Wednesday, 2012-03-07

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dcthangSage: a bit fun that I cannot access mer wiki :P01:45
dcthangand good morning...01:45
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Sage_dcthang: yes there seems to somekind of problem with it06:35
Sage_dcthang: the guide is there though :)06:35
dcthangokay, will check when it's up06:41
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jukkaeklund_marquiz_ thanks a lot, I'll try and document the steps as I go07:00
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marquizjukkaeklund_: ok, report back how it goes ;)07:06
marquizjukkaeklund_:  hope t works for n950, now07:07
marquiz(works for me, at least)07:07
marquizjukkaeklund_: to test that you only need to flash the new moslo, no need to reflash harmattan or re-install nemo (unless you absolutely want to test everything from scratch)07:08
Sage_we need to update the n950 guide in nemo wiki07:10
Sage_it is a bit complicated atm.07:10
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jukkaeklundSage_, yeah I can start at least that..08:02
jukkaeklund..for dual boot, that is08:02
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Sage_I think we should support only the dualboot with modified moslo by marquiz08:02
Sage_one guide to keep it simple08:02
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dcthangmarquiz: it doesn't work for me with my N908:24
dcthangSage__: still dies08:24
Stskeepsyes, have to wake for the UK to wake up08:24
marquizdcthang: yeah, n9 is still problematic08:24
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marquizdcthang: did you try to "load" or "flash" the moslo?08:25
dcthangok, so pls change the guide for N9 with note problem matic08:25
dcthangI did try to install new Nemo there actually08:25
marquizdcthang: but, "loading" the moslo with Sages instructions (that he put to the wiki yesterday) should work08:28
marquizdcthang: i can try that out myself today evening08:28
dcthangwell, I can't access the wiki08:28
dcthangthe site seems to be down08:28
Sage_well worked for me and jukka at least based on the guide in the wiki :)08:28
marquizdcthang: yeah, it's down :/08:28
dcthangwhich wiki, merproject or >?08:29
Sage_mer wiki which is down08:29
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marquizSage_: we could prolly move the n950 instrucions from my personal page meego wiki to mer wiki(?)08:33
marquizwould make it clearer for everybody08:33
marquiz(if we want to promote the modified moslo as a more "official" dual-booting method)08:34
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Sage_marquiz: well, I would probably just rewrite the modified moslo part without copying just to make sure no extra data is there :P08:54
Sage_but sure08:54
dcthangSage__: Could you send your guide via email?08:55
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dcthangserver seems to be down for a long time08:55
Stskeepsit happened last night, so it's first dayitme now08:56
Sage_dcthang: well I don't have it. I wrote it to the wiki without any notes on my pc :)08:57
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marquizSage_: mm, i removed the extra stuff (i.e. dualbooter) from my wiki, yesterday08:58
marquizSage_: so it should be in better shape, now08:59
* Sage_ is reading
Stskeepsexcellent hack, fwiw08:59
Stskeepsyou should see the source08:59
marquizSage_: but anyway, rewrite or move is fine, but eventually get rid of my page08:59
Sage_marquiz: :nod:09:04
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MirvSage_: how far it goes - is it more like "more true root in Harmattan", or something that possibly could help with the booting alternative os?09:06
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Mirvbut very interesting, no matter what09:07
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lbtwhat does it mean when my n950 goes "beep beep" ?09:21
lbtlow power?09:21
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AardError <creator>: Command 'extlinux' is not available.09:22
Aardshouldn't that be in syslinux?09:22
timophlbt: hidden feature - sonar mode? :p09:22
phaeronAard: are you using it in native mode ?09:23
lbtAard: bug09:23
phaeronor in the sdk ?09:23
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* Aard spanks Stskeeps 09:24
Aardhe promised pink ponies and unicorns if I try to create my images in sdk09:24
lbtit's nice to know they're close....09:24
lbtdid you follow the instructions?09:25
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jukkaeklundbtw, fun (not) issue after flashing moslo to N9, all accounts require re-login after each boot09:39
Stskeepswell, blame aegis09:43
jukkaeklundI know09:45
jukkaeklundmaybe some inception helps?09:45
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jonwilDidn't someone make a kernel that basically disabled aegis but lied to the system and claimed it was enabled?09:49
niqtStskeeps:can help nemo the harmattan 1.2 code ? what do you think?09:56
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jukkaeklundI updated N950 dual boot instructions to wiki:
jukkaeklundissue with OS selection missing is still there..10:31
Sage_what issue?10:35
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Sage_also that old guide should be removed10:35
Sage_IMO from "Make sure your device is fully charged before beginning. " to "Dual-boot method " should be removed10:36
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jukkaeklundwell, maybe not yet since dual booth method might still have bugs..10:37
jukkaeklundI would wait until some have succeded first (ping faenil)10:37
jukkaeklundat least the selection screen bug is still there10:37
Sage_selection screen bug?10:39
jukkaeklundlike it says on the wiki..10:40
jukkaeklunddoesn't mount alt_os, and boots straight to harmattan10:41
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Sage_jukkaeklund: you have wrong package10:49
Sage_I think you should install kernel-moslo-n950 or something10:50
Sage_not moslo10:50
jukkaeklundno, using info marquiz gave10:50
jukkaeklundthat kernel stuff is the other method10:50
jukkaeklundwhich works too I guess but this one does re-partitioning automatically10:50
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slainejukkaeklund: Is that Harmattan 1.2 (3.2012.02-6, released 2012-01-25) the same PR1.2 that's being released to the N9's at the moment ?12:38
jukkaeklund2 things: N950 and N9 don't take the same image12:40
jukkaeklundand for some reason the harmattan biulds have been slightly different for those all the time12:41
jukkaeklundN9 build is 2012.07-1 so it's 5 weeks newer than what N950 has currently12:41
slaineHopefully there'll be an update from the team then12:45
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jukkaeklundhi MFaro-Tusino13:22
MFaro-TusinoHey mate :)13:22
jukkaeklundthis is the place, if you'd like to help on something13:22
MFaro-TusinoNo worries, so do I just ask or if i see it mentioned, just say, "hey, can i have a go?"13:23
jukkaeklundofc, depends on what you would like to do..13:23
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jukkaeklundyou can just ask too :)13:23
MFaro-Tusinosweet :)13:24
jukkaeklundsorry, I need to go now.. back later13:25
MFaro-Tusinothanks mate, take care13:25
jukkaeklundbtw, feedback on how N950 bual boot is great..13:26
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MFaro-TusinoSuccessfully got mer and harmattan on my device this time :)13:56
Stskeepscongrats :)13:57
MFaro-TusinoI installed it the other day, but BME caused some issues13:57
MFaro-TusinoKnow any other themes than darko?13:57
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nuexhi. i'm in the US looking for a new phone and I'm trying to pick between an unlocked n900 or n9. any suggestions?17:42
nuexthe n900 seems more hackable (microsd)17:44
wmaronethe n900 is more readily hackable due to the lack of aegis17:46
wmaroneand yes, the sd card slot17:46
wmaronehowever it is slower, has a fraction of the ram, and notable for issues with the USB port17:46
faenilwe have inception now, aegis isn't a problem17:47
wmaroneyou need inception (or) a recompiled kernel17:47
wmaronethe SD card slot itself is huge though17:48
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nuexso upgrading the n9 os involves wiping the device whereas with the n900 you can just boot from the sd card?18:12
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wmaronenot sure what adding nemo to the N9 involves, don't own one myself18:15
wmaronebut yes, with the N900 you can boot from the SD18:15
anYci guess it is described in the wiki18:18
Sage_nuex: if it will become your primary phone for everyday use I would say n918:19
Sage_N9 can be hacked already for some level and probably will have better support in the future as well as it is newer hw18:20
nuexSage_: yeah, it would be18:20
anYci prefer the hardware keyboard18:20
nuexyeah, the keyboard is nice18:20
nuexi've been reading Nemo/Installing on the wiki and the n9 details seem ominous18:21
anYchad no problems with the usb port so far. but i only use it for charging18:21
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faenilmarquiz_ evening :)20:35
faenilI'll test the new moslo in about 2 hours :)20:35
marquiz_faenil, just wait for a bit ;)20:35
marquiz_i'm going to update it soon20:36
marquiz_(in 15 minutes or so)20:36
faeniloh ok :D20:36
marquiz_my quickfix yesterday was hack and didn't work properly ;)20:36
marquiz_so i give it another try20:37
faenileheh :D20:37
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marquiz_faenil: i updated the package, takes still a while until the new rpm is published in the repo21:01
faenila while like? :D21:02
faenilmarquiz_  ^21:02
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marquiz_faenil: few minutes21:06
faenilmarquiz_ ok np then ;)21:06
faenilmarquiz_ thanks a lot! :)21:06
faenilbe back later ;)21:06
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marquiz_faenil: now the new moslo rpm is there21:39
marquiz_faenil: i gotta go, but i can see your comments from irc log21:39
marquiz_good nite21:40
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faenilmarquiz_ ok :D21:40
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