Monday, 2012-03-26

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Sage_Stskeeps: ping07:01
Sage_I see bugs on my table need to get rid of them ;)07:01
w00the just went out for a walk07:02
w00t(moin sage)07:02
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Sage_w00t: morning07:20
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StskeepsSage_: sorry, was out (this week is a bit different for me)07:32
Stskeepsniqt: thanks07:34
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dcthangproblem with audio when running pulseaudio, who can check this one
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TofeHi !11:13
TofeI'm trying to start Nemo on my tegra2 tablet, but I'm failing to start uxlaunch correctly11:24
Tofeso far, I've succeeded in launching qmlcalc in a X server, so I guess things are not so bad11:24
Tofewhat I tried was start X with an xterm, and in that xterm, start first "mthemetouch" and then "uxlaunch -x"11:25
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Tofefor it seems the other apps are failing to connect to the theme daemon, but I only see lots of "Connection timeout when waiting for packet 3 Retrying." from every app started11:26
Tofe(mthemedaemon, I launched, of course; I don't have the logs in front of me, so there may be slight miswriting)11:27
TofeIt looks like someone had this problem back in june, but I never found the outcome of the discussion ( ,  look for "3 Retrying" from wassupnari)11:29
TofeStskeeps: do you remember that discussion you had a long time ago ?11:29
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Sazpaimoncan nemo be possibly booted wtith a modified version of e-yes's sillyboot?14:28
Sazpaimonafaik all it does is mount a partition and chroot into it, then run an init script inside the chroot14:28
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int_uaAFAIK, Nemo kernel for N900 doesn't have CONFIG_ARM_ERRATA_430973 set. Is it a bug? A known one?17:19
Stskeepsthe errata causes a noticeable slowdown (clearing branching cache isn't good) so we don't use it17:19
Stskeepsas we don't use thumb17:19
int_uaStskeeps: Thanks again :)17:20
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vgradeSage_ were you having wifi issues recently? I used to be able to setup wifi by using the connman script ./connect-service essid password but I'm getting an error message about invalid arguments now. It worked before the last connman update19:53
Stskeepsyou need to bring the wifi online probably19:54
vgradeI load the kernel module, up the interface, iwlist scan finds the ap19:55
vgradeif I setup the supplicant stuff19:55
Stskeepsthe new change is that wifi doesn't go 'up' automatically, at least19:55
vgradeso could I expect after a manual up and a ./connect-service essid password for connman to do the rest19:57
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Sage_vgrade: connman is now configure to be offline mode by default20:12
Sage_vgrade: but after you enable technologies it works at least on my panda.20:12
vgradeSage_ thanks20:13
vgradeSage_ is there a scrict to set online mode?20:14
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