Thursday, 2012-03-29

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Sazpaimoncan someone help me? I'm trying to get nemo to boot off of a chroot/pivot_root01:49
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m4g0gdid somebody try to install Nemo using this instraction:
Stskeepsonly use what we have on the nemo pages06:28
m4g0gI try your instractions but it doesn't work :-(06:30
m4g0gIf I havn't card reader - can I write nemo to sdcard from n900?06:32
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niqthas anyone replaced with maemo nemo? I use flasher, is that correct?06:55
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m4g0gWhen I try to start boot from mmc I got "Can't get kernel image"07:05
m4g0gdo you have any ideas?07:07
ssirkiam4g0g: You are trying to "run mmcboot" in U-boot? I don't think that works. Just let it time out and it tries to boot from SD.07:11
m4g0gI run mmcboot07:12
m4g0gand got error07:12
m4g0gI should only wait?07:12
ssirkiam4g0g: yes, just wait and let it time out :-)07:13
ssirkiaDid you get a card reader? some sd cards come with a small 'converter' to USB. they generally work well.07:14
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m4g0gdoes slider should be open or not?07:18
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Stskeepsdont use mmcboot, just let it wait, remember to put back cover on07:20
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m4g0gfucking shit!07:20
m4g0git booted07:20
m4g0gbut how to go back from any application:-(07:24
Stskeepsmake a line up gesture from the bottom07:25
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dcthangStskeeps: are you here?07:37
dcthangIt looks like it has a problem with audio on N907:39
m4g0ghard ckeyboard doesn't work properly07:40
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m4g0gbut nemo looks like very good os07:41
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m4g0gso. If I want to help I can open bugtracker and do what I can or there is any way?07:50 :)07:51
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dcthangSage: do you have any idea about audio/sound with Nemo on N9?07:55
dcthangit works with the old version. but with the newest it doesn't07:56
m4g0gwhy do you need Nemo on N9?07:56
Sagedcthang: it should work, there haven't been changed in that are so it should still work07:56
Sagem4g0g: because we can? ;)07:56
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m4g0gSage: but N9 has the nemo parent =)07:57
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dcthangSage: ook did reflash but wifi looks doesn't work08:26
dcthangwe can't enable wifi for it from Settings.08:27
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marquizjukkaeklund: good day09:57
marquizjukkaeklund: i edited the n950/n9 a bit few days back09:57
marquizjukkaeklund: added initial instructions for removing the alternative os partition09:57
marquizi mean i edited the n950/n9 WIKI09:58
dcthangmarquiz: do you have any problem with wifi on N9?09:58
Stskeepsdcthang: what version?09:59
dcthangwait a sec09:59
dcthangthis one : nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-0.20120209.1.NEMO.2012-03-01.209:59
dcthangand I followed the guide from WIKI09:59
dcthangthe problem is: I can't enable wifi from Settings10:00
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marquizdcthang: to be honest, i haven't tried that10:04
marquizdcthang: obviously, you do :(10:04
marquiz(have problems, that is)10:04
Stskeepsdcthang: is connman up? (ps aux)10:04
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dcthangStskeeps: it has10:15
Stskeepsget .xsession-errors and file a bug10:15
Stskeepsafter trying to enable it in control panekll10:15
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dcthangok, filed it already11:01
dcthangone more info is that: it doesnot have connman process at all (if I run it, it will crash (segmentfault))11:01
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faenildidn't know veskuh wasn't working in Nokia anymore :(12:02
m4g0gsad but true12:09
faeniland didn't know Nokia was so important for Nemo...12:09
faenilthere's been almost no activity here in the last month12:09
m4g0gwe should try to do this ourself12:13
faenildoesn't seem to be working :(12:16
faenilalso w00t said he is busy12:16
w00tthat doesn't stop other people from pitching in12:19
w00tquite the opposite12:19
faenilw00t, that's right, but you know, people don't just poop in if there's no "guide"12:20
w00ti'd hope they wouldn't poop anyway, tbh ;)12:20
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m4g0gI want to help but doesn't know how. I should understand principles of work of nemo for this12:21
faenilat least I'm not encouraged to work on it if I see so low activity, I don't want to waste that little spare time I have into something that will probably disappear12:21
w00tm4g0g: the principle is: find something you want to make, or fix, and go for it, and ask for help if you need it12:21
faenilm4g0g, yeah12:21
Sazpaimoncan someone help me? I'm trying to get nemo to boot off of a chroot/pivot_root12:28
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SageYeah, the thing is that most of the people that worked on UX level are more or less inactive. The Core is still going forward quite nicely in Mer, but UX is stuck atm. :(12:54
Sazpaimonw00t, any way you can help me with that?12:54
w00tSazpaimon: no idea12:55
SageSazpaimon: So what have you done so far and on what device?12:55
SazpaimonSage, N9, I applied the nemo patches to the harmattan kernel, and extracted nemo to a directory on my /home partition12:55
SazpaimonI modified preinit to accept a volup button to chroot into the nemo directory and execute /sbin/init12:56
Sazpaimonfor debugging, I added a telnet daemon to preinit to see what happens if i do it manually12:56
Sazpaimonbasically, doing chroot /mnt/nemo /sbin/init gives me "Failed to open private bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory" and a problem about $DISPLAY not being set12:57
Sazpaimonthe cgroup mounts seem to be getting set fine, as well as /dev and friends12:59
SageSazpaimon: nemo patches for harmattan kernel? Which one? Also did you enable the config changes that are needed for harmattan kernel?12:59
Sazpaimonanyway, after those errors, systemd kind of just sits there and does nothing12:59
SazpaimonI did, yes12:59
Sazpaimoni applied all the patches on the CE repository12:59
Sazpaimonsome of them were already applied it seems13:00
Sazpaimoni'm using the nitdroid PR1.2 kernel as a base kernel13:00
Sazpaimonbasically trying to get a triple boot set up with a single kernel13:00
Sazpaimonandroid and harmattan boot from the same kernel just fine right now13:01
SageSazpaimon: <- options needed13:01
SazpaimonSage, yep, I applied all those i believe13:02
Sazpaimoni just took the config file in the /boot directory of my nemo folder and merged that with the config I had13:02
Sage;a=tree <- tool to check the config quite easily13:04
Sazpaimononly difference is that the android options are on13:04
Sazpaimonwould that really be a huge issue?13:04
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Sagewell we haven't verified those so it might be that as well, can't be sure as it has not been really tested as said in the config check tool13:05
SageI recommend checking with the tool your current kernel at least what it says13:06
Sageer... config13:06
Sagealso you might need to mount some things before doing the chroot inside the chroot13:06
Sazpaimondoesnt systemd handle all that?13:07
Sazpaimon here's my output13:08
Sazpaimonstrange that some of these reccomended options are disabled in the nemo kernel config I have13:08
SazpaimonI was looking at config- as a base13:08
Sagehmmp... on nemo those all should be set properly13:09
* Sage checks his n95013:09
Sazpaimon grep CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL /home/nemo/boot/config-
Sazpaimon# CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL is not set13:09
the-bossSazpaimon: Error: "CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL" is not a valid command.13:09
Sagethat is needed13:10
Sageas well as CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT13:10
Sazpaimonwell why isn't it set in the config?13:10
Sagewait a sec13:10
Sazpaimonsame with CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT13:11
Sazpaimonunless the config file that they put in /boot doesnt match the real kernel config13:11
Sageit should match13:12
Sazpaimonand if I mount /dev manually before chroot, CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT really doesnt matter13:12
Sagehmmp... you are right.13:13
Sagen950 doesn't have all the options13:13
Sazpaimonalso, does nemo need the /lib/modules directory to have the organized kernel layout?13:14
Sazpaimonbecause i just copied over harmattan's /lib/modules directory, which has all the .ko files in one folder, and ran depmod13:15
Sagenot sure about that but it shouldn't affect the boot at that level at least13:16
Sazpaimonand when I run init, no modules seem to get loaded anyway13:16
SazpaimonI don't know systemd too well, so i don't know where all that happens13:17
Sazpaimoni assume all the modprobing happens from some rc scripts (or whatever the equivalent is here)13:17
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* Sage ponders what does the /run -> /var/run mount on boot13:20
Sazpaimonyeah that kinda has me stumpped too13:21
SageSazpaimon: try to so symbolic link from /var/run to /run13:22
SazpaimonSage, make /run the link to /var/run or the other way around?13:23
Sazpaimonbecause  /var/run has stuff in it13:23
Sageerr... systemd should do that automatically13:24
Sazpaimonyeah I have that too13:25
Sageyou could try without the android options if that would help. But atm. I don't have any other ideas13:26
* Sage needs to go away for a while13:27
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SazpaimonStskeeps, maybe you could help me with this, if you're around?14:48
Sazpaimonwhats the process for booting nemo from a chroot or pivot_root environment14:49
Sazpaimonpreferably from harmattan's preinit script14:49
Stskeepsyou have to exec and get actual init process with PID 1 going14:50
Sazpaimoni set up a telnetd daemon on preinit to manually try and mount and chroot an extracted nemo rootfs and run /sbin/init, but it isn't working14:50
SazpaimonStskeeps, shouldnt that all be handled from chroot /mnt/nemo /sbin/init14:51
Stskeepsnot really, read up on fork/exec14:52
Sazpaimonso something like: exec chroot /mnt/nemo sh -c "exec /sbin/init"14:53
Sazpaimonno wait, that wont give me PID 114:54
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SazpaimonStskeeps, well, actually, if I run that from preinit, which has a PID of 1, wont init then have a PID of 1?14:56
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Sazpaimonso I guess the issue is that Im running it from a telnetd just to get output14:56
Sazpaimonthe problem is if I do it from preinit I get no real output to go with, and the phone just shuts down15:00
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Stskeepssilly question, can you kexec that early?15:07
Sazpaimoni probably can, but I wanted to avoid using kexec if possible15:08
Sazpaimonsince the kernel I built should, if im correct, work on both nemo and harmattan15:09
Sazpaimonalso trying exec telnetd -l/bin/sh from causes a kernel panic, kinda expected that15:10
jukkaeklundmarquiz, thanks for the wiki updates15:11
marquizi started implementing a menu to moslo, to be able to choose even "remove altos partition"15:11
Sazpaimonso, when I do exec chroot /mnt/nemo /sbin/init </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1 from preinit, nothing shows up on the framebuffer console, yet the device reboots spontaneously15:23
StskeepsSazpaimon: trick, > /some.log15:23
Sazpaimonso exec chroot /mnt/nemo /sbin/init </dev/console > /out.log 2>&115:24
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Sazpaimonbecause i think i tried something like that before, and got a 0 byte log file15:25
Sazpaimoni even tried /usr/bin/strace -o /init.strace.log -f -s 128 /usr/sbin/chroot /mnt/nemo /sbin/init > /out.log 2>&1 just for kicks and got a 0 byte out.log and init.strae.log15:25
Sazpaimonwhich is odd because doing the same thing on an android chroot works fine15:26
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SazpaimonStskeeps, can netcosnole be made to work with g_ether?16:22
Sazpaimonor vice versa16:22
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marquiz_Stskeeps: would you be willing to take the moslo stuff (for n950) from my home project to some more "official" area?17:30
Stskeepssure, should we just dump it into the n950-n9 adaptation?17:31
marquiz_yeah, but there's some additional stuff to moslo17:32
marquiz_that is, busybox, kexec-tools, parted2, at least17:33
Stskeepsshould be fine17:33
marquiz_and fb_text2screen17:33
StskeepsSage: any objections to moving those in there?17:33
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Sazpaimoni cant get g_serial to build17:45
Sazpaimondrivers/usb/gadget/f_acm.c:326: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type17:45
SazpaimonStskeeps, you ever run into this?17:46
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marquiz_Sazpaimon: yeah, seems it doesn't compile18:29
Sazpaimoni ended up commenting out the code that uses that tty variable18:30
Sazpaimonit isnt in mainline anyway18:30
marquiz_Sazpaimon: ok, does it work?18:32
Sazpaimonmaybe not, my kernel isnt working anymore18:33
marquiz_ah :(18:34
Sazpaimoneven though im not sure how changing a couple lines of code would break it18:34
Sazpaimonlike, none of the modules are loading anymore, it seems18:34
Sazpaimonbecause i have a script in preinit that detects volup and voldown and does an action, and that isn't responding to my buttonpresses18:35
marquiz_hmm, stupid question: do you have the correct modules directory?18:37
marquiz_i mean one that is named after your kernel18:38
Sazpaimonyeah I do18:40
marquiz_and you don't get any modules loaded??18:40
marquiz_what if you try to load one manually with insmod or modprobe?18:41
Sazpaimonwell I cant actually do that because i cant get to my device18:41
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marquiz_ah, argh18:43
Sazpaimonweird, not even my backup kernel (with a different version number and seperate modules directory) isnt loading18:47
marquiz_hmm, sounds really strange18:47
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marquiz_compile the g_ether or g_nokia gadget into the kernel (not module) so that you can ssh in see what's happening18:48
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Sazpaimonmarquiz, that would still need to ifconfig up the usb0 device18:49
marquiz_Sazpaimon: you're running nemo, right?18:50
Sazpaimonno, harmattan18:50
Sazpaimonat the moment18:50
marquiz_argh, ok it doesn't work, then18:50
Sazpaimonhm, strangely, when i load the rescue initrd and kernel, i get a bad usb device18:50
Sazpaimonshouldnt it export a mass storage device?18:51
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Sazpaimonit just gives me a device that windows reports as "malfunctioned"18:53
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Sazpaimonmarquiz_, any idea why that may be?18:54
marquiz_really strange, which hw?18:59
Sazpaimonim just going to reflash the rootfs19:00
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marquiz_Sazpaimon: sounds like a good idea :/19:01
Sazpaimonbut as long as you know the rescue initrd doesnt seem to work on an N919:02
Sazpaimonin case nobody ever tried it before19:02
marquiz_where did you take that?19:03
Sazpaimonspecifically and
StskeepsSazpaimon: it doesn't in some cases, are you on PR1.2 yet?19:04
Sazpaimonif you can fix it up, i'd be happy to test and avoid a potential reflash19:05
Stskeepsshoudld work19:05
Sazpaimoni mean, it starts up, but it exports a malfunctioning USB device19:05
Sazpaimonit should me a mass storage device, right?19:05
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marquiz_Sazpaimon: yeah19:07
Sazpaimonwerid that it doesnt properly enumerate, then19:07
Sazpaimonmaybe i can try moslo, doesnt that at least set up a telnet daemon19:10
Sazpaimonor does that automatically repartition my emmc without being able to stop it19:10
marquiz_well, currently it automatically repartitions the device :(19:11
marquiz_i'm under the work of fixing/improving that, but not there yet :(19:12
Sazpaimonill just remove the file19:12
Sazpaimonthat should at least make the process fail and dump to telnet19:13
marquiz_Sazpaimon: yeah, if you build the moslo yourself19:13
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marquiz_gotta get to bed19:21
marquiz_c ya guys19:21
marquiz_Sazpaimon: i hope you get your device up and running19:21
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC19:21
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SageStskeeps, marquiz: I think that is ok to move those to the n950-n9 project. Need to check packaging but sure19:29
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Sazpaimonalright im in19:47
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Sazpaimongreat, managed to restore my old modules and kernel and everything19:55
Sazpaimonlooks like its booting up fine again19:55
Sazpaimondodged a bullet there19:55
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Sazpaimonalright, got it all up and running again, and g_serial seems to work, it enumerates a device21:22
Sazpaimonbut i cant actually get any messages from it21:22
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Sazpaimonhow do I specify a kernel command like that *wont* cause my device to shut down immediately?22:45
Sazpaimonive tried copying /proc/cmdline from a working device verbatim, and it still dies on me22:45
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