Sunday, 2012-03-18

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franz`is there a way to get networking while testing on virtualbox?19:10
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franz`not seeing any obvious way, and ifconfig just gives me the loopback19:10
dm8tbrtry ifconfig -a ?19:11
dm8tbrthe kernel might not have the right modules though19:12
Stskeepsfranz`: should come up automatically if the network is up, hmm19:12
Stskeepsfranz`: what happens if you sudo ifconfig eth0 up ?19:12
franz`that worked!19:13
Stskeepsfile a bug please19:13
Stskeepsunsurprising our ethernet support is a bit rusty, we after all run this on cellphones ;)19:14
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dm8tbrhmm nemo image boots in kvm, but xserver fails to start20:32
Anssi138why so20:33
dm8tbrit's been a bit since I've tried debugging (back then still) MeeGo x86 images20:35
Anssi138well it didn't start then either :)20:36
Anssi138var/log/x.. something maybe20:36
dm8tbri915 fails and ohmd fails with an error20:37
Anssi138maybe i just watch some good movie instead.20:37
dm8tbrand no, there are no logs. time to check the homedir...20:37
Anssi138i don't even get it why there must be xserver in mobile20:37
dm8tbrinteresting no screens found20:38
dm8tbrcirrus and fbdev failed20:38
Anssi138on my laptop i915 fails too. i run it on vesa.20:39
dm8tbrwell it should use vesa or sthg like that by default isn't it?20:40
Anssi138created xorg.conf and changed driver to vesa if/when i915 fails.20:40
Anssi138that was my trick to start ubuntu quite long time20:40
Anssi138driver was buggy20:41
Anssi138just shooting in the dark.20:41
dm8tbryep, but looks like the darkness ate the magic missile20:42
Anssi138dm8tbr: coming tomorrow to the parties?20:42
dm8tbrparties? whut?20:42
Anssi138ok. :)20:42
Anssi138i guess that was no.20:43
dm8tbrAnssi138: ah, just found it in my calendar...20:44
dm8tbrAnssi138: I might, but let's see when I get out of the orifice...20:45
Anssi138does it read kyykkä, sauna and free beer?20:45
Anssi138yep yep20:45
dm8tbrkyykkä will be quite the challenge with the weather...20:45
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bennypr0faneHello, I want to install Nemo on N900. I'm following the instructions from the wiki , but because they are in german, I also looked a these:   The main differnce is that on the german site it says you need to flash the kernel as well, which is not mentoined in Mer Wiki....?22:09
Stskeepsfollow our instructions, they're the proper ones22:10
bennypr0faneso no need to flash the kernel? I curretnly have power 4922:11
Stskeepsthen you need a uboot, we only test with uboot-pr13 though22:12
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bennypr0fanewill it work fine if I mount the image on micro SD if I put it in a USB adapter?22:13
bennypr0fanei mean instead of a regular SD card slot, the micro SD will be in the USB port22:15
Stskeepsno, has to be in regular microsd slot22:15
Stskeepsbbl sleep22:15
bennypr0faneso I shouldn't use a uboot version other than pr13?22:17
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bennypr0fane_don't be mad, but are sure I absolutely must mount it on the SD card slot? Because I'm afraid my card reader is broken22:27
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