Tuesday, 2012-03-27

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Sage_vgrade: there is connman-test script that has that functionality as well02:19
Sage_it was in connman-test(s) package02:19
Sage_cant recall exactly but "/test/location/connman-tests enable wifi" or something for example02:20
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vgradeSage_ thanks06:06
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vgradem4g0g hi06:19
m4g0gI have some question about nemo on n900.06:19
m4g0gIs it right place for this?06:20
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m4g0gI'm from russia and as it possible want to halp with russian localization of nemo. How I can help with this?06:25
m4g0git's first06:26
vgradem4g0g, yes right place06:28
vgradelet me have a look on the wiki06:28
vgradecontribution always appreciated06:28
m4g0gcan you give me a link?06:29
vgradeSage_ nice one, working now06:29
vgradem4 sec06:29
m4g0gthe next question - how about energy consumption on N900 with Nemo?06:30
m4g0gand the last - what is the problem with porting application from Hartmann to Nemo?06:31
vgradehttp://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Backlog that talks about translation ping xruxa on this channel06:33
vgradem4g0g what about energy consumption?06:34
m4g0gHow long does N900 work from one charge with Nemo?06:35
vgradem4g0g some harmatten appplications run unmodified on the n900 others will just require rebuilding on OBS.06:35
m4g0gand this is all?06:35
vgradeah ok I don't know if there is testing on that at the moment. There used to be in MeeGo06:35
m4g0gonly rebuild?06:35
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m4g0gwhat about games?06:36
vgradedepends on the application06:36
vgradethere are some games written for harmatten which run unmodified on n90006:37
m4g0gok. About translation I understand. today or tomorrow I will try to install nemo on my n900. Where can I find good instruction for this?06:39
m4g0gou. One more question. I've saw some videos about Nemo on N900. Is it really so fast?06:40
vgradeyes performance is good06:41
m4g0gone news better then other06:41
vgradelink for installing is there06:42
m4g0gI'am a programmer in C++ and Qt. May be my skills will be useful for Nemo?06:43
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Stskeepsm4g0g: for sure :)06:52
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domedanis there any non-free software in nemo? if yes, where can I find info about that?09:51
Stskeepsdomedan: so, Nemo consists of UI, Hardware adaptation and Core09:52
StskeepsCore is Mer, so fully open source09:53
StskeepsUI is open source too, though the darko theme is not for commercial usage09:53
Stskeepshardware adaptations may have non-free but redistribution allowed09:53
Stskeepsbut those parts are independent09:53
domedanok, so the hardware driver are non-free? are does included in the nemo image: nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120315.1.NEMO.2012-03-19.1 ?10:00
Stskeepson X86, we don't use non-free and we have full UI up, too10:00
domedanalright, where can I find out about what is non-free in that image?10:05
Stskeepsyou can take a peek at build.pub.meego.com -> projects -> CE:Adaptation:N900 and CE:Adaptation:N9xx-common10:08
Stskeepsand that's it10:08
Stskeepswell, some of it might not be non-free as it's the entire adaptation there10:08
Stskeepsbut you can look inside packages to see10:08
Stskeepsbattery management, opengl es is closed source, some firmware10:08
Stskeepssome pulseaudio algorithms10:08
m4g0gStskeeps: may be you know - how long does n900 work under Nemo with onew battery charge?10:12
Stskeepsm4g0g: i can't recall numbers but it really depends on usage10:12
m4g0gis it approximately on n900 with maemo&10:14
m4g0gas on n900 with maemo*10:14
Stskeepsmaemo is a production software, nemo is less so10:14
Stskeepsbut i think we have pretty good battery life10:14
domedanStskeeps: thank you for that information! gonna check out those packages10:15
m4g0gI want to try use Nemo as default10:15
Stskeepsie, people were able to use it on a daily basis10:15
Stskeepsdomedan: what do you hope to be doing, out of curiousity?10:15
m4g0gStskeeps: what concerns hardware - are there any problems with it in Nemo? Wifi, sound, gsm, gps, camera, vibro, sensor, etc10:17
Stskeepsm4g0g: some, yeah10:17
Stskeepsm4g0g: give it a try and see if you like it or not, really10:18
Stskeepson a microsd so there's no harm done to your maemo10:18
m4g0gI try it and this is not depend on your answer10:18
domedanStskeeps: I just would like to know what parts are non-free, I dont like using software that users can look at the source what it is doing10:19
Stskeepsdomedan: sure10:19
m4g0gI want to know what problems has Nemo10:19
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Stskeepsm4g0g: plenty, it's not a finished product :)10:28
m4g0gHow can I contribute to project?10:29
Stskeepshttp://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo lists a lot of nice material10:30
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m4g0gIs there anybody who use Nemo in daily  basis?10:38
jukkaeklundm4g0g, cant really say that, but are you looking for some specific information?10:50
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m4g0gjukkaeklund: I see list of bugs and part of them - crytical, imho.10:54
m4g0gDue to I ask about it10:54
jukkaeklundyeah, bugs are quite technical often10:54
jukkaeklundto your list, other than vibra and gps there is functionality10:55
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jukkaeklundbut all areas have issues, if you look at it from a end-user point10:55
m4g0gbut they are not so crytical10:56
jukkaeklunddefine what is critical :)10:57
m4g0gthe main device fuctions10:59
m4g0gsuch as calls, vibro, sound, wifi, gps and others10:59
jukkaeklundall of those except vibra and gps work, so that enables you to fix things or develop something new11:01
jukkaeklundbut if you expect it to work like maemo, you will be frustrated11:01
m4g0gI understand11:02
m4g0gI want to help to rich this level11:02
jukkaeklundthats nice, you could think which area you want to help on11:08
jukkaeklundstskeeps, so no nemo sync this week?11:08
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: i'll hold one next week, got a bit sidetracked today11:09
jukkaeklundok, and utc times moved or?11:10
Stskeepsi think we can probably adjust them a bit too, yes11:10
m4g0gjukkaeklund: first of all I want to help with russian localization and then with fixing bugs11:11
jukkaeklundsounds good11:11
jukkaeklundI think there was some russian localization already11:12
jukkaeklundstskeeps, I mean finnish time moved +1 but your meeting times are same..11:12
Stskeepsyes, mine did too11:13
Stskeepsi'll probably adjust them accordingly11:13
jukkaeklundright, because I just looked at UTC times11:13
m4g0gjukkaeklund: yes. But as I know - it is very bad11:14
jukkaeklundah ok11:14
jukkaeklundwould be great to have russian location, and maybe get more people joining in russia alos11:15
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faenilmmm I have seen very low activity during last month..no releases, no meetings, no updates on github...12:46
faenilwhat happened? did I miss something?12:46
w00tnokia no longer devote time to the project, and I (at least) don't have the spare time to work on stuff atm12:50
faenilI see...so veskuh is officially away?12:51
faenilw00t, or were you working as a Nokia partner too?12:53
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Sageanyone have the latest nemo build running on exopc and have mer-gfx-tests installed and could run eglinfo for me and pastebin the result? :)17:19
vgradehey Sage, thanks for the connman tip works a treat now17:25
Sagevgrade: you are welcome. Glad that I could help.17:27
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vgradeSage, don't know what the plasma guys are going to use but they have networkmanager nearly working. Its detecting the networks but is has a permission issue on connect17:34
Sagethey probably need to remove connman17:37
Sageconnman handles rfkill as well and locks the devices on poweroff17:38
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vgradeSage, yea they spent a while with connman enabled and wondered why thing were not working18:36
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Sagevgrade: yes I faced the same problem about a week ago or so and started to investigate things19:46
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