Wednesday, 2012-03-28

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mengHello everyone02:00
mengwhere can I find the change log for NEMO.2012-03-19.1 weekly update? Is the ringtone sound be solved? I'm plannign to flash it as primary OS to replace meego.02:07
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m4g0gis it possible to install nemo with multiboot instead u-boot?11:30
m4g0gand can I write raw image in microSD when it in n900 or no?11:44
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m4g0gis it possible to install nemo on microSD without card reader?13:45
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faenilsorry haven't got an n90013:48
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SazpaimonStskeeps, maybe I stupid, but I can't seem to find the nemo N9(50) source, just the binary14:56
Sazpaimoncould you possibly point me to it?14:57
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StskeepsSazpaimon: -> Projects -> CE:*15:06
Sazpaimonoh, silly me, i never thought to check obs15:08
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SazpaimonStskeeps, with all these patches, can plain harmattan function with this kernel?15:26
Stskeepsdoubt it15:26
Stskeepswe gut out aegis15:26
Sazpaimonwell, so does the current openmode kernel15:26
Stskeepsi mean, completely..15:26
Sazpaimonbasically, im trying to see if its possible to get a single dual boot kernel working without having to flash the initrd and kexec every time you want nemo15:28
Sazpaimonkind of like what nitdroid N9 is doing, have a single kernel for both, and then chroot into the android directory and execute init15:29
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TofeHello !16:55
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TofeI don't understand. Is the n950 arm7hl image from 03-19 alright ? I managed to boot my tablet with the previous snapshot, but with this one it doesn't even boot into init...17:33
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TofeIt looks like there are I/O errors on my tablet when trying to read the microSD card. Is it that easy to corrupt a microSD card ?19:17
TofeI just played with it a couple of days, using a usb adapter to access it from my computer...19:18
Tofeweird thing is, I can still access it without any pb on my computer with the usb adapter. Funny, heh.19:19
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vgradeTofe, I managed to break two 16BG class 10's at one point during Tegra dev.  Never found out if it was dodgy cards but was funny both wen within a day.20:28
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Sazpaimonokay, maybe this sounds weird, but Im trying to boot into nemo from a chroot, from the harmattan preinit script20:59
Sazpaimonbasically doing chroot /mnt/nemo /sbin/init21:00
Sazpaimonimmediately, Im getting "Failed to open private bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory"21:01
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Sazpaimonmaybe im completely wrong here, though21:01
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SazpaimonStskeeps, maybe you can help me/laugh at me21:04
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damnshockhey guys22:07
damnshockwhat's the "home" key in nemo?22:07
damnshockon an N90022:07
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