Wednesday, 2012-03-14

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niqtall silent13:57
Stskeepswe spoke in the morning :)13:57
niqtearly morning :)13:58
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jussiHrm, is installing nemo on my n950 dual boot going to break it if I have pr1.2?14:21
jussiie. has anyone done it with 1.2, and how did things go?14:23
jussi(I am currently reading through this:
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jussiall asleep I see. guess Ill need to be patient :(14:51
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jussibah, flasher for amd64 doesnt download - some silly error16:42
jussiError 349 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION): Multiple Content-Disposition headers received. This is disallowed to protect against HTTP response splitting attacks.16:42
jussianyone else able to get it?
jussilol, chrome fail16:44
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timophjussi: It's been broken for some time now.
jussitimoph: oh, I missed that :(17:08
jussitimoph: any common pitfalls I should watch out for when flashing nemo dual boot to n950?17:10
timophhaven't tried yet (on my todo list :))17:10
jussihehe, hope I dont brick it17:12
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jussiN900_rus: what is that?17:23
N900_rusmy art of17:25
jussiright, so this command "sudo flasher -a moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -L usr/share/moslo/moslo.img -f -R" I run before connecting the device then connect it? seems the instructions are missing a little something.17:29
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jussitimoph: success!18:20
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timophjussi: cool18:29
jussitimoph: unfortunately it seems I cant get internet, nor bluetooth working :/18:30
* jussi goes googling18:30
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jussioh, nothing like a reboot :)18:36
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jussialthough now it seems to not like my sim card...18:44
* jussi plays a little more18:44
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