Friday, 2012-03-16

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Aardlbt: provide vi symlink/vim-minimal/whatever per default in sdk07:01
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Sage_lbt: that isn't a simple story actually07:44
Sage_lbt: in nemo we have 2 targets for apps (CE:Apps & CE:Apps:MTF) and then 1 for UX (CE:UX:MTF, or actually submission should go to Project:MTF:UX)07:46
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Sage_is community obs very slow atm or is it just me?07:53
Stskeepsit's not my fault, i haven't started the build yet07:54
Aarddo I have to understand why lokal kernel build works if it's checked out from CE:Adaptation:N900, but not if it's checked out from my home?08:00
Sage_Aard: different build target?08:01
Aardno, linking to CE:Adaptation:N900 using the same target. it fails in 'make listnewconfig'08:02
Aard+ make ARCH=x86 listnewconfig -- where's that x86 coming from?08:02
Sage_what cmd did you give locally?08:04
Aardosc build --no-verify --clean armv8el08:04
Aardbloody hell. -rw-r--r-- 1 bwachter 1000        0 Mar 16 09:13 merge.pl08:07
Aardsomething with osc is seriously broken, it randomly checks out files empty, without giving any indication of doing so, which results in builds failing in funny ways08:08
Sage_Aard: that might still default to x86 i guess without repository?08:09
Aardit should get the architecture from the merged configuration file, but if osc creates as empty file merge is not run -> it uses default arch, which is x8608:11
Aardmanually checked out, now it's ARCH=arm08:12
Aardthat's a very annoying bug, since it can make builds fail in a lot of different interesting ways, making you waste lot's of time trying to find out what's wrong08:13
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Stskeepsbehind a proxy?08:14
Aardand even if it were, osc should notice that the file is broken after checkout08:15
Stskeepsit should, yeah08:15
Stskeepsi ran into same issue myself08:15
AardI only found it this quickly this time because I had the same issue yesterday with files generating a more obvious error message08:16
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StskeepsSage_: can you do a trial build with 0.3?08:21
Stskeepseven if we haven't updated COBS yet08:21
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Stskeepsthe .img ?09:21
Stskeepsokay, that a intel image or a vm iamge?09:21
Sage_intel as no vm in name09:21
Sage_started sending vm now09:22
Stskeepsi'll test on exopc then09:22
niqtis complicated to port for tuxpaint nemo? Altriemnti my daughter makes me format the WeTab N! times with n > 109:26
niqtops altrimenti= Otherwise09:27
Stskeepsniqt: what toolkits does it base on?09:27
Stskeepsand it's important to keep family happy :)09:27
Stskeepsshould be possible09:29
Stskeepssdl was packaged for meego09:29
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niqti'll try when qmlcalendar si finished09:30
Sage_I have sdl in xbmc repo09:31
niqtSage_ you have all  :)09:31
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Sage_Stskeeps: vm image there as well now09:32
Sage_moving n95009:32
StskeepsSage_: at least exopc image boots up09:37
Sage_n950 image is there as well09:39
Sage_I booted the image with .2 and it was fine on n950 as well so if the reverts didn't break anything n950 should be good still09:40
StskeepsCPU1: not responding09:42
Stskeepson my exopc09:42
Sage_? :)09:43
Stskeepsjust first thing it said on bootup09:43
* Sage_ recall having the kernel update for x86 adaptation still WIP :/09:43
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Sage_Stskeeps: did you try the vm image yet?13:30
Sage_did it work? :)13:30
Stskeepsno, had meeting13:30
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StskeepsSage_: is that .img liveusb or livecd ?13:48
Sage_you told me to do livecd14:01
Sage_the vm image that is14:01
Sage_the i586 image is liveusb14:01
Sage_Stskeeps: we should start preparing the story for the qt organizer as well btw14:02
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Sage_ is the current set for that14:03
Stskeepssec, swapping like mad14:03
StskeepsVM image boots for me in virtualbox14:05
Stskeepsthere is still "black screen" issue but i know that14:05
Sage_it boots?14:07
Sage_like in the ux?14:07
Stskeepswas able to start settings ]and all14:07
Stskeepsit did report some rather awkward red stuff though14:07
Sage_for me the virtualbox didn't want to even load that image14:07
Sage_wrong format or something14:07
StskeepsSage_: rename it to .iso14:07
* Sage_ throws naming out of the window14:08
Stskeepsbe sure to enable PAE/NX in VM14:08
Sage_but hey if it works \o/14:08
Stskeepsstill needs work though14:09
Sage_yes, but the main point was to get it to boot now :)14:09
Sage_does wiki allow images already?14:10
Stskeepselse poke alterego14:10
Sage_ok renaming to .iso helps for vbox14:12
Sage_Stskeeps: do you have cmdline that works for kvm?14:12
Stskeepsno, sorry14:13
Stskeepsi don't support kvm on my laptop.....14:13
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Sage_wrote quick guide14:25
Sage_hehe, apparently my netbook isn't powerful enough to boot the VM :D14:27
Stskeepsit takes a tad14:29
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Sage_well manage to wrote the guide before could see anything and still loading :P14:30
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Stskeepspae/nx enabled, 512mb ram?14:31
Sage_I see black screen atm.14:31
Stskeepsthats a start..14:31
Sage_pae/nx enabled and 512mb ram set14:31
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Sage_ok, confirmed on my desktop pc as well that vm works15:01
Sage_there are problems yes but at least we have the basic thing running now15:01
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sledges_wkendhere's a failing Nemo demo on imx53, hope will put incentive to help me out more :)
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