Thursday, 2012-03-15

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StskeepsSage_: see any regressions around the place after mesa changed name?06:44
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Sage_not compile time at least06:47
Sage_Stskeeps: latest-prerelease plz :)06:48
* Sage_ kills image builds06:48
Stskeepslbt does the releases atm, please pester him :P06:49
Stskeepswe decided to try to reduce the bus factor06:49
Sage_lbt: ping :D06:49
Sage_btw, what is the difference between x86-generic and VM images?06:50
Sage_only mesa?06:50
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Stskeepsyes and what xorg drivers to be used06:50
Stskeepsvm images will need -setuid and vesa06:50
Stskeeps , btw06:50
Stskeepsinteresting, i can actually give 1% of my tax to wikipedia here in poland06:51
Stskeeps(there's a "choose your charity" tax field in tax forms)06:51
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Sage_handset-i586-virtualmachine.yaml <- ok name for our vm image?06:58
Stskeepsjust call it 'vm'06:59
Sage_<rpm:entry name="mesa-dri-i915-driver"/>07:02
Sage_<rpm:entry name="mesa-dri-i965-driver"/>07:02
Sage_what is the origin for those?07:02
Stskeepsmesa for intel07:02
Stskeepswhere do you see those?07:03
Sage_you dropped those from llvmpipe mesa package?07:03
Sage_ah, ok07:03
Stskeepsno hw specific stuff07:03
Sage_sure, yes, just started to wonder where did those came from as can't find them from CE:Adaptation:x86-generic :)07:03
Sage_Stskeeps: so instead of xorg-x11-drv-intel vm image has xorg-x11-drv-vesa?07:14
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Sage_Stskeeps: raw image is fine for vm's as well?07:18
Stskeepsi usually use .iso07:18
Sage_or what image type you made for that one07:18
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Stskeepsat least my virtualbox doesn't do usb boot07:18
Sage_Stskeeps: the arm image still fail07:19
Stskeepswhat error?07:20
Sage_file /etc/group conflicts between attempted installs of setup-2.8.15-1.16.noarch and sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject-1.0-1.21.armv7hl07:20
Stskeepsthat's unpossible07:20
Stskeepsthat package isn't even there07:20
Stskeepsare you sure you're using .0.2 ?07:20
* Sage_ check his repo urls again07:20
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Sage_k, my bad07:21
Stskeepswas just the repo urls?07:22
Sage_forgot to run make after changing number07:23
Sage_Stskeeps: btw, the libdrm was required for new mesa so good that I got it in at some point :)07:26
Stskeepswoops ;)07:26
Sage_Requested 'libdrm_intel >= 2.4.30' but version of libdrm is 2.4.2507:26
Sage_we should have Requires there though07:27
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Sage_So today Mer release what time? Mainly wondering if moving Nemo release to Friday would work now.07:30
Stskeepsi need at least 24 hours before i can release mer07:31
Stskeepsie, to verify we're not horridly regressing07:32
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Sage_Stskeeps: k08:06
Stskeepsso yes, we're slipping a day's release08:06
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Sage_Stskeeps: uploading nemo testing images for n900 and n95008:26
Sage_will take about 15min08:26
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Sage_ok, n950 iamge boots fine08:40
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sledgesjust tried launching nemo mobile on freescale imx5309:55
sledgesgot the splashscreen out of the box, hehey! something fails - could you please inspect the log:
Stskeepsdo you have glestest running..09:57
sledgeskickstart adapted from N950 armv7hl (KDE PA2 works on my imx with arm7hl)09:57
sledgesis nemo solely GLES ?09:57
* sledges walks away in shame to build Mer Base with xterm (borrowed from CE) and glestest09:59
sledgesStskeeps, works with fbdev but I get just four unaligned icons with third being black-boxed out (still waiting to boot from SD card last output: [   94.349629] <30>systemd[1]: Startup finished in 3s 861ms 474us (kernel) + 1min 30s 484ms 143us (userspace) = 1min 34s 345ms 617us.)10:07
sledges(just to tell you it's not completely dead :))10:08
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sledgesnemo mobile exposes same problem ( even though glestest works in Mer12:34
sledgesimx53 (glestest @35FPS)12:34
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sledgesglestest OK 35FPS Mer:Base:xterm:
sledgesglestest kills X Mer:NemoMobile:xterm:
sledgeswhat difference between the .ks above triggers it?12:47
sledgesStskeeps, I need you now the most :))12:49
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sledges@Mer Minimal Xorg is the difference (not in the nemo .ks ...) will try with that, hope no conflicts13:26
Stskeepssledges: eithr way, i can almost assure you the compositor will crash13:32
sledgesStskeeps, glestest crashes, with only xorg+xterm , no compositor involved13:33
Stskeepswell that's not good now is it13:33
Stskeepswhere does it work?13:33
sledgesor you are saying that if i will solve the glestest crash, compositor will fail anyhow?13:33
sledgesworks in mer-core-armv7l-connectivity-xorg-basic-qmlviewer.ks13:34
sledges(for the record: I had to fall back to armv7l to have gles working finally ;P )13:35
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sledgesI wonder if there exists a Nemo minimal.. (Stskeeps, adding @Mer Minimal Xorg did not change anything, I will have to start halving that nemo .ks file I guess (divide and conquer) )13:49
Stskeepsfirst off, use armv7l of nemo, not armv7hl13:50
sledgesit is armv7l13:50
sledgesI rebuilt it right away when got Mer basic armv7l running glestest fine13:51
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sledgeshmm, will try to adapt to imx from i586.ks rather than N950.ks13:55
sledges!seen nsuffys14:10
MerBotsledges: nsuffys was last seen in #nemomobile 1 week, 1 day, 17 hours, 57 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <nsuffys> jukkaeklund: hey :D hi !14:10
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sledgesglestest still breaks everything pitifully...14:27
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AardStskeeps: should I be able to log in on serial console as root?15:30
Aard(i.e., is it a securetty)15:31
StskeepsAard: depends on which device15:31
Aardremember the issues I had last week? I'm now back home, and just put the device on a jig15:32
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Stskeepsok, then yes you should be able to, but verify it's in /etc/securetty15:33
Aardno, not working15:35
Stskeepsnemo/nemo ?15:35
Stskeepsroot/rootme ?15:35
Aardserial kernel console seems to be disabled, can I enable that?15:37
Stskeepsdo you see a login prompt at all?15:38
Aardyou seriously think I'd try to login without?15:39
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Stskeepsi've done significantly worse :P15:39
Stskeepsokay, so systemd-console-ttyO2 is installed then, i'd think15:40
Aardthe device does not boot to ux, so something clearly is wrong15:41
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Sage_Aard: o_0 do we have "MeeGo Release 1.1.99 (MeeGo)" text still somewhere16:31
AardSage_: nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120209.1.NEMO.2012-03-01.2-mmcblk0p.raw.bz2 was the one I used16:32
* Sage_ though that was fixed already16:33
Sage_Aard: first flash?16:33
Aardthat's what I see on the serial console (where I can't log in)16:33
Sage_try root/meego or meego/meego16:33
AardI flashed it last week, had it sitting until battery ran out with a black display. now I'm back with a jig and wanted to see what's wrong16:34
Aardmeego/meego worked. strange16:34
Sage_your flash has gone really wrong :)16:35
Aardit was 'wget image, dd it to the sd-card'16:35
Sage_do cat /etc/meego-release16:35
Aard(to a brand new sd-card, I might add)16:35
AardMeeGo release 1.1.99 (MeeGo)16:36
AardBUILD: meego-mg-handset-armv7nhl-n900-de-sanity-
Sage_there it is :)16:36
Aardwhich is obviously wrong, but where the hell is the nemo in the login prompt coming from?16:36
Sage_I have no idea but your image is very old :)16:36
Aardah, I see. it used the kernel from the sd-card, and booted my old image from internal mmc16:37
Sage_well that could explain it16:37
Aardwell, at least I found out which phone I used back then to use uboot to boot from internal mmc :)16:37
Aardin another n900 it's a bit more straightforward: :)16:40
Sage_can I somehow probe with udev all things that match to rule SUBSYSTEM=="block"16:45
Aardanybody knows if there are spares for the metal thing holding the simcard in the n900?16:47
Aard'Error <mount>: Error creating ext4 filesystem on disk /dev/loop01' -- loop01?!16:49
Aardsudo mic create raw --arch=armv7hl nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120209.1.NEMO.2012-03-01.2.ks16:54
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Sage_wrong parm order17:09
Sage_arch after .ks file17:09
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Sage_That would be my first guess :)17:11
AardSage_: Stskeeps: anybody of you got legacy maemo-images for n900?17:12
Aardand now, parameter order does not change it17:12
Sage_Aard: hmmp... maybe your loop devices are already reserved for something?17:14
Aard$ losetup -f17:15
Sage_Stskeeps: something is wrong somewhere17:16
Sage_ls /sys/block/ shows sda and sdb on exopc and sr0 on qemu but blkid returns nothing17:16
Sage_and because blkid returns nothing the root mapping doesn't work17:18
Sage_Stskeeps: Have to try if reverting udev fixes this or if it is something else.17:22
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4536 Rejected promotion request19:49
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_maximhello, I'm trying latest image with20:06
_maximQEMU_AUDIO_DRV=alsa kvm -cdrom meego-nemo-handset-i586-testing-0.20111128.3.CE.2011-12-01.2- -smp 2 -m 512M -usbdevice tablet -soundhw ac9720:06
_maximand after switching to graphics mode see black screen20:06
_maximI have Ubuntu 11.1020:06
_maximplease help me :)20:06
Stskeepsno surprises, that won't boot in a qemu probably20:07
_maximis it possible to develop nemo with emulator ?20:08
Stskeepsit is, but we aren't publishing official images with that just yet20:08
_maximI follow instructions:
_maximWell, can you help me build my own image and point what emulator should I use ?20:09
Stskeepsi personally use virtualbox20:10
_maximso you are using x86 only builds ?20:11
Stskeepsno, i have a bit of both20:11
Sage__maxim: I'm trying to ge that image in order within next release20:13
Sage__maxim: try that iamge if it boots or not and tell me. :)20:13
_maximthat you If I will see something then I will start to checkout sources20:14
Sage_on my system it didn't boot to UX20:14
_maximsources are downloaded through kikstart files isnt't it ?20:14
_maximI mean how I can organize development process20:15
_maximhow I should checkout the tree20:15
_maximI haven't seen instructions for that20:18
Sage_Stskeeps: ^ that vm image should be tested. It might be my qemu that fails or just the image20:18
_maximI will test it in 7 minutes20:19
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_maximcome on guys, how to checkout sources ?20:21
Stskeeps_maxim: you're assuming everything is one huge tree20:22
Stskeepsthat's wrong :)20:22
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_maximI saw bunch of repos on gitorios20:23
_maximI mean where is golden source20:23
Stskeeps_maxim: -> Projects -> CE:*20:24
_maximthis is meego, and what about nemo ? are you in same repo ?20:25
_maximI'm asking because I can't figure out in two days :)20:26
Aardbuilding against Mer_Core-next_CE_Adaptation_N9xx-common_armv7hl is broken (conflicts between bash and sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject)20:28
StskeepsAard: define building against20:28
Stskeepsand what tools20:28
Aardrepo in CE:Adaptation:N900/kernel-adaptation-n900, blows up during creatin of the buildroot due to conflicts in bash/sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject20:29
_maximblank screen on you image20:29
StskeepsAard: ok, you need to use merproject osc and 'build'20:30
StskeepsAard: because of our sb2 stuff which wasn't integrated into upstream yet20:30
Aardit's hopefully the one included in the mer sdk...20:30
_maxim100% cpu usage of kvm20:30
_maximno I see mouse pointer on black screen20:31
_maximBTW is it possible to play with nemo on Nokia N9 ?20:33
AardStskeeps: osc from mer sdk can't build against the repos configured in CE:Adaptation:N900/kernel-adaptation-n90020:33
_maximstill black pointer on black screen20:34
StskeepsAard: blame lbt20:34
lbtAard: bug# ?20:34
AardStskeeps: well, last time you told me to use mer sdk... :p20:34
lbtAard: seriously though ...20:35
lbtare you upgraded to latest versions?20:35
Stskeepslbt: he's hitting osc/build not working with sb2 build20:35
lbtah, as per mdfe ?20:35
Aardlbt: newest tarball I could find, zypper ref/zypper up does not update anything20:35
lbtAard: see bug #221 and see if that helps20:35
Stskeepslbt: right20:35
lbtwe worked hard to make a new SDK with them in it but the release is a bit broken20:36
Aardthe image build issues I had war a) missing extlinux package in mer-sdk (that one was obvious), and b) missing mtab20:36
lbthmm - mtab is fixed in new SDK rootfs20:38
lbtbut it's not a package so isn't zypper up-able20:38
Aardyou could maintain that link (and other filesystem-related stuff) in a sdk-only-package20:39
lbtI agree, patches welcome20:40
Aardstarting sb2 part inside chroot..20:40
Aard/usr/bin/build: line 1651: /var/tmp/build-root/etc/mtab: No such file or directory20:40
Aardchroot: cannot run command `/.build/initscript_sb2': No such file or directory20:40
lbtyeah, did you follow the #221 installs?20:41
Aardah, didn't upgrade osc, only build and bsdtar20:42
lbtbad Aard, no cookies for you20:43
Aardyou could've just written 'sudo zypper in build bsdtar osc' instead of the additional 'sudo zypper in osc'20:43
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Aardbut off to bed, the sdk thingy annoyed me enough for teday20:44
lbtAard: I realised later20:46
*** beford has quit IRC20:46
lbtAard: yep - we're trying to make it painless20:47
*** _maxim has quit IRC20:48
Aardhow on earth can osc check out some patches as empty files and not notice it?20:48
*** cxl000 has quit IRC20:50
Aarderror: ^%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}$: regcomp failed: Invalid content of \{\}20:51
Aarderror: ^%{BUILDTIME}n$: regcomp failed: Invalid content of \{\}20:51
Aardseems to break nothing, but sounds wrong20:51
AardSwitching BUILD_TARGET to //target20:51
Aardmount: none already mounted or //proc busy20:51
Stskeepsknown error, don't worry about it20:54
Stskeepsjust remember to --clean always20:54
Aardseriously? I don't want the overhead of package installation on every rebuild20:56
Stskeepsyes, just ignore it for now, it's going away in +2 mer release21:00
Stskeeps+2w that is21:00
Stskeepsit's a bug we encountered in sb2 and obs at same time, shell quoting from hell21:00
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Sage_Stskeeps: did you try the vm image btw?21:07
Sage_Mainly pondering what might be wrong with it21:08
Stskeepsno, sorry21:08
Stskeepswill do tomorrow21:08
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lbtwhat target should someone use on the OBS to build against Nemo?21:56
lbtSage_: ^^ ?21:56
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile21:58
lbtRzR: I just asked Sage_ what target should someone use on the OBS to build against Nemo?21:59
RzRi was thinking about building a basic text editor for nemo21:59
RzRlbt: are u using obs on meego servers or suse ones ?21:59
RzRthen this repo22:00
RzRwas for mer.deb22:00
RzRbefore meego22:00
RzRi guess those ones are obsolete now :22:01
*** himamura has quit IRC22:02
lbtno, those are for building against Mer22:02
lbtMer:fake is the same as Mer.MDS22:02
lbtthat project is for the SDK22:02
RzRok i try that one22:03
lbtnow I don't know how Sage has it setup but if you build against those targets you should be OK22:03
lbtthere's also an CE:Apps:MTF22:04
RzRthat page says all22:05
*** NIN102 has quit IRC22:05
lbtso it does - I'll add it to the Development section too22:07
*** lofty306 has joined #nemomobile22:10
RzRwell both i added are missing most packages , qt gcc etc22:10
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