Sunday, 2012-03-11

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marxistveganhi everyone finally got my nemo going on the n900 great work!04:05
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marxistveganis anyone around?04:22
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marxistveganwell I'll there a wiki or instructions on how to get the address book from the maemo side on the N900?04:42
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iekkutimoph, we got our first demo out:
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MFaro-TusinoAnyone know a way if we can share MyDocs between Nemo and Harmattan if dual-booted?13:30
MFaro-TusinoI think if we can mount the /home/user folders between partitions it should work13:30
MFaro-TusinoIssue is, idk how haha13:30
virtualdin harmattan do mount | grep MyDocs13:47
virtualdcase sensitive13:47
virtualdthen you get a device name like /dev/mmcblk0p113:47
virtualdthen just mount it in nemo...13:48
virtualdto automount it steal the line from harmattans /etc/fstab13:49
virtuald/dev/mmcblk0p1 /home/user/MyDocs vfat noauto,nodev,noexec,nosuid,noatime,nodiratime,utf8,uid=29999,shortname=mixed,dmask=000,fmask=0133,rodir 0 013:49
virtualdand put it in the /etc/fstab on nemo13:49
virtualdand hopefully it will work13:50
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virtualddon't know why it says noauto13:50
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virtualdif nemo don't have /home/ on a separate partition you can just remove noauto,13:51
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faenilStskeeps, seen that video :D I'm going to update gallery soon :) could find some time this afternoon or evening :)14:56
Stskeepsyeah, quite cool of veskuh to walk through tit14:57
faenilStskeeps, yeah :)14:57
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vakkovgood evening! has somebody tried flash player and mozilla for n9 on nemo - they should work19:44
befordthis is the deb download if you want to try it: <- flash <- firefox19:50
befordI suppose you don't really need firefox, any npapi compatible browser should work19:51
vakkovi know about that... the thing is that my computer died.... and i only have n900 so thats why i am asking...19:56
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