: nobody? cybette and attila...13:02
timophif dual boot works I don't mind13:02
dm8tbrok, to be fair that was with flasher and funky options ;)13:02
jukkaeklunddm8tbr, really brick as in not booting ever again?13:02
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dm8tbrjukkaeklund: 'relabelling' in a site far far away, yes13:02
jukkaeklunddm8tbr, well ok and that was N950..13:03
dm8tbrah, right13:03
jukkaeklundnah, who am I kidding..13:04
timophdamn. I don't have a native installation of linux on any machine currently13:04
* jukkaeklund goes to do the dual boot thingy13:04
jukkaeklundtimoph, vm?13:04
timopheasier with proper installation13:05
* timoph digs out his ideapad13:05
jukkaeklundnah, I have managed to make vm obey usb..13:05
jukkaeklundadds some excitiment to life..13:05
timophI does but I prefer the real thing on this13:06
jukkaeklundsage_, should remove the jon's stuff from wiki?13:06
timophif that thing really works I need to consider buying a second n913:06
Sage_jukkaeklund: didn't I do it already?13:06
jukkaeklundsage_, yes you did :)13:07
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*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:17
*** jukkaeklund_ is now known as jukkaeklund13:17
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* jukkaeklund edited a bit N9 instruction13:50
*** beford has joined #nemomobile13:50
* jukkaeklund has Nemo in N913:52
faenileh :)13:53
jukkaeklundwell I've had it earlier, but not outside of Nokia13:54
*** xruxa has joined #nemomobile14:19
Sage_jukkaeklund: and the instructions are quite easy now14:25
jukkaeklundyeah, a lot easier :)14:27
jukkaeklundharmattan forces re-connect to all online accounts14:29
jukkaeklundafter re-partitioning14:29
faenilis there any working dualbooting solution for N950?14:29
jukkaeklundof course14:30
jukkaeklundbeen a long time14:30
faenilbut not for 1.2.14:30
jukkaeklundsure, it works with that too14:30
faenilmarquiz's solution doesn't work on 1.214:30
jukkaeklundworks for me..14:30
faenilit doesn't for me and matrixx14:31
jukkaeklundI know.. but there are issues and its not pr1.2 itself I tink14:31
faenildon't know14:31
faenilthat what marquiz said14:31
jukkaeklundwe should debug that a bit maybe and update instructions..14:31
jukkaeklundwell its working for me14:31
faenilI'm glad it is :)14:32
faenilma and matrixx tried it more times14:32
jukkaeklundI could re-flash again, check and write the instructions to proper place in wiki14:32
faeniland matrixx could boot into Nemo14:32
faenilbut not into Harmattan14:32
faeniland I could not even finish the setup because of "repartitioning failed"14:32
jukkaeklundyeah, there are issues likely but works for some so..14:32
faeniljukkaeklund, I honestly don't think we did anything wrong ^^14:33
faeniljukkaeklund, glad it does :D14:33
jukkaeklundnot saying you did anything wrong, just that it works a bit randomly..14:33
faenilyeah :)14:33
faenilwhen I told marquiz about that14:33
jukkaeklundand instructions could use some checking14:33
faenilhe said it was 1.2's watchdog14:33
jukkaeklundbut, it works for me..14:34
jukkaeklundwith 1.214:34
faenilyeah I know :D14:34
faenilbut that was just an idea14:34
faenilhe had to check things14:34
faenildon't know if he has already looked into that14:34
faenilmarquiz, any news about dualbooting issues on n950?14:34
faenil(he'll probably read it when he's active)14:35
jukkaeklundI'll try it once again and start with instructions on Nemo wiki14:35
faenilok ^^14:36
faeniljukkaeklund, maybe you have a special RD phone? (just guessing)14:36
jukkaeklundfaenil, no its same N950 that everyone has14:36
jukkaeklundI don't have anything special anymore..14:37
faeniljukkaeklund, I see...14:37
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Aardaww, how much did I miss mic2 blowing up in interesting ways15:32
Stskeepsget mer platform sdk15:32
Aardthere it works? what did you do?15:33
Stskeepswe dropped mic2 and now using 'mic'15:34
Aardthe old one?15:34
Stskeepswell, the new one15:34
Stskeepsthey dropped the '2' on a decode..15:34
Stskeepser, recode15:34
Aardi.ep, mic3 named mic?15:35
Aardyay for consistent naming15:35
Aarddoes it work in lxc?15:38
Stskeepsplatform sdk?15:38
Stskeepsno clue, maybe, we do a bit of enter-chroot stuff15:38
*** xruxa has quit IRC15:39
Stskeepspatches welcome for lxc ;)15:41
*** faenil has quit IRC15:43
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AardStskeeps: the 'add parameters for magnet' looks like it needs about 5 lines of code, so I'll try adding an option to force always on or always off to the module16:03
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:05
*** wmarone has joined #nemomobile16:13
AardI'll just interpret the dead keyboard after lxc-start as 'nope, not working'16:14
Stskeepswell, it's a chroot, not a bootable system :P16:15
Aardcould've still hade the interesting stuff from mer core in it16:16
Aardand killing my keyboard is not nice behaviour from whatever it was. diagnosis by copy&paste with the mouse from whatever letters are available in open terminals is not funny16:16
Aardand init is there16:17
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* lbt sees Aard doing lxc things... neat16:52
Aardlbt: I'll stop doing it until I'm in front of a computer != my notebook16:52
lbtI started playing with that too - figured the more isolation we put around mic, the better16:53
lbtVM is a little too heavy for sharing fs though16:53
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marquiz_is the latest n950 image the recommended?18:17
*** ssirkia has joined #nemomobile18:20
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marquiz_evening jukkaeklund18:22
marquiz_and ssirkia18:22
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:23
marquiz_jukkaeklund: trying out the moslo dualboot for n950 (pr1.2)18:24
marquiz_jukkaeklund: faenil and others have had problems with that18:25
jukkaeklundmarquiz_, yeah..18:25
jukkaeklundworked for me though18:25
marquiz_jukkaeklund: ok, very good, indeed!!!18:25
marquiz_seems to work for me, too18:25
jukkaeklundin usage biggest problem is volume/up/down choice doesn't come up always, depending on bootreason(?)18:25
jukkaeklundonly way to get it is to boot with USB connected, and take it out18:26
marquiz_jukkaeklund: so you have been able to boot BOTH nemo AND harmattan18:26
jukkaeklundyea, thats my configuration right now18:26
jukkaeklundsame for N9, which I tried today18:26
jukkaeklundthat one needs to load the moslo to get to boot menu though18:27
marquiz_jukkaeklund: you were able to dual-boot to harmattan on n9?18:27
marquiz_ok, i'm just updating my n9 to pr1.2 to try it out18:28
marquiz_but that's good news18:28
jukkaeklundso, 2 issues.. N950 dual boot method doesn't always start working for everybody and usage has some issues18:29
jukkaeklundand N9 we cannot flash the dual-boot method18:29
marquiz_jukkaeklund: ok18:30
marquiz_i actually saw your "no vol up/down selection" problem, now18:30
marquiz_shouldn't be too hard to fix18:30
jukkaeklundsounds good18:31
marquiz_jukkaeklund: on n9 you should be able to flash the moslo18:31
marquiz_by replacing the harmattan kernel18:31
jukkaeklundI think I tried that but it wouldn't boot18:31
marquiz_but then you can remove moslo only by reflashing the device18:32
marquiz_jukkaeklund: ok18:32
marquiz_i try that18:32
jukkaeklundI guess it would be good to have a permanent moslo/altos method too, for those who want it :)18:32
marquiz_jukkaeklund: certainly ;)18:32
jukkaeklundofc, permanent dual boot would be ideal18:32
marquiz_i'll start investigating n9, when it's updated18:33
marquiz_but the OTA SSU is just horribly slow18:33
jukkaeklundbtw, wiki is now updated a bit: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Nokia_N918:33
*** Free-MG has joined #nemomobile18:34
jukkaeklundyou could update your N9 directly with info there..18:34
marquiz_jukkaeklund: yeah, but cannot cancel (or don't want to force poweroff) the ongoing SSU :/18:36
jukkaeklundwell, if you'd be re-flashing it full binaries anyway..18:37
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marquiz_jukkaeklund: i updated the moslo (n950), try the new one19:38
marquiz_jukkaeklund: http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/marquiz:/n950/CE_Adaptation_N950-armv7hl/armv7hl/moslo-
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile19:50
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faenilmarquiz_ news news news? :D19:57
faeniloh, it's for N9 :(19:57
faeniloh no N950 :D19:57
faenilmarquiz, is it working now? :)20:07
nsuffysjukkaeklund: hey :D hi !20:12
*** faenil has quit IRC20:15
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*** faenil has joined #nemomobile20:42
marquiz_faenil: i tested n950 with 1.2 and my moslo20:44
marquiz_it worked20:44
marquiz_i made one quickfix though, that fixes the problem that the "vol up/down selection" was not shown unless usb was connected at boot20:45
faenilanything about "repartitioning failed" marquiz_ ?20:47
marquiz_nope, haven't seen that problem :(20:48
marquiz_faenil: you still have that problem20:48
*** beford has quit IRC20:48
marquiz_faenil: what i did was20:49
marquiz_1. re-flashed device with PR1.2 from http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/release/N950/firmware/Linux_OCF_02-6_RM680-RM680-OEM1.bin20:49
marquiz_2. grabbed my moslo from http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/marquiz:/n950/CE_Adaptation_N950-armv7hl/armv7hl/moslo-
marquiz_3. flashed moslo20:50
marquiz_4. booted (re-partition ok)20:50
marquiz_5. flashed Nemo20:50
marquiz_faenil: what i'd need is /var/log/repartition.log (of moslo) after a failed repartitioning20:53
marquiz_faenil: that is let moslo try to re-partition the device, and when it fails keep usb connected and telnet into the device and grab the log20:54
faenilmarquiz_, sure ;)21:03
faenilmarquiz_, I haven't tried with the updated moslo yet ;)21:03
faenilmarquiz_, just wanted to know if you fixed anything related to that error21:03
faenilI'll probably try tomorrow evening, or in an hour21:03
marquiz_faenil: ok21:04
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:04
marquiz_my update might actually have fixed your problem, now that i think of it closer21:04
faenilmarquiz_ thanks anyway :D better if it has :D21:04
faenilmarquiz_ thanks anyway :D better if it has :D21:04
faenilmarquiz_ gtg, ttyl ;)21:05
marquiz_faenil: k, if you try it, report how it goes ;)21:05
faenilmarquiz_ sure :) watching Once Upon a Time now :D21:05
faenilS01E14 :D21:05
faenillaters :D21:05
marquiz_c ya21:05
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