Friday, 2012-03-09

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jeronimonow it works00:07
jeronimohow long does the first boot take?00:07
faenila bit00:11
faenilif you see the menu lagging, it's still loading00:12
faenilmenu has to be completely smooth00:12
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marquizgood morning06:14
Stskeepsgood morning marquiz06:14
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jeronimois there a way to do it in terminal?07:57
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jukkaeklund__jeronimo, yes 'connmand restart'08:02
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marquizi'm off for winter holiday!11:27
marquizc ya on monday the 19th11:28
matrixxisn't holiday the best time for hacking :D11:29
marquizwell, i'm going abroad, for skiing, so not this time ;)11:29
* lbt is jealous marquiz ... have a good one!11:30
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matrixxok then, permission granted :D11:32
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veskuh_I guess this would getting correct battery/loading status for Nemo on N950/N9:
veskuh_..would help..15:31
Stskeepswe already have a open libbme15:32
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veskuh_Stskeeps: did anyone try it on N950 ?15:32
Stskeepsit should work there, actually only there15:33
Stskeepsmarquiz: what was the story there, did we ever make a contextkit plugin for open libbme?15:33
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jukkaeklundis it friday enough to open the beer?16:36
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jukkaeklundthat was yes?16:43
jukkaeklundthanks :)16:43
Stskeepsveskuh_: got your letter btw, will strive to send tomorrow or monday16:45
veskuh_Stskeeps: No hurry16:45
* Stskeeps ponders what kind of pizza to order16:46
veskuh_jukkaeklund: on friday you do not need to check clock for beer. anytime is good :)16:47
veskuh_btw; I still have material for one more youtube video. Just overview of Nemo features16:51
veskuh_I did a quick edit already, just thinking if I'll narrate it or not.16:52
jukkaeklundor put a cool soundtrack?17:06
faenilStskeeps, I'm italian, let me choose it!17:07
Stskeepsfaenil: will it hurt your national pride if i say i disliked italian pizza when visiting florence and that i'm actually more into the pakistani/turkish variants? :>17:08
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faenilStskeeps, no it won't since you probably ate a "tourist" pizza :P which is what they usually sell tourists :D17:09
Stskeepsfaenil: it was in a resturant and all, but you might be right :P17:09
faenilStskeeps,  :D17:10
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veskuh_Stskeeps: faenil excellent friday discussion :)17:10
faenilStskeeps, anyway, here's my favourite: tomato, mozzarella, hot salami, wurstel, sausage17:10
faenilveskuh_, eheheh :D17:10
* veskuh_ also fan of turkish pizza-wannabe17:11
faenilveskuh_, Stskeeps, I'd pay not to be a fan of italian pizza, I'd eat one every day! XD17:11
faenilif I could..17:11
Stskeepsi'm looking at a apartment nearby this pizza place, i guess it's a good way to choose if i want that apartment or not..17:11
faenilStskeeps, ahahah17:11
veskuh_Stskeeps: heh, having good food nearby is certain way of gaining few kgs :)17:12
* veskuh_ is having a great burger place downstairs and it starts to show17:13
Stskeepsveskuh_: yeah.. i think i actually got more healthy food when i was working at uni and went to a cafeteria each da17:17
Stskeepsi had never in my life thought i'd end up missing cafeteria food ;)17:17
veskuh_Yep, at the uni there was no "unhealthy" option most of the time. In Nokia we had pizza, which was too tempting for me.17:18
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: that russian song is catchy..17:20
jukkaeklundit is17:21
* jukkaeklund trying to remember what I was supposed to try out17:24
jukkaeklundtrying Foster's..17:27
veskuh_jukkaeklund: heh, thats like trying lappari17:28
jukkaeklundsaving some brew dogs for later17:28
veskuh_jukkaeklund: ah, brew dogs are excellet17:29
jukkaeklundbut, even bad beer is still better than no beer17:29
veskuh_jukkaeklund: yep, you need to have few duffs at fridge :)17:29
iekkubrew dog mentioned!17:29
jukkaeklundI have Pirkka!17:29
jukkaeklundiekku, yea punk ipa etc17:30
iekkutaste is too heavy for me, but still need to buy those17:30
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jukkaeklund..because its punk?17:30
iekkubecause i like the attitude17:31
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iekkuand from time to time it's good to drink something else than finnish lager17:31
iekkuat bar wife orders some tasty beer and i order the cheapest 3. beer you have...17:32
jukkaeklundeverythings good if you're in a bar..17:32
iekkuliked the beers in belgium17:33
iekkudidn't taste as strong as they were...17:33
iekkuoh well, that's about the beer, need to continue working17:34
jukkaeklundofc, its friday17:38
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iekkuwife went to germany to play a gig, so i have freedom to work on friday evening...17:41
veskuh_iekku: attitude!17:42
jukkaeklundhear you, wife went to levi so I have freedom to hang on internet on friday evening..17:44
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jukkaeklundstellarium would be cool to run on nemo..17:55
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timophjukkaeklund: just compile it :)17:59
jukkaeklundlooking at harmattan version17:59
jukkaeklundyeah, need to try17:59
timophtry the sdk :p17:59
* jukkaeklund too busy finding cheesy music on spotify18:08
timophyou're saying I have to compile it for you?18:08
* timoph listens to rage against the machine from spotify18:09
jukkaeklundnah, you don't need to..18:09
jukkaeklundomg, old prodigy is good..18:09
timophit had it's moments18:10
timophtry that18:11
jukkaeklundme no like18:12
timophwhat? not into estonian punk?18:12
timophsaw that live last friday18:13
jukkaeklundyeah _I'm_ weird18:14
jukkaeklundhere's some hardcore for ya'll
timophoh. seems that I have to go to klubi tomorrow18:21
timophiekku: coming? (tuomas henrikin jeesuksen kristuksen bändi)18:22
jukkaeklundwell thats pretty good18:24
iekkutimoph, not sure. i'm in tampere city but promised to go to dog's home. let's see. what time they are playing?18:27
timophquessing 22 or 2318:32
iekkuhmmm, there's 2 movies also in the klubi18:35
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iekkuhmm, tomorrow shows what to do and where to go... :)18:38
timoph :)18:39
iekkuat dog's home:
iekkuvox latus :DDDD18:40
iekkuflatus even18:41
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