Saturday, 2012-03-17

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N900_rusWhen the update will be?07:16
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Sage_\o/ laptop booted again08:38
Stskeepstime for backing up ;)08:38
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Sage_N900_rus: Next nemo release will be done after the Mer release is made.08:39
N900_rusA bad translation08:47
StskeepsN900_rus: next nemo release will come, when new mer release is done08:48
N900_rusIe ... For the next week?08:50
Stskeepsnext mer release is today08:50
N900_rusAnd today, too, nemo mean?08:51
Stskeepsnot sure08:52
N900_rusWell, these days it means)08:52
Sage_N900_rus: I would say monday09:00
* Sage_ :headdesk:09:01
Sage_Now I know why the laptop didn't boot. I had SD card in sd card reader and it tried to boot from there :P09:01
StskeepsSage_: woops?09:01
* N900_rus in anticipation of nemo09:03
N900_rusWhat program's install?09:05
N900_rusHow to install the application nemo?09:07
N900_rusIn maemo apt-get install name09:09
N900_rusAnd then what?09:09
timophapt-get is a debian thing and not available in Nemo which uses rpm09:11
timophso you can install stuff with zypper09:11
N900_rusIt is clear ... How to see a list of programs?09:13
timophdon't know if there's a package index anywhere but you can search stuff with 'zypper search'09:14
N900_rusShitty (via dispercher installed .. But they do not see where there is no09:15
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N900_rusA mer is on the n900?09:55
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Sage_cobs down?10:09
Sage_api as well?10:11
Sage_it reponds to some extend but unable to get or push files for it10:18
Sage_branch worked but then it stops10:18
Sage_osc co and osc ci do not work :/10:21
* Stskeeps looks at mer architecture10:24
Sage_[Errno 110] Connection timed out: ''10:24
Stskeepschecking out CE:Adaptation:N900 mkinitrd works for me10:26
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N900_rusWhat username and password?
Sage_N900_rus: that is api for cobs so same username and password than when logging it to
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* Sage_ ponders what is wrong with his connection to cobs atm.12:11
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faenilhi people :)14:23
faenilStskeeps, any news lately? haven't been following in the last 1-2 weeks14:34
Stskeepswe've been a bit busy but we're putting on a new mer core atm14:41
faenilStskeeps, I see, nice! :D14:51
Stskeepsand working a bit on tools side of things14:52
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