Saturday, 2012-03-10

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MFaro-Tusinoanyone else having trouble with the dual boot? seems tethered boot is necessary :/10:46
jukkaeklundshould be fixed now, flash the latest moslo10:48
jukkaeklundno, 7.110:49
MFaro-Tusinois link on mer wiki?10:50
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jukkaeklundsure, please use this wiki page
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TofeHello !11:13
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TofeI'm playing around with Mer images, and I wondered, if I already have a working kernel for my tablet (Iconia Tab), would nemo mobile rootfs for N9 work ?11:14
TofeThey are quite different, but both are ARM, isn't it11:15
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jukkaeklundyea, but quite different11:18
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Tofestill, it's worth a try. My wonderland would be a Freemantle on my tablet, and Nemo is the nearest to that11:19
jukkaeklundif I recall right, plasma active (mer-based) has kernel for iconia11:22
jukkaeklundMFaro-Tusino, let me know if its working for you now the bugs should be solved11:23
MFaro-TusinoI am doing it as we type :p11:24
Tofejukkaeklund: yes & no, it has a kernel for the Advent, which is a Tegra2 too; but I can boot a kernel made by the xdadeveloper guys originally for booting an Ubuntu11:24
TofeI already tried Plasma, it's quite good, but there's still a lot to do11:25
MFaro-TusinoPlasma is quite buggy, i tried it on my n950 a few days back11:26
TofeAgreed. I ended up with a virtual keyboard stuck on numeric mode...11:27
TofeIs Nemo less buggy, if I may ask that here ? ;)11:27
jukkaeklundTofe, sure you can :)11:33
jukkaeklundyes, its less buggy but not as "polished"11:33
Tofethat should do it for me :)11:34
MFaro-TusinoIt has an interesting ux11:34
jukkaeklundTofe, ok I don't know how much mer/nemo needs work over an ubuntu kernel..11:34
jukkaeklundMFaro-Tusino, how did you put plasma on N950?11:34
Tofeno pb, I'm responsible of my hacking11:34
MFaro-TusinoJukkaeklund- Same as memo but use this rpm instead
Tofeoh, nemo is far lighter than plasma11:35
Tofeone tenth of it...11:36
jukkaeklundMFaro-Tusino, rpm? you mean image? thats really old..11:38
jukkaeklundTofe, yes it is11:39
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TofeOkI was a bit too impatient: I forgot to put the right drivers for X :)11:43
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jukkaeklundTofe, also nemo UI is not really for tablet but still usable11:57
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MFaro-TusinoJukkaeklund, new dualbooter works perfectly, cheers man12:39
jukkaeklundgreat, thanks go to marquiz12:39
MFaro-TusinoI wanna make a guy, but need to know if there is source for it, shall i ask him?12:40
jukkaeklundthere is no graphics in there afaik, only text12:41
jukkaeklundmoslo repo is
Tofeit looks like systemd has some problem with applying ACLs; could it be that the ext4 filesystem I've put on my sdcard doesn't have it ?12:50
TofeMmh no, it has it.12:53
TofeAh, wonderful systemd... Where do I see the logs that I see on the screen at boot time ?13:12
Stskeepsdmesg ?13:13
Tofenope, I don't have a console on the machine I'm trying to boot13:13
Stskeepsssh in?13:13
Tofeand as systemd tries again and again, in a loop, I don't even have a way to shut it down properly13:14
Tofeno no, it does not boot, that's the thing13:14
MFaro-Tusinojust reformat it again, I had issues and just reformatted, mounted and unomunted the drive and extracted the files to it, eventually worked13:23
cxl000Tofe I have a tools that I've used in the early stages to collect information on the system
cxl000Tofe it assumes it can write to /var/log. You should be  able to add "poweroff &" at the end of the script to shut down then inspect the logs13:31
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N900_rushi )17:45
faenilhi :)17:51
N900_rusHow to progress?)17:52
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N900_rusAnd follow the installation esle android with the replacement of references nemo? Only the kernel is not available in a separate nemo17:56
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N900_rusEsle in the setup file android .... Replace references to the nemo .. What would established nemo?18:02
N900_rusIf the installation file android .... Replace references to the nemo .. What would established nemo?18:03
StskeepsN900_rus: sorry, you don't make sense :(18:04
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N900_rusUh ... Well, I kind of thought ... Suddenly, something will turn out .....18:05
N900_rusMust be copied to the SIM card ... Since no import heavily ..18:07
N900_rusEsle has no support for external memory can live ... But without bad contacts ...18:09
N900_rusHow to install the application? Maintaining it?)))))18:11
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my_N900 ?18:17
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M4rtinKdo I understand it correctly that "darko" is an open replacement for the proprietary "blanco" Qt Components theme ?23:32
M4rtinKalso, where can I find the source - there is just an empty darko repo on github and nothing at all on gitorious23:33
M4rtinKalso nothing on the merproject wiki23:33
M4rtinKoh, found it on:
M4rtinKIMHO, this should be really added to the wiki here:

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